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Auspicious Wedding Dates 2023 [Included Month Wise Days]

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By following a few simple tips, you can create a date that will be both auspicious and compatible with your Feng Shui ideology.

As a wedding planner, you know that it is important to ensure that your clients have the best possible chance of being able to celebrate their special day with the person they love.

That’s why you make sure to research the lucky wedding dates in Chinese so that you can find the perfect opportunity for your guests and yourself.

Here are some of the most popular Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2023 China: When choosing an auspicious wedding date for your own nuptials, it is important to keep in mind Feng Shui.

Why Do You Need To Choose An Auspicious Wedding Date?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when to choose an auspicious wedding date, but some factors to consider include your specific needs and preferences.

If you are looking for a wedding that is sure to be both memorable and auspicious, choosing an auspicious wedding date may be the best decision you ever make.

Is 2023 A Good Year For Marriage

According to some experts, 2023 is a good year for marriage.

They believe that the right time is now because so many people are ready to get married and have children.

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Marriage is important to both individuals and societies, and this article will explore some reasons 2023 could be a great year for marriage.

How do you choose an auspicious wedding date?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding date for feng shui.

However, some tips on how to choose an auspicious wedding day include looking at your geographical location and consulting with a feng shui specialist.

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2023
  • If you’re living in a region with strong qi energy, or if you have Ascendant as your Chinese zodiac sign, then planning a wedding in that area might be a better idea.
  • If not, consider others in your vicinity such as friends, family, and work colleagues.
  • This will help you get an idea of what’s going on in the energy field and make any necessary adjustments to your wedding date feng shui plan.
  • Look at the planets in your horoscope. If you are planning to have a traditional Chinese wedding, then ancient texts recommend that the only day of the year when all seven planets are in alignment is the first week of September.
  • This coincides with the month of August in our current calendar. Therefore, September 1st would be an auspicious day to tie the knot!

Here are some other factors on how to make the most of your special day:

Choosing the right Chinese wedding date can be difficult. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as your location, budget, and preferences.

Here are four tips to help you choose the best Chinese wedding date:

  • Location: Consider where you will be fighting traffic when planning your wedding. If you’ll be living close to Beijing or Shanghai, then doing your research and choosing a date in summer will save on travel costs. However, if you’ll be living far away from either city, then finding a more specific date may be necessary.
  • Budget: It’s important to keep in mind that weddings cost money – especially if you’re planning on having a large event. Be sure to make sure your budget is realistic before selecting a Chinese wedding date.
  • Preference: It’s important that you take into account the preference of your guests before choosing a date.
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Auspicious Wedding Dates For 2023 With Month Wise?

Below are Auspicious dates and months along with compatible zodiac signs 2023 like Rooster, Pig, Rat, Tiger, Dog, Horse, Ox, Monkey, Goat, Rabbit, Dragon, and Pig.

We have not included March, July, and September as they are the most unlucky months in terms of new relationships and weddings.

Auspicious Wedding Date January 2023
9 Jan 2023Monday
11 Jan 2023Wednesday
12 Jan 2023Thursday
14 Jan 2023Saturday
21 Jan 2023Saturday
24 Jan 2023Tuesday
26 Jan 2023Thursday
9 Jan 2023Monday
11 Jan 2023Wednesday
12 Jan 2023Thursday
Auspicious Wedding Date February 2023
2 Feb 2023Thursday
6 Feb 2023Monday
8 Feb 2023Wednesday
14 Feb 2023Tuesday
15 Feb 2023Wednesday
18 Feb 2023Saturday
23 Feb 2023Thursday
27 Feb 2023Wednesday
2 Feb 2023Thursday
6 Feb 2023Monday
Auspicious Wedding Date April 2023
1 April 2023Saturday
3 April 2023Monday
9 April 2023Sunday
14 April 2023Friday
15 April 2023Saturday
18 April 2023Tuesday
26 April 2023Wednesday
30 April 2023Sunday
1 April 2023Saturday
3 April 2023Monday
Auspicious Wedding Date May 2023
6 May 2023Saturday
10 May 2023Wednesday
12 May 2023Friday
15 May 2023Monday
18 May 2023Thursday
21 May 2023Sunday
27 May 2023Saturday
28 May 2023Sunday
6 May 2023Saturday
10 May 2023Wednesday
Auspicious Wedding Date June 2023
Auspicious Wedding Dates 2023
3 June 2023Saturday
5 June 2023Monday
7 June 2023Wednesday
8 June 2023Thursday
9 June 2023Friday
12 June 2023Monday
15 June 2023Thursday
16 June 2023Friday
18 June 2023Sunday
21 June 2023Wednesday
Auspicious Wedding Date August 2023
1 August 2023Tuesday
3 August 2023Thursday
5 August 2023Saturday
7 August 2023Monday
10 August 2023Thursday
13 August 2023Sunday
16 August 2023Wednesday
17 August 2023Thursday
26 August 2023Saturday
28 August 2023Monday
Auspicious Wedding Date October 2023
1 October 2023Sunday
3 October 2023Tuesday
5 October 2023Thursday
7 October 2023Saturday
12 October 2023Thursday
15 October 2023Sunday
19 October 2023Thursday
26 October 2023Thursday
27 October 2023Friday
28 October 2023Saturday
Auspicious Wedding Date November and December 2023
5 November 2023Sunday
14 November 2023Tuesday
17 November 2023Friday
20 November 2023Monday
26 November 2023Sunday
28 November 2023Tuesday
29 November 2023Wednesday
2 December 2023Saturday
5 December 2023Tuesday
6 December 2023Wednesday
9 December 2023Saturday
13 December 2023Wednesday
21 December 2023Thursday

Is it bad luck to get your wedding date tattooed on you?

There are many people who believe that getting your wedding date tattooed on you is a bad idea.

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Others may think that it’s just a fun fact to share with friends and family.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to get your wedding date tattooed on you is up to you.


Chinese weddings are a popular tradition in many parts of the world. But for some couples, their weddings may not go as planned due to unlucky dates.

In this article, we discussed some of the most Chinese Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2023. Hope you will find this useful.