How To Use Feng Shui Dragon Turtle For Wealth: [11 Ways]

Dragon Turtle

What Is Turtle Dragon? Feng Shui Dragon Turtle, Turtle Dragon, or Dragon Tortoise” symbol is a prevalent traditional and classical figure in Feng Shui culture. Feng Shui practitioners vastly use it throughout the world. Thus, it can be easily found in any Feng Shui shop. The statue can vary from cheap metal finished variants to …

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[17 Ways] How To Use Maneki Neko Statue For Good Fortune

Good Luck Cat Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko Meaning? Cat is a commonly used Japanese good luck cat. It is believed to bring good luck to its owner; therefore, it is also known as the “beckoning cat.” We will discuss the importance and effectiveness of the Feng Shui cat along with some essential facts related to it. Maneki Neko Meaning Japanese …

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What Is Hematite Jewelry And Its Usages In Feng Shui

Hematite Jewelry Feng Shui Benefits and uses

Hematite is popularly known as a “healing crystal.” Its metaphysical properties, along with magnetic properties, offer various benefits in energy healing and Feng Shui. Today let’s talk about Hematite jewelry meaning and Hematite Jewelry usages for endless health benefits. After jade and citrine, it is the most used mineral in Feng Shui for multiple purposes. …

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Ladybug Symbolism: 15 Lucky Facts Of Ladybugs In Feng Shui

Ladybug Symbolism In Feng Shui

Ladybug Symbolism: Nature has blessed us with different things (animate and non-animate) that are contributing to human existence. In fact, we rely on some to make life meaningful. Part of the blessings of nature is what we are considering in this article. You will know more about ladybug symbolism and the 15 facts about ladybugs …

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Lucky Mobile Phone Number In Feng Shui: 11 Tips To Find

Lucky Mobile Phone Number

Are you aware that numbers are powerful to shape, change, or influence your luck? There are numbers related to you, and if you can select them rightly, there are luck and fortune that accompany them. When you know how to choose these numbers, your life will be filled with happiness. In the Feng Shui way, …

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15 Feng Shui Rituals To Follow When Moving Into a New House

Moving Into A New House Feng Shui Tips

What are some of the most popular Feng Shui moving into a new house tradition, tips, and rituals that individuals follow when moving into a new home? The older people of Chinese families strictly adhere to these guidelines because moving to a new home is a major life event, and we want to have as …

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How To Care For Koi Fish – Everything You Need To Know

How To Care For Koi Fish

The Koi Fish is one of the most colorful and striking fish of Chinese / Japanese origin. It is known by the name Carp or Koi Fish (it is from the Carp Fish family). Today we are going to explore how to care for Koi fish and its significance and meaning. How to care for …

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15 Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement, Direction Tips For Wealth

Feng Shui Fish

Feng Shui, retaining fish within the living room can increase Happiness and Wealth, and due to this many people prefer to preserve the aquarium in their homes. There are many suggestions about placing Feng Shui Fish in different rooms in the houses to bring happiness. But only if the placement is correct as per Bagua …

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How To Feng Shui Bedroom Layout To Improve Relationship

feng shui bedroom layout

The Feng Shui Bedroom Layout is a very important aspect. We must be mindful of the way we decorate and furnish our bedroom to influence the arrival of good sleep and a pleasant night. The bedroom is the room in the house where you spend the most time in your life, around 6 to 10 …

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11 Feng Shui Living Room Colors Choices Based On Directions

Living Room Colors

When decorating our house, we always look at the decoration, the placement of the furniture. But little importance is given to the colors of the walls beyond merely aesthetic. In this guide, we are going to reveal how we can Feng Shui Living Room colors with mesmerizing 2022 choices. You may like the below guide. …

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