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5 Lucky Feng Shui Shapes Meaning + Uses Tips For Success

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In feng shui, shapes are symbolic with great significance that calls for consideration. Feng Shui principles are governed by five elements and these elements play a part in defining our daily activities. 

There are many feng shui shapes, namely triangles, and rectangles. Each of these elements has its own shape, and you can use these shapes for good. Making use of feng shui shapes helps you attract the energy each of these elements releases.

Considering the importance of these feng shui shapes, this blog provides useful tips on how to use feng shui shapes for success.

These tips will guide you to select the appropriate feng shui shape to reinstate the feng shui element overseeing each section of your space.

This blog will help you learn more about Lucky Feng Shui Shapes Meanings and cures to make feng shui shapes work out for anyone.

5 Lucky Feng Shui Shapes Meaning

Significance Of Feng Shui Shapes

Among the guiding principles of feng shui, shapes are remarkable.

The feng shui shapes are significantly connected with the feng shui five elements, namely earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. Each of the feng shui elements attracts distinctive and positive energies to the area it controls.

The feng shui shapes can help establish harmonious living between you and your environment. By adopting the correct feng shui shape, you can enjoy good luck, fortune, and peace within your home or office.

Different Feng Shui Shapes And Their Meaning

There are different types of feng shui shapes, namely triangle, square, rectangle, circle, and wavy lines.

The importance of feng shui shapes lies in filling your space with positive energy. Check out the feng shui shapes and their meanings below:

1. Rectangle

A rectangle is the shape of the wood element.

In feng shui, the wood element is a representation of spontaneous growth, vigor, wealth, lushness, and development. It is an important shape as it connotes movement.

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The rectangle is termed an auspicious shape because of the element it represents. The two areas governed by wood elements include the east and southeast corners.

2. Square

The square shape symbolizes the earth element. The earth element is remarkable for providing solidity, firmness, foundation, influence, and control.

Therefore, the square element offers support that tends to hold together anything put on it. This shape is stable, reliable, solid, and footing.

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The square shape can be added to a relationship and family because of the energy it provides. It will help to hold your relationship together and enhance your bond.

If you feel unstable, introduce the square shape to provide energy, support, and stability.

The earth element is helpful for anyone who wants to take control of their health, aspiration, and mental prowess, and enjoy stability, grounding, and firmness.

3. Triangle

The Triangle shape shares a bond with the fire element.

This shape is seen as the fiercest shape because of its three points. Nevertheless, the shape indicates achievement and advancement, particularly when the point faces up.

The fire element is used to represent power, energy, vibrancy, and passion. Bring in the triangle shape to propel new achievements and enhance energy.

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Use the fire element moderately to avoid excess fire, as excess fire can literally raze down the house.

Using fire elements can help you energize yourself to accomplish your goals and revive your job. It can also rejuvenate you when you feel down.

4. Wave (Curvilinear Shape)

The wave shape, or curvilinear, is illustrated with wavy lines that are connected with water movement. The wave shape symbolizes the water element in feng shui.

It is a positive shape, and the curvilinear represents the capacity of water to move and change.

In feng shui, the use of wave shapes must be balanced. It should be used moderately. Excess of this shape can result in despair, and scanty of this shape can bring about a loss of opportunity.

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The water element is unique based on its connection with the flow of abundance, prosperity, and wealth, and helps boost wealth, flexibility, choice, and self-determination.   

5. Circle Shape

The circle shape is a representation of a feng shui metal element. Apart from being the symbol of the metal, this shape is regarded as the most favorable because it depicts the shape of heaven.

The metal element symbolizes precision, limpidness, transparency, and clarity. The metal element is of huge significance. It deals with meticulousness, resolve, and mental soundness.

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The circle shape helps to balance the energy in the house by regulating the excess wood found in the home in the form of furniture, decor, and fixtures.

Feng Shui Shapes And Directions

Here are the feng shui shapes and directions below:

  Shape  Direction
  Square  East and southeast
  Triangle  South
  Circle  West and northwest
  Curvilinear  North

Feng Shui Shapes And Elements

Here are the feng shui shapes and elements below:

  Shape  Elements  Luck
  Rectangle  Wood  Health and Wealth
  Triangle  Fire  Fame and Renown
  Square  Earth  Education, Love, and Relationship
  Circle  Metal  Mentors and Support
  Wave (Curvilinear)  Water  Career
Feng Shui Shapes and Five Elements

Best Feng Shui Shapes For Bedroom

The bedroom in feng shui is the room of utmost importance in the home.

A bedroom is a place every one spends time resting and recovering energy after a hectic day.

We expend a lot of passive hours in this room, in a bid to nourish and recharge our spirit, soul, and body.

  • That is why the room plays a significant role in the health aspect of our lives.
  • A feng shui bedroom is a place that ought to be calm, refreshing, peaceable, and comfortable.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best shape to promote the purpose of this vital part of the house.
  • The best feng shui shapes for bedrooms are rectangles and squares.

These shapes promote harmony and remove negative energy.

Besides, these shapes are auspicious and bring health, wealth, love, and relationship luck. Using any of these shapes will enhance your love life.

What shape represents wealth?

The square is the form that most typically denotes prosperity, particularly in the traditions of many Eastern countries and regions. The square is connected with the Earth element in Feng Shui, which represents steadiness, foundation, and the tangible elements of life, including money and success.

The square has four equal sides, which create a sense of balance, stability, and solidity. These are attributes that are frequently wanted in problems pertaining to finances.

Nevertheless, there is room for cultural and individual variation in interpretations:

  • Due to the fact that its form is continuous and unbroken, the circle, which in certain interpretations of Feng Shui stands for the metal element, can be associated with the flow of money and riches.
  • In Chinese culture, the number eight and forms that approximate the number (such as two circles piled on top of each other) are seen as extremely fortunate. In Chinese, the number “eight” is written using a character that sounds very close to the term meaning riches or fortune.
  • Because of its association with bees and the hardworking character of bees, the hexagon is commonly connected with wealth and success. This is especially true when the hexagon is viewed in the pattern of a honeycomb.
  • In some Asian cultures, the form of a fish, particularly that of a goldfish or koi, is taken to represent richness and success.
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Feng Shui Shapes And Colors

Colors form an integral part of feng shui. The feng shui five elements are represented by specific colors. Likewise, the shapes identified with these elements have their colors too.

Colors evoke feelings and are an important aspect of life. By choosing the right color, you can change your environment and thinking and bring about the right mentality.

Feng shui colors can attract positive vibes to your home. What are the feng shui shapes and colors? Check the table below.

  Shapes  Colors
  Rectangle  Brown, Green
  Circle  Gray, White
  Triangle  Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, and solid Yellow
  Square  Beige, Brownish tones, Light Yellow, and Sandy or Earthy
  Wave  Black, Blue
Feng Shui Shapes Meaning

Feng Shui Shapes For North

Feng shui shapes for the north sector are wave or curvilinear. This shape is a symbol of the water element, which is among the feng shui five elements.

Water elements can be introduced by putting up symbols like a flowing water fountain. Water elements can attract the flow of prosperity into your home.

The north sector defines the career. It can bring about career luck. If you want to progress and succeed in your career, focus on the north sector of your home and office.

What Shape Is Lucky For House

The best feng shui shape for the house is square. The square shape is auspicious and provides stability and balance.

Using this shape will allow the positive energy to flow easily around your house, which tends to remain in rooms with square shapes.

A square-shaped house makes the occupants experience comfort and relaxation. This shape is deemed the most balanced and not deprived of good energy.   

Another feng shui shape for a house is the rectangle shape. The rectangle-shaped house is not as good as the square-shaped house because each sector will be seen to be overstretched.

Feng Shui Shape Of Dining Table

Choosing the best shape for your dining table goes a long way in experiencing good feng shui.

  • The best feng shui shape of a dining table is an oval or round shape.
  • This shape fosters communication and promotes love among loved ones. Any of these shapes will give room for a smooth flow of positive energy too.
  • To ensure you have a good feng shui dining table, position the dining table at the center of the dining room.
  • If you have a rectangular dining table, you can stabilize it using rounded-shaped objects like decors in the house.

Feng Shui Shape For West

The feng shui shape for the west is a circle or round shape. This is the shape that symbolizes the metal element. The west direction controls childbearing luck.

A metal element can be introduced in the home using decors made from metal. Metal is symbolic of precision and clarity.

Feng Shui Bagua Shapes

In feng shui, the Bagua map identifies 8 energy zones in the house, and each of the zones has an impact on the different aspects of life.

It is coined from the “ba” (8) and “gua” (zone). Here are the feng shui Bagua shapes and meanings.

  Bagua Shape  Element  Symbolism
  ZhenWood – Active (Yang)A fresh beginning, relationship, wealth, and gratefulness.
  XunWood–Passive (Yin)This is for those searching for a way to boost their wealth, abundance, and prosperity.
  Tai QiEarthIf you want to improve your health, Tai Qi is for you.
  QianMetal–Active (Yang)If you want to enjoy support and help from people, Qian is for you.
  DuiMetal–Passive (Yin)Related to conceiving children, nurturing a project, and bringing forth ideas.
  GenEarth–Active (Yang)Related to knowledge and self-improvement. This zone is suitable for those who want to develop their skills.
  Li  FireThis zone is associated with fame and recognition. It covers also love, insight, and motivation.
   Kan    Water  It oversees career and aspiration. If you want to gain wisdom, make this zone active.  
  Kun  EarthIt is associated with relationships, passion, self-esteem, and vigor.

Lucky Shapes For Business

If you want your business to grow and attract more customers, these are some feng shui lucky shapes you can bring into your business:

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Rectangle Shape: It is an auspicious shape for business. A rectangle is a lucky shape as it is a positive shape that results in new expansion and strength. If you want to experience new growth, you can make use of a rectangle for your business card.

Square Shape: This shape is also a lucky shape for business. It provides stability and grounding. Bringing it into their business can make the business to be stable and grounded.

Wave Shape: Businesses can employ this lucky shape either as décor, wall art, or patterns. If you desire development and change in your business and attract great opportunities easily, this shape can be used.

Shapes have been used as symbols in names for a long time, and some forms are thought to be especially “lucky” for business. Consider the following if you’re making a business name and want to include a form that shows happiness and luck:

  • Circle: This shape stands for wholeness, unity, and endlessness. A circle shows a good flow of energy and is often thought of as a shield. It can also mean a global influence or a strategy that takes everything into account.
  • Triangles point up, which is a sign of growth, success, and going higher. It’s lively and can be a sign of a business with big plans and a bright future.
  • Hexagon: This shape is often compared to honeycombs, which stand for unity, speed, and hard work.
  • The spiral is a symbol of growth, change, and spread. It can also mean the world as a whole or the universe.
  • The infinity symbol means that there are no limits to what you can do or how much you can have. Great for businesses that want to show they will be around for a long time and keep growing.
  • In Chinese society, the number eight is very lucky because it is linked to wealth and success. People think it’s lucky to use an 8-shaped pattern or shape, or even just two circles, which look like an 8.
  • Fish Shape: In Asian countries, fish are a symbol of plenty and success. They are a good option for businesses that deal with water, food, or even money.
  • Leaf or Tree: Shows growth, natural processes, and the power to keep going. Especially good for companies that deal with health, fitness, or the environment.

The most important thing about a business name is that it fits with the brand and appeals to the target audience. It’s always a good idea to use forms or symbols that fit with the business’s core values and goals. Even though adding a “lucky” shape can add more meaning, a business’s success comes down to hard work, new ideas, and real customer involvement.

Pyramid Shape Feng Shui

  • The Pyramid shape in feng shui is commonly used for the realization of desire.
  • Placing a pyramid shape in the southwest corner of your home or office can foster harmony and boost fortune.
  • The feng shui pyramid shape can improve self-esteem and inspiration.
  • It helps absorb negative energy within your space and helps the seamless flow of good energy.

Feng Shui Shapes Meaning- Conclusion

Feng shui shapes are objects that can be emulated using their symbols or placed tangibly in your home or space for your fortune.

By following the tips provided about these feng shui shapes, you can benefit from their auspicious nature.

Feng Shui Shapes Meaning FAQs

Q: Feng Shui Circle Meaning

Feng shui circle means succession, permanence, concord, harmony, completeness, and heaven.

Feng shui circle is a representation of the metal element, which controls creativity and supportive partners, friends, and associates.

Q: What Is A Lucky Shape?

A lucky shape in feng shui is a shape considered to be auspicious and bring positive energy.

The best lucky shapes in feng shui are circles, squares, and waves.

The reason the circle is considered a lucky shape is because it is regarded as heaven’s shape. 

Q: Is a Hexagon Shape Good For Feng Shui?

The hexagon is a shape that is good for feng shui. The shape is auspicious and a symbol of long life.

The shape helps create the energy needed to experience sound health and longevity.

Provide an avenue for the movement of positive energy into your home by adding some hexagon shapes as an ornament.

Q: Are Circles Good at Feng Shui?

Yes! A circle is good feng shui.

It is a shape of good luck and heaven, which makes it to possible for anyone that uses this shape as a décor or any object to gain from what heaven carries.

Q: Is Octagon Shape Lucky?

The octagon is counted as a lucky shape because of its importance.

In feng shui, this shape can attract good luck and is acknowledged as a unique shape that symbolizes fortuity and durability.

Q: Is Triangle Shape Auspicious?

What makes a triangle a favorable shape is because of its top-pointed edge that symbolizes upward movement.

Which is related to prosperity, advancement, and success. While using a triangle, avoid excess of it. It can introduce excess fire which can cause damage.