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25+ Luckiest Good Luck Charms For Money | Business Fortune

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In Feng Shui, a lucky charm symbolizes the energy you want to attract to a specific area of ​​your life. You can select some types of personal, sector-specific, powerful wealth amulets, such as career or good luck symbols in general.

You could select some Good Luck Charms For Money that deflect and repel negative energy. In this article, we will extend this topic to lucky charms for money and Business.

There are many things in feng shui that you can wear and keep in order to attract an abundance, of money in business, like Money Fro, Chinese Dragon, Feng Shui White Candles, Chinese Coins, Money Tree, Money Plant, Lucky Chinese Coins, The Three-legged Toad, Laughing Buddha, Lucky Fortune Cat, Feng Shui Wealth Ship, Money Tree. Windchimes.

Many times when you hear the word feng shui, you associate it with abundance, earning more, and a symbol of wealth and success, among other things, Today we talk about money.

Sometimes it is as simple as telling them what it means and the many things they can have and enjoy thanks to that saving. Let us find here all the good luck rituals for business and money in feng shui.

How To Attract Good Luck And Wealth?

These are the tips if you have this question; How to get good luck with Money? Below are some tips on good luck money charms that work. Most likely, you can start at home.

  1. Know the place and corner of money in the house and activate the area. In the Feng Shui tradition, the Northern and southeastern represent career and money, wealth areas of space.
  2. Have a dust-free area in the house as it attacks the negativity fast sp erase Dust.
  3. It is a Feng Shui Practice where you need to start to Imagine that you are rich.
  4. Love Money, But be honest with your intentions.
  5. Always carry a positive attitude to win good luck.
  6. Spend more time in the Moonlight to harness the power of the Moon.

Business Lucky Charm?

In a lot of countries, people think that lucky charms will bring them luck and success. For companies, these charms can be used to bring in money, keep relationships peaceful, and make sure growth happens. Here are some popular good luck charms in business:

  • The three-legged Money Frog (or Money Toad) is a famous Feng Shui charm that is thought to bring in money and good luck. It’s generally put near the door, but not right in front of it.
  • Dragon: Means bravery, power, and good luck. People think it will help a business do well and grow.
  • Horseshoes are often hung over the door of a business to keep away bad spirits and bring in good luck.
  • When the tail is up, the elephant is a sign of knowledge, power, and good luck. In some societies, it’s also seen as a way to keep bad spirits away.
  • Fish: In a lot of countries, fish, especially koi or goldfish, are a sign of plenty and success.
  • The Lucky Bamboo Plant People think that the bamboo plant (which isn’t actually bamboo) will bring them health, happiness, and wealth. It can also mean different things based on how many stalks it has.
  • The Laughing Buddha in Feng Shui is the most powerful good luck charm for business. You can see them in homes, restaurants, and various stores.
  • Gemstones: People think that stones like citrine, pyrite, and green aventurine bring money and success.
  • Bell: In some cultures, people hang bells on the front door of a business to keep away bad energy and bring in good energy.
  • Maneki Neko (Waving Cat): This cat is often seen in Japanese and Chinese shops, where it is thought to bring in customers and good luck.

When picking a sign for your business, you need to think about the culture and your own values. After all, a person’s belief in a charm is often what makes it work. Also, putting it in the right place, maybe using the principles of Feng Shui, can increase its benefits.

Where Do I Hang Feng Shui Lucky Charms?

The arrangement of fortunate charms according to the principles of Feng Shui can help to maximize the flow of chi (energy) in a given environment. Here is where to put your fortunate charms according to Feng Shui:

  • At the front door, hang charms or wind chimes to invite good energy into the home while discouraging the entry of unfavorable influences.
  • The Southeast Region: This region is emblematic of prosperity and riches. It is possible that by hanging fortunate charms in this area, prosperity will come to you.
  • Relationships and love are represented by the southwest region. It might be helpful to have charms that encourage love, such as the sign for double happiness, or products that come in pairs.
  • Career and life direction are themes associated with the northern region. Hanging charms that represent flow, such as fish or water symbols, might be beneficial to one’s professional development.
  • The family and one’s health are represented in the East Area. A good choice for this situation would be a charm that encourages health and peace.
  • Crystals and charms hung in windows may help activate energy, and this is especially true if the window in question looks out upon a picturesque scene or faces a positive direction.
  • In the bedroom, hanging symbols in pairs can strengthen partnerships; however, you should steer clear of extremely energetic or aggressive charms that could disrupt your sleep.
  • Hang charms that concentrate on clarity and purpose over your work desk or home office to increase your productivity and attention levels.

What Stone That Brings Luck And Money?

The most precious stone in Feng Shui is the Citrine which is used to attract money and fortune and Brings Good Luck. It will work for all the people looking for success in their personal businesses and careers.

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You can also explore other good luck charms that work as lucky stones, such as:

What Are The Good Luck Charms For Money?

Lucky horseshoe charms are the most auspicious in Chinese culture to make money and are considered to be one of the best good luck charms that work. This is one of the most commonly used Chinese good luck charms that can be used as a ring or hung on the entrance of the door.

Horseshoe fengshui
Chinese Good Luck Charms For Money

Where Should I Place Lucky Charms At Home?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, you should hang fortunate charms in your home:

The purpose of the entrance is to bring in good vibrations and keep the bad ones at bay.

  • Southeast: The key to financial success and satisfaction.
  • Southwest: To deepen feelings of love and strengthen connections with others.
  • North: To improve one’s chances of getting a job in the north.
  • East: For the sake of the health of the family and its peace.

What Is The Lucky Plant For This Year?

Usually, if you can use freshly cut flowers at your home or office, that can bring good luck to the house.

Other than this, if we talk about the luckiest beneficial plants, then the Lucky Bamboo is the one. Also, read –How To Care For A Bamboo Plant (25 Exclusive Growing Tips)

How to make lucky charms for money

It can be fun and unique to make your own lucky charm for money. You can make a useful charm by combining your goals with materials and symbols that have long been thought to bring luck. Here’s how to do it step by step:

1. Decide what you want to happen.

Before you start, take a few minutes to think about what you want to get out of this charm. Think about the money and success you want to draw.

2. Pick a Base:

This will be the most important part of your charm.

  • Small pouch or bag, best made of velvet or silk.
  • A tiny bottle or vial made of glass
  • A necklace or a small box made of metal

3. Choose your materials and signs:

Here are some things that are linked to wealth and good fortune:

  • Coins, especially those from wealthy countries or with important dates.
  • Citrine, green aventurine, pyrite, and jade are all stones that are often linked to wealth.
  • Basil, cinnamon, cloves, and bay leaves are herbs that are thought to bring wealth.
  • Essential Oils: You can add a drop or two of patchouli, cinnamon, or bergamot, which are all known to bring in money.

4. Put together your charm:

  • If you’re using a bag, put the items inside while thinking about your goal. Close it up well.
  • If you’re using a bottle, carefully stack each item while you think about your goal.
  • Put a small gem or coin inside a locket and wear it as a collar if you are using one.

5. Add a personal touch with symbols:

Symbols can boost the power of a charm. You could draw or stick on symbols like:

  • Runes: For example, Fehu, which means wealth, is a rune.
  • Sigils: You can make your own or find ones that make you feel good about money.
  • In some beliefs, the pentacle stands for the Earth and material wealth.

6. Activate your charm:

To turn on your charm, hold it in your hands and imagine a bright light coming from it. Think of it as a force that brings money and success to you.

7. Put Your Charm Where or Wear It:

  • If it’s a bag or bottle, put it in the southeast corner of your home, which Feng Shui says is the wealth corner.
  • Charms that can be worn, like lockets, can be worn often, especially to meetings or events that are important.
  • Some people also put their money charms in their pockets or bags.

8. Recharge your charm on a regular basis.

Once in a while, sit down with your charm and meditate, reaffirming your aims and picturing your goals for success.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms To Attract Money & Business

Here we will understand ” lucky charms to attract customers to the business“.

  • A list of lucky charms must also take into account the five elements that govern each direction. For example, the element in the north direction is water, and the west, and northwest are made of metal.
  • The east and the southeast are made of wood, the southwest and the northwest are made of earth, and the south is fire.
  • The benefit of using the talisman is the Most Powerful Good Luck Charm when the amulet material is compatible with the element assigned to the sector in which you want to use it
  • You can use two lucky objects together, such as one for a long and healthy life and another for a prosperous life. Most of the things that bring good luck and fortune also bring wealth.
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Everyone wants to be happy, and most of the feng shui symbols work alone or in combination with other symbols to manifest both.

Feng Shui also brings symbolism when we talk about attracting money, and the things used for it are below.

1. Money Frog

This is the most powerful good luck charm in Feng shui. Three-legged toad: The three-legged toad is very conducive to attracting wealth. Many of these statues come with a Chinese coin in the mouth of the toad.

Make sure the side of the coin with the Chinese characters is facing up. Place the toad in the southeast sector, facing the room, and never facing an exterior door.

Feng shui Money Frog
Good Luck Feng Shui Charms For Money Frog

2. Chinese Dragon

In Chinese tradition, the Dragon has a friendly relationship with the Rat. So all the people born in the year will have a good time.

Good Luck Charms For Money Chinese Dragon
Good Luck Charms For Money: Dragon

The Chinese consider the Dragon to be the most powerful of all creatures. Learn more about the Dragon-The Complete Guide.

The Dragon represents the symbols of protection, luck, and success. and the Chinese often use the colors yellow, green, and blue to showcase this.

3. Feng Shui White Candles

White is a color that represents peace, cleanliness, and positivity. Also one of the colors for this year. Among the Five Elements, it represents metal along with gray.

Feng Shui White Candle

White Candles also provide warmth and clarity to our thoughts. When you place some of them in your home or office, you tend to feel that they help with stress.

4. Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins in Feng Shui symbolize wealth. Use only coins minted during the reign of a good emperor. Feng Shui Coins are often linked with a mystical knot as symbols of good luck for money in Southeast places.

Feng shui coins
Good Luck Charms For Money Coins

5. Money Tree

In classical feng shui practices, certain plants are referred to as money plants or money trees. They are famous for enhancing wealth and fostering symbols of prosperity.

Feng shui Money Tree
Good Luck Charms For Money

5. Money Plant

This plant is available in round leaves that resemble the shape of the coins. You can place it in the east or southeast of your home. They are also called golden pothos and money plants.

The specialty of this plant is that it can grow on both soil as well as water. It can add great value to any corner of the home and office.

Feng shui money plant
Lucky Charms Money & Business

If in all of the above, you add the powerful law of attraction you have guaranteed success and your savings account is full.

When you work outside balance the interior and allow it to project where you want.

Here is my top recommendation if you are looking for lucky charms that can bring luck and prosperity.

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How Can We Save Money- Good Luck Tips For Money

  • Keep the door closed as usual, and the door must close and open completely, Remove all the things that hang behind the door.
  • Leave the countertop of the sink as clean as possible, that will eliminate the visual disorder and increase the energy of the room.
  • Another point to keep in mind is the dripping faucets or the cistern that loses water, drop by drop, euro by euro our economy is bleeding for them, more energy loss.
  • If it is a very wet bath put a quartz geode or a salt lamp on top of the drain. The water muds the earth so it will make a kind of barrier to escape much less.
  • Order and cleanliness moment, leave only what makes you happy and sort by categories.
  • Start at the door of the entrance and go writing down everything that does not work, that is broken, in poor condition. This only brings losses to your home. Repair, throw, change, and fix everything you have written down.

Keep home clutter-free

We start with the easy Do you keep the invoices in the furniture of the hall? You know what I’m going to say, right?

If there are invoices, review them quickly and throw them away, if you are one of those who like to keep them.

Throwing, discarding, and eliminating stuck energy allows very fast movements that in turn allow us to order. And make money flow in an orderly manner and eliminate the unexpected accumulation.

Once you finish the first part I recommend one of the energy cleanings for the whole house. The salt and rice or the pats are my favorites, they work very well and you will feel like new at the end.

It is important to find the right point in the house so that the invoices do not grow and generate savings. We can usually use the west or north area depending on the stay.

The entrance door is the place where Chi enters, it is important that you feel invited and want to stay.

Feng shui entrance

Here you have a lot of advice about the “entrance door”, most importantly, that the door is clean and in perfect condition.

There is nothing behind the door so that it can open completely.

Check that the bell works and that the number or letter is correctly indicated if they do not find your chi will not do it either.

Look down at the doormat. How is it? Maybe it’s time for shopping.

Don’t forget to make sure that the locks open and close perfectly, Take the opportunity to place a wind chime, it’s the lucky charm hanging. And attract a lot of energy in the form of money to your home.

One of the strategic points for abundance and symbol of prosperity in the Southeast, for this it is important to correctly place the Feng Shui Bagua.

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You can activate this area in the southeast quadrant if it is an adequate stay or in the living room which is one of the hearts of the house.

Some other golden rules to follow

  1. To activate the symbol of prosperity in this area you can do it with the wood element and with a water source. Its energy begins to work very quickly, remember to check around the elements so as not to enter the destructive cycle.
  2. The Southeast you can also activate it with the color purple and the number 4, four things of this color, cushions, flowers, boxes.
  3. The Water in Feng Shui also symbolizes the flow of money, so another important point to check in your classroom. Or in your work area is the North, in that area, you can use black colors and aquatic element
  4. I call it that since it is very real when you really want to activate money. And abundance and get out of the pothole where you find what works and very quickly clean up the mess and space.
  5. Between both,, you will also improve the losses and begin to produce abundance.
  6. We could say that there are some colors that are used to increase prosperity. And abundance such as red, black, purple, and green.
  7. Although you read on the internet that using any of these colors will make the money better. You should know that each of them governs an area of ​​Bagua and it is convenient to use them in the corresponding quadrants.
  8. Take your wallet or purse, first look at it with feng shui eyes and see its real state, is it ok? Old and worn? if you have to go shopping, come on.
  9. If it is useful, the moment of truth has arrived, empty it completely, you may not know what it was capable of saving, especially with regard to tickets and various papers.
  10. Except for a piece of paper or ticket that is super necessary all in the trash. Remove the cards that you do not use and now place the ones you usually use.
  11. Your documentation and the well-stretched tickets so that they are comfortable and happy within your renewed wallet.

What Color Does Wallet Attract Money?

That is how I always told you RED, although Black is also the color that represents money in feng shui. You can also keep the Feng Shui Coins inside your wallet to ensure that you will never get short of money.

This is my tested and used tips for years. I never got short of money until today.

Feng shui red purse

However many colors are favorable and more if we take into account the Kua number of each. Also, the green that makes it grow for example.

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Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Business

If you need a little extra boost to succeed in business, education, or another effort. A Feng Shui Lucky Charms for Money & Business can help you.

Feng shui for business
Feng Shui
Lucky Charms Money & Business

Good Luck Symbols For Business: The ox is a sacred animal that is believed to grant wishes. Place one in the northern part of the house or office as a good luck charm for business success.

You can also use the ladybug symbol in order to get success and luck in a career.

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Common FAQs on Good Luck Charms For Money and Business

Q1: What Is The Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Money

Q2: Best Good Luck Charms For Success?

Four-Leaf Clover 
CharmsDice (Fuzzy or Otherwise)
Lucky Bamboo

Q3: How Can I Get Good Luck Now?

Always try new things. Listen To affirmations, which will bring positivity. Improve your karma by doing more good things, if you do good, goodwill comes to you. Use all the above lucky charms to attract luck.

Q4: Best Chinese Good Luck Pendants?

There are many pendants that bring good luck if you wear them properly. Find my top picks if you wish to buy Chinese good luck pendants.

Q6: What are the lucky things to wear?

In feng shui, there are many things that you can wear like the bracelet, Four Leaf Clover Ring, and evil eye pendant for protection.


We talked about the lucky charm for business and money this year, attracting money and prosperity in Feng Shui. First Where does the money escape in your house? Saving is the first part where we must act.

When we talk about working with Feng Shui., before activating and talking about attracting money, we have to fix what we have and improve it, in this way success is assured.

The area through which a greater amount of energy escapes is the bathroom, which “literally goes down the toilet.

If we do not work this area first, no matter how much you do to activate the money and come. Your efforts will be many and unprofitable, for that nothing is easier than preparing your Bagua map. Here we show you how to do it.

Start feeling better, “transform your house into a home” full of harmony. And prosperity by using Feng Shui Lucky Charms for Money and business.