17 Feng Shui Vision Board 2022 Ideas For All Life Sectors

feng shui vision board

Feng Shui is an old Chinese philosophy believes that influences the energy of a space. Filled with positive energy, it helps to keep people healthy and bring Love, harmony to the whole living environment. It is a spiritual practice that is all about understanding how to blend different energies to create balance. The goals of …

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5 Feng Shui Elements: What | Why | How-To (Ultimate Guide)

Feng Shui Elements

What Are The Feng Shui 5 Elements? The Yin-Yang energy has five classes of basic movements represented in the 5 elements theory of the five Feng Shui elements, they allow a simple understanding of the manifestation of energy or Chi. It uses five elements of nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements manifest …

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What Is Feng Shui Bagua Map and Its Usages

Feng Shui Bagua Map Uses

What is Feng Shui Map & Bagua Meaning For better understanding, Feng Shui Map is a very common term used (also called ba gua or pakua) is one of the main weapons used in Feng Shui. To analyze the overall energy of any given space. It could be Home, Office, or Garden.  Feng Shui Bagua Map 2022 …

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Fu Dogs Protection Symbol Meaning and Placement Guide 2022

Fu Dogs meaning and placement

The Chinese Imperial Lions are commonly referred to as the Fu Dogs, Shishi dogs, shisha lion dogs, or Foo Dogs, Phodog, especially in the Western countries. However, these majestic characters half dragon and half lion are known by the name of ‘Chinese Door Guardians Lion’ in the Chinese Asian countries where they are symbols of …

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2022 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart [Love, Marriage, Friendship]- Everything You Need To Know

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

People around the world have trusted astrological Chinese zodiac matching for ages. Similarly, the Chinese love matches have used the yin yang astrology calculator for marriage or romantic relationships. The Chinese calendar has 12 zodiac animal symbols. It is believed that each animal’s Chinese compatibility charts signs influence the people born under it. Therefore, they …

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How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing Best [15 Ways] -Beginners Guide

How To Use a Singing Bowl For Healing

Singing bowls are also popular as Tibetan bowl for cleansing. They are extensively used across the globe for various sound therapies. Singing bowl produces different sounds that work on every cell in the body which is used for healing different parts of the body and good for many health benefits few are below. Deep sleep music, Calming …

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[#21 Ways] To Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement [Invite Luck+ Wealth]

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement

For many people, the festive time of Christmas can be chaotic. Feng shui is a powerful technique for generating peaceful and harmonious energy. It’s again a time when we exchange Christmas gifts with our loved ones. And we kind of express our emotions and feelings via gifts. Which makes it so ideal to use during …

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What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning + Purpose And Usages

What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning

The dream catchers are Native American talismans that have gained enormous popularity in modern times. They were traditionally made from only natural materials such as wooden hoops with handmade beads, leather, feathers, and webs of thread. The contemporary plastic dream catchers available in the market are commercialised versions of the originals. There are different theories …

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