What Is Feng Shui Bagua Map and Its Usages

What is Feng Shui Map & Bagua Meaning

Feng Shui Map is a very common term used (also called ba-gua or pakua) is one of the main weapons used in Feng Shui. To analyze the overall energy of any given space. It could be Home, Office, or Garden

Bagua is the Feng Shui vibes map of your area that shows you, the connected areas of your home or office to specific areas of your life

Feng Shui Map(Bagua)

If you like Feng Shui you know that the Bagua map is one of the fundamental tools for working on this ancient art. That brings us well-being and prosperity.

The Bagua  is an octagonal map that allows us to divide the space into zones, to know how it is applied to work the different areas or aspirations.

The Bagua has its origin in the I Ching that works with the Yin and Yang energies. Which are represented by a broken and a complete line , which is called duality, the two?

Feng Shui Bagua
Feng Shui Map

When these elements are combined in groups of 3, eight different options appear. They are the eight trigrams that originally represent the Turtle that is the one that unites Heaven and Earth.

Feng Shui  uses the eight cardinal directions corresponding to the eight trigrams of the I Ching and that apply to the 8 aspirations .

In these eight orientations we see represented:

When division is carried out using a quadrant, 9 areas are generated on the map. Each of the areas represents an area of ​​life or we can also call it aspiration.

This octagon is one of the fundamental parts of traditional Feng Shui  that joins rational Feng Shui  by uniting it with the Bagua  map of the Buddhist school.

In natural Feng Shui as we have already commented on various occasions ( Feng Shui schools). The 8 aspirations that coincide with the cardinal points are worked in a real way. In this way the energies and elements match their real orientation.

Feng Shui Map Bagua Mirror

A Bagua  Feng Shui  (pa kua) mirror is a powerful cure to protect you against negative energy and to create good fortune and harmony. 

This type of mirror protects a home or place of business from negative energy known as sha chi or poisonous arrows. It is important to select the correct type of Bagua mirror for your needs.

What is a Bagua Feng Shui Mirror?

It is a standard octagonal Bagua mirror with a wooden back. Eight trigram surrounds the round mirror in the center, one trigram in each of the octagonal sections. 

Outside of the trigrams, towards the outer edge of the Bagua mirror. There may be a Luo Shu (magic square) diagram with a symbol in each of the octagonal areas.

Feng Shui Map Bagua Colors

The Feng Shui  Bagua Map is associated with different colors for each section. How do you use them, and how much should they be taken into consideration?

Specific colors are designated for each area of the Bagua  Map.

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Feng Shui Bagua 1
Feng Shui Map

If you’ve already mapped the Feng Shui  Bagua for your home, well done! Still, need to take this step?

Get your free copy of my Feng Shui  Bagua Map which comes with an overview of how to apply it to your floor plan.

Each of the squares represents some influence in your life. When you use Feng Shui  principles to enhance any particular section, the vital Ch’i energy of the space improves. You may, in turn, draw upon this new, auspicious energy to improve your life.

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Use your copy of this most essential Feng Shui  tool as a reference while we cover the who, why and what of Bagua  colors.

In  the Bagua  Map, each area, or gua (pronounced gwah), has a group of colors assigned to it. The specific colors relate to which expression of the Five Elements is held within the individual area. The Fame gua, which is home to the Fire Element, has red and red tones for example.

The colors reinforce the energy of the Element as well as the individual Bagua. Any red hue could be used as an enhancement in your Fame area to build a better reputation or gain more recognition.

You can bring the color into the room in many ways. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure it is something you love.

Feng Shui Bagua Map For Bedroom

The rooms dedicated to the bedroom are the rooms where we rest and give intimate life in our relationships. Its distribution and organization of both the furniture and the bed are important to favor the development of positive energies .

How to place the bed with the Feng Shui  Bagua map in a bedroom? This is one of the most common questions if it is in the right direction if the head is correctly positioned if the orientation is correct. Where do I put the bed, etc. It is best to see a layout of the bed with reference to the port and window.

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Avoid at all costs that in front of the door our feet remain or fall, in the Chinese tradition this position refers to death. In the case that we have a room with a bathroom or “wall to wall”.

We must avoid bringing the bed close to the bathroom as we can see in the following diagram:

Feng Shui Map Bagua This Year

With the times that we are living, unfortunately many families lack work and consequently income in the accounts. Can Feng Shui  really do something for us?

Obviously, just by changing the decoration of our house we will not find a job or make us win the lottery.

In this case, the bathroom is in the career area, and has been decorated in black and blue tones, mirrors, and a casual motif on the furniture. The bathrooms have the element water so they are ideal in this area of ​​the Bagua .

But it is the start of wanting to change things and learn to live with what we have and reinvent ourselves. If we are able to undertake a small project at home, such as decorating a room with the same furniture.

Painting it, changing objects, being creative, it can help us boost our creativity, and lead to new ideas that can guide us in our career. professional.

Your professional or economic situation can be reflected in your home. Look at the Bagua  map  and see where the professional career is located on the map of your house.

Contemplate that area and decide if you like what you see, if it is tidy, or on the contrary it is a chaotic area, or a crowded closet, etc.

If you want to make a change in your professional life, you are looking for a job, you are thinking of changing your profession, you can decorate that area with the following objects:

  • Mirrors, crystals, and glass
  • Objects of casual and free forms
  • Images or objects of their profession
  • Any object that relates to the profession
  • Water installations, fountains or aquariums
  • Objects of black color or very dark tones, navy blue, gray
  • Poster, photographs or pictures of rivers, seas, lakes, waterfalls

Here you have some idea to decorate the bedroom in 2020, if we are left in the professional career area of ​​the Bagua  map

Since the profession is closely related to money, if you are thinking of redecorating your home, you can also focus on the zone of wealth and prosperity .

You don’t need to redecorate your entire house, just focus on the areas you want to improve and use your imagination to make your home the best place in the world.

Feng Shui Bagua Numbers

To find what your Bagua  number is, add the last two numbers of your year of birth and reduce them to a single digit. If you are a woman, add 5 and go back down to a single digit. If you are a man, subtract 10 and reduce to a single digit.

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Feng Shui Bagua Compass Degrees

The idea behind the Bagua method (or Pakua in some publications) is that the four main compass orientations (North, South, East, and West). As well as the four secondary ones (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest).

Emit and accumulate a different type of energy that we usually describe with the characteristics of the elements of Nature according to the Chinese tradition. Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal.

If we are guided by this theory, we will know that in each of these 9 areas of our house. There will be a specific type of energy that will favor one type of thing and harm others.

To apply the Bagua to our house we must, therefore, divide the floor of the house into 9 exactly equal parts.

The first thing we must do is rescue the plane we draw and divide both the width and the length into 3 equal parts.

In the example we are following, the plane in the drawing measures 24 x 12 cm. So we only have to divide the longest part (24 cm) by 3 and we will obtain three strips of 8 cm each.

We do the same in the shortest part, which measures 12 cm in the drawing. We divide 12 by 3 and we get three boxes 4 cm wide. In total, there will be 9 rectangles of 8

Feng Shui  Bagua For a Split Level Home

the origin of the Bagua  Map: “It arises from the interpretation of the theory of yin and yang and integrates the 5 elements. As well as the study of trigrams that correspond to different aspects of life.

From there, in the same diagram, the orientations, the seasons, the colors. And the most suitable materials or shapes for each area are combined, forming an energy map that can be applied to any space.

If your house has split level home or two floors, draw the same map for the top.

And if you want to apply it to a single room, it works the same, as long as you take the entrance door as a reference.

Let’s see in detail how to decorate each of the nine areas to improve energy and promote its effect.


In this article, we talked about the Feng Shui Map in detail. Generally, on the ground floor, the layout with the Bagua areas is well balanced.

And the chi flows properly except in the health and family area, as it is located in the garage and in a bathroom. It is important that this area is treated, organized, and decorated according to Bagua criteria.

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