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Why should Mirrors Be Covered at night?

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You might have asked before, Why Should Mirrors Be Covered At Night? Why is it terrifying to gaze at the mirror when it is nighttime? Be it a mirror above the bed or reflecting mirrors in the home.

We will try to understand what Feng Shui has to clarify this and the mirror fixes.

Over time, looking at Mirrors has been accepted as a mystery and that is why in this blog, we decided to provide answers to these superstitious questions bothering many people. We advise you to keep reading to know the truth.

Why Should Mirrors Be Covered At Night?

There is the possibility that you felt scared or witnessed strange things when you looked at Feng Shui in the mirror at night for a long time. The truth is that something strange happens when you look at the mirror in dim light.

The common belief is that there is something attached to looking at the mirror at night for a long time. So, what makes looking at a mirror at night scary, and what is the science that backs it up?

The truth is that everyone wants to look beautiful and improve their looks, and there is nothing bad in looking in the mirror to do that at night. However, staring at yourself in the mirror for too long, especially at night may result in unusual, and bad experiences.

According to Feng Shui experts, looking at the mirror at night may result in bad experiences like nightmares, insomnia, and depleted energy.

Why should mirrors be covered at night with spiritual meaning?

Nighttime mirror covering is thought to bring beneficial energy for numerous reasons. Reflected energy from mirrors can disrupt sleep and cause restlessness. Some spiritual traditions view mirrors as spirit gates, making their reflection unpleasant.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror & Bad Energies

Mirrors are objects that have the capacity to reflect, enlarge, and double the energy level within an environment, either positively or negatively.

You can benefit immensely if your bedroom mirror is properly positioned, thereby eliminating bad interference of both energy and light.

Why Should Mirrors Be Covered At Night?
Covering mirrors at night

Similarly, when you have two mirrors facing each other or hanging opposite each other, they drive away energy reflection, which may result in negative energy.

It is therefore important to place much priority on mirror placement, as this belief has worked for many.

Mirror in Bedroom and Spirits

Mirror in the bedroom, and spirits have a connection. The mirrors in your home can influence the movement of spirits around you.

The function of a mirror is well-known. It is an object that helps to reflect our personality and the world around us. It’s capable of magnifying, and doubling the energies around us, whether positive or negative energy.

The popular belief among the Chinese is that when you have more than one mirror facing each other, they form an invisible space, and passage for the spirits to reside, and pass at any time.

The mirrors inside your bedroom have the capacity to activate spirit pathways, and these pathways can be a medium for spirit visitation. When your bedroom mirror is positioned wrongly, it can be disastrous. It can create negative energy to reside with you and also influence bad spirits.

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Mirror Facing Bed in Feng Shui?

The mirror facing the bed in Feng Shui is considered bad. Placing a mirror inside the bedroom is not bad, but when this mirror faces your bed and keeps reflecting your image while sleeping may result in unpleasant experiences.    

Feng Shui Mirrors
Feng Shui Mirrors

The mirror facing your bed is capable of doubling whatever luck or chi energy presents with you at that moment. For example, if you have good luck or chi energy, it will double that luck or positive energy, and if it is negative luck, it will also double the negative energy.

What happens if you sleep in front of a mirror

To get the best baby sleep, the Feng Shui experts recommend your mirror should not face your bed. The ancient Chinese belief is that if you have a mirror facing you when you sleep your brain is in sleepy mode.

Each time you sleep, your soul leaves your body, and as a result, your body is re-energized with good energy or bad energy leaving your body. A mirror facing your bed keeps reflecting your image, and as a result, the bad energy will be scared to leave the body, thereby resulting in bad luck.

When you have a mirror facing your bed, it activates negative energy which leads to bad luck, and bad luck makes you experience negative happenings. Some of them include nightmares, insomnia, and inviting third parties into the marriage.

Let us look carefully into some of the bad luck listed above.

Can Result in Nightmares

  • It has been established that a mirror facing the bed can make someone experience nightmares.
  • Nightmares occur as a result of a certain movement that occurs when we sleep. When a man is asleep, his soul is absent from the body.
  • And each time his soul gazes at the mirror and sees its own reflection, it is shocking, which may result in nightmares.

Results into Insomnia

  • A mirror facing your bed makes you experience personal energy depletion which can result in sleeplessness.
  • The mirror is powerful enough to multiply, increase, and bounce different types of energy, which can make it to disturb the quietness, and serenity needed in the bedroom to enjoy better sleep.

Invites Third Party to Your Relationship

  • It has been established that a mirror facing the bed can invite a third party into a relationship between couples which may lead to infidelity.
  • It is stated that the reflections from more than one mirror magnify or increase the energy and luck of the bed occupant, and it includes romance.

Is Sleeping in Front of Mirror Invite Bad Vibes? How

Sleeping in front of the mirror at night is similar to having a mirror facing the bed at night.

According to Feng Shui experts, sleeping in front of a mirror invites bad vibes, as much as it promotes the intrusion of a third party into private relationships.

Depletion of personal energy and sleeplessness are identified as bad vibes as a result of sleeping in front of the mirror. Sleeping in front of a mirror deprives your home of the tranquility you should enjoy.

Is Mirrors Next to Bed Good or Bad Feng Shui?

Whether your mirror is facing the bed or is standing next to the bed, the result is still the same. It shows a bad Feng Shui which erodes positive energy, and harmony if your mirror inside the bedroom is considered a bad sign.

Mirrors are attributed with magical properties, with the ability to enlarge the energy and luck around, which open doors for bad vibes, and an unpleasant atmosphere around homes.

Top Mirror Facing Bed Superstition?

It is popularly accepted as a belief and superstition mirror facing the bed. This occurs because mirrors are regarded as a powerful tool that can attract useful energies, and also absorb all the negative energies around them.

How to Cover Mirror in Bedroom Tips

These are some of the tips you can use to cover the mirror in the bedroom.

  1. One of the effective solutions in dealing with the mirror facing your bed is to swathe or cover your mirror with curtains at night. During the daytime, they can be opened and closed at night.
  2. Also, you can completely remove the mirror from your bedroom, and where it is unmovable, reposition or change the angle differently.  
  3. Where you have the mirror installed on your wall, you can use bedroom décor to make it look creative and beautiful.
  4. Where you have a space to put flowers, decorate the mirror standing area with amazing flower arrangements, or choose any type of covering you can lay your hands on.
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Why Is Not Good to Look in the Mirror at Night?

We love to look beautiful, even at night, and that prompted us to use the mirror to check how we look. Looking at the mirror to check how you look is good, but spending time in front of the mirror to see how you look at night might result in unpleasant happenings around you.

According to Feng Shui experts, looking at a mirror in the night may result in bad experiences like nightmares, insomnia, and depleted energy.

  • Similarly, if the mirror inside your bedroom is facing your bed, it is advisable to cover it with a curtain at night or reposition it.
  • According to Feng Shui tips, when this mirror faces your bed and keeps reflecting your image while sleeping may result in unpleasant experiences.
  • The mirror facing your bed is capable of doubling whatever luck or chi energy is present with you at that moment.

Never Say This in Front of Mirror at Night?

Since the mirror works in connection with our spirit, and the unconscious state, saying something scary or abnormal things in front of the mirror at night can be activated by the spirit around, and turn it into bad experiences while sleeping.

When we sleep, it is proven that our soul leaves the body, which works in accordance with what we’ve done during the daytime.

Keep saying good things in front of the mirror, especially at night, at least for a few minutes, and see positive energies activated.

Is Having Too Many Mirrors Bad Feng Shui

Having too many mirrors is not a bad Feng Shui until you know how to properly position them. You can achieve your goals by placing the mirrors in their rightful position because mirrors have the ability to magnify or increase anything you want in life.

The most important thing here is the correct placement, and if you fail to get that, the result of having many mirrors at home can result.

Creating a tense environment where you’ve discord, lack of romance, strife, and sadness among the members of the house which may eventually ruin the good relationship you’ve enjoyed before.

Therefore, much priority must be placed on mirror placement, as well as limiting your mirrors to certain areas of the house like the dining room, bathroom, and staircase landing area.

Mirrors and Bad Energy [lucky mirror placements]

In many cultures, mirrors are regarded as a mysterious object and a conveyor of either good or bad energies. Depending on how you place and use your mirror, determines what you derive.

One of the Feng Shui tips in curing, and receiving good luck is to place mirrors at home rightly.

Mirrors can amplify the level of how you receive good luck. If you attract more fortune and good things, increase the energy in your home by using mirrors correctly.

Although you can enjoy these benefits, it is necessary you know how to position and utilize the mirrors at home. The happenings around your home are determined by how you position your mirror.

Depending on what you want to gain, you can put away bad energy from your home, and enlarge positive energies at your home by following these tips below:

Putting a mirror in front of the cash locker

You can attract good fortune, and prosperity by placing rightly your mirror where you’ve your cash locker at home.

Possibly put it at the front. It is a popular belief that placing a mirror in front of whatever represents money helps you to magnify it, and therefore attract wealth luck, and energy.

If you want to fast-track this mystery, keep to the habit of keeping your mirror clean, and dust-free, and not showing any defective part of the locker.

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Putting a mirror inside the dining room

One of the favorite places to position your mirror is the dining room. The experts suggested that reflecting the dining room images in the mirror can make good things start happening around you.

If you want to enjoy the positive energy that can help you to improve health, multiply your fortune, boost tranquility, and make good things abundant, position your mirror inside the dining room.

Go a step forward by placing a mirror on the wall which will make you reflect the entire dining room. This also adds beauty and color to your dining room.

Putting a mirror inside the bathroom

If you want to attract good energy, try to position a mirror inside the bathroom. You can maximize this benefit by making sure your bathroom is fully lit. Allowing darkness to penetrate may limit the flow.

It is inappropriate when you place the mirrors in a dark corner inside the bathroom because the darkness is a force that can disallow the energy level you need.

Placing your mirror on the wall northward or eastward in the bathroom makes the mysterious mirrors work positively for you.

Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door Cure?

You can apply the following solution as a cure to mirror-facing doors. How you place a mirror is important especially when it is placed facing a door. That is why placing a mirror on the face door can drive away vital energy known as Qi into your home.

  • Removing the mirror is one of the simple ways to cure the mirror facing the door. If you notice your mirror is facing the door, remove the mirror so that it will not be reflecting the front door.
  • Your front door is important to your well-being. It is a major entrance for positive energy to enter into your home. Try a new position to put your mirror.
  • Adjusting your mirror slightly can provide a suitable solution. You can do this easily by readjusting the position to look away from the door. It can be perpendicular, or adjacent.
  • Cover up the mirror in case the mirror cannot be moved, or adjusted.
  • This occurs when the mirror is permanently fixed on the wall or you have no right to move if you are living in a rented apartment. Just get a curtain or any beautiful fabric to cover it.
  • Look around for beautiful things you can use that will add more fun or glamour to your space. Place an object in front of the mirror to obstruct or block the reflection coming from the mirror.
  • You can try this by putting a vase of flowers or plants in front of the mirror. You can also place any beautiful object or furniture to obstruct the reflection of the mirror.


Q1: Why are mirrors so scary?

Mirrors are creepy majorly of our belief. Many grow up with a belief as a result of what is being fed to them by their elders. But with the solution provided above, you can maximize the benefits of a mirror at home.

Q2: What if you stare into a mirror?

Starring at a mirror does not take away your peace, except if you look at yourself for too long, especially at night. It becomes scary and results in unpleasant experiences.

Q3: What is the result of looking into a mirror in a dream?

It means your subconscious is emulating what you do physically. Limit the time you spend in front of the mirror at night.


Finally, Why Should Mirrors Be Covered At Night? we have covered every possible aspect of this.

Mirrors can either amplify or repel the energy around your home, either by reflecting incoming energy or dispersing the incoming energy to its environment. You can enjoy the benefits today if properly put into use.