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[11] Useful Cul De Sac House Feng Shui Cures and Fixes

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Some people like to live in a cul-de-sac house but may not be aware of the possible consequence. Here we will talk about Cul De Sac House Feng Shui Cures and Fixes.

A few years ago, uninformed buyers crave to live in a home on a cul-de-sac because of the accompanying benefits such as the availability of a larger lot and lessened traffic across the street which gives the children the opportunity to catch fun and play.

For this reason, home builders charge much higher for this cul-de-sac type of home. However, since many buyers are knowledgeable about Feng Shui, the case has been different.

You can also watch out before moving into a new home, if your home is into this spectrum.

Is Cul De Sac House bad feng Shui
Is Cul De Sac House bad feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, a cul-de-sac home is considered dreadful just like home near an electric pole. Cul-de-sac is categorized under the dead-end street, and the effect can be bad.

Regrettably, many of those living in such homes have in one way or the other suffered the consequence. Fortunately, there is a solution to the cul-de-sacs type of home.

In this blog, we provided cul-de-sacs house cures in Feng Shui ways. These Feng Shui cures are proven and effective in changing the happenings around your home from negative to positive.

The following topics are discussed in this blog:

  • What is a cul-de-sac in Feng Shui?
  • Are cul de sacs bad Feng Shui?
  • House at the end of a cul de sac
  • Spiritual meaning of a cul de sac
  • 11 Feng Shui cul-de-Sac Cures
  • Problems with cul de sacs
  • Is it safe to live in a cul de sac
  • What is good Feng Shui for a house
  • What is bad Feng Shui for a house
  • Feng Shui dead-end street
  • Is it bad Feng Shui to live in a cul de sac?
  • Is it bad Feng Shui to live in a corner?

What Is Cul-De-Sac In Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, a cul-de-sac is designated a dead-end street with a circular turnaround that has one entry and exit.

In this case, the houses that are proximate to each other face the doughnut-shaped center. The house is located at the end of the street, where its dead ends are known as the cul-de-sac home.

Are Cul De Sacs Bad Feng Shui?

Feng Shui considered the cul-de-sac house bad. The reason for this is not farfetched. It is believed that the energy is ensnared or swayed in another direction.

The energy (chi) that is supposed to enter the homes moves in the direction of the curve, rather than reaching the surrounding houses, such that the occupants are cut off, and not the beneficiary, as a result of stagnant energy.

House At The End Of A Cul De Sac

A House at the end of a cul-de-sac has been tagged as a house that is cut off from receiving positive energy.

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Rather a house that sits at the end of a cul-de-sac is at the risk of receiving all the negative energies that are gathered from the street, thereby plunking pressure on the house energetically.

This could result in turning the home into a center of trouble, and difficulties, which can lead to pains and horrible experiences. Your house is therefore opened to the energy rushing down the road toward your house.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Cul De Sac

The spiritual meaning of a cul-de-sac is translated as a dead end of a street which signifies getting stuck.

In other words, you perceive or worry that the direction you are presently heading leads nowhere, or the present circumstances or relationship will end up in mess and turn out to be futile.

Problems With Cul De Sacs

These are common problems associated with cul-de-sacs:

  • Cul de sac drains the home of positive energy responsible for happiness and prosperity subjecting the occupants of the such house to stress, depression, and loss.
  • Cul de sac often drains your home of life-uplifting energy.
  • The cul de sac opens the home to negative effects of energy rushing down.
  • Living in a cul de sac may result in divorce and economic challenges.
  • Cul de sac is regarded as a place that signifies bad luck and the end to good things especially life, and luck.

Feng Shui Dead End Street

Feng Shui Dead End Street comprises cul de sac homes, T-Junction homes, and homes located at the dead end. Dead End Street comes out of the word, end of life or luck, which is often the result of living in houses located in any of these locations.

Is It Safe To Live In A Cul De Sac

Living in a cul de sac is safe and this is one of the major reasons homes in cul de sac are preferred.

Living in a cul de sac home comes with the benefits of receiving fewer cars, thereby witnessing minimal traffic.

The cul-de-sac is located in a place that is safe and free from damage. It is easy for children to catch fun outside because of low vehicular movement.

But other than above benefits, in Feng Shui it is considered as a bad home. Find below top cures for Cul De Sac.

11 Cul De Sac House Feng Shui Cures

If your home is located on a cul-de-sac, you can embrace these proven Feng Shui cul-de-sac cures to correct the abnormalities.

They serve as a remedy that can potentially block negative energy rushing down into your home, and position your home to enjoy positive energy.

Cul De Sac House Feng Shui Remedies
Cul De Sac House Feng Shui Remedies

1. Landscaping:

Setting up landscapes can serve as a cure for your cul-de-sac home.

Growing shrubs, trees, walls, or boulders planted and growing in front of your home can serve as an obstacle that can prevent or retard the movement of bad energy (negative chi).

It is advisable to grow plants at the back of your home which is effective in retaining the positive energy that enters your house.

2. Water Features:

Setting up a water feature (water element) in front of the house will be effective in controlling the energy flow.

The outdoor water feature will ensure the energy flows in a way that is calm and peaceful, rather than rushing into the home.

You focus on adding a water feature that ensures the water flows toward the house instead of flowing away because water is symbolic of prosperity and abundance.

The water body performs the function of slowing down the energy and minimizing its effect on the home. A water fountain or other types of water features can serve this purpose. Also, you can design a unique waterfall.

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3. Motion:

According to Feng Shui, generating movement or motion outside your home can serve as a cure for a cul de sac house.

You can achieve this by placing an attractive flag, banner, and moving sculpture in front of your home.

These are symbolic of movement, and they are in harmony with the environment. These objects can draw positive chi and channel it to your main entrance.

You can cheaply attract positive energy (chi) with a fascinating appearance and the perception of an object in movement heralds good energy to the front door.

4. Putting Up Of Landscape At The Center Of The Neighborhood:

Creating a landscape at the core of the cul de sac can serve as a cure. This can be a joint task with other neighbors by landscaping the center island and growing beautiful evergreen shrubs and lush flowers.

The landscape at the center of the neighborhood prevents the energy from rushing through the circle and down the street.

It also minimizes the effect of negative energy rushing. Add flowers, green plants, ground covers, and evergreen shrubs. Doing this can retard the flow of energy and disallow negative Qi from rushing into the homes.

5. Direction Of The Main Door

If it is possible, consider changing the direction of the main door to prevent the energy from rushing into your home.

6. Check Bedroom Location

If you want to cure cul de sac home, you can change your bedroom location to the back side of the house to experience the best comfort, sound sleep, and quality rest so as not to be disturbed by the traffic outside.

7. Mirror Placement

According to Feng Shui, hanging a Ba Gua mirror can serve as a cure for cul de sac home. The mirror will be effective in reflecting or redirecting the negative energy that is speeding toward the home.

8. Placement of Plants and Trees

It is also suggested by planting tall trees at the back of your house, you can cure cul de sac house.

The trees can be planted close to the bedroom in the backyard which safeguards the bedroom against the rushing energy and fosters better rest for the residents.

9. Strengthen The Front Door

Fortifying and protecting the front door can be a remedy for a cul de sac house. By strengthening the front door, you can curb the consequence of a cul de sac house.

You can strengthen or fortify your main door by painting it with Feng Shui colors, especially red color. The red color symbolizes energy, vibrancy, and power.

10. Adding Feng Shui Colors

Adopting Feng Shui colors can be effective in preventing cul de sac house nemesis.

Many colors are symbolic of the Feng Shui element for attracting positive energy. Colors are powerful to control feelings and add liveliness which is a source of good energy, and prosperity.

11. Windmill Roof Placement

Placing a windmill on your roof can cure cul de sac home.

What Is Good Feng Shui For A House

You can engage the Feng Shui principles and change the happenings around your house for good.

Applying Feng Shui to a house can attract good luck, prosperity, happiness, and abundance and ultimately aid energy balance. Here are ways you can initiate good Feng Shui for a house:

  1. Lighten Up Your Main Entrance: According to Feng Shui, your main entrance is important and is a pointer to how your home and life attract energy. When you lighten your front door, it means you have positioned your home to receive positive energy. Light represents positivity.
  2. Ensure Your Windows Are Cleaned: Windows are important and seen as the adults’ eyes in Feng Shui. Windows are a medium through which sunlight penetrates the house, and this indicates rejuvenation. Good feng shui can be created in your home by cleaning your windows regularly. Also, cleaning your windows removes stagnant energy, in form of dust and dirt.  
  3. Show Your Doors Quality Care: When you provide good care to your doors, you create a wider avenue for positive energy, happiness, prosperity, and good luck to gain entrance into your home. Doors also signify channels through which opportunities can gain access into one’s life.
  4. Applying for Commanding Position: In Feng Shui, there are commanding positions that can be applied and you enjoy the attraction of good energy. There is a commanding position for your bed, and desk.
  5. Remove Every Obstacle You Might Encounter: Be conscious while you walk outside and inside your home. Some things will come into your path as an obstacle. Instead of hitting them with your legs, remove them. Also, ensure your home is free o obstacles that you may hit while walking. Properly arrange your bedroom and living room.
  6. Decluttering To Give More Space: De-cluttering your home will help to remove unused items and dispose of them. This will create more space in your home. Decluttering helps to keep you free of stagnant energy.
  7. Add Plants And Flowers: Raising plants like flowers in the house encourages nurturing positive energy. Plants are a symbol of Feng Shui wood element which attracts important growth energy and accomplishment into your home. Plants also facilitate freshness and strength.
  8. Show Appreciation: Cultivate the attitude of offering thanks to your house. It makes you enjoy happiness and prosperity.
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What Is Bad Feng Shui For A House

These are some of the bad Feng Shui for a house:

  1. Alignment between Direct Front Door And Back Door: When your front door aligns with your back door, it is a bad feng shui. The energy that enters through the main door will rush through the back door.
  2. When Staircase Faces The Front Door: In a situation where the staircase faces the front door, the energy that entered the house speeds up very fast into the upper floors, leaving the main floor void of energy needed to nourish the occupants.
  3. When Bathroom Faces the Front Door: If your bathroom faces the front door, there will be a loss of energy through the bathroom, which makes your home enjoy good energy.
  4. Staircase in the Center of A House: It is a bad Feng Shui to have a staircase in the center of your home because it serves as an opening through which the positive energy is lost.   

Is It Bad Feng Shui To Live In A Cul De Sac?

Since Feng Shui sees cul de sac as a place that attracts negative energy and symbolizes bad luck. Hence, it is a bad Feng Shui to live there. But Feng Shui can abate the negative impacts. Use the cures outlined above.

Is It Bad Feng Shui To Live On A Corner?

It is a bad Feng Shui living in a house facing the corner as the homes will grasp the adverse impact from the rushing negative energy.