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15 Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Wealth Area

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A bathroom is a controversial place according to feng shui. It is a place for washing, cleansing, and passing out waste.

In feng shui, the bathroom has negative status as it is seen as a place that drains and flushes away positive energy. The water in the bathroom represents the positive energy, which can either stay inactive or drain out of bathroom pipes as waste.

The wealth area is an important corner of your home is important. It is a place that supports your prosperity and boosts your finances.

You may be asking if it is possible to have a bathroom in the feng shui wealth corner of your home. It is possible. You can have a bathroom in your wealth corner.

Having a bathroom in the feng shui wealth corner of the house can drain away your fortune. That is why it is important to pay utmost attention to it.

In this blog, we provide a feng shui cure for bathroom in wealth areas.

This blog will help you to know how to curb the draining away of your wealth. You will discover some useful tips to apply that will increase your wealth.

What Is A Wealth Corner In Feng Shui?

In feng shui, a wealth corner is the corner located at the far left corner of your home while you look inside from your front door.

A wealth corner can be activated using feng shui which can help to boost your financial life.

How can you activate the wealth corner in your home? Here are a few tips you used to activate your wealth corner.

Bathroom In Wealth Area

1. Wood

In feng shui, wood is one of the elements that are part of the five elements. The remaining elements include water, fire, metal, and earth. The wood element is liveliness, advancement, and compassion.

Wood symbolizes wealth, prosperity, a fresh start, family, health, growth, abundance, life, and development. Wood releases unique energy and when utilized, it can bring about positive energy.

  • The wood element is connected with the wealth corner of your home. It is a powerful element that can be introduced at home for enhancing prosperity.
  • To activate the wealth corner of your home, you can place objects made from wood such as furniture, and ornaments to decorate this corner. By bringing wood elements, you will attract a lot of wealth into your home.
  • Featuring the wood element in your house will specifically establish harmony. Just like every other element, wood can be balanced using colors, materials, and shapes.

The following are the materials that are connected with the wood element and can be adopted in the wealth corner to enhance your prosperity.


  • Flower – Natural and Artificial
  • Wood
  • Lively plants
  • Wicker
  • Images or wall art portraying wood, trees, or plants
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  • Bamboo
  • Furniture
  • Oak
  • Flooring
  • Cherry


  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown


  • Tall columns
  • Vertical stripes
  • Long curtains

Introducing wood into your home can help to attract more financial wealth and prosperity for every member of your family too.

2. Water

In feng shui, water is an element that nurtures and energizes wood.

Bringing this element into your wealth corner can also help you build more wealth and abundance. It is also used to epitomize wealth and investments.

The water element is specifically linked with the flow of wealth and fortune.

Besides, water portrays intuition, intelligence, and the ability to conceive good decisions. Water element has exceptional energy that flows and can navigate around barriers freely.

Here are the materials that are related to the water element, and consequently be adopted in the wealth corner:

  • Flowing water features such as water fountains. Make sure the water flows inside.
  • Water features that are running constantly.
  • Aquarium (Fish tank) that is properly taken care of.
  • Wall art illustrating water
  • Water creatures such as fish, crabs, etc
  • Place a mirror in the wealth corner to enlarge the corner.


  • Black


  • Curvy lines
  • Wavy
  • Undulating

In addition to using these elements, you can put Chinese wealth symbols in the wealth corner, such as a money tree, three Chinese coins, and a money frog.

You don’t have to use all these materials to boost the wealth corner. Balance them.

Importance Of Wealth Corner In Feng Shui?

According to feng shui, any space has a Bagua map made up of 9 sections. Each of these sections controls the activities in your home. The sections include:

The feng shui wealth corner is quite important because it helps you to gain more financial freedom. This corner handles the financial aspect of your life.

In this corner, the energy needed to build more wealth is generated and when you activate it, you’ll begin your financial life boosted.

Activate the corner using the tip provided above. Your prosperity and fortune can be turned around with the feng shui wealth corner.

Is Bathroom In The Wealth Corner Bad Feng Shui?

A bathroom in the wealth corner is bad Feng Shui. A bathroom is a place where you wash, cleanse, and pass out waste.

The dirt and the waste are stored here, and due to this, it is seen as inauspicious.

According to feng shui, the bathroom in Wealth Corner is bad because it drains away good luck, fortune, and prosperity from the house which can negatively impact the career, health, mental, and wealth of the occupant.

15 Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Wealth Area

There is a cure for a bathroom in a wealthy area. Applying these cures can prevent the negative energy of having a bathroom in a wealthy area.

15 Bathroom In Wealth Area Remedies In Feng Shui

1. Place A Mirror In The Bathroom

One of the effective ways to cure a bathroom in a wealthy area is to place a mirror in the bathroom.

Placing a mirror in the bathroom will enhance good feng shui. The mirror will help the positive energy to flow freely.

Hanging a complete mirror on your bathroom wall can hinder the flow of negative energy generated by dirt, and waste. You can have positive energy flow in and out of the house.

2. Utilize Feng Shui Colors

In feng shui, colors are important and can control emotions.

Placing the right feng shui colors in the bathroom can perform the curing of the wealth area.

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You can use colors such as

  • white (symbolizes purity and clarity),
  • blue (wood element color and fosters rest and renaissance), and
  • green (wood element color that enhances healing and support).

These colors can control the dark, and slow energy (yin).

3. Keep The Toilet Lid Closed

To cure the bathroom in the wealthy corner of your home, keep the toilet lid closed. 

Keeping the toilet lid closed will prevent the positive energy that should have been lost through the big pipe that conveys waste outside.

When the toilet lid is left opened sucks out the positive energy of your home. Therefore, closing the toilet lid is good and prevents good fortune from running away.

4. Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

Cleaning is important in feng shui as it helps to get rid of stagnant energy.

One of the ways to cure a bathroom in wealth corner is by cleaning your bathroom regularly.

Cleaning your bathroom regularly keeps the bathroom free of negative energy that can ruin your wealth corner.

When you leave your bathroom unattended, it reinforces the impact of bad energy and can suck out your wealth. 

Carry out proper maintenance of your bathroom, including a thorough cleaning of the carpets, windowsills, floor, and other parts of the toilet. Enhance the good energy by engaging in a huge periodic cleaning.

5. De-cluttering Your Bathroom

The feng shui cure for a bathroom in a wealth corner is to ensure everything causing cluttering in your bathroom.

Be committed to arranging your bathroom to keep it accommodating. Having a cluttered bathroom will lead to a loss of positive energy.

Some materials that cause bathroom cluttering our dirty laundry, unused items including bath products, tatty towels, and so on.

Removing these items will allow the flow of positive energy, and use storage furniture to keep your bathroom organized and neat.

6. Keep Plants In Your Bathroom

Plants are acknowledged as good feng shui because of their ability to purify and rejuvenate.

Growing indoor plants are beneficial and by keeping them in your bathroom, you can cure the wealth corner.  

Feng shui indoor plants that are powerful include Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Jade Plant.

Important Note– Don’t put the Chinese Money Plant on your shelf in the bathroom. The energy released by this tree is different. Placing it in the bathroom can make wealth and prosperity to be flushed away. So, don’t!

Feng shui plants will purify the air inside your bathroom and revitalize it. Make sure to place these plants purposefully to enhance the flow of energy.

These bathroom plants also need little maintenance and less humidity.

7. Bathroom Lighting

By giving your bathroom adequate lighting, you can cure the bathroom in your wealthy corner. In feng shui, light helps balance the positive energy.

Hang the light fixture a little far above the head to deliver maximally. In addition, balance the lighting so as not to be excessive.

8. Bring In Wood Element

The wood and earth elements can be employed in the bathroom to normalize the effect of negative energy.

The water imbalance in your bathroom can be regulated to give space for positive energy. The bathroom in the wealth corner can handle this way.

The wood element can draw the positive energy aloft to prevent draining.

Hence, to boost the wood element in the bathroom, bring in wood element symbolism into your bathroom such as wood décor, wood furniture, plants, etc.

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9. Introduce Earth Elements

The earth element is effective in slowing down the loss of positive energy by obstructing the flow of water.

Choose to use feng shui earth elements colors such as colors (earthy tone, brown tone, and yellows), earth element shapes such as flat and square.

You can also use an earthy vase for growing flowers or plants.

10. Ventilation

Good ventilation is another feng shui cure for bathrooms in the feng shui wealth corner.

With good ventilation, you can prevent offensive odors, mildew, and mold and enhance the wealth corner of your home.

  • When you have adequate ventilation in your bathroom, the wealth corner is energized and can deliver as expected.
  • One common challenge faced by people is how to eliminate stale air. Natural air releases freshness that accompanies positive energy
  • If your bathroom has no windows, you can install a ventilation system that helps to get rid of negative energy caused by dirt and waste.

11. Add Wall Art And Images

If you want to cure a bathroom in a wealthy area, feng shui suggested hanging wall art in the bathroom. Good wall arts help to promote positive chi energy.

Bringing in wall art also helps to energize the wood and the earth elements.

Choose arts or images that represent nature, mountains, and ceramics. These elements will quench the effect of negative energy. 

12. Make Sure Everything In Your Bathroom Is Working Properly

To cure the bathroom in wealth corner, make sure everything inside your bathroom is functioning well. 

When you have any item malfunctioning or damaged in your bathroom, it affects the wealth corner where you have the bathroom.

Bad plumbing, damaged sinks, and others will block the flow of good energy and increase the vibration in your bathroom. Repair, replace, or remove damaged items to get rid of negative energy.

13. Use Candles

To cure a bathroom in wealth corner, consider lighting candles in your bathroom. Candles are useful for balancing the energy in your feng shui bathroom.

In feng shui, fire represents a fire element, and fire is known to purify, protect and create balanced energies flowing inside.

Using good candles will change the vibes of your bathroom and rejuvenate a boring space.

Candles colors you can choose from include white, green, beige, and grey. 

14. Use Crystals

Crystals are powerful and can bring about rejuvenation. In feng shui, crystals have cleansing properties as well as known for absorbing vibrations and dispelling negative energies.

You can hang crystals in your bathroom. Some feng shui crystals that can cure a bathroom in the wealth corner include rose quartz, green jade, howlite, black onyx, and rhodonite.

15. Keep Your Bathroom Drains Closed

Drains are an outlet through which the positive energy in your bathroom is lost. Ensure the drains are kept close to prevent loss of fortune, good luck, and wealth.

In conclusion

You can cure feng shui bathroom in the wealth corner by using any of these tips. In case you can not relocate your bathroom, you can maintain the energy and keep your wealth intact.