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Top 31 Chinese New Year Flowers + Fruits Ideas To Buy 2024

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Chinese New Year Flowers- The Chinese New Year decorations and traditions see various choices based on what kind of vibe a household wants to invite.

Symbolism is an essential part of the celebrations, and families are mindful of investing their time and energy in it.

Chinese New Year Flowers
Chinese new year flowers meanings 2024

There are Chinese flowers for good luck and wealth, and the Chinese new year’s flower arrangement happens to be a unique factor. People usually visit their loved ones once on new year’s eve and send Chinese new year gift baskets.

Chinese New Year Flowers & Fruits are a part of the traditional meal, and the specifics are essential. We will discuss the below things in detail.

  • List of lucky Chinese new year flowers
  • Best Chinese New Year flower arrangement
  • Chinese new year flower yellow, chrysanthemum 
  • Best Chinese New Year fruits

What Flowers Are Seen In China On Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year flowers 2024 are aligned with ‘The Year of the Rabbit‘, and so are the fruits and plants. Fruits and flowers are exchanged among families and hence, are kept in handy. The most common Chinese new year flower plant is cotton. Which is used in every house.

  • Not just houses, but shops, offices, and commercial spaces are redecorated on this occasion, and it is a tradition that is followed by due diligence.
  • Chinese New Year lucky flowers bring in health, wealth, fame, and fortune.
  • Based on the famous Chinese Proverb 花開富貴 (“blossom flowers bring wealth”), the flowers add color and life to the festivities that also include fireworks, traditional dances, and a joyous gathering.
  • In this article, we will discuss a few flowers that are used in the Chinese New Year and their significance.

Best Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas

Chinese new year flowers and decoration
Chinese new year flowers and decoration

Chinese New Year Decorations incorporate containers of pretty tree blooms, platters of oranges and tangerines, candy plates with eight assortments of dried sweet organic products, Chinese paper lights, lovely couplets, and upbeat wishes composed on red paper for entryway and divider enhancement.

Plants and blossoms are extraordinary Chinese New Year Decorations. Each customary Chinese family has live sprouting plants in delightful improving jars or flawless artistic creations in Asian style.

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Top 31 Chinese New Year Flowers + Fruits Ideas

Sprouting tree limbs and spring blossoms represent resurrection and new development.

Now let’s find all the lucky feng shui flowers that are used in the Chinese new year. Each Chinese flower’s meaning and significance are unique. So choose correctly, below are the Chinese flower’s names.

1 Apricot Blossoms

Tropical in nature, Apricot Blossom is the flower for luck used in the Chinese new year. They are bright yellow and resemble the appearance of gold sprinkled over the soil. The color of the flower determines its meaning and is used accordingly.

2 Peach Blossoms-

Peach Blossom symbolism in a Chinese New Year flower selection is of significance. Known to bring in romance and help families prosper, these bright flowers are sacred to the Chinese.

They are seen around couples and newlyweds who want a little something in their relationship.

3 Narcissus

Seen popularly in warmer temperatures, these are considered auspicious lunar new year flowers. These right-luck flowers have a divine smell and represent wealth. Narcissus flower in Chinese New Year makes for a great accompaniment.

4 Pussy Willow-

Silver Willow in China symbolizes growth and usually lasts longer than any other Chinese New Year Flower & Plant. They are elegant and fluffy and appear as tall sticks sold as a bunch. Since they are of a low-maintenance category, they make great houseplants.

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5 Plum Blossoms-

Bright red, these Chinese New Year flowers offer courage and reliability. They make incredible decorations because of the color and the meaning.

And also because its effect lasts longer than other flowers. Chinese new year flower red is a vibrant shade that gives people the power to go on.

6 Adeniums-

With a swollen stem and red and pink variants, these flowers are meant to bring in wealth. The amount of wealth it delivers is considered to be directly proportional to the swelling of the stem’s base.

They are popular as gifting alternatives to people we want to see prospering and growing.

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7 Azaleas-

Azaleas bloom in groups and hence, bring harmony. Azalea’s spiritual meaning refers to the feeling of homesickness and temperance. They also signify familial duties.

They are meant to bring in the emotions associated with homecoming and reuniting.

8 Flamingo Flowers-

Another flower for the new year, these heart-shaped flowers are vibrant and stand for enthusiasm related to personal and professional matters and bring joy and peace.

They bring with them a boost of energy and brighten up space. They are one of the best flowers for new Year for enhancing the beauty of the house.

9 Peonies-

The national flower of China, they are available throughout the year. But their importance increases tenfold during the lunar new year as they are flowers associated with the moon.

Also known as wealth flowers, red peonies bring honor, peace, and prosperity. They have a special place in Chinese Mythology.

10 Red Cymbidium-

These flowers bloom once a year and are preferred for corporate gifts. They symbolize friendship and harmony and are circulated among friends and office colleagues to foster better relationships.

They make us connected to each other and enhance bonding between us.

11 Kalanchoes-

Small flowers that grow in bunches, these flowers for Chinese New Year 2024 are meant to bring luck and prosperity. They are also seen as house plants and require very little maintenance.

They make the body and soul refreshed and give amusing happiness and serenity.

12 Marigold-

Quite common among flowers, these bright orange flowers represent longevity and are seen in families praying for the well-being of one member or more.

Grown in pots within the house, they also act as gifts because of their cheery nature. They are highly aesthetic and enhance the glory of the decoration of the New Year.

Best Chinese New Year Flower Arrangement Ideas

Chinese new year flowers
Chinese new year flowers

Flowers are used in Chinese homes with a plant that sprouts before New Year’s Eve, bringing flourishing, well-being, and abundance to individuals living in the house.

These decorative layouts are significant home designs that represent companions and fellowship.

You can either keep plants and new years flowers like the plum tree bloom or beautiful flower paintings.

Other choices are lucky bamboo, Pussy willow, azalea, peony, and water lily or narcissus blossom plans are exceptionally well-known Chinese New Year enrichments moreover.

What Are The Lucky Chinese New Year Fruits?

In Feng Shui fruit arrangements on new year’s eve are equally symbolic in Chinese culture and are essential during the lunar new year.

They represent our connection to Mother Earth, and their various shapes have different meanings.

Feng shui fruits 2024 Fruits are equally symbolic in Chinese culture and are essential during the lunar new year. They represent our connection to Mother Earth, and their various shapes have different meanings.

Chinese New Year Flowers
Chinese New Year Flowers

They are also used as gifts and cooked as delicacies during the lunar new year. Many fruits derive their meaning from the way they are spelled in the Chinese language.

And how similar they are to the words that resonate with good wishes. Here are some lucky fruits for the new year 2024 that occur recurrently during the Chinese New Year. here we listed the top 13 fruits for the new year 2024.

#1 Pomelo-

These Chinese New Year fruits grow during the lunar new year and are available as ripe and unripe variants. They signify family unity and are plated to bring good luck. Pomelo is available in pairs, this can be used for cooking as well as decoration.

#2 Oranges-

Aligning with yang’s principle, which stands for positivity; these fruits have the sun’s appearance. They are a part of every household and are seen as potted plants.

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Oranges are said to invite joy and abundance. According to a famous Chinese belief, oranges, along with a red envelope, bring good fortune to children.

Tangerine, due to its name and pronunciation, and letters is symbolic of success in the professional and personal sphere.

#3 Cow’s Udder-

These Chinese New Year fruits might sound funny, but it is a lucky ones. The five fingers of the fruit are thought to represent the number of sons, a wish that is dear to every family.

It also represents generations of people living under the same roof for individual families, this standing for family unity and generation continuity.

#4 Peaches-

Round and plump, peaches are considered whole and represent completeness. They also stand for longevity and are said to give a longer life to the household members, similar to immortality. They represent all kinds of good fortune and best wishes.

#5 Orchids-

A perfect choice for that special someone in their life, Orchids are symbolic of fertility and innocence. They also bring in an abundance of luck, and the butterfly orchid is known to usher in longevity.

These are also the most sought-after Chinese New Year Flowers. Just like other flowers, it’s the color that determines the goal of the blossoms.

This flower is also popular with flower delivery services. If your dear one is far away, you can send flowers to Spain, the Netherlands, and Norway. This includes orchids.

#6 Grapes-

As they appear in bunches, they mean abundance. Good luck will follow families who decorate their table with grapes. The purple ones are for elegance, and the green ones are meant to bring vitality.

Grapes are a common sight during the Chinese New Year due to their easy availability. They also represent the number of children.

#7 Pomegranate-

Symbolic of fertility, these Chinese New Year fruits are seen mostly around newlyweds as it promises the family’s growth. The many kernels of fruits within the fruit indicate healthy offspring.

#8 Apples-

An expensive fruit, apples are said to bring safety and harmony. Families feasting on apples are said to lead a peaceful and content life.

It is used to indicate the wholeness of a family that is together during good and bad times and is happy around each other.

#9 Pineapples-

Besides cooking, Pineapples bring luck and money. In Hokkien, it means the arrival of fortune. Families add pineapples to their plates in the hope to prosper in the upcoming months of the new year.

Professional gamblers are quite fond of pineapple as they provide them with luck, a much-needed aspect in the world of gambling.

#10 Sugarcanes-

Similar to bamboo, they are said to bring promotion and growth to one’s career. Sugarcane for children means progress in studies, whereas, for working people, it signifies growth in their career and work.

According to popular Chinese mythology, burning sugar canes on the new year’s 9th day serves as an offering and a show of gratitude.

#11 Lychee-

Plum and red, their round shape brings wholeness and stability and is a symbol of great fortune. They also show close family ties when gifted and help build a stronger relationships among friends and family.

#12 Bananas-

Other fruit that appears in bunches, stand for unity within a family. The bright yellow color represents bright and happy lives. Hence, bananas are of prime significance as they contribute to the overall prosperity of the household.

#13 Lemon-

The simplest among all the fruits, lemons ward off negative vibes and fight the bad eye. Its tangy flavor and bright yellow color bring happiness and glory to the household. It is also used extensively in cooking.

#14 Watermelon-

As it has many seeds, it is said to signify abundance and can be used in different contexts and needs of the family. The red color of the fruit shows the potential for happiness, and the seeds are hope.

They are also given to children in the form of candies during this time.

They give happiness to the people and make them feel special and blessed. So here we have seen some fruits for the new year 2024. Are you ready with your Chinese New Year fruit basket?

English NameChinese NamePronunciationMeaning
Apple苹果píng guǒpeace
Orange橙子chéng zǐluck
Tangerine桔子jú zǐwealth
Lemon柠檬níng méngabundance
Persimmon柿子shì zǐgood fortune
Grape葡萄pú táoprosperity
Pineapple菠萝bō luówealth
Watermelon西瓜xī guāabundance
Pomegranate石榴shí liúfertility
Mango芒果máng guǒlove
Guava番石榴fān shí liúgood luck
Papaya木瓜mù guāprosperity
Peach桃子táo zǐlong life
Plum梅子méi zǐbeauty
Kiwi奇异果qí yì guǒgood luck

What Are The Lucky Chinese New Year Plants 2024?

Plants for Chinese New Year are equally promising and mostly include house plants. They live longer and are used traditionally all around the world.

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They are very easy to maintain and can be grown anywhere from pots to the ground with minimal requirements. A few plants considered the best plant for Chinese New Year are:

Chinese New Year Flowers
Chinese New Year Flowers

Lucky Bamboo

The Chinese Symbol of wealth, the lucky bamboo is known for its twisted and twirled shape of the number 8. Two sticks represent love, whereas seven indicated good health.

Overall, the lucky bamboo is a part of Chinese Feng Shui and is considered lucky. If someone is gifted a lucky bamboo, the chief focus is on a healthier life, full of prosperity, abundance, and contentment.


With emerald leaves shaped in jade, these house plants attract wealth and are a common sight in China. There are various jade plant species.

And all of them are seen in one or the other part of China during the lunar new year. The plant’s translucent property also links it to the soul and is said to possess magical qualities.

Nobility and purity of the heart are the other meanings of having this plant around oneself.

Money Plant

Popularly known as Devil’s Ivy, and Pothos. This is another common plant for wealth and good fortune. Placing a coin along with the potted money plant is said to attract instant wealth.

And once the family has become significantly rich, they are to replace it with a gold pot, a promotion that has been earned by the plant.

Kumquat Tree

Shrubs/bushes are indoor plants that bring wealth into the house. They are vibrant and require very little upkeep. They are also given as gifts to friends and family.

And they bear fruit that comes in handy as people visit one another. They are the best plant for the Chinese New Year.

Pitcher Plant

Because of their money bag like appearance, they are said to bring prosperity and fortune. However, they are rarely seen because of the rarity of the plant and the additional expenses.

English NameChinese NameMeaning
Chrysanthemum菊花long life
Plum blossom梅花resilience
Narcissus水仙good fortune
Lucky bamboo福禄竹good luck
Money plant绿宝石wealth
Chinese fan palm华盛顿棕榈good luck

FAQ on Chinese New Year flowers and fruits

What can you not do on Chinese New Year’s day?

There are many taboos that Chinese people are following on new year’s eve like.
They don’t take medicines.

1. Don’t through waste.
2. Avoid eating porridge and meat kinds of stuff in the mornings.
3. Skip washing clothes and haircuts.
4. Sticking can not be done.

What color should you not wear on Chinese New Year?

On new year’s eve, the Chinese people avoid wearing colors like Black or white. As they represent death. They like to wear more red-toned colors and bright colors.

What is the luckiest flower?

There are many flowers that are considered to be the luckiest. Like
Water Lilies.
Peach Blossoms.

Which plant is not good for the home?

All the plants are horny like cactus, Bonsai, Boston Fern, English Ivy, and Oleander.
These are the most inauspicious plants which should not be used in the home. As they bring misfortune.

How many fruits for the new year 2024

As per the Chinese culture, people usually have 12 varieties or sometimes 13 types of fruits. Which are listed above.


Beliefs play an essential role in Chinese tradition, and during the Chinese New Year flowers and fruits are an integral part of society. These are the new years eve flowers and fruits. Those are used in every Chinese house.

Their meanings are derived via phonetics, shape, and color. These significances are fairly evident, and one can implement them in their life too.

You can also take help from CNY flower arrangements by calling and contacting them online.

They also fall under Feng Shui and have now become a part of households. Most of the Chinese New Year’s flowers are easy to find and sell abundantly during the happy new year flowers 2024.