What Is 9 Star Ki In Feng Shui Astrology – Find Your Own Number [2021 Guide]

9 Star Ki

9-star ki in Feng Shui astrology is nine symbols or archetypes. These are the nine stars or symbols similar to the traditional astrology’s twelve astrological signs. This astrology of 9-star ki is based on the mystical Bagua chart of Feng Shui to define the Feng Shui energy map of an office or your home. Feng shui … Read more

How All Chinese Zodiac Signs 2021 Will Do For [Love, Health, Growth] – Full Guide

Chinese Zodiac Sign 2021

The birth years of people decide their Chinese Zodiac Sign 2021. Things are not that simple, however! Every year there is an animal, but the “year” is specified by the Chinese lunar calendar, not the Gregorian year with which you are familiar from January 1 to December 31. The Chinese Zodiac, or Sheng Xiao (born … Read more

How To Read And Analysis Flying Star Feng Shui Chart [2021]

Flying Star Feng Shui chart 2021

The flying stars or the Xuan Kong represent the Feng shuis formula, which can be utilized for enhancing and optimizing good luck for the better future and trial times in your life. The flying stars method or formula is the basic directions, which are segmented into nine sectors of commercial or residential space. With the … Read more

Exclusive 31 Chinese New Year Flowers + Fruits Ideas To Buy In [2021]

Chinese New Year Flowers

The Chinese New Year decorations and traditions see various choices based on what kind of vibe a household wants to invite. Symbolism is an essential part of the celebrations, and families are mindful of investing their time and energy in it. There are Chinese flowers for good luck and wealth, and the Chinese New Year … Read more

How To Do Chinese Face Reading- Interesting Guide (Reveal Hidden Facts About You And Future)

Chinese Face Reading

The art of Chinese Face Reading has its origin in the Daoist philosophy where its earliest reference can be found in the writings of Mr. Guiguzi. His writings are relevant even today. Traditionally, they are used as the method of Chinese fortune telling face reading. But, in recent times, it has gained significance in Chinese … Read more