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15 Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors, Décor and Meaning

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In Feng Shui, wedding colors play a major role. Incorporate these Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors to make sure you have a blessed wedding and married life ahead.

A wedding day is definitely the most significant day in one’s life. It is a day full of mixed emotions – you are excited, emotional, nervous, and of course, very stressed.

You want everything to go your way, everything to look perfect, and you hope nothing goes wrong. And top of that, what really matters is that your significant other and you are happy and get all the blessings on this auspicious day.

So why not conduct your wedding the Feng Shui way to ensure that you get positive vibes and good luck on such a big day of your life?

Feng Shui and Weddings

Feng Shui is the art of harboring positive energy flow and creating a balance in your life by harmonizing with your environment and your surroundings.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that teaches us to enhance our environment to lead a healthy and happy life.

And our environment includes everything–from the place we live to the furniture we use, to the colors we have around us.

Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors
Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors

Hence, there are certain Feng Shui rules that everyone must follow for a blessed marriage when it comes to your wedding.

However, if you can’t follow all the rules, one way to Feng Shui your wedding is by using the most auspicious colors.

Feng Shui has tips for everything, even the colors you should opt for on your wedding day.

Hence, to make sure you have a happy marriage and a blessed wedding day, make sure to incorporate Feng Shui tips for wedding colors in everything–from the décor, to the cake, and to your dress.

The Role of Colors in Feng Shui

You must have noticed that whenever we talk about Feng Shui, we always talk about specific colors to enhance the positivity of the place or certain aspects of your life.

This is because colors hold a lot of significance in Feng Shui, and every color holds meaning, and it, in turn, aids in the energy flow of a place.

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To understand the role of colors in Feng Shui, we must first understand the 5 element theory.

There are 5 major elements of Feng Shui that determine object positioning, energy flow, and balance in life. And different colors are a representation of these elements.

Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors
Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors

1. Fire

The fire element represents passion, warmth, love, and high-energy atmospheres.

The colors representing the fire element are shades of orange, pink, red, and strong yellow. Hence, to harbor love and passion, you can use these colors. 

2. Metal

The hues of grey and white represent the metal element. These colors lighten up a place and greatly contribute to productivity.

3. Earth

Earth element colors stimulate stability and health and are considered great for new families and relationships. The colors commonly represent the earth element are yellow, brown, and beige.

4. Water

The water element is said to promote peacefulness and tranquillity. It is great for relieving stress and unwinding.

People looking for peace in their lives must incorporate colors that represent elements such as black and blue hues.

5. Wood

Just like the earth element, wood is also associated with growth in prosperity. Green and brown colors represent this element.

A balance of all 5 elements is the best way to achieve harmony in life. If you aim to do Feng Shui at your wedding, you must incorporate a balance of all colors representing these elements.

Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors

Colors can greatly impact the Feng Shui of your wedding. If you’re looking for positive energy and good luck for your big day, you need to understand the meaning of some of the most common colors we see at weddings.

1. Red Color

Red is the most common color you will see at a wedding; it is the primary color at traditional Chinese weddings because it represents love and romance.

According to Feng Shui, it is best to incorporate red in your wedding décor and attire to help a romantic relationship thrive and encourage growth, passion, and love between the bride and groom.

Incorporating Red Color in a Wedding

Bridal Gown

  • As per Feng Shui, one must opt for a red bridal gown. A red bridal gown celebrates Chinese culture and traditions, but it is also an auspicious color.
  • It looks bold and beautiful; therefore, brides tend to wear a red dress the most at traditional Chinese weddings. 

Invitation Cards

  • It is considered auspicious to go for a bright colored –especially a red-colored invitation card, just like a red envelope. Most traditional Chinese wedding invitation cards are red in color with black lettering.
  • Moreover, they are supposed to be easy to read and square in shape. These guidelines for an invitation card determine good luck for the couple and enhance their love for each other.

Wedding Décor

  • Another way to incorporate red in your wedding colors is to use it in wedding décor.
  • If you have been to a traditional Chinese wedding, you must have seen red lanterns being the highlight of wedding decor.
  • These lanterns represent the fire element of Feng Shui to radiate passion and love.
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Other than that, there are two important symbols–both in red, that are used as wedding décor.

One is the “double happiness symbol“, and the other is thedragon and phoenix”–the ultimate lover’s symbol.

You can see these two symbols placed around in traditional Chinese wedding décor as well because they hold a lot of value in Feng Shui.

2. Blue and Green Color

Blue and green colors represent the wood element. The colors give out a calm atmosphere and are great for harboring peace and tranquility in life.

Blue and green are the two colors that are considered auspicious for second marriages in Feng Shui. It is best for couples having a second marriage to incorporate more green and blue in their wedding.

Incorporating Green and Blue Color in your Wedding


  • One great way to incorporate green color in your wedding is to add plants to the venue.
  • Plants allow you to include nature, which also helps in balancing the earth’s elements.
  • Moreover, they promote calmness and are great for wedding Feng Shui.


  • For people having a second marriage, it is even advised to wear green and blue colors.
  • Green and blue are perfect together; the colors represent future growth and are considered very lucky for the couple.
  • When the couple wears contrasting green and blue clothes, they bring longevity to their marriage – especially if it is either one’s second marriage.

3. White and Black Colors

These two colors are extremely auspicious–especially when paired together. To understand the importance of the two colors together, we need to understand their energy.

This pairing of the two colors originates from the “tai chi” symbol.

Black is a “Yang” color, just like men have Yang energy. White is a “Yin” color, just like women having Yin energy. Click here to read more on Yin and Yang.

Incorporating Black and White in your Wedding

Bride and Groom Attire

  • As discussed, white and black colors resonate with male and female energy; hence, pairing black and white colors for the bride and groom’s clothes are great for the couple.
  • The two colors balance the male energy with the female energy and promote the couple’s harmony. That’s why the bride should wear a white dress and the groom to wear a black tuxedo.

Wedding Cake

  • There are no specifics for a Feng Shui wedding cake color–there are just rules for the shape, size, and the number of tiers.
  • However, since white is an auspicious color for weddings, there is no harm in including white color for the cake.
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You can get the base of the cake colored white and pair it with blue or yellow (do not use both colors together) embellishments and flowers–because the color combination or metal colors such as white with blue and yellow is considered lucky.

4. Yellow Color

The yellow color represents the earth element and resonates with health and stability.

At a wedding, yellow is considered to be cheerful and helps lighten up a place. Including yellow in a wedding is healthy for the couple.

Incorporating Yellow in your Wedding


Since yellow is a bright color that represents a bright future, happiness, and stability–it is best to incorporate yellow color for the lighting.

It can easily light up a dim reception area and create a happy aura at the wedding ceremony. It is considered the ideal color for wedding venue places that lack light or look dull.

Feng Shui Wedding Color Combinations that are Considered Unlucky

There are certain color combinations that you must not include in your wedding, as they are considered unlucky and inauspicious according to Feng Shui.

  • Yellow and Blue
  • Green and Yellow
  • Red with metallic colors like White and Grey
  • Black and Red
  • Green with metallic colors

Feng Shui Wedding Color Combinations that are Considered Lucky

Similarly, some color combinations are reconsidered auspicious according to Feng Shui. You must include these color combinations in your wedding.

  • Yin Yang Colors like:
    • Red and Pink
    • Black and White
  • Metallic colors (white, grey) with Yellow
  • Green and Blue
  • Metallic Colors with Blue
  • Red and Green

Wrapping Up!

Colors play an important role in Feng Shui, and if you want to make your wedding day full of blessings that can last you a lifetime, you must follow Feng Shui wedding color rules.

In Feng Shui, every color has a meaning; therefore, when planning the color scheme for your wedding your wedding’s color scheme, do all your research, and then assign colors for anything.

FAQs: Lucky Feng Shui Wedding Colors

Q: Which color combination is the best for couples at a Feng shui wedding?

The Black and white color combination is perfect for the bride and groom because it represents yin and yang energy. You can also wear green and blue in case of a second marriage.

Q: What color should be the wedding décor?

Wedding décor must incorporate a balance of all 5 elements and their colors. However, it is better to dominate wedding décor with red colors – especially by using red lanterns because