What Are The Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering- Exclusive (#21) Tips + Ways

Some of us do believe in the idea of living a simple life. Having clutter around ourselves only gives rise to anxiety, stagnation, and negative thoughts. Today we will understand the Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering and its importance.


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Feng Shui Birth Elements

Even if we try to keep our space clean, there are times when we get overwhelmed and defeat the idea of owning less. As per Feng Shui belief, decluttering of our personal space is a must if we want to move ahead and lead a peaceful life.


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Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering
Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering

A clean and organized home invites positive energy and lets it flow freely inside our space. This brings in good luck and fortune in the lives of our family. Here we will share 21 tips for clean house and its importance.

What Is Feng Shui Meaning Of Clutter? And How It Impacts?

According to Feng Shui, we can define ’clutter’ as postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. So, we should be careful about what we accumulate, where we keep it, and why we hold onto it. In the simplest words a cluttered house sign of a problem.

There is always some clutter in our space that we have to deal with. But, it’s the extreme clutter that restricts the positive energy and holds us back in our lives.

Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering 1
Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering
  • Feng Shui clutter can cause stagnation and we might start delaying several important things in our lives. According to Feng Shui, clutter symbolizes anything as unfinished, unused, unresolved, or seriously disorganized.
  • If you surround yourself with the things that you love, you will find Feng Shui clearing negative energy. It will bring clarity and positivity in your life. However, if you keep things that you no longer require, they can bring in negative influences and energy.
  • Where and why you have the clutter also defines the energy of your home. If you are looking at the clutter every day around you, it will only attract negative and cluttered thoughts in your head.
  • As per the Feng Shui belief, clutter in every specific area of your home represents some hidden aspects of your life. Have a look at the table below to know more:
Clutter Area in Your HomeWhat It Represents
Main EntranceConcealing fear of relationships
ClosetsUnwillingness to explore your emotions
KitchenResentment of care-taking
Near the BedDesire to escape
Under the BedFear of relationships
On a DeskFrustration and over-controlling nature
Behind a DoorDetachment from other people
Under the FurnitureWorried about appearances
In the BasementProcrastination
In the AtticLiving in the past
In the GarageInability to achieve your potential
All Over the HouseAnger and low self-esteem
Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering Tips & Benefits

If you want to clear out the clutter, remember that you can’t do it all at once. Letting go of things can be difficult for some people.

Sometimes we keep delaying things and become disorganized. If you want to clear the clutter and bring in the positive energy, you must start slowly but finish the job.

Learn how to clear clutter properly and develop it as a habit to keep the areas clean every day. You will see the positive change in your life and your environment.

What Feng Shui Has To Do With Decluttering?

As we have mentioned earlier, Feng Shui and cleanliness are deeply connected. You should clean spaces to ensure positive energy and good luck.

  • As per the Feng Shui belief, clutter produces a stagnant and confusing environment that continuously restricts the chi’ energy. If there are certain areas of your home that are cluttered such as the bedroom, closets.
  • Or the entrance of your home, it can create a negative influence. Clutter in these areas could entirely block the flow of energy and good events in your family’s life. 
  • People usually avoid decluttering as they need to invest their time as well as efforts. But the real reason could be that getting rid of things can be an emotional experience.
  • Letting go of things can be challenging. We sometimes get unnecessarily attached to a few things. That is why we are also going to discuss some helpful tips to help you clutter cleanse in the later part of this blog.
  • When you clear your clutter with Feng Shui rules, it helps you in gaining more clarity, aroused energy levels and a better sense of well-being. You must keep the clutter away from your home.

If you develop the habit of Feng Shui cleaning, you will find the ‘chi’ energy bestowing fortunes and good luck on your family.

Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering- Exclusive Guide

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Benefits Of Clearing Clutter

Besides the positive energy and thoughts, there are numerous other benefits of getting rid of clutter:

#1 Less To Clean

You do realize that cleaning is already a chore that you have to do. So, why would you pile up on the items that you have zero emotional attachment to? Remove clutter from home and you will find cleaning to be much easier every day.

#2 Less To Organize

How difficult is it to find things because you are unorganized? If you do keep things in order, you will never have to search for something by moving things around or worse, lose them in the clutter forever.

#3 Less Stress 

Don’t you feel uneasy when you enter cluttered homes? Looking at a clean space will not only make you feel better but also help you forget about your worries in the outside world.

#4 More Financial Freedom

Decluttering and minimalism will help you identify your essential needs and you won’t spend unnecessarily on useless items. This will reduce the stress on your wallet and you will feel more financially secure.

#5 More Energy To Follow Your Passions 

With more financial freedom and better energy, you can focus more on the things that bring you happiness instead of following in the footsteps of those around you.

Once you are aware of your passions and have the means to achieve them, it will make you even happier.

So, now that you know the Feng Shui benefits of decluttering, let’s focus on how you can identify the clutter and what it represents in your life.

Additionally, we will provide you some tips to clear your clutter with Feng Shui.

For Clearing Clutter Where To Start?

As per Feng Shui, the most important spaces of your house are your bedroom, kitchen, and the main entrance area. So, if you wish to start the Feng Shui declutter, you can pick these areas of your home first.

Let us share some ideas about the places that need to be thoroughly cleared of clutter in your home.

#1 For Clutter In The Bedroom

  • We are greatly influenced by the people closest to us. So, it makes sense to start applying Feng Shui to remove clutter from your bedroom. Keep it well organized.
  • Get rid of the items that create visual clutter in this room like the TV, office or work-related items, storage items, etc.
  • You also need to ensure that the area under your bed and the closets should be clean. Avoid keeping items that are not in use for a long time.

#2 For Clutter In The Kitchen

  • As per Feng Shui beliefs, the condition of your kitchen represents your health (particularly the condition of the liver). So, you must clear clutter fast from your kitchen and do yourself a favor.
  • When cleaning the kitchen, focus on decluttering the refrigerator, cleaning the pots and pans, and wiping clean the house, drawers, surfaces, etc. Remember to replace the harsh chemical cleaners with natural ones.

#3 For Clutter In The Main Entry Area

  • Feng Shui and clutter are closely related. Your main entry area invites positive energies from the outer world. The front door is referred to as the mouth of ‘chi’ or energy in Feng Shui. 
  • So, your entrance area must be clear of any unnecessary objects such as recycle bins, chipped pots, etc. You should decorate the main entry and beautify the space.
  • Removing clutter from your life will bring in good quality of energy and provide you visual relief. Take care of the little things. For instance, you can organize your incoming mail by putting it in a small drawer near the entrance.
  • For the Feng Shui benefits of decluttering, you must start with the above-mentioned three areas in your home. They are strongly connected to the well-being of you and your family. Invite the positive energy and let it circulate freely inside your home.

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How To Get Rid Of Clutter? Top 21 Feng Shui Decluttering Tips

If you have found the motivation to clear the clutter from your space, here are some decluttering tips. We are sure these will help to know how to purge your house of junk.

Some Habits You Can Cultivate

1. Make It A Plan

Are you wondering how to clear a room by yourself? Well, you can take inspiration from the ‘decluttering missions’ of Colleen Madsen. Make a plan, so you know how to clear out the clutter from the room.

When there are many places, you might get confused about how and when to start. So, make a list for each day and follow it strictly. Don’t overdo it as well or else you will wear yourself out. Stick to the plan and stay productive with the plan.

2. Make It A Routine

You may have a busy and hectic schedule. But you still find some time to exercise or take care of other things as well. Similarly, you can commit and adhere to the rules for purging clutter.

If you want, you can do it while you are busy doing something else. For instance, you can clean the bathroom a little bit as you are brushing your teeth or organize your living room while watching TV in the evening.

3. Finish The Tasks

Once you make up your mind, you must follow through and complete the clutter-busting tips. If you have kept something to throw out, then take it out of the house immediately.

If there is something that you wish to donate, then don’t let it end up as a pile on your chair. Pick the items, keep it in your car, and go donate them.

You cannot procrastinate in the middle of the task or else all your efforts will be in vain. Clearing clutter means that you need to see it through to the end.

4. Make It A Game

If you find it challenging to follow a plan to clear your clutter, you can turn it into a fun game. Get your family members involved in a friendly competition and let them help with clutter clearing.

You all can find 12 items to donate, 12 items to throw away, and 12 items to return to their assigned spots. Throw in some rewards at the end of the game so that everyone takes it seriously.

5. Assign The Storage Areas

You must have designated areas in your space where you can store the relevant items carefully. Don’t let things get out of hand. Pick a folder to keep your important documents, a shelf to place your pots and pans, a few boxes for miscellaneous items.

Once you know where to keep the items that enter your home, you can develop a habit of always storing those items in their right spots. This will ensure your house has more space and you can always find the stuff when required.

6. Closet Hanger Experiment

It is always difficult to pick the clothes that you want to get rid of from the closet. Let us make that a little easy for you. Try an experiment suggested by Peter Walsh and learn how to purge clutter from the closets.

Arrange all your clothes in the closet but in the opposite direction of how you normally hang them. Once you have worn a cloth, hang it facing the opposite way.

In about six months, check for the clothes that are still facing the same way. These are the ones that you haven’t worn in the last six months. So, you can pick them out and donate them to free some space in your closet.

7. Organize Before You Buy Storage Boxes

If you think you need more space for storing the stuff, don’t go out and but boxes randomly. First, arrange the existing items properly.

Next, identify the right size of the box or container you need to store the remaining items. Also, check if that box can fit under your bed, closet, or on the shelf.

8. The Five Boxes Formula For Decluttering

If you are looking for the best clutter clearing tips, you can opt for this tried and tested formula of labeling five boxes as – trash, give away, keep, relocate (to an assigned spot), and ‘maybe’.

You should know what to keep and what to dispose of before you start decluttering. The ‘maybe’ box is for those items which you think can be used in the future.

But, if you find that you haven’t opened this box in six months, then you can dispose of it.

9. Get Rid Of One Item Each Day

To purge house clutter, this is one good habit that you can develop. For this idea, you will need a few minutes each day to find an item and remove it from your space.

You can do this at any time of the day, maybe before breakfast or before you go to bed. Once you make it a habit, you will never find clutter lying around in your house.

10. Mark Folders, Or Even Better – Go Digital

This idea is helpful to declutter your utility and monthly bills. These loose bills and receipts are often found lying around the house. Create specific folders according to the category (utilities, mortgage) and status (paid, unpaid).

Have a clear out to arrange the papers and keep them in their respective folders only. A better way to manage them is to go digital and spare yourself the hassle of keeping track of these bills. You can set up auto-pay or email reminders and never miss any payments.

Try Some Mind Tricks

11. Motivate With Money

For some extra motivation, you can make a list of the clutter in your home and check their worth on websites where you can sell used products. You must realize the worth of the junk and the extra money you can make off it.

This might get you encouraged to sell some of the items right away. A small fortune can be a good inspiration for getting rid of clutter in your life.

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12. Evaluate Your Items

Sometimes we get attached to items without thinking too much about them or their value in our lives. And when the time comes, we cannot let go of the house clutter.

So, think about the value of those items lying around in the boxes and taking up space. You can even check their prices online and ask yourself if you are willing to pay that amount to get them home.

If the answer is no, then it is time to get that item out of your house.

13. Use Your Imagination – Think Of A Clean Home

Before you start clutter clearing, try to imagine how your space should ideally look like if it was up to you. If you can imagine a new look of your home, that mental picture will push you to go the extra mile.

You can also look for some ideas online or in magazines to better imagine your space. If you know how to tackle clutter, you can use it as an opportunity to give yourself a fresh start.

14. Change Your Perspective – Stop Buying Impulsively

It can be challenging to change your perspective towards things. But this can be a life-changing move for you. You will not face any clutter problems after this and will eventually save a lot of money.

To change your perspective, you must convince yourself to buy only the items you need. When you step out for shopping, avoid touching and trying out the items as it creates an attachment with that object.

If you think you do need it, then you can buy it. Otherwise, just walk away and you will realize that you won’t even remember that item after some time.

15. Strictly Organize Your Closet

Your closets keep your everyday items and are quite spacious. So, you must make efforts to keep them clean. We have already discussed the Closet Hanger Experiment earlier.

But you need to be even stricter. Ask yourself when you are cleaning clutter, ‘If I were shopping right now, would I buy this item?’ If your answer is no, then get rid of it right away.

16. Be Committed To Your Clutter-free Space

Once you have clear out clutter from an area, you need to commit to keeping it clean. Form an emotional attachment with that space. You will surely get a positive vibe from the clean space.

If you start liking this area, you will make extra efforts to never let clutter be a problem.

17. Imagine Yourself As A First-time Visitor 

A smart way to Feng Shui declutter is to enter your home and imagine yourself as a new visitor. You can then form impressions about the areas that need to be more organized. Make changes accordingly and you will have an entirely new space for yourself.

18. Take Before And After Photos Of The Space

Before you start the clutter removal in a specific area of your house, take a photo of that area. And once are done with clearing clutter fast, take another photo and compare.

Once you see the improved look of your house, you will get inspired to clear the clutter from more areas.

Some Organizing Tips

Besides some healthy habits and mind tricks, you can always pick up a few organizing Tips to help with clutter cleaning. These practical ideas are easy to implement and will help you with the clutter cleanup.

Have a look at a few of such ideas and maybe you can think of some more on your own:

19. Using Shower Curtain Hooks In Closets

The shower curtain hooks can be used for many purposes. Say, for instance, you have lots of bags and purses.

You can place the hooks in the closets and hang your belongings quite easily. This simple idea will help you organize your accessories.

20. Universal Remotes

In any normal household, one can find several remotes. They may be for your TV, DVD player, cable, etc. You can get a universal remote from the market.

Or install a universal remote app on your phone to manage all the devices. This will get rid of multiple remotes inside the home and simplify your life.

21. Rolling-up The T-shirts

Another smart idea is to roll-up your T-shirts instead of folding them. This will create more space in your drawers and will optimize your closet. Using these unique ideas, you can organize many other areas in your home.

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Now we have understood Feng Shui Benefits Of Decluttering. Clearing clutter is not only essential to your home’s Feng Shui.

But it will also improve your mental health – ‘Clear home Clear mind’. When you have clean space around you for the positive energy to flow.

You can add some Feng Shui charms to better the ‘chi’ of your place. Do not let the clutter stop you. Take charge, clean clutter, and bring happiness in your life.