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11 Feng Shui North Facing House Rules for Luck + Prosperity

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When it comes to Feng Shui north facing house, there are certain tips and rules that you need to keep in mind. Read more to find out about the rules for a north-facing house!

Everyone wants luck and success in their house even if you live in one that is facing the north.

You can incorporate Feng Shui in different aspects to bring in good luck and prosperity.

All houses or apartment units facing north have similar internal energy maps, due to changes in floor plans, layouts, residents, external landscape backdrop, and so on. Thus, when it comes to Feng Shui north facing house, the methods employed in the process may be significantly different.

There are several rules when it comes to Feng Shui north facing house that may be applied as long as the concepts are understood.

The essential point here is that, rather than obtaining a report that you can follow to the letter, you should learn fundamental Feng Shui and apply it to your own home.

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How to Feng Shui North Facing House?

A north facing property has the potential to bring in unmatched career advancements for the residents if you can properly follow these few simple tips to Feng Shui north facing house.

As the traditional Feng Shui suggests, the northern part of your house is responsible for your professional life and your career.

If you Feng Shui north facing house, you can generate favorable energy for outstanding career luck.

According to Feng Shui, the front door is the gateway through which Qi or good energy enters your home, and some Feng Shui methods can help to welcome this energy and create favorable vibes for everyone who lives there.

For starters, it is critical to align the door with the direction it faces since this promotes energy that is in sync with the environment.

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Moreover, the colors blue and black intensify the fluid and liquid energy of the north.

Following are some of the tips to Feng Shui your house that you should follow to live a happy, successful, and prosperous life in your north facing house.

1. Perfect Door Size for Qi to Enter your House

In Feng Shui, doors are a really important aspect of the well-being of a house. You have to be aware of even the tiniest details. For instance, it is important to consider the size of your front door.

Qi cannot readily enter if the door is too narrow, and if the door faces north, it may limit your professional or financial chances.

If you cannot install a bigger door, use mirrors to give the appearance of additional room. Excessively huge doors may be unpleasant since they emphasize the water energy from the north. This can encourage creativity or provide too much nourishment for the wood element, resulting in maintenance issues like mold or rot.

2. Details Matters When It Comes to Front Doors

If you want Qi to readily enter your home, then you must ensure that your front door is not crowded with things at all be it from the inner side or even the outer space.

The door should open to the inside, as is the case with all front doors, and there should be sufficient space on both sides of the entrance for energy to flow freely.

People have also been making use of mirrors to create the illusions of longer distances for Feng Shui. However, you need to make sure none of them hinder the front door, otherwise, the energy of Qi will come in but go out at a similar rate as well.

3. Identify Best Front-Door Position

You must locate the best position or the best direction for the main door to open the gates of your house to prosperity. You can also identify the direction of the door at the entrance by taking a compass and standing in the doorway. Make sure that you position yourself to face the external area.

4. Colors that Relates to Joy and Success

The right combination and tones of colors are very important when we are talking about Feng Shui for our house.

Each of the five components used in Feng Shui has a color associated with it. Painting your entrance door in a water element color can help it face north.

You can also choose a color that represents metal elements of the earth as it is related to joy, accuracy, beauty, and communication.

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As we all know that black absorbs energy, a black front door may aid in the creation of positive Qi in your home. It is also a classy color that works nicely in a variety of settings. Water is also depicted by extremely dark greys, almost black.

Similarly, the water element is connected with virtually black and extremely dark blues. Keep in mind that brighter blues signify the wood element rather than water, so aim for something darker if you want to attract water energy.

White is a yang color, which means it has a lot of energy. It can be a lovely, clean option for a front door.

The fact that real white can be too harsh in some situations, you might want to explore off-white. This is an excellent method to combine a metal element with something softer.

There are several metals like gold and silver that are linked to the metal element. For instance, a door that is in the shades of gray can be stunning and a subtle way to invite the metal element.

So you see how big of a role does these colors play in making your home prosper. Also, watch out for the front door colors.

5. Addition of Water Element is A Must

There are other ways to draw the water energy from the north into your home if a blue or black door does not match the rest of your home’s external color scheme.

One alternative is to install a source of water with a steady flow like a fountain at the front entry. Additionally, you can use blue or blue-and-white hangings or buntingson the front porch.

Water and metal components can be used to decorate your front door. Make sure that there are no spaces outside or inside of the front entrance that you leave unattended too.

For instance, you can choose metal outdoor furniture for your porch, deck, or patio.

6. Alternate Ways to Feng Shui Your House

If you live in a rental or are otherwise unable to paint your door due to some reason, then do not worry.

There are still several rules and tips that you can use to Feng Shui your north facing house.

You can bring the water element to your front door with a beautiful black welcome mat or put planters in navy or black on your front step could be a chic way to incorporate water.

You can also place flowering plants with white blossoms on your front step to welcome the metal element or incorporate metallic house numbers that will make your front door stand out. This is very beneficial because it is recommended in Feng Shui.

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How Does It Benefit to Feng Shui North Facing House?

According to Feng Shui things like the size of your front door, the direction of your door, water element, and different combinations of colors are very essential as they are the things that lead us towards prosperity and success.

Work on accentuating the key elements that are metals and water in the north of your home to revive the energy. Bringing water here can be useful because the north is related to the element of water.

As a result, adding metal to your home’s north side can be beneficial. You should make sure that your door is a perfect size it should not be too narrow or too wide.

Make sure that you are careful about what colors are you choosing for your front door or the porch and how you need to have a water element in your house.

If you take care of these little yet significant details your home can become ideal according to the Feng Shui requirements which will ensure your well-being and success.

The Final Word

Feng Shui is a Chinese phenomenon that deals with how we react to or interact with the things present in our surroundings, especially the places that we live in.

Feng Shui practitioners adjust a home’s Qi, or energy flow, to offer more health, prosperity, and support to the people who reside there.

If you are living in a north facing house, then Feng Shui has a certain set of instructions or tricks through which you can achieve various benefits if you follow them.


Q: How to bring wealth and prosperity to my north facing house?

The north is related to the water element, which in Feng Shui represents wisdom, introspection, and fluidity.

It is also connected to the Kan sector of the Bagua maps in Feng Shui, which reflects your professional and personal life path.

Q: Which corner of my north facing home is good for wealth?

Growing your wealth in the house’s soil corner is one of the most effective ways to ensure financial security.

In a north-facing house, keep all of your jewels, money, and other financial documents facing north or north-east.