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17 Feng Shui Southwest Corner Tips (for Love + Marriage)

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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that teaches us how to make our homes and offices more in tune with nature.

Positive and prosperous outcomes are encouraged by stressing the value of harmony and peace.

The Bagua, or Feng Shui energy map, is an important part of Feng Shui since it divides a room into nine sectors that correspond to different parts of one’s life.

We’ll be concentrating on the Southwest sector and how to Feng Shui Southwest Corner today, which has long been considered the home of love, family, and motherhood.

What Does the Southwest Corner Means in Feng Shui?

Southwest signifies Earth energy in the Feng Shui Bagua, which is associated with love, marriage, and relationships.

It’s the part of you that helps you develop the capacity to love and keep in touch with others.

Improving this space can have a positive effect on your romantic life, marriage, and other connections.

Importance of southwest corner in feng shui?

Importance of southwest corner in feng shui

The ancient practice of Feng Shui, which is entrenched in both tradition and knowledge, maybe a potent instrument for bringing harmony to your environment and improving a variety of elements of your life.

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You may be able to improve the quality of your relationships and usher in an infusion of positive energy into your home by paying attention to the Southwest corner of your property and implementing the concepts of Feng Shui.

As is the case with every philosophy, the most important thing is to comprehend the basic concepts and tailor those principles to your specific environment and way of life. Happy harmonizing!

Feng Shui Rules For Southwest Corner

Keep in mind that Feng Shui is highly personalized, and you should think about what feels natural and works best in the environment that you have created for yourself.

The secret is to establish a setting that is well-balanced and harmonic.

1. Clutter Free:

Keeping the southwest corner of your home clear of clutter is essential for good Feng Shui. Clutter can prevent the free passage of chi (life force energy) and even generate negative chi.

2. Feng Shui Elements:

Since the Earth element is related to the southwest corner (one of the five feng shui elements), it is beneficial to have pottery or crystals that reflect this.

Water-representing objects, such as fountains and mirrors, should be placed with caution, as this element is thought to weaken Earth in the five-element cycle.

3. Items:

Pairs of products or symbols like (double happiness symbol) that signify love and togetherness can assist increase the energy in the southwest corner, which is related to love and relationships.

4. Feng Shui Southwest Corner Living Room:

Improve your living room’s southwestern section by incorporating:

  • Color this area with browns, yellows, and pinks to represent Earth.
  • Pair up symbols of love and companionship, such as candles or a photo of a happy couple.
  • Put a crystal or some Mandarin ducks here to make your relationships stronger.

5. Bedroom Feng Shui for the Southwest:

While you’re in bed:

  • Water features, such as fountains or pictures of water, should be avoided in the Southwest because they can disrupt the balance of Earth’s energy.
  • Pink and white are used to increase feelings of love and intimacy.
  • Don’t let anything block the corner’s flow of good energy by putting anything in it.
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6. Feng Shui Colours for the Southwest Corner:

The Southwest is best served by earthy tones like brown, beige, and yellow. Pink, peach, and red are all helpful because of the emphasis they place on love and connections.

7. Feng shui Plants for the Southwest Corner:

Plants, which represent the wood element, are not normally encouraged in the Southwest corner because of their association with the earth element.

To keep the earth element in harmony, utilize earthenware or containers with earthy tones if you decide to use them.

8. Keep the Balance:

In order to prevent dominating the energy of the earth, it is important to keep the elements in balance.

9. Square Shapes Are Beneficial:

The element of Earth is strongly associated with square shapes.

Don’t For Southwest Corner:

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the following are some things that should be avoided in the southwest corner of your home:

10. Avoid Fire Element:

The Earth element is diminished by Fire in the Feng Shui productive cycle. Avoid having too many candles or electronic devices, which represent the fire element, in this space.

11. Avoid Metal Element:

Steer clear of the Metal Element, as it is responsible for destroying Earth in the deadly cycle of the five elements.

As a result, the southwest area should feature little in the way of metal furniture or accents.

12. Never put disturbing images:

Keep upbeat photos out of the southwest corner; it represents love, friendship, and togetherness. Do not hang up any photos that are depressing or negative, as they could ruin the vibe.

13. Stagnant or broken items:

To avoid stagnant or broken energy, stay away from anything that is broken or malfunctioning. Fix up that southwestern area and make sure everything is working properly.

14. Sharp Objects:

Keep Sharp Objects out of the Southwest Corner: The flow of chi can be disrupted by sharp objects such as knives and scissors (also called poison arrows).

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15. Avoid Water Element:

Water-representing elements, such as fountains, mirrors, and blue decorations, should be minimized or avoided in the southwest corner, as they are thought to weaken the Earth element, which is related to that area.

16. Stability Is Key:

Avoid having an excessive number of moving parts or mobile items since they have the potential to destabilize the energy of the Earth.

17. Avoid meditaion and worshipping:

Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophy, associates the southwest corner of your home with love, relationships, and motherhood.

This place may strengthen family relationships and create a loving atmosphere.

To promote “chi,” keep the southwest corner clean and tranquil. Spiritual rituals or other activities that disrupt this peaceful flow may upset the energy balance.

Spiritual or religious activities should be done in a distinct room to avoid distraction.

Feng Shui recommends the northeast corner for meditation, introspection, and prayer because it promotes self-development and spiritual progress.

Feng Shui is about balancing your home. Careful attention to the arrangement and use of each space in your home can help create a quiet and cheerful environment.

FAQS: Feng Shui SouthWest Area

Q: Can I place a mirror in the Southwest corner?

Mirrors in Feng Shui are used to expand and attract energy. A mirror in the Southwest corner can enhance the relationship sector.

Q: Is it bad to have a bathroom in the Southwest corner?

In Feng Shui, bathrooms are seen as energy-draining areas.

If you have a bathroom in the Southwest corner, keep it clean, and consider adding earth element decorations.