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Feng Shui Meaning Of Broken Glass (Good or Bad Omen)

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Feng Shui is an old Chinese way of balancing the forces in a room. It believes that every item, element, and symbol has meaning. When it comes to Feng Shui, broken glass is no different.

Glass is often seen as a sign of openness and clarity, but when it breaks, it brings with it a different set of emotions and beliefs.

The concept of shattered glass in Feng Shui is a representation of disturbance and bad energy, which are frequently connected with disaster and opposition. It is considered that its shattered shape brings discord and difficulties into a room, which highlights the need for swiftly addressing and cleaning broken glass in order to restore good energy flow.

This article goes into detail about what broken glass means in terms of Feng Shui, including different beliefs, myths, and ways to fix the problem.

Breaking of glass in feng shui meaning

What do Feng Shui and glass mean?

Glass holds a unique position in the technique of Feng Shui due to the fact that it is transparent, reflects light, and is readily shattered.

When this occurs, it indicates that the Water element is present, which is associated with plenty, riches, and mental clarity.

In order to enhance the flow of energy and create the impression that the space is larger, glass screens are frequently positioned in particular ways.

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But according to Feng Shui, the sound of glass breaking has a completely different significance.

Is it lucky or unlucky to break glass?

According to Feng Shui, the presence of broken glass is usually seen as a sign of unluck and disaster.

It blocks the flow of positive energy and attracts negatively charged energy into the system. It is frequently associated with challenges and failures in one’s life.

What Does It Mean When Glass Breaks?

Broken glass is a symbol of broken hopes, troubles, and barriers in the context of Feng Shui culture. Instead of reflecting the unity and clarity that result from windows and glass that are complete, it represents the reverse of those qualities.

What Should I Do If My House Glass Breaks?

People have the misconception that when glass breaks in the house, it sends negative energy into the space, which can lead to issues such as discord, disputes, or financial difficulties.

In order to reduce the negative effects of cracked glass, specialists in Feng Shui recommend that it be repaired as soon as possible. Also read how to discard old broken items and amulets.

Is it lucky to break glass by accident?

Feng Shui believes that if you accidentally break glass, it is not a favorable signal for the future. Some cultures believe that the presence of shattered glass is a sign of good fortune.

On the other hand, when viewed through the lens of Feng Shui, it is more about the negative energy and crises that are associated with it.

Different Feng Shui Meanings Of Broken Glass

Different Feng Shui Meaning Of Broken Glass

In Feng Shui, broken glass is typically associated with negative energy and misfortune. Its symbolism varies based on different aspects of the practice.

1. Shattered Dreams and Luck

Broken glass is often seen as a representation of shattered dreams and bad luck. When glass items break in your living space, it can be interpreted as a sign that your ambitions and aspirations may face obstacles or setbacks.

2. Disrupted Energy Flow

Feng Shui places a strong emphasis on the flow of energy, or “Chi,” within a space. Broken glass disrupts this flow, creating stagnant and chaotic energy patterns. This can lead to discomfort and unease among the occupants of the space.

3. Sharp Edges and Negative Vibes

The sharp edges of broken glass are considered harmful in Feng Shui. They are believed to emit negative vibes and can even cause physical harm if not handled carefully. This is why it’s essential to clean up broken glass promptly and safely.

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Superstitions Surrounding Broken Glass

Various superstitions related to broken glass have been passed down through generations. These beliefs provide additional insights into the Feng Shui meaning of broken glass.

1. Seven Years of Bad Luck

One of the most well-known superstitions is that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck.

This belief stems from ancient times, when mirrors were considered magical objects that could capture the soul. Breaking one was believed to damage the soul and bring misfortune.

2. Broken Glassware and Domestic Discord

In Feng Shui, breaking glassware in the kitchen or dining area is thought to symbolize potential conflicts or arguments within the family. It is seen as a warning sign of disharmony in the household.

3. Cracked Windows and Financial Loss

If a windowpane in your home cracks, it is often regarded as a sign of financial loss or unexpected expenses. Feng Shui practitioners recommend addressing this promptly to avoid financial difficulties.

Remedies and Feng Shui Tips

While broken glass is generally considered unfavorable in Feng Shui, there are remedies and practices to mitigate its negative effects and restore harmony to your living space.

1. Cleaning and Clearing

The first step in dealing with broken glass is to clean it up thoroughly and safely. Use gloves and a dustpan to collect all the shards, ensuring that no small fragments are left behind.

This helps remove the physical danger and minimizes the negative energy associated with broken glass.

2. Purifying with Salt

After cleaning, some Feng Shui practitioners recommend sprinkling salt over the area where the glass broke. Salt is believed to absorb negative energy and purify the space. Allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight, then sweep it up and dispose of it.

3. Space Clearing Rituals

To further cleanse the space, you can perform space clearing rituals such as smudging with sage or using sound cleansing techniques like ringing a bell or chimes. These practices help restore positive energy and balance to your environment.

Feng Shui Meaning Of Broken GlassFAQs

Q: Can I repair broken glass items to avoid bad luck?

Repairing broken glass items is considered a good practice in Feng Shui. It signifies your effort to restore harmony and fix any disruptions. However, if the glass has shattered into tiny pieces, it’s often recommended to replace it instead.

Q: Are there any specific Feng Shui remedies for cracked windows?

To address cracked windows, you can place a small crystal (such as a faceted crystal ball) near the crack. This is believed to help dissipate negative energy and reduce the impact of financial loss associated with the crack.

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Q: Can I use broken glass in Feng Shui art or decor?

While broken glass can be repurposed in creative ways, it’s essential to do so thoughtfully. Incorporating it into artwork or decor should align with your overall Feng Shui intentions.

Ensure that the final design is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t create a feeling of chaos or negativity.

Q: What Does Seeing Broken Glass Mean?

Seeing broken glass can be interpreted as a warning or symbol of caution in Feng Shui. It may suggest potential challenges or obstacles ahead and prompt you to be mindful of your surroundings and actions.

Q: Broken Glass in Dream Meaning

In Feng Shui, as well as in dream interpretation, broken glass can carry various symbolic meanings. Dreams of broken glass are often associated with feelings of vulnerability, shattered expectations, or a need to confront and overcome obstacles in waking life.

Q: Can I repair broken glass items to avoid bad luck?

Repairing broken glass items signifies your effort to restore harmony. However, if shattered into tiny pieces, it’s often recommended to replace them.

Q: Are there any specific Feng Shui remedies for cracked windows?

Placing a small crystal near the crack can help dissipate negative energy and reduce the impact of financial loss.

Q: Can I use broken glass in Feng Shui art or decor?

While creative repurposing is possible, ensure it aligns with Feng Shui intentions and doesn’t create negativity.


In Feng Shui, broken glass symbolizes disruption, negative energy, and potential misfortune.

While it’s essential to handle broken glass with care to avoid physical harm, it’s equally important to address the associated spiritual and energetic aspects.

By understanding the symbolism, following appropriate remedies, and respecting the superstitions surrounding broken glass, you can work to restore balance and harmony in your living space, ultimately enhancing your well-being and fortune.