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2024 Feng Shui Color Trends (You must apply today)

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Color is crucial to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of organizing living spaces for harmony and well-being.

Colors affect house energy, or “chi,” flow. As 2024 begins, it’s a good opportunity to learn about Feng Shui color trends and how they affect your home.

Trending Feng Shui color will continue to boost living spaces’ vitality and beauty in 2024. Terracotta and gentle greens are trending, providing stability and growth. These colors, combined with classic Feng Shui favorites like tranquil blues and vivid reds, may create harmonious surroundings that look good and improve your health and wealth. These Feng Shui color trends will help you harness energy and style for a healthy and fortunate year through décor, textiles, and clothes.

Now let’s check out the color trends and how to apply them this year to invite prosperity and luck this year.

2024 Feng Shui Color Trends (you must apply today)

The Role of Colors in Feng Shui

The concept of Feng Shui places a significant emphasis on colors since each color represents a certain type of qi.

The fire element is made up of red, bright yellow, orange, purple, and pink, which are all wood elements in Feng Shui. Earth element is made up of light yellow, beige, and earth tones, which are metal elements, and the water element is blue and black.

If you apply these colors in the right way, they have the potential to help bring harmony, comfort, and enjoyment into your domestic space. We’ll discuss this in detail with proper dos and don’ts.

What are the coolest color trends in Feng Shui?

The interaction of various energies is generally reflected in the development of the lucky Feng Shui color in 2024.

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For instance, the tendency may be to move towards earth tones in order to provide a sense of anchoring, tranquility, and sustenance, particularly during times of uncertainty.

A number of people have opted for the colors beige, sand, and taupe, which are associated with the earth element.

On the other hand, soothing blues and greens, which are connected to water and wood, are used to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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How to Follow Feng Shui Color Trends

First things first: if you want to follow Feng Shui color trends, you need to choose which Feng Shui components you want to emphasize in your area.

The next step is to select plants, furniture, and other items of decoration in hues that correspond to those elements.

You should take into account the architectural elements and natural light that are already present in your room and choose colors that not only correlate to the Chi that you want to achieve but also complement the place itself.

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Feng Shui Colors For Different Rooms

Trending Feng Shui Color For Living Rooms

Friends and family members tend to congregate in your living room, which serves as the central hub of your house.

Earthy tones are expected to be the most popular color trend for living rooms in 2024, according to Feng Shui.

You could want to think about mixing-

  • warm browns,
  • soft beiges, and deep greens into your living area in order to give it a sense of stability and security.
  • In addition, these hues evoke sensations of coziness and warmth.

Best Feng Shui Colors for the Bedroom

While we’ve touched on bedroom colors briefly, it’s worth reiterating the best Feng Shui colors for the bedroom in 2024. These soothing and calming shades are highly recommended for creating a restful environment.

  • Soothing Blues: Shades of blue evoke a sense of calm and serenity, making them ideal for the bedroom. Lighter blues promote a calming effect, while deeper blues add a touch of sophistication.
  • Calming Lavenders: Lavender hues create a soothing and peaceful ambiance, perfect for enhancing relaxation and promoting a good night’s sleep.
  • Gentle Grays: Soft gray tones provide a neutral backdrop that complements various decor styles and encourages a sense of balance and neutrality.

To create a harmonious bedroom, consider incorporating these colors into your bedding, curtains, and decor.

Feng Shui Color For the House

Feng Shui Color Trends for the House

For the sake of the overall Feng Shui of your home, it is of the utmost importance to keep a color scheme that is harmonious and resonates with the concepts of balance.

In the year 2024, the focus will be on establishing a continuous flow of energy that is both balanced and harmonic throughout your home.

When it comes to most places, earthy colors, such as warm browns and gentle beiges, blend together in a harmonic manner.

In addition, if you want to improve the calmness and vitality of your home, you can think about combining components of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth.

Kitchen Feng Shui Color

One of the most important rooms in your house, the kitchen is a representation of both sustenance and plenty.

The year 2024 is anticipated to see the introduction of Feng Shui color trends for the kitchen, which are anticipated to comprise warm and appetizing colors such as earthy oranges, rich reds, and deep yellows.

These hues arouse the appetite and foster a feeling of warmth and friendliness, transforming your kitchen into a room that visitors and family members would feel comfortable spending time in.

These hues, when used in the design of your kitchen, have the potential to enrich the vitality of this crucial space.

Feng Shui Colors to Avoid

While certain colors can enhance positive energy flow, others can disrupt it. In Feng Shui, there are colors that are generally best avoided due to their disruptive nature. Here are some colors that you should ignore for better chi.

  • Overly Bright and Garish Colors: Too bright or garish colors, like neon or electric colors, can be too exciting and stop the flow of energy. They can make the space feel confusing and difficult to handle.
  • Predominantly black or all-white color schemes: While black and white are not inherently negative colors, predominantly using them in your decor can lead to a sense of emptiness and imbalance. It’s advisable to use these colors in moderation and balance them with other hues.

2024: The Lucky Color to Wear

The concept of Feng Shui is not limited to the confines of your house; it may also have an impact on your personal life and overall health.

For individuals who have some knowledge in the principles of Feng Shui, the colour emerald green is considered to be the most vibrant colour to wear in the year 2024.

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By donning this color, you can increase the likelihood that you will experience plenty, success, and great energy in your life.

Influence of Colors in Feng Shui Based On Five Elements

Feng Shui, a time-honored Chinese philosophy, advocates arranging spaces in a way that promotes harmony and energizes their energy, or Chi.

In Feng Shui, colors are more than just aesthetic choices; they influence human feelings and energy levels. Feng Shui associates different colors with various elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

Each of these elements signifies something specific and touches on different areas of life. Understanding this connection is key to effectively implementing Feng Shui in your space.

The Fire Element and Associated Colors

  • Pink is also related to the fire element.
  • The use of these colors is a representation of vitality, passion, and change.
  • It is believed that utilizing fire colors in a home or business setting may increase an individual’s level of passion and energy, as well as create compelling talks.
  • However, an excessive number of these colors might cause agitation and conflict if they are present in abundance. As a result, it is recommended to use a balanced approach when combining them into home design.
  • Red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow are the colors that are connected with the Fire element in Feng Shui.

The Earth Element Colors

  • Beige, pale yellow and sandy colors are examples of earthy tones that are considered to be characteristics of the earth element in Feng Shui.
  • It is possible that being in the presence of these colors can cause you to experience feelings of serenity and ease, which will, in turn, make you feel safer and more connected to your environment.
  • It is believed that the Earth tones may help one adopt self-care, create healthy relationships, and bring about improvements in physical health.

Feng Shui and Metal Colors

  • White and grey are the colors that are used to symbolize the Metal element in Feng Shui architecture.
  • It is possible to inspire emotions of purity, accuracy, and simplicity by incorporating these colors into your living area.

The Water Element Color

When it comes to Feng Shui, the water element is linked with dark colors and shades of blue and black.

These hues, when utilized in the ideal manner within a space, have the power to instill a feeling of profundity, clarity, and peace as well as build a strong link to the unconscious mind and knowledge.

Feng Shui Wood Element Colors

Different tones of green and brown are related to the wood element in the Feng Shui system.

The colors above are traditionally associated with bringing a new life and the growth of nature into the area in which you live.

Particularly, green has the ability to have a relaxing and soothing impact, and it is believed to help both health and balance.

The color brown is associated with the integrity and steadiness of the home.

2024 Luckiest Feng Shui Colors

Where to Use Feng Shui Colors

Specific rooms in your house might accentuate the influence of these colors. Add these colors to your house with wall paints, furniture, carpets, curtains, artwork, rugs, and cushions.

  • For serenity and relaxation, use blue in the north of the home or rooms. The blue here represents water and energy movement. In a study room or personal workstation, black might encourage deeper thought.
  • Green is good for health, family, and money in the east and southeast of your home. Green energy revitalizes and boosts growth.
  • You can also use indoor plants or green pillows in your living room to match the wood element’s green tones. Use blue curtains, carpets, or wall décor to provide water’s relaxing effect.
  • Wooden furniture and ceramics can provide earth tones, while light fixtures and smaller decorations can add metal-related yellows.
  • Lighting, textures, and patterns also affect spatial energy. Combining colors with textures or patterns boosts their impact. A bright, metallic-textured yellow item might enhance the metal’s properties.
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The purpose of each area can also drive your Feng Shui color selections. Since the bedroom is for relaxation and renewal, water and earth components like blues and browns may promote deep sleep and ground upon awakening.

Applying Color Trends In Feng Shui

You may be wondering how to properly use the Feng Shui color trends for 2024 in your home now that you are familiar with the trends for the year 2024.

Here are some practical tips to help you integrate these colors and principles into your living space:

  1. Start Small: If you’re new to Feng Shui, begin by incorporating these colors in small ways, such as through decorative accents, cushions, or artwork. This allows you to experiment and gauge their impact.
  2. Balance Elements: Remember to maintain a balance of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) within each room. Use colors that represent these elements to achieve balance and harmony.
  3. Personal Preferences: While Feng Shui provides guidelines, don’t forget that your personal preferences and comfort are vital. Choose colors that make you feel at ease in your living space.

FAQS On 2024 Color Trends In Feng Shui

Q1. Can I use Feng Shui colors in rentals?

You may apply Feng Shui colors and concepts to a rental house, but you may need to focus on temporary improvements and décor adjustments because permanent changes like painting may be restricted. Ways to bring Feng Shui to your rental:

  • Use Feng Shui-colored removable wall decals and art.
  • Pick bedding and curtains in the suggested colors.
  • Feng Shui colors can be added to carpets, pillows, and accessories.

Q2. Are there home office Feng Shui color trends?

Yes, home offices may benefit from Feng Shui for harmony and productivity. Use soothing blues and greens in 2024 to improve focus.

Natural lighting, workstations, and equipment arrangements can also boost home office energy.

Q3. How often should I add Feng Shui-inspired colors to my home?

There’s no need for frequent Feng Shui color adjustments because trends change slowly. You may alter your color scheme every few years or when you choose.

However, you must consider how your home’s colors make you feel and make alterations.

Q4. Can I use Feng Shui colors in my yard or patio?

Absolutely! Feng Shui applies to outdoor settings.

Decorate your yard or patio with components and colors that match your desired vibe. Bright greens, relaxing blues, and earthy browns may energize your outdoor spaces.

To summarize the lucky colors for different areas of your life in 2024, here’s a handy table:

Room/AreaLucky Color
Living RoomEarthy Tones
BedroomSoothing Blues
KitchenAppetizing Reds
WardrobeEmerald Green

Incorporating these lucky colors can help you align your surroundings with positive energy and enhance various aspects of your life.


In 2024, Feng Shui color trends may revitalize your home and boost your vitality.

You may achieve harmony, well-being, and success by following these color trends in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. By deliberately using these ideas and colors.