How To Feng Shui Front Door For Prosperity [Amazing 23+ Tips]

The Feng Shui Front Door is where Chi energy enters and leaves the house. Every time he enters his house, he moves chi inside, just like when he leaves.

In other words, the flow of energy will be affected the more people cross the front door. At the entrance door, its orientation and characteristics must be taken into account.


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Orientation Of The Feng Shui For Front Door

  • SE – Encourages dialogue and evolution in harmony or balance.
  • S – The South orientation stimulates too much, being able to lead to discussions.
  • SO – It influences with its stillness, peace, and without alteration.
  • E – Especially favorable for young students.
  • O – It is associated with enjoyment, romance, and money as well as boredom and neglect.
  • NE – Northeast energies can affect your health.
  • N – The tendency to rest, calm, and rest in the north is not good guidelines for locating the access door to your home.
  • NOT – Lean towards a good disposition, order, arrangement and feel good about your choices.

Feng Shui Front Door Direction

Through the front door, the house receives food from Feng Shui energy , which determines the quality of energy in your home. In classic Feng Shui.

The most conducive colors for a Feng Shui for the front door are based on the compass direction the door is facing and its corresponding Feng Shui element. For each direction and element, there can be one or more harmonious or productive colors.

Feng Shui Front Door Plants For Good Luck

The Feng Shui Front door is the first place where we are welcoming our guests. Similarly, we welcome good luck, prosperity, and harmony in the house, we can use those Feng Shui plant.

Feng Shui Front Door Plants
Feng Shui Entryway

So here is the list of Feng Shui plants for the front door to welcome positive energies by selecting the correct type of plant.

#1 Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Braunii)

This plant is the most well-liked by many people because of its auspicious symbol of good luck and fortune. It’s easy to main and also attracting positive energy into the house.

The lucky bamboo plant is one of the Feng Shui friendly plants and good to place at your front door. The number of bamboo stalks is also important and represents different meanings behind it.

Check out the complete guide on Lucky Bamboo Plant and How To Care Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow

#2 Jade Plant

The jade plant is another excellent choice of good luck Feng Shui plant to be placed at your front door. Its also known as Crassula Ovata or the money tree.

Because of its rounded leaves structure, which symbolizes good fortune and prosperity that is believed to attract wealth luck.

#3 Money Plant 

The Money Plant is one of the most used Feng Shui plants that is believed to attract wealth abundance to houses. Its a symbolism of wealth but also a good natural air purifier and can be used indoor too.

How Do I Feng Shui My Front Door Entrance?

The main front door is the most important part of our house, since its the portal of energy for the home. There are many ways by which we can implement good Feng Shui to the front door. below are quick tips.

  • Brighten the main entry.
  • Maintain a clutter-free space.
  • Strong and Decorated Main Door.
  • Avoid Front Door is facing the Back Door.
  • Use good Feng Shui Designed Main Entry Rug.

What Color is Good Luck For Feng Shui Front Door?

The front door color in Feng Shui is very important to bring good luck. According to Feng Shui. Front door color is as important as exterior feng shui colors for house.

  • Recommended colors for the South facing doors are RED or ORANGE.
  • For the North facing doors, colors should be PURPLE, BLUE or BLACK.
  • The West facing doors are best suited to GRAY or WHITE.
  • East facing direction doors will be lucky with Dark BROWN or GREEN.

Now below we will see detailed explanation on Feng shui door color meanings based on the Five elements.

East Facing Front Door Color Choices In Feng shui

In the feng shui element of the east represents wood, so if your front entryway is confronting east, with a feng shui compass heading of 67.5 of 112.5 degrees, your most ideal decisions are the wood component tones:

Feng Shui For Front Door Colors
Feng Shui Entryway-Turquoise front door
  • Green
  • Brown 
  • Wood tones

On the off chance that neither of these two tones works with the outside of your home, you have extra choices dependent on the five feng shui components’ beneficial cycle. These are the shades of the water component:

  • Black
  • Blue (turquoise front door, is more famous)
  • Purple 

Southeast Front Door Colors Choices [Invite Prosperity]

The southeast compass heading goes from 112.5 to 157.5 degrees. The best colors advised are for your southeast front entryway are like an east-bound entryway since they share the equivalent feng shui component of wood and its agreeable tones:

  • Green
  • Earthy colored
  • Wood tones

The components of water and earth likewise carry great energy to this territory. Additionally, the southeast course is related to cash flow and abundance energy, which is a symbol of water. Along these lines, different promising shadings for southeast-confronting entryways are:

  • Blue
  • Dark
  • Exceptionally light yellow
  • Hearty/sandy tones

Southwest Front Door Color Choices

The feng shui energy related to a southwest entryway (compass heading of 202.5 to 247.5 degrees) is maternal, just as the energy of affection and marriage. These are identified with the earth component and its tones:

  • Light yellow
  • Beige
  • Earth
  • Other gritty/sandy tones

Tones that are influenced by the earth and are identified with fire include:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Maroon
  • Coral

West-Facing Front Door Color Choices

For a west-bound entryway, with a compass heading of 247.5 to 292.5 degrees, go for the shades of the feng shui component metal:

  • White
  • Dim
  • Metallic tones

Delivering or feeding tones for metal come from earth:

  • Light yellow
  • Beige
  • Earth
  • Other gritty/sandy tones

Best Color Options for a Northwest Front Door

A northwest front entryway has a compass bearing of 292.5 to 337.5 degrees. It has a similar best shading decisions as the west-bound entryway on the grounds that the two bearings share the equivalent feng shui component of metal:

  • White
  • Dark
  • Metallic tones

Similarly, northwest-confronting entryways are upheld by the shades of the earth:

  • Light yellow
  • Beige
  • Earth
  • Other gritty/sandy tones

How Bad It is To Have Stairs Facing The Front Door?

When a staircase is facing the front main door directly in the house, the Feng Shui good energy which is Chi rushes up quickly to either the lower or the higher floor. Like that the whole main floor will be abundant without good Feng Shui energy nourishment

Feng Shui For Front Door Decoration Tips For Abundance

The philosophy known as Feng Shui has many rules with the objective of allowing the passage of positive energy to our homes.

In the next post, we tell you how to apply the Feng Shui style to your main entrance or hall, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of favorable Qi.

Feng Shui Front Door Decor
Feng Shui Entryway

When we speak of Feng Shui we are referring to certain decoration standards to guarantee prosperity, abundance, wealth and good interpersonal relationships .

For this reason, it is not unreasonable to think that from the entrance of the house we already have to rely on his philosophy.

The hall or front door of the home welcomes us, whether we live there or not, and therefore its energy must be strong enough to attract the positive and repel the negative . Heed these tips to channel energy into your home.

#1 Flowers At The Door

For Feng Shui , flowers and plants symbolize growth and advancement, whether spiritual or economic. They are associated with the wood element and create a favorable environment for the home .

When a house is surrounded by multicolored flowers it will attract more energy and harmony. Upon arrival at the house, we will enjoy the beauty, balance, and harmony and we will leave out the daily sorrows.

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#2 Non-facing doors

In case you are building your house, pay attention to this Feng Shui maxim. You cannot have doors in front of the main access since the energy does not know where to go and it disappears.

The best thing in these cases is to achieve an L between the main door and the first access, not that they are on the same line.

#3 Light and Air

Even if you don’t use the Feng Shui for the front door of your house a lot (many people enter through the kitchen or the garage), this access is also the most important. Therefore, it is recommended to open it once a day to allow light and air to pass through.

Another option is to add small glass windows to allow the sun to enter . And make sure the house name and number is well lit!

#4 Size and Quality

Another of the Feng Shui precepts at your main entrance that you should not leave out has to do with the general condition of the door . This reflects the status, prestige, and position of the family .

Therefore, it must be the size you consider appropriate and always keep it in good condition (painted and clean). Furthermore, we recommend that the locks and hinges work perfectly and do not make noise when opening or closing.

#5 Cleanliness and Spaciousness

Both the exterior of the house and the hall must be neat and clean at all times . This will give the feeling of spaciousness, and thus the energy will be able to pass without any obstacle.

We recommend that you sweep the dry leaves from the entrance, that there is nothing dirty or neglected when opening the door and that you do not accumulate things at the ends of the door .

#6 Yes To The Natural

To apply Feng Shui to your main entrance, it is very important that you remove everything considered artificial , riddled with appearances. Better opt for natural plants and flowers, and include a nice waterfall or water feature .

For the floor, place a rug made of wool or any natural material. It will be an excellent welcome!

Finally, we recommend that you buy a sentry statuette for the entrance , which will symbolically be in charge of guarding the home at all times. It is a perfect host for positive energies and a more than effective obstacle for negative ones.

Feng Shui Front Door Facing North Directions Guide

The main door of the house is also the entrance of the chi that will favor good luck and harmony, its influence and good circulation, it will depend on aspects such as position, color, measurements, etc. Some observations should be taken into account.

Orientation is the basis for the energy surrounding the home to flow; the best would be that it is located in the same direction as the house, it will prevent energy fighting and avoid conflicts in its inhabitants.

But if not, it would be a good option to open a window opening or a secondary door. Otherwise, we should consider some solutions, if the door is facing north, put plants with rounded leaves.

Feng Shui Front Door Color Facing North East

According to Feng Shui experts, the best Feng Shui Colors for a Northeast facing front door are for their auspiciousness the colors that have earthy/sandy colors. Like YELLOW, RED, PURPLE, ORANGE, and RICH PINK.

Read related articles on good Feng Shui Colors.

Feng Shui Front Door Facing West Directions Guide

if the door is west facing, some metal should be placed next to it Because the front door facing west is the easiest way to attract rotten peach blossoms above Feng Shui. 

Mainly because the words from Feng Shui say that the West is just, and this is directly connected with feelings. Such a position is not suitable for people who are looking for true love or married people. This will make the feelings very chaotic.

However, Feng Shui is based on the local landscape to determine the direction. If the west is good, of course it should be west, and if the east is good, it should be east. Therefore, for different places, the direction should be different.

Also, a front door facing the west also brings in positive chi of money and good luck. However, it is also necessary to see if the front door  has a concave pattern.

If so, remember to cover it with screens and curtains. Don’t let the money run out. In addition, the front door can be Installing some “golden items” that make it easier for the front door to produce “gather money” and “make money”.

Feng Shui Front Door Direction Facing South

If your front door is facing the south, the first thing you will have to consider is brightness, which is light.

In Feng Shui science, the south is an area with insufficient brightness. If necessary, lighting equipment can be installed above the door lintel.

As for the door, it is best to use wood carving figures or gods who worship the faith, which can exert the auspicious effect. The South also stands for “honor and power.”

Therefore, the front door is like the South. Keeping it clean and bright has a plus effect on the reputation of the individual.

Feng Shui Front Door Facing Southeast Directions Guide

With a door facing southeast, put stones. There  are so many reasons for this action.

To the southeast of the front door , the broken military star is at the door. The broken military star  scare burglars away and also has the problem of thieves and non-contentious lawsuits.

Also, the main family house and the family are easily injured by metal weapons during the years (such as surgery) When buying a house with a front door to the southeast, try to avoid “big soil” (such as knocking on the wall and digging the ground) at the front door location.

Feng Shui Front Door Direction Facing Southwest 2022

The front door  facing southwest is the most taboo position

The southwest and northeast correspond to the “outer ghost front door ” in the northeast, and the “inner ghost front door ” in the southwest. Negative energy often gathers here, and a humid gas field is easily formed. The front door faces southwest and the “dehumidification” changes. It is very important.

However, for 2021 and 2022, there is a new development as regards controlling all the negativity associated with the front door facing southwest,  the porch flowers and folk house supplies are helpful. Add some crystal and jasper ornaments to turn the aura into Positivity.

Feng Shui Front Door Facing East Direction Guide

The front door facing the east according to Feng Shui  is basically safe. The only thing to note is whether the front door  is a sunken shape, because the sunken shape front door  can easily make the house lack of vitality and have an impact on the health of the occupants.

Way to resolve: Long-lived plants are placed on both sides of the door, and the plants must not be withered and withered. Or decorate some suitable crystal or bamboo products inside the door.

What should be placed in front of the main door?

A neat and clean house particularly invites positive energy through the front doorways. Try not to keep dustbins, broken seats or stools, close to the front doorways.

What should I hang on my front door for good luck?

A horseshoe is one of the most widely used designs for inviting in best of luck to your home. Genuinely, the horseshoe should be hung over the outside of your front entryway, however, you can select to put it over within your entryway.

How can I attract money to my front door?

8 Ways to Attract Money Into Your Life, According to Feng Shui

  1. Get Chinese coins.
  2. Create a money bowl.
  3. Put resources into a fish aquarium.
  4. Check your home for broken things.
  5. Make a decent working space.
  6. Brighten your home with plants.
  7. Make a plentiful front door
  8. Get an abundance jar. The feng shui abundance jar is fundamentally a magnet for riches.


The front door is the main place for people to come and go, and the front door is also the main gas inlet. Generally, the door is most concerned with the collection of wind and gas.

So the choice of pattern and orientation is also crucial. It is also recommended to pay more attention to the principles of Feng Shui

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