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How To Do Chinese Face Reading [17 Hidden Face Facts]

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The art of Chinese Face Reading has its origin in the Daoist philosophy where its earliest reference can be found in the writings of Mr. Guiguzi. His writings are relevant even today.

Traditionally, they are used as the method of Chinese fortune telling face reading. But, in recent times, it has gained significance in Chinese medicine.

Through Face reading in Chinese medicine, one can assess a patient’s mental and physical profiles that help in the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Chinese Face Reading
Chinese Face Reading

Here, we shall discuss in length how one can use this technique to explore more about the self and what lies in the future.

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What Is Chinese Face Reading Called?

Chinese face reading is often referred to as physiognomy. The Chinese face health reading has been in use for thousands of years.

As per an ancient Chinese saying to know whether someone is wise or not, you must check their forehead.

Also, to know about someone’s wealth, nobleness, blessings, reputation, and longevity, you must check their nose, eyes, ears, mouth, eyebrows, forehead and jaw.

In fact, we continuously read faces in our daily interactions and form perceptions about people. When we glance at someone new around us, we unconsciously form an opinion about them.

What are the 9 facial features?

Below are the top 9 facial fortune telling features.

  • FACE.
  • EYES.
  • NOSE.
  • EARS.
  • MOUTH.
  • TEETH.
  • CHIN.
  • HAIR.

But there are more detailed methods of doing so. In the Chinese face reading map, the forehead space till the eyebrows is called Heaven and is associated with the early years of a person’s life.

While the center portion of the face-covering eyebrows to the Nose base is known as human; it is more concerned with the middle years in the life of the person.

The lower part of the face is called earth; it is related to old age in the life of the person.

What Are The Different Chinese Face Reading Elements?

The face reading elements are closely associated with the five natural elementswood, water, fire, metal, and earth.

As per Chinese Medicine, these elements help in determining the nature of a patient’s disease and understanding the disease progressions.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart
Five Elements

Based on this diagnosis, they can be provided the best course for treatment. These elements can be identified from a person’s face after analyzing the overall shape and the facial landmarks.

To help you better understand how these elements are associated with the face shapes, have a look at this Chinese face reading chart:

Chinese Face Shape ReadingsAssociated Element
Square (Wider at the jawline)Earth
Oval/ LongMetal
Face Reading Elements

We shall discuss these face shapes, their associated elements, and what they signify in the latter part of this article.

In Chinese Face Reading What Does A Dimpled Chin Mean

It is often wondered what a dimpled chin signifies in china the face reading. A dimpled chin or a cleft chin can be recognized by a cleft on someone’s chin that separates the jaw in half and creates an appearance similar to that of the letter ‘w’.

  • The dimpled chin is considered a sign of good luck to the spouse and is associated with heightened artistic creativity.
  • According to the Chinese physiognomy, the dimpled chin signifies much more than just fortune. It is regarded as a symbol of ‘two homes’.
  • On a positive note, it could mean two or more properties (houses) for the person. But, on a negative note.
  • It could also mean remarriage or that the person and their spouse might live in separate houses.
  • These people are usually sentimental and enjoy a vibrant life. But, in terms of love, they often overdo for their partners and do not get back the same amount of love. This sometimes leaves them hurt and dissatisfied.

What Does A Very Thin Face Mean In Chinese Face Reading?

A very thin face is associated with the ‘wood’ element. Simply speaking, these people are believed to be practical, methodical, and are usually overworked.

In China, face reading can be narcissistic and may have problems in their relationships. However, they are also known for their muscular or athletic physique.

How To Reveal Personality In Chinese Face Reading?

Let us now understand in detail how your facial features can reveal your personality. It will fulfill two objectives –

  1. Exploring yourself
  2. Attaining a deeper understanding of people around you through face reading.
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So, we shall now discuss the face shapes and their associated personalities.

#1 Oval Face Shape

In china the face reading, the oval-shaped face is associated with the ‘metal’ element. This face shape is identified by a proportionate and symmetrical face cut that comes with an evenly shaped chin and tapered jaws.

  • Besides the commonly observed fair complexion, they are known to have a high IQ, are perfectionists, and self-critical. They usually have a bold personality and come up with amazing ideas.
  • But, due to their weakness in physical strength, they delegate the difficult jobs to their friends with heart-shaped faces. Their ideas are out of the box and sometimes regarded as irrational by people around them.
  • However, they turn out to be true pioneers and bring about real change. These people are obedient to the rules and are best suited for the roles of managers, judges, and diplomats.
  • Due to their firmness and strict adherence to honesty, they can adapt to any role that demands decision making and justice.

#2 Round Face Shape

In Chinese face reading, people with plump and round faces are associated with the element of water. These people are known to be extremely intelligent, reflective, and diplomatic.

  • With great adaptability and a dynamic personality, they do tend to appreciate variety in their life. They have a strong business sense but are often found to be slow in making decisions.
  • As far as the relationships are concerned, they are kind, caring, sensitive, and prefer stable long-term partners. Their optimistic attitude is accompanied by great creative abilities and intuitiveness.
  • The round face Chinese reading also believes that these people are dreamers and have vivid sexual fantasies.

#3 Heart Face Shape

People with heart-shaped faces are associated with the ‘wood’ element. According to face reading in china health problems, they have a delicate chin.

  • Which means that they usually avoid physical and strenuous activities. They do not have a muscular build and tend to avoid outdoor work that could adversely affect their health in the long run.
  • However, they are great at utilizing their time for analyzing and acquiring knowledge. The tall and broad forehead is symbolic of their impressive mental capacity and intellectual power.
  • They are deep thinkers, have strong philosophical ideas, and are always appreciated for seeing the bigger picture. That is why they are great performers in the roles of writers, artists, and researchers.
  • These natural-born leaders turn out to be effective planners and have a strong sense of responsibility towards their jobs. In their relationships, they are quite loving.
  • And generous and ensure spending time with their partners to nurture the warmth. They do spend a lot of time collecting knowledge about the world but often disregard their financial situation.

#4 Square Face Shape

Chinese Face Reading- Face Type
Face Reading- Chinese Face Types
  • People with a square-shaped face are practical and grounded (down to earth) and associated with the element of ‘earth’.
  • They are methodical and are always looking for stability and security in both their professional and personal life. They tend to choose a safe and proven path and avoid taking unnecessary risks.
  • As they are trustworthy, perceptive, and stable, the best roles suited for them are in the fields of finance and insurance. They are also usually quiet, conservative, and it is hard for others to influence them easily.

#5 Triangle Face Shape

  • People with a dominant flared out chin and face shape that tapers towards the forehead are associated with the element of ‘fire’. These people are extroverts and sociable.
  • Therefore, they are usually appreciated by the people around them for their fun-loving personalities. They are people-oriented and need people around them to perform their best.
  • You will often find them excelling in the roles of a presenter, or speaker, or in a place that requires an audience or networking skills.
  • They can influence others easily and even change their perspective towards things. However, they must keep a check on their fiery temper, or else it creates a problem in their relationships.

Now that you are familiar with the face shapes and the personalities, let us discuss what the particular features of a face represent. 

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Nose?

According to the face reading nose, a perfect nose is one that has a length exactly like that of the forehead and has the same width as the length of the eye at the end.

Chinese Face Reading- Nose

The traditional Chinese face reading hook nose or an aquiline nose is symbolic of strong determination, pride, and commanding power.

1 Narrow nose

A narrow nose, on the other hand, represents the tyrannical character of the person. People with an aquiline nose with the tip bent down are known for their consistent sarcasm and are rarely funny. Their melancholic nature has a contrasting proud and bold attitude.

2 Straight and proportionate nose

People with a straight and proportionate nose are associated with patience, kindness, balance, endurance, and elegance. Though they may seem cold and indifferent, they are still liberal towards moral and social conventions.

3 Straight nose with the tip bent down

Those with a straight nose with the tip bent down may appear to have a melancholic nature, but they have more tolerance than those with a curved nose.

4 Nose pointing up high and slightly curved

People with a nose pointing up high and slightly curved in will have great enthusiasm and skill. They laugh in defense, execute their plans despite the obstacles, and cheerfully reach their goals. It is really difficult to stay mad at such people for a long duration.

5 Snub nose

In the face reading, people with a snub nose like to dominate others. You will find elegance lacking in them but they still have amazing literary and poetic powers.

As far as people with a curved nose are concerned, they are known to be not so curious and quarreling all the time.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Lips?

As per the face reading lips, the thick ones are preferred over the thinner ones.

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Thicker lips

Thicker lips, especially lower lips, are symbolic of available pleasures and someone who is a loving character and likes to be well-received.

But, it also hints toward the indecisive nature of such a person. If there is a split chin, it could also suggest laziness and selfishness. Additionally, the thin lips could imply selfishness.

Pursed lips

The pursed lips are associated with courage and decisive character whereas small lips imply a cold and cruel nature. With the upper lip covering part of the lower lip.

It usually shows a positive character, someone who has a good heart and is a loving person. The lower lip pronounced outside could mean satirical, cynicism, and sarcasm.

Heart-shaped lips

The heart-shaped lips indicate independent and confident personality traits. If someone’s mouth has corners pointing down, then it suggests deep thought and melancholy.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Eyes?

The color of the eyes suggests a lot about people as per the face reading eyes. Someone with brown eyes is always associated with the element of ‘earth’.

Chinese Face Reading- Eyes
Chinese face reading eyes

Chinese medicine face reading suggests that this person will have qualities such as fertility, endurance, creativity, positive energy, and courage.

That person loves nature, isn’t materialistic, and craves independence. They are also strong-headed and spiritual.

Black Eyes

People with black eyes are usually mysterious and have attributes such as mystery, sex, witchcraft, secrets, and darkness. They don’t share much about themselves and may possess psychic powers.

Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are also said to have such powers (predicting the future similar to Nostradamus or Edgar Caycee). The color blue is associated with the element of ‘water’ and these people are extremely observant of their surroundings.

Hazel Eyes

The ones with hazel eyes are quite sensible, independent, and courageous. The one with green eyes is regarded as a healer. Someone who is compassionate and spiritual. The gray eyes are suggestive of sensitive nature and strong inner strength.

If you see someone who has eyes that change colors and shades, they might have extraordinary imagination and levity in feelings. They become popular among peers for their courage and liveliness.

What Does Books On Face Reading Says In China

  • According to the books on face reading, the shape of the eyes also helps in identifying the personality. Those with large eyes are smart, impulsive, imaginative, and affectionate.
  • They are also the ones who are quite infatuated with the opposite sex. If they have a large space between the eyes, you will find them to be quite simple and innocent.
  • The ones with closed eyes have an amazing ability to focus, possess a good memory with an aptitude for learning foreign languages. The small eyes belong to those who are great observers but are mischievous and cunning at the same time.

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What Face Reading Says About Cheeks?

The cheeks also give you an insight into the Chinese face reading personality. If someone has fleshy cheeks, you will find that quite sensitive with an inclination to artistic interests.

  • Those with cheeks raised to the eyes are also kind-hearted and sensitive. However, if someone has sunken cheeks, they may be melancholic who get easily irritated and do not take responsibilities.
  • The weak and narrow cheeks imply someone has concerns or a mystery that they are constantly trying to hide. Too round and full cheeks are symbolic of softness and a lack of enthusiasm for taking actions.
  • Those with slightly wavy cheeks represent someone who is not afraid of new experiences. The furrow cheeks are more inclined towards a rustic life with an unpretentious nature.

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Eyebrows Forehead?

The forehead of a person reveals a few things about the personality. A little wide and high forehead is ideal as per the face reading forehead as it implies a prospect of permanent success.

A low and wide forehead suggests spontaneity, natural skill, and great imagination. A square forehead is symbolic of honesty and sincerity.

But, losing the forehead could be a sign of the lack of intelligence in the person. The face reading lined forehead in china suggests that the deep lines or wrinkles are usually found on those who are involved in contemplation and research.

The lack of these wrinkles is a sign of selfishness, lack of empathy, and cold nature. The wrinkles between the eyes are a strong sign of powerful concentration.

Face reading eyebrows in China

  • With face reading eyebrows in china, the shape and position of the eyebrows on the face say a lot about the person. People with curved eyebrows are people-oriented and they connect with them on a deeper level.
  • The straight eyebrows on the face are a sign of the direct and factual nature of the person. They evaluate the facts based on logic and do not let their emotions interfere with the judgment. The angled eyebrows belong to the people with strong leadership qualities.
  • If the eyebrows are higher on the face, such people will be discerning, selective, and discriminating. They must follow a wait-and-see approach before acting on things or expressing their feelings on any subject.
  • They do not prefer making decisions until they have spent some good time reflecting and understanding an issue. The lower eyebrows on the face, on the other hand, suggest that those people are expressive and take quick actions on the spot.

They are a bit optimistic but do not handle criticism well. They must cultivate patience in their behavior and thought if they have to deal with people who aren’t so quick on their feet.

What Chinese Face Reading Ears Meaning Is?

You can know a lot many things from the size and shape of a person’s ears as per the Chinese art of face reading. The small ears signify honor, manners, and affection.

  • If the ears are too small, then the person could be shy and reserved. If the ears are also long and narrow along with a small size, then the person could be even more reserved.
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A huge gap between the eyes and ears is a sign of great intellectual capacity and talent.

  • The medium-sized ears are a sign of good energy and determination. The big ears, on the other hand, are a sign of rudeness and materialism. The distanced ears signify cruelty and a desire for destruction.
  • The normal-sized ears are the ones that stay within the height of the eyebrows and nose. If someone has ears above the height of eyebrows, then they might have criminal tendencies due to an angry and vindictive nature.
  • According to the earlobe face reading, if you see someone with ears that have detached earlobes from the head, they will usually have a generous and free spirit.

What Face Reading Says About Hair In China?

As per the face reading book in Chinese culture, the color of the hair can help you identify some characteristics of a person. The blonde hair is a sign of indifference and physical weakness.

  • However, they also tend to have a strong consciousness, memory, and youthfulness. The black hair without curls suggests pessimism and melancholy but with curls, it suggests joyfulness and affection.
  • People with brown hair are independent and romantic, but a bit indifferent. They are also hard-working, reliable, and love adventure and traveling.
  • People with dark red hair have great physical energy but are usually quarrelsome, skeptical, and angry. The bright red hair, on the other hand, suggests a smart, sensitive, and lucid nature.
  • If the hair is silky as well, then it means that the person is passionate and has a loving and lively nature. The pale red hair might look stylish but those people lack firmness in their behavior.
  • People with a hairy figure are the ones with great physical strength who love sports and outdoor exercises. Those without hair are quite intelligent but they are usually cunning, diplomatic, and have tact in business.

Chinese Face reading mole Meaning

If there is any scar, dent, or discoloration on any portion of a person’s face, then it suggests an issue with those years associated with the part of the face.

Even a slight discoloration that may have been caused by a trick of the light is also meaningful to a face reading specialist. For instance, the Chinese face mole reading suggests that a visible mole on the face is auspicious.

However, if you study the face reading mole on the back neck, you will find that the hidden moles (even in the beard or eyebrows) are inauspicious.

Another example is the face reading acne in china that suggests some problems in the body’s internal organs. This is how the face reading health diagnosis has been used since ancient times.

Chinese Face Reading FAQs

  1. Q: How effective face reading is?

    No clear proof shows physiognomy works, however, the ascent of man-made consciousness and AI for facial acknowledgment has brought a restoration of intrigue.

    And a few studies propose that facial appearances do “contain a certain amount of truth regarding personality” and about an individual’s character.

  2. Q: What type of nose is considered lucky?

    A big nose with a very much coordinated face, particularly the plump cheeks, is a decent sign. In face perusing, the plump nose with the all-around coordinated temple, cheeks and jaw are considered the luckiest.

  3. Q: Which type of forehead is lucky?

    In many different cultured its believed that Forehead which is broad, the person will be considered as smart and intelligent.

  4. Q: What is the rarest face shape?

    The precious Diamond stone formed face is the most uncommon of face shapes, and is characterized by a thin brow, wide cheekbones, and a limited jaw.

    Diamond-formed faces are typically smaller at the eye line and stunning, with high and regularly dramatic cheekbones.

  5. Q: Chinese Face Reading Online?

    There are many significant sources from where you can get tons of knowledge and Chinese Face Reading pdf on face reading online like Learn Face Reading.

  6. Q: Chinese animal face types?

    There are 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs in Chinese animal face astrology, that are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

  7. Q: dragon eyebrows Chinese Face Meaning?

    Dragon in Chinese astrology is associated with power, smartness, sharpness, and luck. The person having dragon eyebrows depicts the same attributes.

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Conclusion On Chinese Face Reading

Reading faces as per the Chinese tradition is not very difficult. They may be thousands in number, each one with a different interpretation. However, you can learn the basics or the most important facial features easily.

This will help you in interpreting and analyzing your character and talents. You can also use it to understand people around you and enjoy it while doing it.

Try to study the face reading charts and guides and you will find yourself learning more and more about the self and the future.

You can also refer to some good face reading books or seek help from a face reading app that is available online.