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How To Use A Feng Shui Compass For Correct Reading?

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The luopan or geometrically made compass is a Chinese-oriented compass, referred to as a Feng Shui compass. It is utilized by a Feng Shui practitioner to decide the perfect path of a structure, region, or item.

Luo Pan compass incorporates many portions of statistics and formulation concerning its functions. The needle factors in the direction of the south magnetic pole, since the development of the real and reel of the compass to be used in Feng Shui.

In this article, we are going to discover different Chinese compass symbols and their correct uses.

What Is The Feng Shui Compass And Its Uses?

Feng Shui Compass is based on geometric orientation as mentioned earlier. The invention of the compass reading is provided and recognized by the Chinese similar to Feng Shui.

In a few texts, it is miles stated in the legend that the Chinese compass directions. Emperor Huang-ti used the simple homes of the compass to manual his troops in a war wherein invisibility turned into due to fog across the year (2634 BC). 

How to use luo pan compass-

  • Lu opan is a pathfinder: However, a luopan is a different compass in numerous critical ways. The maximum apparent distinction is the Feng Shui formulation embedded in as much as forty concentric earrings at the surface.
  • This is a metallic or timber plate referred to as the heaven dial. The round metallic or wood plate sits typically on a timber base, referred to as the earth plate. 
  • A traditional compass has markings for 4 or 8 directions, whilst a luopan compass typically carries markings for twenty-four orders. This interprets fifteen ranges according to the path.
  • The Sun takes about 15.2 days to traverse a sun term, a chain of 24 factors at the ecliptic. Since there are 360 ranges at the luopan and about 365.25 days in a median sun year, every diploma on a luopan approximates a terrestrial day.
  • Used to locate the path and observe the role of earnings.
  • The Feng Shui Luopan Compass does differ from the existing normal compass that usually points to the northern pole. Feng Shui Compass does point to the southern pole of the planet and therefore, it is called a south-pointing compass. 
  • Perfect path, region, area, item, and statistical analysis on the planet could be easily accessed using the feng shui compass.

Furthermore, the compass provided the results with accuracy, and thereby, it was used by the professional localities at those times.

Many natural disasters have made the surface of the earth differ from what used to be earlier. Therefore, at present times, it would be challenging enough to understand the practical applications of the compass. 

How Does A Feng Shui Compass Work?

  • Like a regular compass, a Luo Pan or Compass Feng Shui shows the route of the use of the Earth’s magnetic field. The critical distinction is the Feng Shui formulation.
  • Which is embedded in as many as forty concentric earrings on the floor across the magnetic needle detail inside the middle.
  • This outer floor is a steel or timber plate known as the heaven dial. The Heaven Dial frequently sits on a timber base called the earth plate. The heaven dial easily makes around to the earth.
  • Don’t be daunted with the aid of using the difficulty of the tool – it is pretty smooth to apply fundamental Feng Shui, even for a pupil. As you develop acquainted with Compass Feng Shui, your knowledge will grow.
  • And you’ll be capable of grasping greater complicated operations with the intention to optimize your own home and workplace for clean questioning and a non-violent mind.
Feng Shui Compass
Feng Shui Luopan Compass

What Are The Common Types Of The Compass?

Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, three kinds of luopan had been well-known. They had a few formulation rings in common, which include the 24 rules and the early and later paradise arrangements.

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#1 San He

This luopan became stated to had been used withinside the Tang dynasty. The San He includes three primary 24-path rings.

Each ring pertains to a unique technique and formulation. (The strategies grouped beneath neath the name “Three Harmonies” are San He methods.)

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Feng Shui Compass

#2 San Yuan

This luopan additionally referred to as the Jiang pan (after Jiang Da Hong) or the Yi Pan (due to the presence of Yijing hexagrams)[3], includes many formulations utilized in San Yuan (Three Cycles).

It comprises one 24-path ring, referred to as the Earth Plate Correct Needle, the hoop for the sixty-four hexagrams, and others. (The strategies grouped beneath neath the name “Flying Stars” are an instance of San Yuan methods.)

#3 Zong He

San He and San Yuan are connected with this. It includes three 24-path-rings, and the sixty-four trigrams ring.

#4 Other types

Each Feng Shui grasp can also additionally layout a luopan to fit choice and to provide students. Some designs contain the Bagua (trigram) numbers, guidelines from the Eight Mansion methods, and English equivalents. 

How To Decide Which Compass To Use?

The capacity to navigate with a map and get a compass is a critical skill, one that may actually shop your life.

Your compass and map also can do different beneficial responsibilities like telling you who you are.

What’s around you, and the excellent manner to get in where you need to go.

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Feng Shui Compass

There are four most important capabilities to examine whilst selecting a compass:

  • Declination adjustment: A successful compass for hikers and different path customers ought to have this.
  • Sighting mirror: Move as much as a version with each declination adjustment and this selection in case you plan to tour off-path or need more significant unique navigation
  • Clinometer: For mountain climbing and backcountry skiing, a compass with a clinometer will let you examine avalanche hazards. A clinometer is the must requirement according to the scientists and research executives in that field.
  • Global needles: Global needles can accompany travelers. The one who aspires to the direction around the globe can easily take the help of the same and enrich their journey.

Feng Shui Compass Directions Degrees:

  • In Classical Feng Shui, every one of the eight essential feng shui compass guides is, in addition, divided into three sub-guidelines.
  • This makes a complete 24 feng shui guidelines, additionally called The 24 Mountains of Classical Feng Shui. A compass measures zero to 360 stages. 
  • Feng shui compass directions degrees, every trigram constitutes forty-five stages of the compass. Each trigram, or let’s say every essential to taking direction, is subdivided into three identical elements of 15 steps every.
  •  It is this precision and detailing that are concerned in Classical feng shui English, which makes it correct and reliable.
  • It discourages intuitive insights on the one hand and is based on computation, observation, and experimentation on the other.

Feng Shui Compass Reading Apartment:

1 Feng shui compass reading

  • An intangible idea as feng shui might also additionally seem.
  • All of it comes right all the way down to the primary concept of getting an area you’re satisfied to return back domestic to due to the fact its strength is positive.
  • “Feng shui is a historic philosophy approximately how you could enhance your existence and create an area that helps and nurtures you,” defined Anjie Cho, a New York-primarily based totally architect, author, and founding father of the online mindfulness layout weblog and save Holistic Spaces.
  • Indeed, adjusting your condominium with only some small and knowledgeable approaches could make all of the distinction inside the appearance and sense of your unit.
  • And, resultantly, your very own wellbeing. Ahead are a few thoughts you could practice for your area, instantly from a pro.
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2 The significance of a headboard

While having your bed on the ground might also additionally appear very zen, or in a few flats can be a spatial necessity, the professionals propose towards it.

A headboard is genuinely essential“. Missing/losing the headboard also can decorate the fleeting feeling of a unit. If you certainly don’t have an area, a great opportunity is wallpaper or crafting a mural at the wall at the back of you, or mounting a mirror.

3 The 36-inch rule

Still, if in any respect possible, Anjie says 36 inches of the clean space among portions of fixtures ought to be a goal. For Anjie, there’s a grace zone.

However, much less than 18 inches among objects constitute “very cramped.” So do away with clutter, and if it does now no longer spark joy, strive for your most challenging to toss it.

4 A great gatekeeper

Pay interest in your front door, and frequently unnoticed region that, because the first and closing component humans see once they go to you, is profoundly essential.

Just taking an hour to ease the area surrounding it could make all of the difference, and taking in additional steps like accomplishing out in your tremendous to repaint the door.

Shopping for a brand new welcome mat to put in the front of the door, or making sure the door doesn’t creak or squeak could have a fair more massive impact.

5 It’s now no longer clean being green

Cultivate kindness,” Anjie advises, and flora are an excellent manner to do this, as they grow into each image of fitness and lifestyles in addition to a supply of oxygen and toxin-removal.

Anjie supports the golden pothos, which require minimum renovation and mild. “It’s definitely clean to take care of and it bounces back,” Anjie says, “And we really want to have that during New York.”

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6 A top lifestyle smells nice

The heady fragrance could be essential to Compass feng shui and is consequently a treasured recognition in your energies.

Specifically in leases wherein portray partitions or making different long-time period fixes aren’t an option (until you need to lose that safety deposit).

Incense, oil diffusers, and changing your chemical-wealthy cleansing merchandise with natural substitutes could make a big difference.

7 There might be mild

Maximize the mild in something manner possible. This may be performed in quick, safety-deposit pleasant ways, through shopping for lamps, establishing blinds, and making an investment in solar lighting.

And mild-colored rugs, in addition to extra concerns, however additionally additional impactful ways, like portray your partitions an easy color of white.

How To Use Feng Shui Compass?

For feng shui purposes, you want most effective the compass studying of your front door, now no longer your lower back door.

The lower back door is attention whilst putting feng shui healing procedures or fixtures within the home. However, this isn’t associated with the door’s compass north direction.

What All Precautions To Have While Reading Feng Shui Compass?

There are many primary questions on the way to examine a compass face for feng shui: Should you be making an analysis on the front door and the again door?

  • Should a door be kept close or made open? Can you operate an ordinary compass? All of those are good (and common) questions, and the solutions will assist you’re making a correct compass analyzing your front door, which offers you the feng shui course of your house. 
  • To get the full correct feng shui compass course, you want to take numerous readings. This is due to the fact your feng shui reading readings may also range because of the interference of electromagnetic fields.
  • If there’s a robust presence of iron or metallic gadgets near you, including inside the primary door hardware, or in case you are sporting a metallic watch, belt, or jewelry, this may distort the compass analysis.
  • Therefore, it’s miles quality to do away with your watch, belt, and jewelry and to transport far from the front door to make sure extra correct results.


Assisting catch up on unavoidable discrepancies in compass readings, it is also qualified to take lessons in some extraordinary compass my locations, then calculate a median of the north compass. 

Take the primary analysis whilst inside the domestic searching out, dealing with immediately via the front door. Take some other analysis whilst status with inside the door.

Once more dealing with immediately out, as eleven through your frame is the front door. Take some extra readings from outside and inside the house, continually dealing with the equal course because of the front door.