How To Feng Shui Living Room – Quick and Affordable Tips

Feng Shui Living Room

Before reading what is the Feng Shui Rules For Living Room, please have a small introduction to Feng Shui. The definition for the Chinese words of Feng Shui is “wind” and “water“. And the living room is a hub for external communication, always keep clean and tidy at all times, avoiding the accumulation of garbage …

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Feng Shui Colors Meaning + Usages [Exclusive Guide]

Feng Shui Colors Meaning

Like the materials, the colors in Feng Shui are associated with each of the Five Elements depending on their properties. And the vibrations they give off. Warm good colours such as red, orange and pink correspond to the fire element. You can improve your knowledge by understanding Feng Shui Colors 2020-2021 more for Enhancing beauty …

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How To Use 9 Lemons In A Bowl In Feng Shui For Cleansing

9 Lemons In A Bowl

Lemons are purifiers as well as cleaners of sha chi, or bad chi, according to certain feng shui experts. Lemons are utilized as instruments for eliminating bad chi energy in your house since they are associated with significant environmental benefits. Lemons open the way for good chi energies to emerge as well as circulate inside …

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Why Avoid Mirror Above Bed For Good Feng Shui: bedroom Feng Shui

Mirror above bed bedroom feng shui tips

Called Feng Shui aspirin, mirrors are one of the most popular (and powerful!) Feng shui cures. Feng Shui With Mirrors is used as an expression of the Water feng shui element. For a quick reference and understanding check the below video Is Mirror Above Bed Good Feng Shui | Complete Feng Shui Mirrors In Bedroom …

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Fu Dogs Protection Symbol Meaning and Placement Guide 2021

Fu Dogs meaning and placement

The Chinese Imperial Lions are commonly referred to as the Fu Dogs, Shishi dogs, shisha lion dogs, or Foo Dogs, Phodog, especially in the Western countries. However, these majestic characters half dragon and half lion are known by the name of ‘Chinese Door Guardians Lion’ in the Chinese Asian countries where they are symbols of …

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17 Things To Know About Evil Eye Protection [Placement + Uses]

Evil Eye Protection

Although the term feng shui “evil eye protection” sounds frightening, isn’t it? It’s not only a stunning combination of blue shades that contribute to the natural beauty of the blue and white historical structures in Greece, but it’s also a feng shui amulet for Evil Eye Protection.  The evil eye, also described as a Nazar, …

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Exclusive 25 Good Luck Charms For Money & Business prosperity

Feng Shui Money

In Feng Shui, a lucky charm symbolizes the energy you want to attract to a specific area of ​​your life. You can select some types of personal, sector-specific powerful wealth amulets, such as career or good luck symbols in general. You could select some Good Luck Charms For Money that deflect and repel negative energy. …

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How To Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces [13 Thing To Consider]

Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of placing items in order to create a pleasant and relaxed environment. Introducing Feng Shui to your backyard or outdoor space can be therapeutic and lively. Creating aesthetic arrangements for Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces to attract positive energy is the main principle of Feng Shui methods of …

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Top 21 Rules For Good Feng Shui Bathroom To Invite Wealth

Feng Shui Bathroom

A bathroom is said to be the canniest part of the home for obtaining positive chi. As there is a large amount of running water and drains in there, a bathroom can be a great source to flush away evil. And ominous energy and to attract good chi towards your home. Surprising and truth are …

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Different Chinese Symbol For Love, Peace and Happiness

Chinese Symbol For Love

The Chinese characters or Hanzi are logograms denoted as 汉字 in simplified Chinese and 漢字 in traditional Chinese. They were developed for the expressions in Chinese writings. Chinese Symbol For Love, Peace and Happiness are used to express feelings. These characters or symbols were later adapted to write several other Asian languages. Specifically, they are …

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