(13+) Ideas Of Pruning Bamboo Plants | Exclusive Care + Grooming Guide

Pruning Bamboo Plants

Across the globe, there are many plant species on earth. But the lucky bamboo plant is exceptional among them all. Now bamboo is the most fascinating and useful plant in the world. The best time of trimming and pruning bamboo plants is in the summer seasons. Many people start trimming in the rainy season, which … Read more

What Is a Zen Garden + How To Create Your Own Zen Garden

Zen Garden

The Zen garden or Karesansui is a type of dry garden that has its origin in Japan. Its composition is very simple. Basically, it is made up of two elements within everyone’s reach: sand and stones. Its main objective is to increase and promote inner serenity and reduce stress. The History Of The Zen Garden … Read more

(Best #13)Feng Shui Garden Products To Beautify Your Garden

Feng Shui Garden Products

How To Create Good Feng Shui In Garden? Feng Shui decor and design in the garden will be guaranteed to enhance the look and feel but at the same time change the overall vibe. You just need to incorporate Feng Shui Garden Products with all five Feng Shui Elements into your garden in a beautiful and harmonious … Read more

Feng Shui Gardening Tips To Inject Good Vibes (Indoor/Outdoor)

Feng Shui Garden Tips

Feng Shui Gardening Although Feng Shui has become popular in relation to interior and garden design. The environment that surrounds the house is decisive for the type of energy that Feng Shui handles with great tips. Let’s explore all the Feng Shui Gardening tips and tricks to beautify your space. Like | Share | Subscribe to FengShuiTricks … Read more