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13 Left and Right Ear Ringing Superstitions + Meaning

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In this article, we will explore the ear ringing superstitions and see if the left and right ear ringing is a good or bad omen

Ear ringing is a normal thing witnessed by almost every human being. It is also known as tinnitus in science.

Ear ringing can occur in different forms like hearing humming, hissing, buzzing, ringing, whistling, or other noises in the ears, and they may come as high or low pitch.

According to some traditions and cultures, when there ringing in your ears with no external source of a sound, it is usually linked to the unseen spiritual world.

It is often interpreted that an angel is looking for ways to pass across a message or to speak with you.

Therefore, when a healthy person hears ringing sounds or has a buzzing feeling, often it might not be connected to the physical body. It can also be a reaction to changes in energy or some specific vibrations.

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What Is Ear Ringing?

Ear ringing is the sound produced in the ear without an external source. This is a type of ringing or buzzing without environmental influence.

The sound is originating from your ear and no one else hears the sound except you.

What Are Different Types Of Ear Ringing

There are different types of ear ringing including:

  • Buzzing implies spiritual awareness.
  • A sudden/loud noise signifies a warning.
  • A high-pitched ring is a sign of spiritual growth.
  • Low-pitched ringing signifies spiritual strain.
  • Left and right ear ringing.

Do Ear Ringing Superstitions Have A Spiritual Meaning?

Ear-ringing superstitions have different spiritual meanings just as eye twitching, Is It Bad Luck To Kill A Cricket, Moles Superstitions, and Snail Superstitions. Some of the spiritual meanings for left and right ear are-

1. Ear Ringing As A Sign Of Psychic Awakening

  • Some people believed that ear ringing is an indication from a guardian angel as a way of communicating with you or as proof that you are endowed with the gift of clairaudience.
  • And this is the capacity to grasp messages through your hearing from invisible beings, and it’s a communication that may take exist in upper levels of consciousness. 
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2. Ear Ringing As A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

  • This type of ear ringing is connected to spiritual awakening.
  • When you are more sensitive to the energy present in your vicinity, the ringing in your ear may be the divine energy from the creator or the noise from the universe. 

3. Ear Ringing As A Warning When Going In the Wrong Direction

  • Ear ringing can also occur when you are heading in the wrong direction.
  • If the ringing occurs in the left ear, it could be a hint from your guardian angels or nature that you are on the wrong path, or your life is getting out of hand.
  • It is also a warning when you are spiritually disconnected and it is necessary to amend your ways. Stop and heed your inner voice.
  • But if it is in the right ear, it is often an indication of good news or motivation.  

4. Ear Ringing As A Warning When Your Spiritual Energy Is Imbalance

  • If your left earrings, it may be a sign that negative energy is close at hand. Perhaps the kind of people you mingle with or certain objects around you.
  • They may not be compatible with you. As a result of this, your energy may deplete and you lose out.
  • But because nature loves you, it is giving you a signal to either move away from those people or objects or increase your vibration.

5. Ear Ringing As A Sign That Someone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

  • If your right earrings, it is a sign that someone cares about you or talking nicely about you.
  • But when you left earrings, it means that someone is talking badly about you.
  • It is usually a warning from your angelic friends that you put your mind more on what people say about you, or that you need to be cautious about the information or things you share with others. 

What Is The Role Of Ear Ringing Omen In Different Cultures

Ear ringing omen has different meanings from culture to culture and this is based on myths and superstitions that can be traced back thousands of years.

1. Chinese Culture

The Chinese believed that it is a bad omen to experience ear ringing at night.

The ear ringing has different meanings in Chinese based on the time of the day and they are listed below in this blog.

2. Asian Culture

According to Asian, ear ringing is compared to the sound produced by chakras when it opens and close. Chakras represent the energy hub of the body.

The devotees of this religion, mainly from India and Nepal believed that when the chakras opened, there is a seamless penetration and flow of energy efficiently.

3. Other Cultures- USA, UK, Canadian

An older woman’s story says that ringing in the right ear is a sign that someone is talking about you favorably. It could be someone close to you.

Another meaning from other cultures shows that ringing in the right ear is a sign that you are about to receive great luck or pleasant news.

Ringing In Right Ear Superstitions

There are many superstitions attached to ringing in the right ear.

Usually, ringing in the right ear is interpreted as a spiritual beckoning from the unseen world and also it is a sign that pleasant surprises are approaching.

Here are some of the most common superstitions attached to ringing in the right ear.

1. Gossip

This is one of the most common and ancient old wives’ fables.

It simply stated that if people are talking behind your back, your ears will tingle or buzz, and you will hear specific sounds in the right ear.

Your guardian angel will do his best to alert you and you will receive a right ear ringing.

Most times, the right ear sound often occurs if others are talking well about you or speaking badly.

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2. Spiritual Connection

When there is a ringing in the right ear, it could also be that some superior beings are fascinated about you and have made up their mind that you require some sort of heavenly assistance and intervention in your spiritual walk.

To guide you on the path of spiritual advancement, the ringing in the right ear may be a sign telling you to strengthen your spiritual tie with them.

3. Angel Message That You Are Not Lonely

A ringing in your right ear may also be a sign that your angel is passing a vital message across to you that you are not abandoned. Usually, this sound comes in high pitch. 

4. A Sign Of Good Fortune

  • When your right earrings, it could indicate that fortune is coming to you.
  • It is also a sign that you have magnetized good luck and are forthcoming.
  • It may also be that good news, positive things, and favorable result are very close to you.
  • Therefore, you have to go ahead to draw it and declare it.
  • Nevertheless, it is necessary you evaluate all your actions and be disposed to take advantage of various opportunities in your environment.

Ringing In Left Ear Superstitions

Ringing In Left Ear Superstitions

According to some cultural beliefs, anything left is deemed unfavorable. Likewise ringing in the left ear may be seen as something unfavorable. Here are a few superstitions attached to ringing in the left ear:

A Situation May Not End As Expected

Hearing a sound in the left ear may be a sign that a situation you’re tackling is not probably going to work out in your favor. Pay attention to this sign and strategize accordingly.

A Warning

  • Most times, the ringing in your left ear may come as a warning. But do not fret – it’s not as terrible as it looks.
  • For instance, you just went for an interview for a job you need badly. And next, you get a sound in your left ear.
  • This divine sign might be a sign or warning that you ignore this job, even if you are selected as the right person.

It could be something is wrong with the job and because you cannot see it presently, your guardian Angel may take it up as a responsibility to guide you toward getting a better one.

You Are Going In The Wrong Direction

  • The ringing in your left ear may also be a sign to sit down and re-examine yourself, perhaps you are going in the wrong direction.
  • How do you know if you are going in the wrong direction? Be sincere with yourself and ask certain questions that will help you to know if you are walking on the right path or not.
  • If you see that you are on the wrong path, is better to retrace your step back.

You Are Losing Control Of Your Life.

If you experience ringing in the left ear, it could be that you’re not in control of certain circumstances and issues around you and your guardian angels are trying to convey a message to you to alert you.

In most cases, this comes as a low-pitch sound.

Ringing In Left Ear Meaning

Ringing in the left ear is a warning and a sign to evaluate certain situations that need urgent attention.

Ringing In Right Ear Meaning

Ringing In Right Ear Meaning

Ringing in the right ear is usually connected to angelic visitation. This occurs when you receive messages from angels or God.

It comes in the form of a spiritual sign that will transform your life as well as make you aware of possible dangers that lie ahead.

The Science Behind Ear Ringing

Recent studies have revealed that ear ringing is not basically an ear difficulty but a neurological issue.

Research also showed that about 15-20% of people experienced ear ringing which common in older people.

Some of the major causes include circulatory illness, ear injury, and loss of hearing as a result of age.

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A Modern Perspective On-Ear Ringing Superstition

While there are different superstitions about ear ringing, it is better to seek for medical advice to know more about how to overcome ear ringing if it persisted.

It will help you to know the causes of ear ringing and available solutions.

The Meaning Of Right And Left Ear Ringing At Different Times Of The Day

There are meanings attached to left and right ear ringing at different times of the day. The table below shows the meaning of ear ringing at different times of the day.

Times Of The DayMeaning Of Left And Right Ear Ringing
11 pm to 1 amLeft ear ringing shows that a person you love remembers you, while the right ear ringing is a sign that some of your money will be lost in the next few days.  
1 am to 3 am  If your left ear is ringing, it is a sign that you conflict with people, while your right ear ringing ushers you into a more intense disagreement.  
3 am to 5 am  Left ear ringing implies you will lose some money, while your right ear indicates an 11th-hour rush for some event.    
5 am to 7 am  Left ear ringing indicates you will hold a feast, so get your stomach ready, but if it is right ear ringing, it shows a friend will pay you a visit
7 am to 9 am    If it is ringing in the left ear, it indicates that you will embark on a journey soon.

But if it is the right ear, it means that someone close is visiting you soon.  
9 am to 11 am    When the left earrings are at this time, it’s a sign that an unpleasant event may arise.

On the other hand, if it is the right ear that rings, it shows good luck is on its way coming.
11 am to 1 pm  If you left earrings, it is a sign that you will be given a letter from a place that is far but is this still relevant in this information age?

But, if it occurs in the right ear, you will receive an unexpected visit from a close relative.  
1 pm to 3 pm  If the left earrings, it means you will be invited to a party or a drink by your intimate friends.

However, if it happens in the right ear, a distant friend is coming to visit you.  
3 pm to 5 pm  If the ringing occurs in the left ear, it is a signal that you will embark on a trip via the road.

But if the ringing happens in the right ear, that is good for you.

Watch out, a memorable event is about to spring forth.  
5 pm to 7 pm  If the noise occurs in the left ear, you will experience money loss unexpectedly.

In contrast, if the ringing sounds in the right ear, you are in for good luck.  
7 pm to 9 pm  If the ringing occurs in the left ear, enjoyment is on its way. You will satisfy yourself by going to a dinner or party.

If the ringing occurs in the right ear, look forward because a friend will soon visit you.  
9 pm to 11 pm  Most times, this period favors the combination of good and exciting things, no matter if the ringing occurs in the ringing in the left or right ear.

The good news is that be expecting good luck and watch out for pleasant things to happen.  

Ear Ringing Myths and Facts FAQS

Q: How Do You Treat Ear Ringing?

The best way to treat ear ringing is to consult medical professionals and recommend solutions to it.

Q: Is Ear Ringing More Dangerous Than A Superstition?

Ear ringing is not a serious issue. According to science, it is not a symptom of a serious health illness.

But if the situation persists and becomes loud, it can lead to fatigue.

Q: How Do You Know If An Ear Ringing Is A Good Omen Or A Warning?

As early mentioned, right ear ringing is generally interpreted as expecting good luck and wealth. While the left ear ringing is mostly judged as a bad omen and warning.

Q: What Is The History Of An Ear-Ringing Superstition

The history of an ear-ringing superstition dated back more than 2000 years ago when it was mentioned in an encyclopedia written by the Roman philosopher Pliny’s “Natural History“.

Q: Do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you

Although this is a widespread myth, there is no evidence in the scientific community that supports it.

Ringing in the ears is commonly a symptom of tinnitus, a disorder that can be caused by exposure to loud noise, certain drugs, or even the natural process of aging, according to medical professionals.

Q: Random ringing in the left ear for a few seconds meaning?

A transient ringing in the ear, often referred to as momentary tinnitus, is rather frequent and, in most cases, is not something to be concerned about.

However, you should seek the advice of a medical expert if it continues for an extended period of time or if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as vertigo or hearing loss.

Q: Left ear ringing someone talking about you?

However, there is no evidence to support this assumption in the scientific community. But in many cultures, it’s said that someone is talking about you negatively.

Q: Ringing in the right ear only meaning?

If the ringing is only heard in one ear, this might be a sign of unilateral tinnitus, which is a medical condition.

But in many cultures especially Chinese according to many urban legends, this indicates that someone is complimenting you behind your back.

Q: Ringing in the left ear at night meaning?

A ringing sensation in the ear may be easier to detect at night since there are fewer ambient noises to compete with it.

But if this happens many times then it is suggested to check up.

Q: High-pitched ringing in the left ear means?

Tinnitus is a common condition that can have a variety of reasons and is characterized by a high-pitched ringing in one or both ears.

It does not have a symbolic or superstitious connotation that is recognized or accepted by everyone.

Please consult a doctor if this condition continues or starts to interfere with your normal activities.

In Conclusion

Based on cultures, beliefs, convictions, and religions, there are many stories, superstitions, traditions, and spiritual meanings connected to ear ringing.