How To Get Lucky By Feng Shui Bamboo [17+] Exclusive Placement Tips

Lucky bamboo

In the Feng Shui Bamboo plant’s common names are lucky bamboo(dracaena braunii) and lotus bamboo. It is because of the symbolism of bamboo and lotus. This has been a part of Chinese culture for decades. This guide is solely made on Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Placement at home, office to get lucky. And you will …

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27+ Feng Shui Jewelry For Wealth, Health, Luck + How To Wear

Feng Shui Jewellery

Accessories and jewellery make us feel good and allow us to express our individuality; But, who would not like to have a collection of Feng Shui Jewelry that can actually improve our wealth and money luck. Feng shui jewelry for wealth Feng shui jewelry for good health Feng shui jewelry store Feng shui bracelet Feng …

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How To Feng Shui Money and Luck [100% Working Tips] Detailed Guide

Feng Shui Tips to attract money

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science that deals with energy flow and its effects on the natural elements in a space. The primary aim isn’t to Feng shui money and wealth, the main objective is to bring harmony to the environment we are living in. The world has become too materialistic in nature …

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Top 15 Feng Shui Living Room Layout and Design

Feng Shui Living room idea

If you have a living room that is always dead and not giving any positive vibes then you can follow these Feng Shui Small Living Room Layout Ideas and tips. This not even transform your living room look wise but also will give you a new ambience of your home while transforming your lifestyle. It …

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Feng Shui Home: how to get unstuck in life [30] ways

Feng Shui Home

If everything is not working for you, that means there are negative energies entering your house, hence, there are some invaluable items that we keep in our homes that attracts bad energies. Here we are presenting the top 30 must-try Feng Shui Home Tips on How To Get Unstuck In Life that might be blocking …

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What is Wu Lou and Its Usages(Exclusive Guide + Tips)

Wu Lou (Wu Lu)

In ancient China, Wu Lou was an emptied and dried fruit used by Taoist monks, used to store medicine or water. Our natural Wu Lou is made using the same process. In this article, we are going to explore every thins about what is wu lou meaning, Where do you put Wu Lou brass? and all …

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Best Feng Shui Bed Placement Guide For Health, Wealth, Luck 2021

Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bed Placement Plays a very important role in a good bedroom structure as well as improving harmony. Today we will discover correct bed Feng shui placements, directions, and other important tips to correct the placement in the bedroom. Feng Shui is an ancient oriental art of Taoist origin whose objective is to improve …

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Top 20 Affordable Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips 2021

Feng Shui Living Room

You look at the magazines and you say to yourself: I would like to have this Feng Shui living room decor at home as its furniture. You want to radically change from floor to ceiling so it’s time to act. Here we are going to discuss the top 20 Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips …

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How To Feng Shui For Good Health – A Detailed Guide

Feng shui Health

As this is a common saying Health is Wealth. We all have to deal with health problems nowadays due to increased stress, demand to achieve more, lack of sleep, poor environment, and other reasons. In this article, we are going to talk about how feng shui can be used to cure health issues and help …

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What is Feng Shui Definition, Meaning, + How It Works?

What is Feng Shui

In this article, We will learn all the things you need to know about it, Feng Shui Definition, Feng Shui Meaning, WHY, and HOW it can impact our life. For many people, this might be a very new term or strange topic. But you need not worry, if you are not aware of what is …

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