Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning, Placement, Directions In Feng Shui

Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning In Feng Shui

Some feng shui remedies are common and their application is universal. An example of such a remedy is the Chinese Laughing Buddha. The laughing Buddha is often used to get good fortune, prosperity, happiness, great health, and success according to the experts in Feng Shui. It is also believed that any area in a space … Read more

Crystal Chandelier For Living Room Placement In Feng Shui

Crystal Chandelier For Living Room

Go to any standard and typical Chinese home, including restaurants, you will see lovely chandeliers that give a colorful Chinese restaurant lighting. You may question if this is an endeavor to beautify the living room. Although it might be also for beautification, however, chandeliers in a home, especially in the living room have significant symbolic … Read more

Best Elephant Symbol Meaning, Direction + Usages In Feng Shui

Elephant Symbol Meaning In Feng Shui

The concept of feng shui has been derived from an ancient poem that relates to human beings the concepts of the environment and the part that it can play in our everyday life. This is mostly done to harness the energy forces of the environment and to establish harmony between an individual and the individual’s … Read more

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Meaning & [Benefits + Placement] Guide

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Meaning

In Feng Shui, wind chimes meaning has a special significance. They are also known as the carrier of positive energy and produce a harmonious sound that creates a soothing atmosphere. Wind chimes also act as a luck magnet as they guide the sound vibrating in the space in a way that it brings prosperity. So … Read more

How To Use Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol As (Love Cure + Enhancer)- Complete Guide

Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol

The double happiness symbol is one of the most pious Chinese symbols that hold significance in Chinese weddings and joyous events. This symbol has been regarded as a symbol of love and marriage in Chinese tradition. Double Happiness Symbol Traditional double happiness Chinese symbol represents a balanced harmonious union.  In this symbol, two identical characters … Read more

Different Chinese Symbol For Love, Peace and Happiness

Chinese Symbol For Love

The Chinese characters or Hanzi are logograms denoted as 汉字 in simplified Chinese and 漢字 in traditional Chinese. They were developed for the expressions in Chinese writings. Chinese Symbol For Love, Peace and Happiness are used to express feelings. These characters or symbols were later adapted to write several other Asian languages. Specifically, they are … Read more

Best Three-legged Feng Shui Money Frog Placement Guide

Feng shui money frog

The Feng Shui money frog is a three-legged toad symbols of prosperity and popularly known as a money toad. It is believed that this mythological creature with three legs attracts wealth and abundance. As per Feng Shui, the money frog placement should be kept in the southeast corner of your space or what can be defined as … Read more

How To Use Good Luck Restaurant Charms For Prosperity (#27) Feng Shui Charms

Good Luck Restaurant Charm

Do you have a restaurant and you feel you can do better in business? If this is what you feel, you are in the right place. Try these Feng Shui good luck restaurant charms to get more out of your investment. Also, they will help you to attract good fortune and increase more business. Once … Read more