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How To Fix Bad Feng Shui Directions: 15 [remedies + Fixes]

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of using directions and some aspects of nature to maximize the harnessing of energy in your life. Feng shui directions focus on maximizing the energy potential of an individual by following their surroundings.

The Chinese words “Feng” and “Shui” translate to mean “wind” and “water,” respectively.

This concept is derived from ancient folk tales that talk about how human life is in harmony with the environment around him and how it flows around it.

This philosophy is known as the Tao, which means “the way.” Taoism is known as the way of nature or environment, and Feng Shui also talks about nature in all its principles.

Let us find out everything about Feng Shui Directions, and it will also help you find out if you’re lucky. We will talk about the below things in detail. So stay tuned with us.

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How to Determine Lucky Feng Shui Directions?

How do I find feng shui directions? The concept of lucky directions is often confusing, and it is often misunderstood.

Feng Shui Directions
Lucky Directions

The reason is that every book that talks about Feng Shui and directions talks about how to determine auspicious (lucky) directions for the house, that will bring peace.

And prosperity in our lives and how unlucky directions will affect you in the worst way possible. However, it is not valid. Utilizing techniques of lucky directions only maximizes your potential.

While not using them does not bring you any harm in particular. So, it is essential to know the significance and understand the importance of Feng Shui Bagua directions.

One of the Feng Shui cures for unlucky direction is to weaken the unlucky element and replace the correct element.

For example, if your front door is towards North direction and as you know North is a feng shui unlucky direction for your home.

To correct this you can weaken the Water feng shui element of the direction North by replacing the feng shui Earth element decor.

Importance Of Feng Shui Directions

The underlying meaning of directions is that being in your lucky feng shui direction brings you a better flow of energy.

And being in unlucky directions brings you a reduced flow of energy. As mentioned before neither is this a miraculous solution nor does it deliver catastrophic results if you do not follow it.

Relationship Between Feng Shui Directions And Elements?

Ancient Chinese philosophy suggests the five-element theory, which describes the interaction between everything present in our environment.

Feng Shui Elements and Feng Shui Directions
Feng Shui Directions and Feng Shui Elements

The Five Element theory talks about Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood as the basic fundamental building blocks of everything present in our world.

In feng shui, these five elements have their importance, and they must be balanced appropriately to achieve true harmony. Feng Shui element’s directions are essential to be considered.

While placing different household items as they play an important role in channelling the flow of energy throughout the house.

#1 Fire Element

  • The most powerful of these five elements is the Fire element. It represents energy, transformation, passion, desire, and rage.
  • In households, fire elements can be used in the form of a fireplace, candle, or a red lampshade.
  • The colors associated with fire elements are Red, Orange, and yellow. The season is summer, and the Feng shui element direction is south.

#2 Wood Element

  • It is the element associated with artistic qualities such as innovation, inspiration, motivation, etc. It represents the growth of an individual, and it is essential for the renewal and purification of Chi.
  • The wood element is represented by plants, trees, grass, and other green objects.
  • Colors associated with wood elements are Green and purple. The season is spring, and the Feng shui element directions are East and South-East.

#3 Water Element

  • The water element metaphorically represents the flow of life. More realistically, it is associated with the flow of money and career.
  • The water that flows away represents things that you do not need in your life anymore.
  • Still, water represents the calm and rejuvenating properties of your surroundings; it is the feeling of a new beginning.
  • In daily life, water elements can be represented by water ponds, aquariums, crystals, etc. The color associated with it is blue, and the season is winter.

#4 Earth Element

  • The earth element represents stability, such as a feeling of security, and permanence a person feels at their home.
  • As the name suggests, the Earth element signifies safety and strength.
  • In a household, earth element can be represented by rocks, carpets, and books.
  • The colors associated with earth elements are brown, beige, sierra, and muddy colors. The season is the end of summer.

#5 Metal Element

  • It is one of the most crucial elements because it unifies all of them. They act as mediators and conductors to transmit energies to different areas.
  • Metal stimulates the mental and intellectual strength of a person, so an abundance of metal elements can help you think more clearly and focus on your task more efficiently.
  • The colors associated with Metal elements are White, Silver, Gray, and Black, and the season is fall.
  • Metal is that element of the universe through which all the interactions in the world takes place.

How Can I Find My Lucky Direction?

To know your lucky feng shui direction, you need to determine your Kua number. Check out the next section in order to find your Kua number.

What Are The Ways To Calculate Feng Shui Kua Number?

Kua number is a system in which everyone is assigned a specific number according to their sex. It provides a lucky Feng shui direction based on the date of birth.

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It holds great importance in the feng shui system, as many things are derived according to it.

It is used to determine a person’s lucky and unlucky direction for the allocation of various elements in the workplace.

Or home to determine the best directions to place different household/ workplace items. It also gives insight into a person’s energetic compatibility with other people.

Kua Number Calculation For Male

  • The first step is to add the last two digits from your birth year. Use 10 in case it is 0.
  • If your birthday comes before the Chinese Lunar New Year, subtract one from the obtained number. If you were born after it skips this step.
  • We would need a single-digit number if you got two digits, then add those digits otherwise, move to the next step.
  • Subtract that number from 10 if you were born before 2000 and subtract it from 9 if you were born after 2000. If you are still getting a double-digit number, add them, and that is your Kua number.
  • If it is a single-digit number, then that is your Kua number, which gives your lucky directions based on your date of birth.

Kua Number Calculation For Female

  1. The first step is to add the last two digits from your birth year. Use 10 in case it is 0.
  2. If your birthday comes before Chinese Lunar New Year, subtract one from the obtained number. But if you were born after it, just skip this step.
  3. For the calculation, we require a single-digit number. If you got two digits, add those digits; otherwise, just move to the next step.
  4. Subtract that number from 5 if you were before 2000 and subtract it from 6 if you were born after 2000. If you are still getting a double-digit number, add them, and that is your Kua number.
  5. If it is a single-digit number, then that is your Kua number, which gives your lucky directions based on the date of birth.

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How To Describe Relationship Between The Eight Directions And Kua Number?

The following table depicts the relationship between the eight cardinal directions and Kua number:

RegionKua 1Kua 2Kua 3Kua 4Kua 6Kua 7Kua 8Kua 9
NorthGrowthTotal lossHealthWealthSix killingsBad luckFive ghostsLove
SouthLoveSix killingsWealthHealthlossFive ghostsBad luckGrowth
EastHealthBad luckGrowthLoveFive ghostsTotal lossSix killingsWealth
WestBad luckHealthlossSix killingsWealthGrowthLoveFive ghosts
North EastFive ghostsWealthSix killingsTotal lossHealthLoveGrowthBad luck
South EastWealthFive GhostsLoveGrowthBad luckSix killingsTotal lossHealth
North WestSix KillingsLoveFive ghostsBad luckGrowthWealthHealthloss
South WestlossGrowthBad luckFive ghostsLoveHealthWealthSix killings
Feng Shui Directions Chart with Kua Number

Note: Kua number 2 is Kua number 5 for Males. Kua number 8 is Kua number 5 for females

Feng Shui Directions Chart

After calculating your Kua number, you can use the Feng Shui chart directions chart or directions diagram to determine your feng shui success direction.

You can evaluate the positioning of objects according to this. Instead of calculating the Kua number and using a table to assess lucky positions. you can consult any online Feng Shui lucky directions calculator.

The following table depicts the lucky feng shui direction chart:

Kua NumberWealth & Money HealthTo Invite LoveGrowth & Success
5 (Female)SouthwestNorthwestWestNortheast
5 (Male)NortheastWestNorthwestSouthwest
Feng Shui Directions

What Is My Success Feng Shui Direction?

The Feng Shui of home and Home office (work directions) should be according to the success goals of the person. The images of your financial and success goals should be placed in the direction of your vision in places.

Feng Shui Success
Feng Shui Success

Like the Living Room, Bedroom, or office wall (where you spend a minimum of 5 hours of your day), these things, while staying in your vision, will help in bringing good vibes.

  • The personal achievements or your professional degree can also be placed with these. The pictures of the people you admire in the professional field can add significant value to your success area.
  • Place things per Feng Shui success directions to work to maximize your output. You can also use Feng Shui to determine life-work directions. Let’s talk about your workplace.
  • For example, this area must be occupied by the representations for new projects that you are working on and profit goals.
  • Another near-perfect addition to this field can be success magazines related to your professional area. Awards, Degrees, and Certifications are all the things that motivate you can be placed in this field.

How To Find Feng Shui Unlucky Directions?

  • As for your feng shui unlucky directions, you do not need separate Feng Shui chart directions.
  • The directions are not listed as lucky directions or your Kua number is considered unlucky.
  • These unlucky directions usually represent bad luck, six killings, five ghosts, and total loss.

What Is The Feng Shui Cure For Unlucky Directions?

If you will follow every direction rule explained to you so far, you can undoubtedly fix your unlucky feng shui directions. Also, check how to fix blocked chi at your home using Mirrors.

What Are The Best Feng Shui Directions For Bedroom

In which direction we should sleep? depending on your position on the bed. You will have different points of interest through Feng Shui. For instance.

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You can put your bed either confronting East, South East, West, North West or South West for best outcomes.

West: When you face your bed west, you make the best conditions for a decent night’s rest.

So above these are said to be the best sleeping direction, as per Feng Shui experts. Follow this and let us know how you feel?

why not sleep in the north direction

At the point when we sleep confronting North, the magnetic energies pull the iron, which gets accumulated in the mind. This is the reason why many individuals gripe about getting headaches when they awaken.

Laying down with your head pointing North can likewise upset your blood flow and lead to upset rest.

why we should not sleep in the south direction

As we described above why we should not sleep in the North direction. Similarly, Feng Shui is essentially worried about space. A north-to-south body position is viewed as the most noticeably awful bearing.

This is on the grounds that the human head is considered to have a polar-like fascination, and it needs to confront toward the south to draw in inverse poles while you rest.

How To Figure Out What My Child’s Compass Direction For Feng Shui?

How do you use a feng shui compass? The children are the eternal source of happiness in the families. And the ancient art of Feng Shui can encourage fulfilment throughout each aspect of their life to make them happier.

The setting up of your children’s room, according to Feng Shui, can also help in providing the path to escape from the chaos of the world for your children. Place a Feng Shui bedroom chart to allow the flow of positive energies.

  • The energies of young children are always high, and their rooms should be arranged in such a way that their positive energy is enhanced. The main thing in this is tidiness.
  • Also, the children’s place should always be tidy because the untidy room stores a lot of negative energy. Which will also affect the study of the children by impacting their concentration.
  • The neat and tidy room will enhance the children’s positive energy, which will result in improved focus while studying.
  • After clearing your child’s room, you should focus on the directions now. The directions East, North, and North East are believed to be full of energy by the Feng Shui practitioners.
  • For Child’s study room East is considered to be the most stable direction. The study rooms in the North West direction aren’t considered well.

which direction is best for study

Because this direction makes the child restless, resulting in a lack of concentration for a long time. As per Feng Shui practitioners, the success direction for the child’s study room is East or North. Since these directions boost their energy.

Lucky Feng Shui Locations For The Study Table

  • The Feng shui location for the study table can be West, South, or Northeast direction.
  • But South and West directions are considered best for placing the study table. The table should be placed in the way that the window should be on the left to it.
  • And it is advisable to place a wind chime near the window as its soothing sound helps in maintaining concentration.
  • According to Feng Shui, placing cactus or bamboo on the study table is believed to absorb the negative energy around the table.
  • The Feng Shui direction that suits your children can be easily figured out by calculating their Kua number and seeing it in the table above.

Which Are The Best Feng Shui Directions To Sleep Good

Sleeping directions Feng Shui plays an essential part in a person’s life. The particular sleeping direction towards which a person keeps his head also plays an important role.

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If you want to know which direction is good to sleep or which is feng shui the best direction to sleep? Then you must consider what you desire most from wealth, love, personal growth, and health.

For instance, according to Feng Shui, if you wish to find your snow-white or prince charming. It indicates you seek love.

For this, you need to sleep in the nine yen direction or commonly called the love direction. Now, let’s see how to determine Feng Shui’s best direction to sleep or which direction to face while sleeping. Below, it’s explained.

  • If your Kua numbers are 1, 3, 4, or 9, the directions which are suitable for you are East, North, South, and South East.
  • The person having Kua numbers 2, 6, 7, or 8 should be having the ideal direction as West, South West, North East, and North West.
  • Kua number 5 is the same for the males having Kua number 2 and the females having the Kua number 8.

Or instead of doing all this, you can just use an online Feng Shui sleeping direction Lucky calculator and use a Feng Shui bedroom chart to determine the ideal direction for placing your bed.

What Directions Travel Good For New Year Feng Shui?

For the new year 2023 the best directions in Feng Shui for traveling are west, northwest, southwest, southeast, and northeast. While Northwest is the most favored travel direction for this year.

Lucky Feng Shui Directions For House

You need a compass to determine the lucky front-facing feng shui direction of your home.

There are 2 significant directions required to perform various analyses of your house.

#1. Analysis

Feng Shui uses the Flying Star analysis by using the data related to your home facing directions and the year in which construction of your house was completed.

Both these factors help in mapping the flow of energies in your house, which is crucial as the placement of various objects depends upon it. House facing based on birthdate must always be prioritized.

#2.Facing Direction Front Door

The facing direction is the front of your house or the direction in which the front door is placed.

#3. Sitting Direction

It is opposite your home’s facing direction.

#4. Taking A Compass Reading

Firstly, determine the magnetic North Pole of Your compass. To ensure accurate measurement, feng shui compass directions degrees, take care of the following:

  • Make sure there is no vehicle nearby.
  • Stand at least 4 to 5 feet away from your home.
  • Ensure that you are not wearing any metallic objects such as jewelry.

Once you’ve taken the reading, perform the analyses. Or you can look up to the Feng shui house directions calculator online.

#5. Surrounding Matters The Most

It is said that what surrounds your house is the most crucial factor. If negative and inauspicious energies surround your home, no amount of cure and remedies will help you fully utilize feng shui.

#6. The Front Door Is Not Always The Front Direction Of Your House

Feng Shui practitioners state that people often confuse the direction of the front door with the house’s facing direction. However, this is not always true. The actual front direction can differ in regard to its structure and geometric location.

#7. What Is The True Front-Facing Feng Shui Direction Of Your House?

The direction which takes the most Yang (positive) energy should be the front-facing direction of your house. It does not depend upon which direction you have chosen to be the front direction of your home.

Lucky Feng Shui Office Desk Directions

What direction should you face when working? With advancements in the field of neuroscience, it is scientifically proven that specific directions help in the integrated functioning of the brain and improve health performance to a maximum level.

  • The changes in the body position can be detected by the cells in our nervous system. The specific set of neurons gets activated in the body when you look in one particular direction.
  • And if you change your direction, the other set of neurons gets activated. The best Feng Shui directions to work that result in optimal brain performance is east.
  • North comes after east, which is the second-best facing direction. South and west direction should be avoided to be faced while working.
  • As they are considered unfavorable directions for the placement of the office desk.

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FAQs on quick Feng shui directions fixes

Q1: Significance of feng shui northwest corner?

Feng shui northwest corner is very important in terms of longevity, kua career, Job growth and business opportunity.

Q2: What direction should your house face for good luck?

In Chinese culture the most auspicious house facing direction is south-facing, it reflects light and good for chi moment.

Q3: Which direction should a couple sleep in?

As per feng shui principles, the ideal directions for couples to sleep are south, southeast, or southwest.

Q4: what direction am I facing?

Take and Turn your compass reading dial until the needle overlays the orienting arrow. The final number at the end line is your direction.


Feng Shui is not a miracle that gives you special powers that assure success in your life. Instead, it is a way of utilizing your potential to its maximum by achieving harmony with your surroundings.

Nature is the best gift universe has offered to us, and Feng Shui provides us with a path to become one with it. So, by employing proper Feng Shui directions techniques, you can live a happy and prosperous life.

Do let us know your experience and comment us if you have any queries.