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Hello Everyone,

Feng Shui is a well-researched combination of art and science-based on neuroscience principles. She is very passionate about knowing all the aspects of Feng Shui.

By looking at its benefits personally and professionally, she decided to spread the magic of Feng Shui to transform many lives.

FengShuiTricks Owner Bhawana Rathore

I am Bhawana Rathore and I found myself very passionate about Feng Shui practices.

I write at FengShuiTricks and help people to enhance their lives by sharing Feng Shui-related information on FengshuiTricks Youtube Channel.

She is also a Co-Founder of GardeningLovy and KnifeandFork

I have been working and practicing Feng Shui for a long and now my life is totally transformed. I am very passionate about knowing all the aspects of Feng Shui.

So Now, Why Do You Have To Get Started With Feng Shui? Below is the answer.

10 Quick Feng Shui Benefits 

The feng shui tradition has been in practice for centuries in which it is used for many various purposes. Below are listed 10 benefits of practicing feng shui.

  1. Helps to boost wealth.
  2. Helps singles to find love.
  3. Helps to advance and stabilize one’s career.
  4. Helps to improve health conditions.
  5. Helps to maintain good relationships.
  6. Helps to enhance fertility.
  7. Helps to avoid accidents.
  8. Helps to boost positive energy.
  9. Helps in career-boosting.
  10. Helps to boost learning abilities.

Ways to Make Your Feng Shui Practice Powerful

Feng Shui is often considered a difficult practice. In reality, it isn’t quite so. It only requires a few simple steps. They begin with having mental clarity and an optimistic approach toward obtaining the benefits.

Patience is also important here. Without it in the equation, your Feng Shui practice may not yield the desired effects. Here is what you can do to make sure your Feng Shui practice bears fruit.

  1. Engage in activities to release stress. This is since stress can result in the presence of negative energy being present around you–this disrupts positive energy from being attracted to you.
  2. Meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy can help in keeping you calm and composed while practicing Feng Shui.
  3. Helping others is also another way to enhance your positive aura.
  4. Always keep your home clean and tidy. The Feng Shui lucky birds should also be cleaned regularly.
  5. Dust and debris settling down on your figurines and lucky birds can hamper your Feng Shui practice–so be sure to wipe them down after a windy day.
  6. Allow the practice of Feng Shui sometime before showing signs of success–the benefits of Feng Shui may vary as the Yin Yang balance takes time to reach.
  7. Don’t fret about it though–a positive and patient approach is sure to expedite the process.


At, we don’t claim to be an expert on this topic. All the information provided here is based on secondary research, practices, and personal experience.

We have gone to a great extent to make sure the information is correct, but it should not be taken as a substitute for expert advice by Feng Shui experts.

I hope you find the articles useful and it helps you get close to nature. Most of our readers or visitors are coming from the below locations:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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