Best 17 Feng Shui Poison Arrows Fixes [Inside, Outside Home]

Feng Shui Poison Arrows

Feng shui poison arrows energy are exactly what they sound like. They are the attacking energy that comes from the sharp angles one individual or a group of people are exposed to when they are pointed at their personal energy field. These Feng shui poison arrows can weaken the energy of the individuals or the … Read more

Best Elephant Symbol Meaning, Direction + Usages In Feng Shui

Elephant Symbol Meaning In Feng Shui

The concept of feng shui has been derived from an ancient poem that relates to human beings the concepts of the environment and the part that it can play in our everyday life. This is mostly done to harness the energy forces of the environment and to establish harmony between an individual and the individual’s … Read more

Exclusive [21] Feng Shui For Fertility Tips- Correct [Symbols, Placements and Colors]

Feng Shui For Fertility

The issue of infertility has been in existence since the beginning of time. And there are various methods put in place to counter the effect of these predicaments and one of them is the Feng Shui healing method. To solve the problem of infertility, there are various Feng Shui Methods and Feng Shui For Fertility … Read more

Effective Feng Shui Water Element Colors, Placements Guide For [Career, Wealth, Health]

Feng Shui Water Element

The Feng Shui traditionally have five elements which are the fire, water, earth, metal, and wood element. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Feng Shui water element. How you can best practice it to achieve prosperity and abundance, and highlighting various tips on how to use it in your career, business, … Read more

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure + Remedies For Common Issues

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

Feng shui salt water cure is one of the most effective Feng Shui cures that you can use throughout the year in your home or office. And it has been an extraordinarily well-guarded secret for thousands of years in the Feng Shui community before the secret was made available to the public more than 30 years ago.  … Read more

[21 Ways]- How To Use Feng Shui Red Envelope For Abundance And Luck

Feng Shui Red Envelope

The red gift envelope tradition is an honored Feng shui practice among the Chinese. The red color and the envelopes’ rectangular shape is considered the Chinese red envelope symbol. The red color is chosen purposely because it is considered as a factor that brings good luck and power.  Below are 21 ways to use the … Read more

Exclusive [27] Feng Shui Kitchen Cures [Locations, Colors, Placements]

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy referring to maintaining a balance between a specific individual or family and the environment through an arrangement of pieces in a home. Feng shui is two Chinese words referring to the wind and water. In all spaces inside a home, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces. … Read more

What Is 9 Star Ki In Feng Shui Astrology – Find Your Own Number [2021 Guide]

9 Star Ki

9-star ki in Feng Shui astrology is nine symbols or archetypes. These are the nine stars or symbols similar to the traditional astrology’s twelve astrological signs. This astrology of 9-star ki is based on the mystical Bagua chart of Feng Shui to define the Feng Shui energy map of an office or your home. Feng shui … Read more