23 Golden Rules To Detox Your Life With Feng Shui In [20 Days]

Detox Your Life With Feng Shui

Feng shui is a concept that has been derived from the ancient belief that humans and their environment are deeply connected with each other. According to feng shui, the environment that humans surround themselves with makes an impact on their life, whether positive or negative. These impacts can be modified and worked on according to … Read more

Best 17 Feng Shui Poison Arrows Fixes [Inside, Outside Home]

Feng Shui Poison Arrows

Feng shui poison arrows energy are exactly what they sound like. They are the attacking energy that comes from the sharp angles one individual or a group of people are exposed to when they are pointed at their personal energy field. These Feng shui poison arrows can weaken the energy of the individuals or the … Read more

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure + Remedies For Common Issues

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

Feng shui salt water cure is one of the most effective Feng Shui cures that you can use throughout the year in your home or office. And it has been an extraordinarily well-guarded secret for thousands of years in the Feng Shui community before the secret was made available to the public more than 30 years ago.  … Read more

Exclusive [27] Feng Shui Kitchen Cures [Locations, Colors, Placements]

Feng Shui Kitchen Cures

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy referring to maintaining a balance between a specific individual or family and the environment through an arrangement of pieces in a home. Feng shui is two Chinese words referring to the wind and water. In all spaces inside a home, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces. … Read more

Know Your Front Door Color Meaning [Turquoise | Red | Green] In Feng Shui For Prosperity

Turquoise Front Door Meaning

Front door paintings/colors are significant in Feng Shui because it is the main entry through which your house will absorb its energy nourishment or Chi. Have you ever wondered What Turquoise Front Door Meaning is? Yes, every color has some meaning and impact, especially when used for our front door. The turquoise front door symbolizes trust and … Read more

How To Use Feng Shui To Sell House Quickly [10 Tips For Maximum Profit]

Feng Shui To Sell House

Feng Shui originated in China. The actual meaning of Feng Shui is water and wind. Some people are staunch believers in Feng Shui. When we talk about selling a house, people often choose a specific direction, specific day and time. Some need spiritual help to sell a house. There are some positive and negative sources … Read more

How To Clean Out Closet For Luck And Prosperity In Feng Shui Way (Like A PRO!)- 21+ Tips

How To Clean Out Closet

Most people treat closets as a place where they don’t keep their stuff but actually stuff their stuff. However, they fail in realizing that they are covering up the positive ‘chi’ energy in the process. Unfortunately, you will find messy closets in most of the homes . If they open their closet doors, they are … Read more