Why should Mirrors Be Covered at night?

Why Should Mirrors Be Covered At Night?

You might have asked before, Why Should Mirrors Be Covered At Night? Why is it terrifying to gaze at the mirror when it is nighttime? Be it mirror above bed or reflecting mirrors in the home. We will try to understand what Feng Shui has to clarify this and the mirror fixes. Over time, looking …

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Feng Shui Mirrors (11 Quick Fixes) To Unblock Missing Chi

Feng Shui Mirrors

Are you not feeling good at your home. Do you think there are bad energies around your space? If YES, Mirrors can be the culprit. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with Feng Shui mirror cures. You just need to fix some areas of your house with the correct use of Feng Shui …

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Why Avoid Mirror Above Bed For Good Feng Shui: bedroom Feng Shui

Mirror above bed bedroom feng shui tips

Called Feng Shui aspirin, mirrors are one of the most popular (and powerful!) Feng shui cures. Feng Shui With Mirrors is used as an expression of the Water feng shui element. For a quick reference and understanding check the below video Is Mirror Above Bed Good Feng Shui | Complete Feng Shui Mirrors In Bedroom …

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