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Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement, Benefits For Luck and Money

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Feng Shui Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement Tips: Fu Lu Shou constitutes a significant part of Chinese households. The three deities are known to bring luck and prosperity your way. To learn more about their placement, continue reading!

In Chinese folklore, Fu Lu Shou is the name of three deities. In literal terms, the names mean blessings, prosperity, and longevity. These three are known to cover most aspects of life.

In most households, offices, and shops, you will often see these three statues, hoping that they will bring happiness and luck. In other terms, these are also known as the Three Star Gods.

Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement
Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement

Contrary to popular belief, these aren’t worshipped. Rather, they are displayed in homes or offices to symbolize fortune luck, and harmony. Lots of people also think that these statues are very lucky for them.

Fu Lu and Shou are more than just deities. They represent harmony. Ideally, they should be placed in any main room of the house. They should not face each other or the toilet or the staircase.

Apart from that, they should be arranged in a row, with Lu in the middle. They can only work their magic if enough focus is given to their arrangement and placement.

To know more about these statues and their placement, continue reading! 

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What is Fu?

Fu is the Chinese character seen to be carrying a child and a scroll. Representing blessings and fortune, this character is a staple in almost every Chinese household.

  • The child symbolizes luck.
  • The scroll, on the other hand, shows the importance of knowledge and learning and why that is important to live a healthy and successful life.

Fu’s Tales in Folklore

  • There was once a government official named Xang Cheng. In his village, most people were very short.
  • The emperor got excited when he found out about this village. When he saw others shorter than him, he felt great about himself.
  • Since he found it very hard to visit the village again, he ordered some short people from the village to be sent to his palace every year.
  • They were then told to remain there and not return home, which caused the population of the village to decrease.
  • Xang Cheng found out about this, after which he approached the emperor and tried to come to common ground.
  • They then signed a petition, after which he was able to save the village.
  • He gave a great speech and also wrote very well. He is popular for his bravery.

What is Lu?

Lu is the Chinese God Of Wealth and a character most known for wealth and abundance. He is seen carrying something in his hand, which is a symbol of higher social status. It is also a wealth symbol.

  • In Mandarin, his name means salary, and thus he is most popularly known for raising his social status.
  • Many times, young students tend to take their blessings when taking exams or trying to get jobs.

Lu’s Tales in Folklore

  • Most people believed that those who got the best positions were the ones whom Lu had blessed.
  • In many tales, it is seen that Lu gives blessings to those who are childless and have been wanting a child for a long.
  • There are many different tales about who Lu was. 
  • Some believe that he was a Chinese general who had many children. All his children were very successful in whatever they ventured into, which made him popular for giving success.
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Shou is the God of longevity. He carries a peach of longevity in one hand. He has a long forehead which makes him very easy to recognize.

  • Most people believe that he can fix every person’s death date beforehand.
  • He cannot change anyone’s death dates but is known to have the power to tamper with them.

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Shou’s Tales in Folklore

  • There was once a boy named Zao Yan. A fortune-teller told him that he would only live till he was nineteen. Upon hearing this, he was devastated.
  • The elders told him to take some food and wine and go to the forest; he offered the food and wine to two men playing chess there. They told him not to utter a single word.
  • He did just so. He found out that these two men were the Old Man of the South Pole and the Old Man of the North Pole. They peacefully ate what he gave them.
  • To thank him for what he did, they reversed his digits so that he would live up to ninety-one years of age. When the boy turned ninety-one, he peacefully died in his sleep.
  • On many birthday cards, there are images of Shou since most people believe that he has the power to give them a long life.

What is fu lu shou meaning together?

The Chinese tradition identifies happiness, prosperity, and longevity as the three most important components of a fulfilling life, and “Fu Lu Shou” is a combination of these three concepts.

They are the fundamental aspirations and principles that underpin the Chinese cultural tradition:

Fu Lu Shou” serves as a holistic picture of the main aspirations and blessings that persons normally aim to reach in life when these three ideas are referred to together as a trio: to be happy, to be successful, and to live a long life.

When these three ideas are referred to together, “Fu Lu Shou” It is usual practice to utilize these fuk luk sau symbols on significant occasions, like the Lunar New Year, to wish other people a life that is rich with the three basic blessings: health, wealth, and happiness.

Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement Tips

These three-star gods show represent harmony. It is also called “fuk luk sau” in many Asian cultures.

According to popular belief, if you place these in one of the main rooms of your house, then there will surely be endless good fortune coming your way from there. In most Chinese households, these are there in at least one area of the house.

Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement
Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement Tips

Lillian Too, a famous Feng Shui expert, suggests that these should be placed in the dining room or the living room. You can even place them at your office for good fortune.

While these aren’t worshipped or prayed to, you need to respect them. Here are a few Fu Lu Shou statue placement tips that will surely help you.  

  • If you’re placing these in your dining room, then you should make them face the dining table. These can help bring endless blessings your way. Some also believe that these allow your table to always be full, with sufficient food and resources for the whole family.
  • These should be placed on a table higher than three feet. This signifies that all the goals of the family will be reached once this happens.
  • If you are placing these in your workspace, the ideal placement is behind your desk or work area. That can help bring luck and fortune, and it also helps you get support from all of those around you.
  • You should place these in areas where customer interaction brings more luck and fortune. For example, if you are placing them at your workplace, make sure to place them at the reception since most people come to speak to the receptionist. This can help make the conversations more meaningful.
  • Always focus on the correct fu lu shou order. This might seem like a very negligible factor, but it is indeed very important. Fu needs to be on the left, Lu needs to be in the center, and Shou needs to be on the left.
  • The three deities should never be facing the main door or the window since that is not considered to be respectful enough.
  • The three should never be facing each other since that is a bad omen.
  • There should be a certain backing place for them wherever you place them.
  • Never place these deities in the bedroom, kitchen, or toilet since it is not respectful. Although these aren’t worshipped, they still need to be highly respected.
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Top Fu Lu Shou Benefits

In Chinese tradition, the three deities known as Fu Lu Shou represent the aggregate blessings of happiness, wealth, and longevity.

Even though their major importance is symbolic and refers to the fundamental goals of life in Chinese culture, many people think that the representations of these deities may bring practical advantages to a person’s home or workplace if they are put there in a suitable manner.

This is the case even if their primary significance is symbolic. Listed below are the presumed advantages of each option:

Fu () means both happiness and blessings in Chinese.

  • It Is Believed to Bring Good Luck and Positive Vibes into the Home Having a Fu figure or symbol in the home is Thought to Bring About Positive Vibes and Good Luck.
  • Facilitates Harmony The practice of fu has been shown to be beneficial for fostering unity, harmony, and overall satisfaction within a family.
  • Protection: Some people think that Fu may shield a home from the influence of malevolent elements, therefore maintaining harmony and contentment within it.

The Chinese character for “prosperity” is “Lu.”

  • Lu is the god of prosperity in one’s career; hence, having a representation of Lu in one’s life may be beneficial in endeavors and opportunities that are linked to one’s work.
  • Lu is frequently invoked for the purpose of attracting money and maintaining a stable financial situation. In the interest of attracting wealth and enhancing business luck, several companies chose to exhibit the symbol of the Lu.
  • Improving One’s Reputation The mere existence of Lu in a society might serve to both symbolize and encourage respect and a positive reputation among its members.

Shou () means longevity in Japanese

  • Longevity and health are associated, With the shou, making it a fantastic choice for your health. It is believed that simply being in its vicinity will bring vigor and protect against sickness.
  • Displaying Shou is one technique to evoke a long and fruitful life since it is said to attract a long life.
  • Protection Against Harm: Some people think that Shou gives protection, particularly to the elderly, protecting their well-being by preventing them from coming into contact with harmful situations.
  • Advantages of Using Fu Lu Shou Together in General:

Other general benefits:

The combination of these energies has the potential to restore harmony to a living area, making it more likely that occupants will have pleasant experiences there.

  • Happiness, prosperity, and good health are all components of a holistic feeling of well-being, which is promoted by their interaction with one another.
  • Boosts Confidence and Optimism: Simply believing in their advantages may offer a psychological boost, which enhances confidence and optimism in day-to-day endeavors. This can be accomplished by focusing on the positive outcomes that will result from your actions.

Although a large number of people really believe in the blessings and advantages of Fu Lu Shou, it is crucial to keep in mind that faith and one’s own personal beliefs play a big influence in determining whether or not one enjoys these advantages.

Even if a person does not believe in the supernatural qualities of the symbols, they may still be used as a daily reminder of the ideals and goals that they stand for, which makes them an effective instrument for fostering motivation.

Fu Lu Shou Crystal benefits

Energies that are boosted: Crystals are thought to be able to gather and boost energies. When combined with the meanings of Fu, Lu, and Shou, it may make happiness, wealth, and long life even better.

Enhanced Well-being: People think that rocks can help keep their chi, or life force, in balance. When the crystal is cut or formed into the shape of Fu Lu Shou images, it may help to harmonize energy for overall well-being.

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Protection: Crystals are often used to keep bad spirits away. When put together with the defensive parts of the Fu god, it can be a strong shield against bad things.

Attracting Money: Lu is a sign of wealth. People might think that putting it in a crystal will bring them wealth, financial safety, and success in their careers.

Health Boost: When the health and longevity benefits of Shou are combined with the healing powers of a crystal, it can be seen as a way to improve health and energy.

Fu Lu Shou bracelet benefits

Constant Blessings: When you wear a Fu Lu Shou band, you always have the benefits of happiness, wealth, and long life with you. It gives off good energy all the time.

Tradition meets fashion: These bands have spiritual value and can also look good. They are both a fashion statement and a piece of cultural history.

Personal Energy Boost: The steady touch of the band on your skin can give you more energy and make you feel better.

Values Reminder: When you look at your wrist and see the Fu Lu Shou images, it can remind you of the goals and values they stand for.

Gift of Blessings: A Fu Lu Shou bracelet can be a caring gift that shows you want the person to be happy, successful, and live a long life.

FAQS: Fu Lu Shou Statues Placement Guide

Q: How do you arrange Fu Lu Shou?

The ideal placement is from the right to the left. You should be on the left.

Lu should be right in the center, and Fu should be on the right. This is in line with the placement of the Chinese characters.

This is a very important arrangement, and a lot of what happens depends on the right placement of these.

Q: Where do I put God of Fortune?

The God of fortune should be placed on the ground in the corner of the house. The best place for its placement is right opposite the main door.

This way, you can see the God of fortune right as you enter the house, which is indeed something great.

Q: Who is the Chinese God of money?

Caishen is the Chinese God of money. Most people believe in him and his powers. Other names for him include Ts’ai Shen and Cai Boxing Jun.

Q: Who is the God of longevity?

Shoulao is the God of longevity. He is known to have great powers.

He has a bald head and a very long beard, which makes him very easy to recognize from afar.

He also carries a peach in his hand, which signifies immortality.

Q: What is the right way to worship the God of wealth?

Most people worship the God of wealth very early on in the morning. It is known to be a good omen since it invites luck and prosperity inside the home.

Q: What should I offer God of wealth?

You can offer any sweet cakes, fruits, vegetarian dishes, and even Chinese tea. All of these are known to look great as well.

Q: Who is the Chinese God of love?

Yue Lao is the Chinese God of love.

He is known to be the God that most people turn to when looking to get married or find true love in life.

He is known to have helped a lot of people. When finding difficulty in getting the right match for themselves, a lot of people tend to turn to him for help.

It has worked for most people.

In Conclusion

The benefits of a Fu Lu Shou crystal or bracelet come from a combination of the crystal’s natural qualities and the meanings of the Fu Lu Shou spirits.

But it’s important to go into these things with an open mind and know that their benefits can be both physical and mental, based on what you believe.