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Use Of Coffee Beans In Feng Shui: Meaning, Placement Tips

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Use of coffee beans? If you are someone who is always feeling dull and low on energy, then is a way to transform your lifestyle to turn your life around. This is by following the ancient practice of Feng Shui.

With its source being derived from Chinese geomancy, this practice has been used for over 3000 years to achieve wealth, luck, and good health.

One such item that can be used to promote good luck and health is coffee beans

In this article, a breakdown of what coffee beans mean in Feng Shui, along with their placement tips and a few pointers on how to maximize your Feng Shui practice is given.

Read till the end to learn all about Feng Shui and how coffee beans can work in your favor without having to consume them.

Coffee Beans–The Benefits It Has To Offer

Coffee is a staple drink all across the world. It comes with benefits that are great for not just the mind, but also the body and soul. The smell of coffee is enough to awaken the senses in the morning.

So, if you’re someone who is a coffee lover, then you might want to give Feng Shui with coffee beans a try. Here are some of the benefits coffee beans have to offer:     

  • Offers mental agility and improved focus
  • Regulates heart health
  • Keeps the liver healthy
  • Gives an energy boost to the body
  • Helps reduce the risks of certain types of cancer and Type 2 diabetes
  • Helps the body process glucose effectively
  • Improves fertility

However, it is always advised to consume coffee as per the health guidelines. Too much coffee can be harmful to the body. SO, be sure to limit your coffee intake to 2-3 cups per day for the desired benefits.

Use Of Coffee Beans In Feng Shui: Meaning and Symbolism

Use Of Coffee Beans In Feng Shui
Use Of Coffee Beans In Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, coffee beans carry Yang Chi energy. What this essentially means is that they are powerful enough to cleanse the air of negative energy in spaces that do not have access to fresh air.

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If you have a room in your house or an office space that is void of windows, then stagnant air and energy may be present inside.

To neutralize the area and create an atmosphere of revitalization, Feng Shui can be practiced. Coffee beans are one such Feng Shui item that can be used for this purpose.

They do not only promote feelings of happiness but uplift any dull and closed-off space. They are inexpensive to use, can be found in any grocery store, and are versatile enough to be used in multiple ways.

Placement of Coffee Beans in Feng Shui

Coffee beans in Feng Shui can be placed in various sections of the home. Here is how you can use coffee beans to your advantage:     

  • Put fragrant coffee beans in a bowl and place them in the center of the living room. Placing it inside a crystal bowl can further enhance its benefits.
  • Buy your own coffee beans and grind them to make your coffee. This helps release a strong coffee aroma that can find its way into every corner of your home.
  • Invest in a commercial air diffuser with a coffee bean aroma. This can be found at any home retail store near you.
  • Coffee scented candles contain the element of fire as well. This works great in removing negative energy. The ideal placement for candles is the south and northeast area of the home.
  • Recycle your used coffee bean grounds. Add them to your compost or use it to exfoliate your body and remove dead skin.

If you notice the fragrance of the coffee beans diminishing, be sure to discard them and replace them with new and fragrant coffee beans.

This can help keep the benefits of coffee beans in Feng Shui alive and thriving. You will have a pleasant-smelling home at all times!

Especially if you have pets or children at home who are prone to make a mess now and then.

Other Feng Shui Elements for Boosting Energy and Luck

There are other measures you can take to enhance the practice of Feng Shui for luck and energy. When carried out as per the recommended guidelines, maximum benefits can be achieved. Here are some of them.

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Feng Shui Colors

  • Colors possess a lot more energy than you think. In Feng Shui, each color has a different purpose to serve.
  • For revitalizing the mind and giving a much-needed energy boost, wearing red is the way to go. You can even add this powerful Feng Shui color to your home décor and aesthetic.
  • Add hints of red in the form of pillows, or even place a vase of red flowers for that added boost in energy.

Feng Shui Crystals

  • Crystals are not just a sight for sore eyes, but also a Feng Shui must have for promoting good health and energy.
  • You can find crystals such as amethyst and onyx at a Feng Shui store near you. Place them in the center of your home to reap its benefits.
  • And, another Feng Shui item that can be paired with crystal is the crystal pyramid.
  • The apex of the pyramid magnifies the power of the crystal and absorbs negative energy that can leave one feeling lazy and tired.

Tips to Give Your Feng Shui Practice With Coffee Beans an Added Boost

Engaging in just one practice of Feng Shui may be sufficient, but if you have the option to engage in other practices to magnify the impact, then doing so is what you should give a try.

There are a few tips that you can keep in mind and follow while practicing Feng Shui.

1. Keep Your Home Dust Free

A Feng Shui home can be spotted from far away. This is because it is picture perfect. Free of dust, debris, clutter, and damaged items are what a welcoming and pleasant Feng Shui home encompasses.

So, take out your tool kit and repair broken windows, repaint the doors, remove broken belongings, and keep your foliage well-trimmed and hydrated.

2. Meditate

Take a few minutes out to meditate. This helps calm the body and get rid of any stress that you may be experiencing.

As a result, a positive aura is created around you, helping you attract health, luck, and happiness. You can practice yoga for this, or engage in hydrotherapy or aroma therapy.

All work well in providing you with the same results.

3. Help Those Around You

In Feng Shui, the cycle of knowledge, wisdom, luck, and fortune can kick start with the sharing of knowledge and helping others. It helps wash away negativity and creates space for happiness and luck to flow. 

4. Have A Balanced Meal

Food is another important aspect of Chinese culture that cannot be ignored. It is a source of energy and comfort.

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And, having a healthy and well-balanced meal is important in keeping the mind and soul happy.

Avoid having too many processed foods and snacks and instead make your own meals at home. Fresh meals are always a winner in Feng Shui!

5. Embrace Nature

Embracing nature can be done in multiple ways.

You can adorn your home with Feng Shui plants such as the jade plant, money plant, or the famous lucky bamboo, invest in an indoor water fountain, and draw curtains to let the sunshine seep in.

A bright and lightened-up home is an ideal Feng Shui home. So, look for ways to let nature become a part of your home and watch the benefits unfold.

There are other benefits Feng Shui has to offer apart from just energy, luck, and good health. Here are some of them.

  • Academic Success
  • Financial stability
  • Improved fertility and health
  • Wealth creation and fortune
  • Spiritual growth
  • Improvements in relationships
  • Career progression and opportunities for growth
  • Mental clarity and cognitive development
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Good luck
  • Improved focus and concentration levels

Get Started on Your Feng Shui Lifestyle With Coffee Beans Today!

There is no ideal time in which Feng Shui can be practiced. It can be done by anyone at any time! So, get started on Feng Shui for luck and energy with coffee beans today.

Add an extra step to your morning routine by meditating and inhaling the essence and aroma from a handful of coffee beans. You can even get a fragrance diffuser that comes with a coffee-bean fragrance.

Place it in your office and watch how energized and active you feel throughout the day. this can even be placed inside your office to keep yourself and your employees alert and focused at all times.

For more information on the world of Feng Shui, visit our website. We have several resources on the art of Feng Shui that can make you a Feng Shui expert in no time.