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(7 KEY Steps) To Create Feng Shui Vision Board For 2024!

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Feng Shui is an old Chinese philosophy that believes that it influences the energy of a space. Filled with positive energy alignment, it helps to keep people healthy and bring Love and harmony to the whole living environment.

It is a spiritual practice that is all about understanding how to blend different energies to create balance.

The goals of Feng Shui Vision Boards are not to have one specific style or idea, but instead, they are meant to suggest new ideas for your life.

This article is about the best vision board ideas in Feng Shui. This article will provide you with ideas of vision boards that you can create to achieve your goals in the future.

Significance Of Vision Board In Feng Shui

What is Vision Board In Feng Shui

The idea of the vision board is that it will provide a clear view or thought of what your life could be like.

It is a Chinese philosophy that uses mythical and spiritual concepts to balance the flow of qi. It can be applied in many areas, including architecture, art, finance, health, and wellness.

They are meant to be a Feng Shui dream board app that is designed to help you look at the future with hope and positivity. It also works as a Law of Attraction.

  • With these boards, people can be encouraged to think of what is best for them and their family members by using positive words and images.
  • They are considered the most potent tool of Feng Shui because they can provide clarity of direction by delivering images that talk about what is best for you.
  • One practice that has been popularized in recent years is creating a vision board in Feng shui—a board where one can put images representing what they want to manifest in their life. By seeing these pictures every day, one can cultivate good fortune and achieve their goal.
  • Although Feng Shui vision boards are not exclusive to China, they are still seen as very significant in their culture.

When to create a feng shui vision board?

feng shui vision board

The best time to create your Feng Shui dream Board is when you are feeling stuck or are experiencing intense emotions. Also, the vision board is a traditional Chinese and Asian way of decorating and manifestation personal, professional, and spiritual goals. It can be done in different forms—with paper, colored stones, or digital tools.

A feng shui Chinese vision board is used to create positive energy, which can help you focus on your goals. It creates an inspirational space with the use of feng shui paintings and images that represent your intentions.

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Best Feng Shui Dream Board Ideas For This Year

Best Feng Shui Vision Board Ideas For This Year

Feng Shui is a form of Chinese astrology, which brings harmony and balance to your life. Feng Shui incorporates an ancient Chinese philosophy that believes that one’s environment directly impacts one’s health.

Feng Shui has many meanings that are related to “good fortune” or “auspiciousness.” It is also associated with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

These natural elements are seen as beneficial for health and well-being because they can balance each other out.

A vision board idea has been considered a tool for self-development, personal growth, and exploring various aspects of one’s personality by sharing these with others who are meant to be in contact with them.

A board can also be used to study different characters and their effects on our lives—something similar to personality tests or assessments.

Clarify the purpose of your vision board

Clarify the purpose of your vision board

Before ever deciding to create your first ever vision board, be clear on for what purpose and for what you are preparing a vision board. The more you manifest your intentions, the higher the chances are that they will be fulfilled.

Below are common intention settings for people: creating vision boards like

1: Career Growth

Just write down your career goals for the long or short term. Add pictures and motivational quotes. Just remember not to overload your vision board with too many things at once. The best direction to keep your career vision board is NORTH.

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2: Improving Love Life

Whether it’s your lost love, you want to improve your relationship with your loved one or want to start a new beginning, Manifest your board with double happiness symbols, happy couple pictures, and romantic quotes.

The best direction to keep your career vision board is Southwest.

3: Name Fame and Reputation

Like most people, they want to be successful as well as want to be famous.

If you have something like this desire, use South Directions to place your vision board while being specific about what you want to be famous for.

4: Education Desires

During student life, we all, at some point, desire higher studies and want to pursue certain careers and subjects.

Write down your goals and what you want to achieve. Use the Northeast sector for hanging your vision board.

5: Health Luck

Health is wealth; this is the correct saying. If you are someone who is suffering from a long-term conical disease or someone in your family is not well, Write down the name of that person, and just give your blessing in the form of kind words. Put this vision board in the East sector.

6: Wealth and Luck

If you wish for plenty and abundance for your vision board, write down the intentions. Do you want only cash, or would you like a luxury in your life? Southeast is the best direction to put this board.

Where to put your Vision, Successful board,

Vision boards in Feng Shui are popular tools that help you visualize your goals and dreams. They also help you get in touch with your feelings and find out what is blocking your path to success.

Where to put your vision successful board

The easiest way to keep this visual tool somewhere convenient is on your phone. All you need is a recent photo of yourself and a few apps that will help put the graphic into an app.

The method of creating a vision board can be time-consuming, but the final product is well worth it!

Usually, they are traditionally paper-based. A mobile app can be an easy way to create a vision board with your phone in hand.

Many apps provide you the option of using a mobile device or paper to create your vision board. You can then transfer it to your desktop computer or laptop later on.

The best part about these apps is that they allow you to add images from an online library and keep track of what you have already done by adding all your old visions onto the new ones when you make one.

What Is Bagua Map Vision Board?

Bagua map vision board

The Bagua map is a tool for creating a vision board. It is filled with symbols of different qualities and colors. These symbols correspond to 9 quadrants of the bagua such as love, health, career, family, and friends.

The eyes represent your desires and goals, while the nose represents things you want to avoid.

How to Integrate Elements, Colors, and Symbols for Feng Shui Vision Board

The best way to organize and develop your board is by using colors, elements, and symbols that represent certain aspects of life.

It’s essential to understand what these mean so that you can have a meaningful vision board experience.

How to Integrate Elements, Colors, and Symbols for Feng Shui Vision Board


A vision board is a collection or set of images that reflect your personal goals and hopes for the future. When you feel connected to these images, it can give you a sense of purpose and motivation.

Balanced colors

Finding the right color palette for your vision board is essential to achieving success with feng shui.

Using colors that are uplifting and energizing can help eliminate negative emotions and attract good luck.

Find below the complete details on directions, symbols, and element colors compatible with the vision board.

Sectors & DirectionFive ElementColorsLucky Symbols
SouthFireRed, orange, pinkHorse and birds
SouthwestEarthBrown, SandyBells & wind chimes
WestMetalYellow, Gold, silver, copperBuddha, elephant
NorthwestMetal Yellow, Gold, silver, copper Bells & wind chime
NorthWaterBlue and blackDragon, water element
NortheastEarth Brown, Sandy gems and crystals
EastWoodGreenwu lou, bamboo
SoutheastWoodGreen Lucky Chinese coins and water element

Best directions for vision board feng shui

Vision boards have been used for centuries as a way of attracting goals and dreams into reality. Feng Shui is a system that has been used for centuries to bring good fortune and harmony into one’s life.

When it comes to vision boards, there are some essential things that you should keep in mind.

Visibility is vital when it comes to feng shui. You should make sure that your vision board is visible so everyone can see it every day without fail. Also above we have seen the directions based on the elements and colors.

What should a vision board include?

Visually attractive and creative visual boards, such as those found in nature, are now widely used by companies and personal vision boards.

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It is also known as environment or lifestyle design. These boards aim to achieve a positive mood and feeling for the person’s life and achieve the goal that has been set out. The goal setting could be like the one below.

  • Relationships and affairs.
  • Career, study, and money.
  • Home and property
  • Travel, and relocation
  • Health.

Feng Shui Vision Board Examples

The following are some amazing examples of different types of vision boards:

This type of board focuses on achieving a particular goal or dream-like traveling across Europe or starting your own business.

Focus on gratitude:

This type of board shows how appreciative you are for what you have already achieved and encourages you to stay optimistic about what lies ahead for you.

Emotional support:

Having emotional support is something everyone should do. It helps in creating a sense of peace, calmness, and harmony.

  • Emotional support can be anything that you feel is important to you. For example, it could be a piece of art or photo, an item with sentimental value to you, or even your pet!
  • It can provide emotional support through vision boards, which help you focus on what you’re trying to achieve in the future. These boards are places where you can visualize your goals and aspirations.
  • Doing this can help create positive thoughts that will help propel your mind forward towards achieving your dreams.
  • Vision boards are becoming more popular among people who want to improve their mental health or make their lives better there are some fantastic benefits!

Feng Shui Vision Board Template

When you are looking for a design for your feng shui west, you might find it helpful to use a vision board template. It helps you visualize the space and gives you a good idea of how all the colors, shapes, and symbols can work together when planning your layout.

A vision board is usually created to guide us when we need it most in life. Whether that guidance is just a sense of peace or a concrete goal in mind, this tool can help us achieve our goals.

A feng shui vision board template is a practical way to organize your thoughts and ideas in a way that can help you build good luck for the year ahead.

The feng shui board template is used to help you visualize, break down, and create your personal goals for the coming year. By using this tool, you will be able to see what’s at stake in each area of your life so that you can make effective changes.

What should a vision board say?

The main purpose of the feng shui vision board is to inspire you. A perfect vision board comprises many things like pictures, motivational quotes, Symbols, and more.

It should drive you towards your goal and path, that you want to achieve long term and short term.

Vision Board Feng Shui Placement

The placement of a feng shui dream board will help you achieve a positive outcome in your life.

A vision board is a collection of images that helps you visualize what you want your life or future to look like. You can keep this board in your home, in the office, in the car, in the locker, or wherever else you want.

The best advice is to put all of these things on your board and let them motivate you. If it feels like the words are inspiring you but not enough, personalize it by adding quotes or lyrics that inspire you.

Vision Board In Feng Shui Vs. Normal Vision Board

AspectFeng Shui Vision BoardNormal Vision Board
PurposeAligns with Feng Shui principles to enhance energy flow, balance, and harmony within a space.Focuses on personal goals, desires, and aspirations without specific regard to Feng Shui principles.
Energy ConsiderationsEmphasizes the placement of images and elements to optimize energy flow (Chi) and attract positive influences.Primarily focuses on the visualization of goals and desires without specific attention to energy flow.
Symbolism and ImageryOften includes Feng Shui symbols, such as Bagua elements, specific colors, and representations of desired outcomes.May incorporate personal symbols, images, and vision-related content based on individual preferences.
PlacementConsiders the Bagua map and specific areas of a space to place the board strategically for optimal results.Typically placed in a location that is personally meaningful or easily visible, often in a bedroom or workspace.
Color PaletteAdheres to Feng Shui color principles, using colors associated with specific goals or areas of life (e.g., red for fame and reputation).Utilizes colors based on personal preferences and the emotional connections individuals have with them.
Crystals and ElementsMay incorporate crystals and Feng Shui elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) to enhance specific areas of life or goals.Does not necessarily include Feng Shui elements or specific crystals unless chosen for personal symbolism.
Affirmations and MantrasIntegrates Feng Shui-affirmative statements to reinforce intentions and aspirations based on Bagua areas.May include personal affirmations and mantras tailored to individual goals and desires.
Guidance and ExpertiseMay benefit from Feng Shui consultation or guidance to align the board with specific Feng Shui principles.Typically created based on personal preferences and goals, with no specific expertise required.
Overall FocusBalancing energies, enhancing harmony, and attracting positive influences in alignment with Feng Shui beliefs.Focusing on personal goals, desires, and aspirations, often from a self-improvement or self-help perspective.

Normal Vision Board:

Normal Vision Board is a custom-made poster for visualizing your dreams and desires in an organized way. It is made by artists, marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and many more creative persons to have the most effective visualization tool.

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The primary purpose of the Normal Vision Board is to collect all of your thoughts, ideas, plans and desires into one place where they are easy to see instead of scattered across different locations or zones in your head. This way, it’s easier for things to manifest in real life because you have everything in one place.

At the end of 2016, the dream board feng shui app was released. With its new features and functions, it is more convenient for users to create a vision board.

Feng Shui Vision Board:

Vision Board is a board where you hang all the things you want in your life. It is a place where you can visualize your goals and dreams and see them aboard.

The most important part of the vision board is its meaning. You should make sure that the meaning of your vision board reflects everything that you want in life.

If it doesn’t, then it’s not worth doing. Feng Shui is a set of philosophical beliefs based on the shapes and energetics of decoration. It has become popular in China, Japan, Korea, and other East Asia countries.

Vision Board Feng Shui Layout

Feng Shui is a system of beliefs, practices, and rituals designed to harmonize the environment with human activity. It is believed that by arranging objects in a particular way or space, one can bring balance and prosperity into their life.

A vision board layout helps you visualize your goals and set intentions for the year ahead. It’s like having your boards of focus on your current life situation.

This guide will help you through how to create a practical feng shui vision board layout.

The first step of vision b is deciding what type of feng shui you are looking for; there are three types of layouts – material wealth (the yin principle), health (the yang principle), and our relationships (the direction of harmony).

Feng Shui Vision Board App

A feng shui vision board app is not just for decoration purposes. It can help you stay and focus on track with your goals, plan your life, and improve your health.

The best and amazing thing about this app is that it can be used in many ways – by simply scanning the QR codes on the vision board, using the app’s voice activation feature to say “I want x” or “I did x,” or by manually entering text.

With this app, you can get ready for the future while looking at it from a different perspective – through the feng shui style. Full HD 1080p HD images

  • Content widget options on desktop and mobile device
  • Compatible with all devices – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 devices
  • Edit your boards on the go with an easy drag & drop interface
  • Connect with friends on social media – share your board to show off your style!
  • Normal Vision Board: A feng shui vision board is not as messy compared to a normal vision board. It is more organized and user-friendly.

How can I make my vision board more powerful?

There are many ways to use vision boards. Some people have them in their bedrooms, others have them by their desks, and others in their offices. But what is the best way to make your vision board more powerful?

Some people use pictures of themselves or pictures of loved ones as part of their vision board. This helps remind you that you want to accomplish this for yourself and those around you.

Some people also put things like quotes or songs on their vision boards as a reminder that they want to achieve this goal, and it is possible with the right mindset and determination.

Some people use symbols such as a feather or a vase as a reminder that they want to achieve this goal and that the journey will be worth it in the end.

Vision board ideas for students

A vision board can be a great way for students to set goals, stay inspired, and make their dreams come true. These are some ideas for vision boards that are just right for students:

  • Success in School: Use pictures and words that show how you want to do well in school. Pictures of the best colleges, motivational quotes, books, or study areas can all be added.
  • Career Aspirations: Use pictures that are related to the job you want, like company names, job titles, or pictures of people who already work in that area.
  • Dreams About Tour: If you want to study or tour abroad, add pictures of the places you want to see. This could help you remember your reasons and goals.
  • Personal Development: Use pictures and words that make you want to grow as a person and get better. This could include pictures of books on mental growth, awareness, or meditation.
  • Activities Outside of School: If you have hobbies, sports, or clubs, include pictures of them to remind yourself of your interests and obligations.
  • Goals for your money: If you’re saving for something specific, like a car or college, include pictures of your goals to keep yourself inspired.
  • Quotes and Affirmations: Use motivating quotes and affirmations that are in line with your morals and goals. These can help you remember your goals every day.
  • Time Management: To help you stay organized and set priorities, you might want to add a picture of your plan or time management tools.
  • Social and Relationships: Add pictures of friends, family, or role models who motivate you to keep good relationships and talk to other people.
  • Community Involvement: If you really want to make a difference, include pictures of you working, being an activist, or doing community service.
  • Creativity and Art: Show your artistic side by including drawings, paintings, or art-related projects that show what you want to be as an artist.
  • Gratitude: Set aside some space to be thankful for what you have done and seen so far. This can help you keep a good attitude about your trip.
  • Tracking Your Progress: Make sure there is a place for you to write down your steps toward your goals. This can be done with buttons, charts, or graphs that you change as you reach goals.

The wrap-up

In this article, we have given you some tips and tricks on making your feng shui vision board more fruitful and bringing you closer to your goals.

Hope you will find this article inspiring and useful and that you are going to try all the ideas and tips for creating your dream board.