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15 Crucial Feng Shui Rules For Home, Better Luck + Plenty

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Feng Shui Rules For HomeFeng Shui (also, pronounced as fungswae,functuay) is an ancient Chinese practice that talks about the importance of directions, colors, animals, etc. in our day-to-day life. By properly utilizing all the authentic Feng Shui Rules a person can fully optimize his/her true potential.

Feng Shui Rules For Home
Feng Shui Rules For Home

It helps in regulating the flow of energy around us which plays a significant role in today’s hectic lifestyle.

We will talk about various rules & instructions to be followed in our home or workplace in this article.

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What Are The General Feng Shui Rules

1. Keep the surroundings neat and organized

This is the basic lesson for Feng Shui! Chinese people firmly believe that unclean and untidy surroundings cause depression, unhappiness.

And stress. The well-known and renowned fashions, as well as interior designers, also follow this theory.

They believed that chi is the invisible energy that surrounds us all and binds us together and it does not exist in untidy and unclean surroundings.

So, the first rule should be to keep the surroundings neat, tidy, and clean from all the dust, clutter, or dirt.

2. Keep your bed away from the window

This is the second major rule and it should be strictly followed. Feng Shui practitioners recommend not to sleep underneath a window.

The basic reason behind this rule is mind and body both need rest and support. So the placement of the bed should be done against the solid walls which have no door or window on either side of it.

3. Separate work and rest areas

Harnessing the positive energy depends upon how you use the space. Keeping the work area and resting area together is strictly against the rule of Feng Shui.

The study or working desk should not be placed in the bedroom. Also, most of the people who work from home keep the laptop on the bed.

This should be avoided completely as it hampers the mental peace of the residents of the house.

4. Know your colors

Colors work very well in eliminating stress, boosting the mood, increasing confidence, and improvising the quality of life.

Choose the colors according to the area and nature of the place. As red or vibrant colors shows passion and commitment.

The green color will represent the peace and calmness of nature. So, it is important to understand what works best for you.

What Is Basic Feng Shui Rules For A House

The modern Feng Shui is the way to bring peace and positivity in our fast-paced and stressful lives. It helps us to keep our minds calm, provide good health, bring happiness, and eliminate stress.

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Feng Shui techniques and practices can bring nourishment in life which will lead to the inner peace of the individual.

Feng Shui home incorporates the flow of positive energy inside the house and channelizes it with the persons living in it.

These are some of the essential tips that you can use to bring good energy to your home: –

1. Entry Foyer

The main entrance of the home is known as the “Mouth of Qi” according to Feng Shui as the main door is the portal for all the qi that enters the life of the individual as well the home.

It is an area of great importance according to Feng Shui. It should be kept brightly lighted and free from any kind of clutter.

2. Living Room

It is the area in the house where we socialize with others such as friends and family. Ideally, it should be kept inviting and open for the people.

Feng Shui Living Room Rules
Feng Shui Living Room Rules

Choose the color of the living room according to the energy you want to harness. If you use plants in the living room it will produce an atmosphere of kindness and growth.

3. Dining Room

The dining room is the area where we eat and nourish our bodies. It is the place to sit together and connect with your loved ones.

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The dining room checklist includes that if the dining is used earlier then it would be cleared at the time of meals and fresh flowers at the dining table bring more positivity between the family members.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is also one of the main spots according to the Feng Shui home. It indicates abundance, health, and wealth in the home. The energy around the stove connects with your wellness and prosperity.

Feng Shui Kitchen Rules
Feng Shui Kitchen Rules

Therefore, it is crucial to keep it clean and in good condition. It should also be used daily even only for boiling water; this will keep the energy active and the waste food and leftover are to be regularly disposed of.

5. Bedrooms

A bedroom is a place of great importance as it is the place where you take a rest after finishing all your work and facing the chaos of the day.

Feng Shui of the bedroom should be taken special care of because you spend most of the part of your day sleeping.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules
Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

The bedroom checklist involves the first placement of the bed in the commanding position. The area underneath the bed should be absolutely clean and clutter-free with a headboard attached to the bed.

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Feng Shui Rules When Buying A House

These Feng Shui Principles should be followed while buying a house:

  • The houses that have a rectangular or square house floor plan should be preferred. The houses with irregular floor plans may be interesting but it gets difficult to arrange them as compared to rectangular or square plans and energy can be harnessed in them easily.
  • Don’t buy house situated at the end of the street. As such house has great amount of energy flowing into it. The energy from the road slams into the house with great force creating problems for the residents of the house.
  • The houses with a front door located in the middle should be preferred because the front door is the main source of chi and the houses that have the door on the side of the structure are like a face without a mouth so they shouldn’t be brought.
  • The houses that have stairways right in front of the front door should be completely avoided because the energy coming down from the stairs gets out of the front door which depletes the energy from the house.
  • The houses that are mostly made of glass should be avoided because it gets difficult to place the furniture in them.

Feng Shui Rules For Living Room

The living room is the place where we socialize with our loved ones, enjoy, relax, and spend our leisure time.

The poorly arranged living room can bring anxiety and stress in the lives of the individuals. That is why living rooms should be arranged according to the Feng Shui house layout.

Following are some of the ways by which energy can be optimized in living rooms: –

1. The sofa should not be placed with its back to the window

Feng Shui practitioners advise not to put the sofa with its back against the window. As it interferes with the inflow and outflow of energy from the house.

It also causes family members or guests to turn their back against the view outside the window.

This is wrong according to Feng Shui and it is recommended that the mirror should be placed on the wall opposite to the window so that collective energy can be absorbed.  

2. Place a Bowl of Coins or Crystals on Coffee Table

Gems, coins, and crystals represent wealth and a bowl of them is referred to as a wealth bowl, so placing it on the table attracts opportunities for collecting wealth into our homes.

It isn’t mandatory that the bowl is of gold or silver as long as your intention is there, and it is the pure energy of prosperity that will prevail in your home.

3. Hang Positive Photos and Paintings

The positive energy gets attracted to your house if you decorate the walls with images that help in promoting these vibes.

The pictures of smiling faces, beautiful landscapes, and motivational quotes are encouraged. Gloomy faces, stormy seas, and uneasy paintings are to be avoided.  

Feng Shui Rules For Front Door

The front door is basically a portal of chi in the house from where the majority of energies enter the house.

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Your front door should be placed according to new home Feng Shui rules that will attract positive energy.

If the flow of chi is easy into your house it will create abundance and ease into the house. Here are the Feng Shui rules for the front door:

#1- De-clutter and Clean

In most of the houses, the front door is the most neglected area. But this is completely wrong. In fact, the front should be cleaned and de-cluttered on a regular basis.

If a large amount of debris is present in front of the door it will block the flow of positive energy into the house.

This area should be cleaned regularly and properly as your mind also does not feel good when you see dirt and dust as soon as you enter the house.

#2- Brighten the Entry

The fire element represents how the world sees you so proper lighting at the front door is particularly important.

Because it represents the fire element. One of the major ways to do this is to paint the ceiling with bright white color and place the light at the entrance.

#3- Open the Flow of Qi(Chi)

The path to the front door is not being overlooked. The path is preferred to be clear because the path of the flow of Qi needs to be clear.

If something is present in the path of Qi it will flow sideways and do not enter the house.

Traditional Feng Shui Rules For House?

Feng Shui science deals with the arrangement of your house and things inside it in a way that it channelizes the flow of chi through your life and home.

It is applied to any space in the house, by arranging the furniture accordingly, colors which you use in your house and other things.

The traditional Feng Shui rules are: –

1- Incorporating Feng Shui in Your Home

For incorporating Feng Shui in your homes you do not need to be a Feng Shui expert in it. The basic principles of Feng Shui should be applied that will bring the positive universal energy flowing into your house.

You should identify the areas first where you feel dizzy or negative energy then those areas should be rearranged accordingly. Keep such areas neat and tidy to remove the effect of negative energy.

The choice of colors in those areas will also affect the flow of energy.

2- Feng Shui Hot Spots

The Feng Shui hotspots in the home are equally important. Staircase placement, door placement, and front door placement will mainly affect the flow of energy inside the house.

The front door acts as a portal for the flow of chi inside the house. The placement of plants, furniture, and mirror is to be done in a way.

That they diffuse the energy properly in every place inside the house and these areas should be free from clutter and kept clean.

What Are The Feng Shui Rules For Bed Placement

  • The bed in Feng Shui must be placed as per the rule of the commanding position. The bed is to be located at a position where you can see your door while lying in the bed. If it is not possible to place the bed in the commanding position, then you can correct it by placing a mirror that can show the reflection of the door from the bed.
  • Apart from the commanding position, the placement of the bed is to be avoided with any doors opening directly into the bed. If there is any door opening directly to the line of the head, it can create a headache. The bed is placed in the line of the door for correct placement.
  • The head while lying on the bed is to be preferred to rest against a solid wall. It means the head must have back support. Because beds without strong headboards can cause restlessness with lying down.

Feng Shui Rules For Office

The Feng Shui incorporated at the office brings positivity to the office and it helps the individual to be more productive and create a peaceful and stress-free environment in the office. Rules of Feng Shui for office or home office are:- 

#1- Create a strong backing

  • The placement and positing of the chair are to be done in a way that our back should place against a solid wall. If it is not possible than plants may be arranged in the back of the sitting area.

#2- Introduce water and plant elements

  • Water features and plants in the workspace create positive energy. If you place a fountain with moving water in your office.
  • It will attract positive energy, and using plants improves indoor air quality.

#3- Placement of desk should be in the power position 

  • The rule is to place according to the “power position” i.e. it is to be placed in furthest sport from the door of the entrance of the room.
  • The desk is to be arranged in a way that you can see your front door when you are seated on your desk.

Feng Shui Rules For Wealth

  • In Feng Shui wealth vase is known as the magnet of wealth. It is believed that they attract the flow of wealth energy into the home.
  • The wealth vase can be filled with things that can bring prosperity such as coins, stones, etc.
  • The general idea is that they show our intention for wealth and it is to be kept out of sight.
  • Water is considered auspicious according to Feng Shui.
  • Aquariums are said to be a harmonious combination of wealth factors. They also attract wealth chi.

Feng Shui Rules For Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where everyone spends most part of their day. It is the area where we rest after all the chaos and stress of the day to lay down and relax.

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It is advised that the mirror should be placed in the bedroom according to mirror Feng Shui rules that it shows you the door of the room.

Following are some other Feng Shui rules for the bedroom: –

  • The bed is to be placed in the line from the bedroom door and in the center of the room.
  • The flow of air is to be maximized inside the room.
  • Natural bedding and eco-friendly materials should be used to harness positive energy.
  • The colors of the bedroom should be bright and vibrant.
  • The books should be presented there only if you are reading it.

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Feng Shui Rules For House Facing West Direction

Here are the Feng Shui rules and examples for the west-facing house:

#1 Mouth of Chi

  • The front door of the home is to be designed in such a way that enters the portal to the flow of chi in your house.
  • The beautiful front door welcomes more chi and makes the house flourish.

#2 Door to Wealth

  • The front door in the house facing west should be built carefully according to the Bagua map.
  • It is to be incorporated in a way that it prospers wealth, and help in carrier and business.

Feng Shui House Design Principles

These Feng Shui Rules can be followed while Building A House, or in the exiting ones.

#1 Outside feng shui

  • The boundaries of the home are to be carefully designed according to Feng Shui.
  • The boundaries in the house don’t mean that it marks your area, but it is to be designed in a way that shows the identification of what is yours.

#2 Quality of energy in the main entry

  • The good Feng Shui home is designed in such a way that it strengthens, welcomes, and channels the incoming the Feng Shui energy in the house.
  • The furniture inside the home is also placed according to Feng Shui furniture rules that it motivates the flow of positive energy.

#3 The freshness of energy flow

  • The freshness of Feng Shui should be nourished and flourished in every corner of the house.
  • Even the placement of things and mirrors in the bathroom should be done according to Feng Shui bathroom rules.

What Element Rules East Feng Shui

  • Among the five Feng Shui elements, East direction is the direction of wood according to Feng Shui and wood element governs the family and health in your life.
  • Hence all those who believe that health is wealth must make sure that this portion in your homes is extremely strong.
  • In a toilet or kitchen if there is not a considerable amount of wood energy it makes bad Feng Shui energy flowing through it.
  • For overcoming it we can use the fire element’s color for painting on the walls.

Best Feng Shui Decorating Rules?

The basic Feng Shui decoration rules are:-

  • The front door is the main part of the house and it should be created to attract energy and be welcoming to others.
  • The house should be clean and clutter-free as too much mess prevents the flow of positive energy in the house.
  • There should be an abundant flow of air and light into the room as it helps to rejuvenate the chi into the house.

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Q: Basic Feng Shui architecture rules are?

here are a few basic Feng Shui architectural rules that everyone should follow.

1) You must consider the floor plan, it must be square and equal, there must not be any slop in front or backyard.

2) You must watch out your entrance door, as it’s a mouth of home energies. Make a clear and beautiful pathway to your front door.

3) Never attach your bedroom with your workspace, as it can create unnecessary buzz.

4) Watch out for the mirrors, don’t use them in the front of the bed, as they may create reflecting energies.

5) Organise home and clear unnecessary clutter.

Q: Feng Shui window rules?

As a fundamental window rule for a good Feng Shui bedroom is, there must not be a bed under the window. There are many side-effects that leads a disturbed sleep and relationships.


If you incorporate Feng Shui into your day-to-day life by changing the small things according to it. After that, you will see much positivity and happiness in your life.

We hope you find this article very useful. Keep reading more Feng Shui blogs here.