How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 13 Brilliant + Affordable Ways

Feng Shui Kids Room

Feng Shui is a combination of art and science based on neuroscience principles for decorating your house following proper directions and colors. This is basically done to properly utilize the flow of positive energy all-around your house. Different rooms have different arrangements of items depending upon the purpose they serve. Also, your kid’s room is …

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How To Do Chinese Face Reading [17 Hidden Face Facts]

Chinese Face Reading

The art of Chinese Face Reading has its origin in the Daoist philosophy where its earliest reference can be found in the writings of Mr. Guiguzi. His writings are relevant even today. Traditionally, they are used as the method of Chinese fortune telling face reading. But, in recent times, it has gained significance in Chinese …

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Eye Twitching Meaning, Scientific Facts & Superstition(Excellent Guide)

eye twitching

Eye Twitching Meaning, also known as a myokymia, is a form of twitch or spasm that involves the eyelid. Other names common with eye twitching (myokymia) are eye jumping, eyelid twitching, and eyebrow twitching. Eyelid twitching has been found to happen to many people and can occur barely noticeable without even knowing when it takes …

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How To Use a Pendulum For The First Time: Ask Pendulum Y/N

How To Use Pendulum

The pendulum is used for various healing techniques, dowsing techniques, especially in Feng Shui. The use of drowsing techniques in your room or at home will harness the good energy and positive vibes in your home. What Is Pendulum And Its Usages In Feng Shui The pendulum word came from the Latin word pendulous (“hanging down” ) in …

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Best 15 Feng Shui Protection Symbols For Luck and Power

Feng shui protection symbols

It’s always a saying that the best protection starts with prevention. In this blog, we are going to talk about every aspect, use, and placement of Feng Shui Protection Symbols. These symbols are Chinese powerful symbols but it is important to use and wear them in a correct way. They are like a strong, solid, …

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15 Crucial Feng Shui Rules For Home, Better Luck + Plenty

Feng Shui Rules

Feng Shui Rules For Home– Feng Shui (also, pronounced as fungswae,functuay) is an ancient Chinese practice that talks about the importance of directions, colors, animals, etc. in our day-to-day life. By properly utilizing all the authentic Feng Shui Rules a person can fully optimize his/her true potential. It helps in regulating the flow of energy …

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How To Use Green Tourmaline Healing Properties [15 Ways]

Green Tourmaline

What are Green Tourmaline Healing Properties? Green Tourmaline belongs to the family of Tourmaline and is notable for its energy healing, various benefits in Feng Shui, and other practices. Tourmaline comes in different colors such as pink, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and then a blend of two or more of these colors. Among several …

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Best Three-legged Feng Shui Money Frog Placement Guide

Feng shui money frog

The Feng Shui money frog is three legged toad symbol of prosperity and is popularly known as a money toad. It is believed that this mythological creature with three legs attracts wealth and abundance. As per Feng Shui, the money frog placement should be kept in the southeast corner of your space or what can be defined …

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How To Use Feng Shui Dragon Turtle For Wealth: [11 Ways]

Dragon Turtle

What Is Turtle Dragon? Feng Shui Dragon Turtle, Turtle Dragon, or Dragon Tortoise” symbol is a prevalent traditional and classical figure in Feng Shui culture. Feng Shui practitioners vastly use it throughout the world. Thus, it can be easily found in any Feng Shui shop. The statue can vary from cheap metal finished variants to …

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[17 Ways] How To Use Maneki Neko Statue For Good Fortune

Good Luck Cat Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko Meaning? Cat is a commonly used Japanese good luck cat. It is believed to bring good luck to its owner; therefore, it is also known as the “beckoning cat.” We will discuss the importance and effectiveness of the Feng Shui cat along with some essential facts related to it. Maneki Neko Meaning Japanese …

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