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Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning, Placement, Directions In Feng Shui

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Some feng shui remedies are common and their application is universal. An example of such a remedy is the Chinese Laughing Buddha. The laughing Buddha is often used to get good fortune, prosperity, happiness, great health, and success according to the experts in Feng Shui. It is also believed that any area in a space can benefit from the laughing Buddha’s radiating energy

In the meantime, have you ever wondered why it is that the Buddha is laughing? What is Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning? In Feng Shui, Laughing Buddha Statue represents Wisdom, understanding, and fulfilling destiny. Are the Buddhas not supposed to look calm, peaceful, and be in serenity? Not every one of them seems to be. The Buddha statue’s tale is centred on a Buddhist monk who lived in China during the 10th century. He seemed a little too centred for a monk, but his heart was caring and transparent, yet many respected and loved him during that time and period. 

In a range of feng-shui items, from sculptures and rings to keyrings and gems, you can locate the Laughing Buddha in a store or order it from a laughing Buddha shop online. 

Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning, Placement, Directions

Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning and Significance In Feng Shui

As mentioned before, the Buddha Laughing statue is a significant distinction from an ancient monk. This unusual, but the innocent, heart-warming monk is believed to be the transcendence of Gautama Buddha himself. The laughing Buddha embraces enormous good energy into your spaces. Buddha figures and sculptures are shown in a variety of styles, materials, and poses, typically in gold

Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning And Significance In Feng Shui
Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning And Significance In Feng Shui
  • The far more famous feng shui usage of the Laughing Buddha is as a remedy for fortune and good luck.
  • The Laughing Buddha icon is thought to offer good energy, riches, and happy blessings everywhere.
  • So you understand now why you normally see in Asian cuisines at least one Laughing Buddha sculpture

Different Types Of Laughing Buddha And Their Meaning

A representation of Feng Shui, yet the smiling and laughing Buddha has a lot of meaning in our lives. All of us firmly conclude it fulfils distinct wishes to maintain it in a specific way. It is also necessary to be conscious of the route and also the kind of path that individuals can use. 

There are different laughing Buddha statues with meanings. These include:

1. Laughing Buddha having fun with five children

This represents the good fortune that falls from heaven. It gives good luck and good energy as well.

2. Laughing Buddha with a jar or bowl

The jar shows the life of a monk. It is linked to the disposition of material property and the attainment of illumination. 

3. Laughing Buddha with a fan

This exemplifies joy and pleasure. The wave of a Buddha fan is reported to be a representation of the banning of troubles. 

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4. A sack or pack on the Laughing Buddha

The Buddha’s pack is a traveller’s sign. One interpretation is that this bag captures and places people’s sorrow in its sack. While some other interpretation is that the sack represents prosperity and good fortunes. This is also a laughing Buddha for wealth. 

Laughing Buddha With Dragon Meaning

Some beautifully intricate and magnificent Asian resin statue is a fervent Chinese dragon draped across a luscious laughing Buddha.

  • The dragon symbolizes that the Buddha is willing to domesticate all things in the universe for his own sake. This truth he has learned, and now the terrifying dragon offers defense. 
  • Only his worldly possessions are slung around the right shoulder of the Buddha. He holds in his left hand big, fortunate money coins, proving that, while he doesn’t need any, he can do anything he wants.
  • His big grin and sorry attitude show that he doesn’t interact with the world’s difficulties. 
  • Place the Buddha statue laughing on a cabinet, a rack, a stand for a fortunate display, and to look wonderful.

Significance Of Baby Buddha Statue  

The Buddha is a divine representation of the direction of consciousness. The Baby Buddha monk statue is the next surge after the laughing Buddha statue. The baby Buddha garden statue exemplifies a best of luck, wellness & protection charm from Feng Shui. Ideal for conceiving babies or children’s families, or mothers waiting.

Different Types Of Laughing Buddha Postures

Here are 8 popular Laughing Buddha postures and their meanings are listed below.

Different Types Of Laughing Buddha Postures
Different Types Of Laughing Buddha Postures

1. laughing Buddha With Cap

When laughing Buddha is with his hat cap on his head, this is indicating fun and happiness. 

2. Laughing Buddha With Gold Objects

The posture of the laughing Buddha carrying an elevated gold object in his hands is pointing to good fortunes and best of luck. 

3. Laughing Buddh With Wu Lao (bottle gourds)

If laughing Buddha has in his one hand a fan and Wu Lau (bottle gourds) in his second hand, this gives good wellness and prosperity. 

4. Laughing Buddha bearing a sack of gold

Laughing Buddha bearing a sack of gold on his back represents wealth. It also indicates that this is a posture of Laughing Buddha for wealth

5. Buddha holding With bag of gifts

Buddha holding a bag of gifts on his right arm and a fan on the left one is indicating support through long trips and long hauls.

6. laughing Buddha yoga

The laughing Buddha yoga posture which is Buddha’s sitting position is believed to be the loving position and symbolizes peace between thinking and quietness.

7. Buddha’s standing posture

The laughing Buddha’s standing posture epitomizes wealth and joy. 

8. Smiling Buddha

The laughing Buddha is a sign of luck when its posture is seated on a big golden stick and prepared to send a smaller gold stick. 

When Choosing A Laughing Buddha? Things to consider

Feng Shui centres on the location and orientation that the figure of fat laughing Buddha faces.

  • In Feng Shui, some certain disparity in your life can be corrected because of purchasing and installing figurines or sculptures in your house.
  • The location of such statuettes in a certain section or location of the house is supposed to add unity and balance to a more prosperous existence. 
  • If any family struggles from disagreements and conflicts, the laughing Buddha icon or figure will resolve these issues.
  • Put him in the East Section or in the area where he can be spotted while everyone sits about in the living area or common room. Simply put him in the East Segment which represents the Family Luck.

Placement For Laughing Buddha In The Home And Office?

Laughing Buddha Placement In Feng Shui
Laughing Buddha Placement In Feng Shui

Where to put laughing Buddha feng shui is a frequently asked question by many feng shui practitioners. 

A Buddha statue should be put in a home to offer satisfaction and tranquillity. The birthday of Buddha is observed on 8 May and it is thought pleasant if a candle on his birthday is lightened. It is said to make wishes fulfilled

When the laughing Buddha statue faces the path of Sheng Chi, it brings about riches, goodness, and victory. It helps to accomplish one’s aims. 

When you put a small laughing Buddha statue in your office, it helps to remove stress and prevents the influence of enemies. The laughing Buddha’s abiding at one’s desk increases luck and fulfils expectations.

When placed In A Home The Laughing Buddha Should Face Which Direction?

The Laughing Buddha is regarded as a symbol of success in Feng Shui and should be seen in any house. It’s a happy sign that will help you collect positive energy. Placing a Laughing Buddha sculpture in the right position will pull in the right spiritual energies and help you relax.

  • Where to put Laughing Buddha feng shui? The statue should be positioned in the east direction of your house, according to Feng Shui.
  • Having it in the east direction encourages happiness and peace in the family.
  • It also inhibits internal conflict and disputes. If you’re having trouble staying at home, adjust the path of the Laughing Buddha to the east.
  • Placing your outdoor buddha statue like the laughing garden buddha, laughing buddha wood, laughing buddha water fountain, all should face the east direction.

Seeing Laughing Buddha In Dream Meaning?

The laughing buddha that appears in dreams will arouse intense emotions in real life. The dream is divine, indicating enlightened consciousness in our current lives.

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In the coming years, the dream may also indicate spiritual development or leadership. The Buddha is a sign of wisdom, love, and the ability to attain spiritual enlightenment.

  1. If you are the buddha in your dream, it may mean that you should meditate in real life.
  2. If you see the Buddha gazing down at his navel, it means you’re in luck.
  3. Dreaming of being in heaven and seeing a Buddha means that spiritual growth and progress are in the cards.

Furthermore, the Buddha can be a symbol of profound spiritual growth. This might indicate that others would admire and appreciate you.

Which Laughing Buddha Is Best For Money

As it is well known, the Laughing Buddha attracts great fortune and wealth into someone’s life. Feng Shui finds the Laughing Buddha to be very auspicious.

Placing a laughing buddha sculpture in a home or office will increase positivity and minimize the likelihood of failure.

Even with the laughing buddha being a Feng Shui symbol, it has a lot of implications in human lives. As a consequence, it’s vital for people to understand which way to hold and which form of laughing Buddha art to use.

Laughing Buddha with a sack or bag

There exists different Laughing buddha posture and their meaning (specific). Laughing Buddha carrying a sack has been said to gather people’s sorrows and woes and collect them in his sack.

Another belief of Buddha carrying a sack is said to be blessed. It attracts success and riches. If you keep a laughing Buddha art at home or work, you will be able to solve your financial or money-related problems.

Different Laughing Buddha Jewelry Meaning

Lucky Jewelry are been part of every culture and tradition. Laughing Buddha jewelry, which includes a Buddha bracelet, gold Buddha necklace, Buddha earrings, Buddha rings, laughing buddha garden ornaments, and so on, is the most common use of Buddha symbols these days.

1. Laughing Buddha Bracelet

Wearing a laughing Buddha bracelet, according to spiritual beliefs, gives knowledge of the universe’s ultimate or divine force. It attracts all positive energies to the center of the wearer’s heart and mind, allowing him to remain linked to the positive energy of nature and the sacred.

2. Laughing Buddha Earrings

Many devotees of Buddha doctrines claim that wearing earrings aids in the attraction of spiritual values. Wearing laughing Buddha art as earrings are thought to draw the creator’s divine awareness with a fine river of happiness and love.

3. Laughing Buddha Ring

Wearing a gold ring with a small smiling Buddha statue on the ring finger is a historic and common Buddhist practice. Wearing gold on the ring finger will directly relate its advantages to our hearts. Gold is believed to cure our bodies in many mysterious ways.

Based on the reasons that the veins in our ring fingers are directly connected to our hearts. The Buddha ring is said to exert pressure on the ring finger and dispel all negative energy.

4. Laughing Buddha Pendant

Indulge your spirit and soul with the Laughing Buddha jade statue pendant.

  • Jade is a precious stone. When wearing a jade pendant,y our concerns, tension, issues, resentment, and sorrow will be swept away by the Laughing Buddha pendant. The Laughing Buddha also brings wealth luck, prosperity, and good fortune. 
  • Wearing the Laughing Buddha bracelet will give the Buddha the pleasure of removing your fears, giving happiness and peace, attracting good fortune and good news, and protecting you.
  • It reminds people not to take life too seriously, to lighten up a little, and to remember what’s really important in life with it being depicted in a relaxed pose. It is said that rubbing the Buddha’s belly would bring you good fortune!
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5. Laughing Buddha Necklace

  • The majority of religious adornments have special meanings, such as good fortune, healthy life, and happiness.
  • A Buddha necklace is one such item that is thought to attract the laughing buddha charm which brings good fortune, harmony, and prosperity.
  • Using religious necklaces has long been thought to shield us from actual or perceived dangers.
  • Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike can wear this type of jewelry. The only things that matters are your faith in God and the positivity in your environment.

6. Jade Laughing Buddha

Most individuals nowadays purchase jade in order to profit from its beautiful meaning. Jade may assist in achieving the goal of blessing.

The jade ornament, such as the laughing buddha jade statue, is in high demand. The status of Jadestone as a symbol of goodness, value, and jade quality in Chinese culture reflects its significance.

Where To Buy A Laughing Buddha Statue

There are various laughing buddha shops online, where you can purchase a Buddha statue and other accessories like the laughing buddha incense holder, laughing buddha wall decal large laughing buddha statues, and so on, or you can go to a laughing Buddha temple near you to buy one of your choices. 

Find below my top and best recommendations on laughing buddha.

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FAQs on Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning, Placement, Directions In Feng Shui

Can You Buy Laughing Buddha For Yourself?

It is not compulsory to get the laughing buddha through a laughing buddha gift gifted to you. You can buy it also.

There have been many reports of positive things happening to those who bring Laughing Buddha into their homes. We have the white laughing buddha statue, laughing buddha water fountain which is examples of the laughing buddha art you can choose to put in your home

Laughing Buddha Tattoo Meaning

The laughing buddha body piercing and Buddha tattoos primarily reflect the peace and tranquillity that emanates from him. They serve as a representation of who you are as an individual.

Also read below amazing feng shui tips.

The Bottom line

In this exclusive guide, we have seen Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning, Placement, Directions In Feng Shui. Choose the appropriate Laughing Buddha statue by determining which accessory and postures in the statue better represent your condition, desires, or needs.

Locate the statue in the area you want to activate, and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of blessings and a good turnaround.