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How To Use Chinese Golden Dragon Symbol For Good Luck

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The Chinese Golden Dragon is a respected and cherished symbol in Chinese cultures, with its popularity cutting across many cultures too, especially the entire Asia. It is also used as a symbol of belief in many practices too.

With a vast range of significance, the Chinese Dragon symbol is a notable symbol in feng shui

For many years, this symbol stands tall among many other symbols as a special icon used to demonstrate abundance, success, dignity and good luck.

One of the incredible monuments known as the Great Wall of China was built using the image of a massive dragon as its design. As a result of its huge popularity, you will find this symbol virtually on everything you come across as an image.

Do you desire good things in life? Interestingly, these good things are associated with the Dragon symbol.

The Chinese Dragon symbol is also associated with feng shui practice and is used as a symbol of fortune, prosperity, power, and plenty of opportunities.

The symbol of the Chinese Dragon also appears in the zodiac signs and is placed at the fourth position and plays an important role in determining what follows a man.

The acceptability of the Chinese Dragon is rooted in the inspiration, motivation, and elevation that follow its symbol which is very crucial to sustainable development in all endeavors of life.

In this blog, you will know more about how to use the Chinese Golden Dragon symbol for good luck through the following topics:

What Is The Chinese Dragon Story

The Dragon symbol is influential, powerful and remains a core of the Chinese culture.  

The Chinese Dragon is represented using images and there are different mysterious beliefs associated with this imaginary animal. The Chinese Dragon symbol is symbolic and important, hence paving the way for its use on many things.

For example, it is highly esteemed in traditional Chinese artwork, making the image of the Chinese Dragon symbol to be used for painting, and sculptures, imprinted on clothing, vases, etc.

The Chinese Dragon story is displayed in the Dragon‘s compassionate nature which is demonstrated when a rabbit tried to cross and couldn’t.

The story showed how the dragon was moved with compassion after seeing this scene and releases its wind that carried the rabbit across the river on a floating branch.

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In moving on, the dragon came to the rescue of a village experiencing drought by drawing down rain to make the land lush and nourished.

Due to this fact, the dragon is been regarded as a maker of rain and ushers in pleasant and comforting times, coupled with outstanding breakthrough and wealth. 

What Is The Chinese Golden Dragon Meaning?

The meaning of the Chinese Golden Dragon centers on the intrinsic worth of the Dragon and what it brings. The Chinese Golden Dragon portrays authority, prosperity, abundance and good luck.

The use of the Chinese Golden Dragon in modern practices demonstrates the bravery and unresentful energy that can be tapped from the Dragon symbolism.

History shows that it is a symbol used by the Emperors of China which defines the magnitude of their rulership, authority, and dominion.

Feng Shui Golden Dragon
Feng Shui Golden Dragon

During the imperial reign of the Emperor, the Dragon symbols were used as a sign of royalty, affluence, and reign. Hence, it is used to differentiate the powerful people from the common people.

It is worthy to note that the Chinese Golden Dragon is believed to have power on any issue surrounding water, such as inviting rain during drought, flood controlling, and rainfall, thereby bringing about remarkable effects to people around. No wonder, it is seen as a god of water.

In addition, some other meanings associated with the Chinese Golden Dragon are: 

  • Fortune, abundance, and wealth
  • Nobility, royalty, affluence, and dominion
  • Power, good luck, and prosperity
  • Goodness, serenity, and happiness 
  • Distinction, outstanding, and superiority
  • Strength, vitality, and brilliancy
  • Positivity, vibrancy, sacrifice and endurance Heroism
  • Famous and legendary

How Many Chinese Golden Dragon Zodiac Signs Are?

In feng shui, the Chinese Golden Dragon can be found at the fifth position of the Chinese zodiac sign, which is part of the 12-animal cycle.

The following years are tagged the Dragon zodiac sign and the people that are born in any of these years demonstrate some distinctive traits that make them suitable to be a leader such as authority, respect, courage, self-esteem, and firmness. 

  • 1940
  • 1952
  • 1964
  • 1976
  • 1988
  • 2000
  • 2012
  • 2024

The Dragon people are notable for enjoying blessing, success, wealth, influence, and goodness.

Hoe many names do Chinese Dragon has?

  • Sсаthа
  • Drаgа
  • Vіѕеrіоn
  • Rhaegal
  • Drоgоn
  • Glаurung

Whаt Arе 9 Types Of Chіnеѕе Drаgоnѕ?

The following are the notable types of Chinese Dragons.

BixiRegarded as the eldest all of the dragon shape is turtle-like The teeth are sharp and powerful Loves to carry heavy objects Imprinted mostly on monuments  
QiuniuIdentified with the scales Yellowish  in color It cherishes music and is outstanding in it It is used to  beautify musical instruments  
YaziIt has a belly similar to that of a snakehead is similar to that of a leopard  Ready to fight and kill It is frequently used to embellish sword grip
ChaofengFamously known to be adventure-lovers is used often to decorates buildings that accommodate adventurers, tourists, and can be found on the roofs of the palace ridges  
PulaoIt cries loudly and recognized with shouting  Is used as a symbol on the handles of the bell  
ChiwenIt is found living in the state has a voice that is Harshit loves to devour and kill other creatures used to adorn palace ridgepole ends
Bi’anIt loves anything that relates to laws It is often seen standing at the gates of the jail  
Suanni   It has a shape of a lion cherishes to sit and cross legs loves to smell incensed It is wildly used as a symbol found on the incense burners and seats of the temple of the Buddhist   
  FuxiThe most admired Chinese dragon is usually found on stone tablets  

What Is The Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning?

Since many people know the significance of Dragon and what it represents, the number of people using it as a tattoo is on the increase.

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Numerous beautiful designs of dragon tattoos have been carved out by tattoo designers around the world propelling it to be embraced by many. 

So, what is the meaning of the Chinese Dragon Tattoo? The meaning is often associated with the symbolic nature of the dragon.

Dragons are a symbol of imperial, legendary, royalty, grace, conquest, affluence, authority, vitality, impact, classic, and intelligence.

Therefore, the Chinese Dragon Tattoo means strength, vigor, affluence, majesty, and victory.

What Is A Golden Dragon In Chinese Astrology?

In Chinese astrology, the golden dragon is seen as the god of water. It is believed dragon has the power to control rainfall, flood, tornadoes, and even call for rain when there is a draught.

It is also seen as an animal that has a connection with the spirits and brings about fortune, and plentiful harvest.

Therefore, in Chinese astrology, the dragon is highly esteemed as a medium through which you can attract wealth, abundance, fortune, and blessing.

What is Feng Shui Of dragons

The dragon is also accepted in feng shui as a notable symbol. In fact, it is accorded much respect because of the auspicious qualities embedded in its nature.

In feng shui, it is listed as part of the Zodiac sign, and its symbolism cuts across many spheres that people like to associate with dragons.

The feng shui of a dragon is seen as a practice where you can place the dragon symbol around your home and office, and experience some powerful blessings and grace the dragon would bring.

In-office, placing a dragon symbol in your office can attract groundbreaking opportunities if utilized can see you rising on the ladder of success. Also, it will give strength, vigor, and power to achieve your goals. 

It can help you to become more intelligent, wise, and courageous and exposed you to different ideas which can help you rise beyond the t.

What The Chinese Golden Dragon Color Represent?

You can identify dragons with their color and each color of the dragon has different significance and meanings. The color of the Chinese golden dragon shows the kind of distinctive nature it carries.

The following are the notable colors of the Chinese golden dragons and what they represent:

Dark DragonIndicates intelligence, wisdom, innovation and insights
Green Dragonportrays nature
Gold DragonActivates and enhances self-esteem and behavior
Blue DragonIt is a symbol of generosity, compassion, simplicity, fragile, and requires much care.
Yellow DragonConfers honors, majesty, and respect

How to use Chinese Golden Dragon In your Home For luck?

You can use the Chinese golden dragon in your home and see good luck knocking on your door. In other words, the Chinese golden dragon is capable of attracting your desired luck.

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Placing a golden dragon symbol or image in your home will bring prosperity, abundance, smooth and sound sleep, energy, good health, strength, abundant life and financial blessing.

As a matter of fact, you can place it at the main entrance and you’ll enjoy advancement, and great rewards in your profession, career and business.

You can place the golden dragon in the following direction:

Eаѕt Bаguа Area 

Placing the dragon facing the east direction is welcome and it will herald the flow of positive energy into your home.

It will also serve as a monitoring object driving away negative occurrences and keeping them safe. The best color of the dragon that can serve the east Bagua area very well is the blue dragon.

Southwest Or Northeast Bagua Area

Placing the dragon image in the southwest or northeast Bagua direction can make you enjoy the best result, as these directions are described as a lucky placement.

Your dragon facing southwest or northeast direction can propel the flow of wealth, fortune, long life, protection, and safety. 

What is the Chinese Dragon Personality?

The Chinese dragon personality is described with the following:

  • Good luck
  • Prosperity
  • Wealth
  • Excellent 
  • Skillful
  • Intelligent
  • Strong.

Where to place dragon Turtle in feng shui?

According to feng shui, the best position is to place the dragon turtle in the back of the house. It is noted that it will protect the entire space.

Phoenix And Drogon placement In Feng Shui

In feng shui, the dragon and phoenix are seen as compatible and their friendly nature earned them the best pair from heaven.

The dragon and phoenix are considered as two powerful symbols out of the remaining symbols in feng shui. They symbolize accomplishment, attainment, fortune, and abundance.

Phoenix and dragon placement in feng shui can bring peace, serenity, and joy. Place them together in the room, and office facing the east, southwest, or northeast directions. 

Whісh Direction Shоuld A Drаgоn Fасе Fоr Gооd Luсk

How you place the dragon symbol and the direction it faces really matter in order to achieve great results.

If you want to enjoy long-lasting good luck, position the dragon to face north or northwest directions. It is recommended for use either at home or office.

Why is It Bad To Have A Lot Of Dragon Feng Shui

Having a lot of dragons is bad and not encouraged in feng shui, because of the fierceness nature of the dragon. It is in the category of Lion, Tiger, Eagle, and so on.

Therefore, put one or two dragon symbols or images at the office or home, and you benefit from its influence to see your space filled with positive energy. 

How To Use Chinese Golden Dragon For Good Feng Shui?

Since we all know the symbolism of the Chinese golden dragon, next is to ask how to use it. To use your dragon is easy.

It can be used either as:

  • Tattoo
  • Door icon
  • Wall image
  • Office desk figurine
  • As monument object to beautiful your space
  • Jewelry, pendant, and bracelet

What Is The Difference between A Chinese Dragon And A Japanese Dragon?

Dragon has huge popularity across the globe. Therefore it is acceptable everywhere.

The difference between the Chinese dragon and a Japanese dragon is majorly on the number of feet.

It is believed that the Chinese dragon has four toes on each of its feet, while the Japanese dragon has three toes on each of its feet.  

How Many Dragons Should You Have To The Left Of your computer table?

To get the best result, only one or two dragon images are enough to be kept at the office or office desk.

For example, to achieve greatness, you can position a wooden dragon image, and glass dragon statue on your office desk. You have the.

In feng shui, you have the opportunity to control your office thereby attracting good luck.

In conclusion, today, the dragon is celebrated as one of the popular symbols in feng shui, because of its application. Go ahead and get the image close to you.

Pick up materials that have the image imprinted on them. Paint your space with the image of a dragon, and resolve that you’ll hang the dragon’s symbol on your main entrance.

Therefore, enjoy the prosperity, abundance, success, and good luck the dragon brings.