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The only feng shui lucky charm you can use to win a gamble is believing in your feng shui intuition and positive energies. Winning in gambling is possible, taking into account certain elements that favor or reject luck and knowing these rules, everything can be in your favor. There are many tips & tricks in Feng Shui to achieve luck in gambling using lucky charms.

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When playing for money, keep these indications and tips in mind and remember that compulsive gambling is bad and harmful. Play to win at gambling for fun and when you have concrete pulpits.

Feng Shui For Gambling
Lucky Charms for Gambling

Here are Feng Shui tips to win a gamble, when you follow these tips, then it becomes your charms to win big based on your intuition on it. But Before we begin to understand the Tips, here are some FAQs.

How Can I Improve My Luck In Gambling?

Here are 10 Chinese Gambling Superstitions that have been practiced for long.

  1. Always try to wear your best clothes in a casino.
  2. Dice Blowing ritual before rolling.
  3. Have some lucky charms like a horseshoe, rabbit’s foot or four-leafed clover.
  4. Red is the winning color so wearing something red.
  5. Crossing your legs will improve your chances of winning while gambling.
  6. Hygiene for the hands to change your fortune.
  7. Avoid intimacy before gambling.
  8. Do not think of gamble after having seen either monks or nuns.
  9. It’s the magic in the numbers, so find your Lucky Number here.
  10. Counting money is strikingly prohibited that you gain or loss during the gambling session

What Brings Good Luck At The Casino?

In order to increase your winning chances, you can have probably some Lucky Charms. Obviously, if you’re trying your luck online at home, you can have these next to you. These Lucky Charms include a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe a four-leafed clover and other similar lucky charms as described below.

How Can I Attract Money By Feng Shui?

Feng shui has many ways by which you can attract money. Here are some guidelines on Feng Shui Plants For Wealth and Feng Shui For Wealth.

What Are The Lucky Gambling Days?

Try to avoid what you can play on Tuesday and Friday, they are not lucky days and you will surely lose. The remaining days are not as bad as they are on Tuesday and Friday.

So next time when you want to win the show, avoid these two unlucky days for gambling.

What Are The Lucky Colors For Money 2020?

Among all the good colors White is the most magnificent color. which expresses metal element and the year 2020 is going to be known as the Year of the White Metal Rat. To enhance the good fortune, wear blue and white or using the colors to decorate your home or other spaces where you spend a lot of time.

Feng Shui Tips & Tricks For Gambling

Feng Shui For Gambling Tips

Always Enter with good standing to win at random

Whenever you first enter the place where you are going to bet your money, be it a lottery agency or a casino, you should do it with the right foot.

This is an almost ancestral tradition to attract luck and win in gambling

Trust your intuition to earn money

Let yourself be carried away by your intuition. Any figure that catches your attention should be considered and taken into account, do not discard it.

A lot of people every day think about playing a certain number and they don’t, to find out the other day that that number was actually favored and who bet some money for it, won much more.

Do not hesitate, just keep in mind the signs and pay attention to your own intuition to win in gambling. Something inside you KNOW when it is real intuition and when you are “forcing it.”

Avoid These Days For Gambling

Try to avoid what you can play on Tuesday and Friday, they are not lucky days and you will surely lose. Rest all days are the lucky gambling days.

This advice is part of the most usual cabals of the world’s great players who are experts in gambling. Only before an uncanny intuition, you can afford those days to play.

Yellow like gold to win big

Although superstition considers the color yellow as bad luck in gambling, to win in gambling it is highly recommended to use it.

Feng Shui For Gambling tricks

If possible, try to wear a garment of that color or wear a bracelet or yellow ribbon.

Yellow drives away bad influences, as does white and in matters of chance it becomes beneficial.

Do not say it if you want to succeed in chance

Never, for any reason, never say out loud the number you bet, because this will disperse the energy you have deposited in it and the chances of winning in gambling will be canceled.

Touch metal and win pools and roulettes

It is known that any metal serves as an energy receptor, it is an energy magnet. Touch a metal object, such as a key while making the bet or a ring.

Feng Shui For Gambling

If you go to the casino take seven keys attached by a string in your pocket, this will favor winning in the games of chance in which you participate.

A good hand to collect good money

Always deliver the money from the bet with the left hand, being the side of the body where the heart is located, it is loaded with more positive energy and that will be transferred at the lucky time for gambling of the game.

Two are a crowd if you want to win at gambling

To win at gambling and to increase your chances, always try to go ONLY to the betting site or casino.

Another person will always represent a distraction for your concentration, interfere with your own energy and you may lose the signals of your intuition.

Choose feng shui  Reliable numbers to always win

If you are with little intuition, if you don’t know what numbers to play, you can momentarily resort to numbers 3, 7, 9 or 21.

Feng Shui For Gambling Number Seven
Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Gambling

These numbers are cabalistic par excellence and may more than once make you win in games and chance when you felt it was a day to forget.

Feng Shui Magic green for your plays

To increase luck and keep negative energies away from you, place inside the footwear that you will wear a leaf of rue in each shoe.

Feng shui Gemstones and precious metals significantly boost energy.

It is convenient if you want to win in the games of chance that you have in your hands have some gold object, a ring will serve, and if you accompany this with some stone or crystal between your garments, the more effective it will be.

The best stones can be a coral, quartz or lapis lazuli, and of course the precious stones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds … if you have them use them!

Don’t block your feng shui positive energy when gambling

If you are sitting at the time of placing the bet, for no reason have your legs or arms crossed.

This position puts obstacles to your energy and the environment you are in, preventing it from flowing correctly.

Feel good with feng shui positive energies  to have good luck

When you participate in a game table where you must be seated, always sit down to play on the right side of the chair.

With a little luck and using any of these tips, you will surely have the better fortune to win in gambling. Good luck to you!


In the application of feng shui, Chinese lucky charms can be used to improve your best directions for wealth, work, sleep, marriage, family, health, etc. A list of good luck charms that work helps you find what you need to weaken chi (bad) and strengthen good chi in your home, office or garden. You should also consider what material is used for the amulet, such as metal or wood, before attempting to use it as a cure for the direction of the feng shui compass.

The abundance of good luck symbols guarantees that you can find one that you like. You can choose between the Chinese charms that mean good health for you and others that bring you a long prosperous life.

By using these tips for winning in gamble, you can improve the chances which will enhance your Luck & Probability.

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