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7 Horses Painting Meaning- How To Use Horse Symbol In Feng Shui

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There are several more things like 7 Horses Painting that may help you and your house become more positive. According to feng shui, putting a seven galloping horse painting inside the house would introduce positivity into the household.

Horses have always been respected for their raw power and might in many civilizations. Discover how to incorporate the horse symbol within your home’s feng shui to welcome this sign of prosperity and excellent energy throughout your space.

Feng Shui Lucky Symbols and paintings significance

To live comfortably, we must utilize the energy which encircles us. It is difficult to utilize the sort of good energy which encircles us, but it may be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Meditation, for example, may be used to increase optimism, while yoga can be used to increase physical activity. In a similar way, feng shui art, feng shui paintings, feng shui lucky charms and symbols enhance good vibes and positivity to the space.

What does horse symbolises in feng shui?

Horses are seen as emblems of riches and great social status. Via the uses of horses, horses have been regarded as dependable, trustworthy friends that have helped humans prosper including both agriculture and combat.

  • Horses were given to rulers and monarchs in several ancient civilizations as symbols of victory and achievement.
  • Chinese horses were thought to be connected to dragons throughout medieval China and were prized for their powerful yang energy.
  • Contrary to yin energy, which is sluggish, gloomy, and inactive, yang energy is quick, brilliant, and dynamic.
  • Horse Feng Shui also symbolizes the component of fire, which itself is linked to notoriety, recognition, creativity, and enthusiasm in the five feng shui element concept.

How To Use A House Symbol In Feng Shui?

Several factors are important in Feng Shui. These include anything from the way our front doors face to the types of symbols and emblems we display in our houses. The running Asian horse painting sign is a tangible part of Feng Shui.

Running horse paintings will help to harmonize the energy within your home. As per Feng Shui, the sign of a horse, specifically seven galloping horses, represents success, tranquillity, and progression.

Running 7 Horses Painting Meaning

Those 7 Horses Painting are extremely lucky. Since the horse is a sign of strength and prosperity, these seven-horse paintings are said to ensure prosperity and dominance in one’s life and career.

The image horses instil happiness and dispel negativity in an individual’s life. This fortunate image, as per Feng Shui, regulates energy in an individual’s home, and 7 horses painting are thought to represent harmony, success, and progression.

Is It Advisable To Keep Seven Horses Drawing Inside The Bedroom?

  • The portrait of seven prancing horses must not be displayed inside your apartment’s bedroom.
  • Additionally, do not hang this portrait next to the toilet as well as the bathroom inside your apartment or workplace.
  • Utilizing the seven galloping horse pictures in accordance with Feng Shui principles will also assist you in achieving monetary sustainability.
  • Horse bedroom decoration is unacceptable and is attributed to bad Feng Shui.
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7 Running Horses Painting Feng Shui Direction

Horses decor paintings may be put in various areas of the home wherever yang energy is desired. It’s better to keep them in general spaces like family rooms (sitting rooms) since they’re so energetic.

east facing Directions

Speed is symbolized by galloping horses. The picture of the seven rushing horses must be displayed on the east-facing wall of your home. When you put the picture on the east wall, you would notice that you are faster than everyone else at finishing most activities.

West Facing Directions

The galloping horses are strong and independent. When the painting faces west, this will help your creative side.

South Facing Directions

Per the concept of Feng Shui, horses symbolize prosperity. Placing beautiful horse paintings on your house’s south wall would assure your prosperity in all of your household endeavors.

planet Mars Location

Seven charging horses with a crimson backdrop in the picture signify the planet Mars within Feng Shui. It could help you gain courage and enhance your self-esteem. It is critical to point it towards the path of the planet Mars.

planet Saturn Location

Blue horse symbolism, as per Feng Shui, signifies the planet Saturn. It is meant to assist you in bringing serenity and balance into your house. It is crucial to match the location of this image to the orientation of Saturn.

planet Venus Location

Feng Shui dictates that while placing a picture of seven galloping horses, the location of the planet Venus be taken into account, as the horses essentially symbolize the world of love.

Hang this in a conspicuous area of your house to guarantee that your family members experience pleasant sentiments.

Feng Shui Golden Horse Direction

Throughout Feng Shui, a gold horse statue is nonetheless a gift horse. It is thought to have stepped on a pile of riches and other possessions.

This symbol signifies prosperity, steadiness, authority, vigor, and majesty. To acquire propulsion and to generate the necessary respect, recognition, and influence in life, hang this horse picture at the southern side of the room or workplace.

Putting this galloping horse statue on the table of your workstation might bring you good fortune and wealth.

Individuals who are concerned regarding the competitive condition of their profession and desire to secure the finest possible outcomes might utilize this horse to offer great luck to them.

Feng Shui Horse Placement Tips

Chinese horse art will assist in bringing success and wealth to a location.

Either you utilize them for Feng Shui or perhaps to attract decent luck and wealth into a place, remember that they are creatures that could generate beneficial energy into a space.

Examine the positive attributes of the animals inside the image you are contemplating before deciding which picture symbols (horse symbol) would be appropriate for your circumstance. The very finest horse pic.

You will discover that utilizing these horse decoration pictures to bring prosperity to your life may offer you delight, happiness, even great fortune if they are placed correctly.

Horse emblems for luck and achievements may be used to bring calm, harmony, and abundance to any situation.

7 Horses Painting Direction In The Office

  • The running horses’ picture direction is critical. The seven-horse image should be displayed in the living room, office, or company.
  • When placing the painting, make sure it addresses your house, for instance, the horses entering into your house rather than leaving.
  • The south region of your house represents growth and fame.
  • The south section of the house or office is said to be ideal for a picture of galloping seven horses. If the south border isn’t available, the east border might be used.
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The Meaning Of The 8 Horses Picture

Within your life and profession, Feng Shui’s eight-horse picture is utilized to provide attention, renown, dynamism, triumph, and progression.

8 Horses Painting Meaning
8 Horses Painting Meaning

Fame, offspring, wellness, profession, personal growth, knowledge, marriage, as well as satisfaction are all represented by the eight life vocations.

A horse picture should be hung in the notoriety area, which is the south, and also the professional area which is the north.

Put this horse decoration for the house inside the living room at the front door so you can bring prosperity plus excellent fortune to your home.

The Meaning Of The 9 Horses Picture

The 9 Charging Horse Picture is as highly efficient as Feng Shui and serves an important part in the lives of the inhabitants of the household and it serves as a good horse decor for the living room.

  • As per the feng shui concepts, these nine running horse pictures might help you solve your money difficulties.
  • We can not recommend that money should be at the center of all things in real-life situations, but we also know that money is not everything.
  • Whenever it relates to business as well as profit and loss, though, everyone is preoccupied with money.
  • A 9 running horse picture, in accordance with feng shui, has a highly positive influence on life. Particularly when it comes to money.

Flying Horse Meaning In Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Flying Horse is a victorious horse with a huge fly sitting on its back that may be utilized to improve business as well as professional luck.

In several senses, the Fly plus Horse pairing is unusual in that it aids in your ascension up the accomplishment ladder while also bringing favorable possibilities and ongoing wins.

It’s excellent for men and women looking to boost their professions. Put this feng shui horse in the north region of your desk at work to win a fierce rivalry and make it simpler to advance in your career.

It also aids in the maintenance of connections with coworkers, allowing you to obtain backing and assistance from both coworkers and management.

Galloping Horse Meaning In Feng Shui

The galloping horse represents a horse’s core energy as well as quickness, which represents Triumph and Accomplishment.

The galloping pony having the swallow itself at its feet depicts the combined notion of movement and flight, i.e. horses could fly or move quicker than birds.

The Horse on Swallow would be a representation of strength and endurance, as well as notable achievement and wealth. Galloping horse pieces can be displayed inside your study, sitting room, or office.

To achieve triumph and reach new heights in your profession or company growth, display the prancing Chinese horse statues. Inside the office, position this lovely Feng Shui sign on a raised platform near your side.

Sky Horse Meaning In Feng Shui

The Sky Horse core is indeed an excellent core in a broad sense, indicating travel, relocation, or employment in a different nation.

A Sky Horse core owner is a skilled problem-solver. Since this is a movable core of riches, business travel is frequently compensated.

Red Horse Meaning In Feng Shui

Speedy red horses symbolize the male spirit of consistency, and therefore actively enhance your business by expanding popularity, money flow, and recognition through a consistent number of tasks.

Large groupings of horses, usually a 3 horse painting, 5, 6, or 8, represent emblems of triumph and power. As just a show of cooperation or combined vigor, horses in pairs must be galloping or strolling together.

Within feng shui, there are other different color picture horses that are noteworthy;

White Horse

Handling white horse figurines provides a steady stream of cash. Since white signifies stability as well as tranquility within Feng Shui, the horse can assist you to alleviate financial problems.

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Just on the ground, a couple of white racing horses could be positioned to the north as well as northwest.

An Asian horse statue or horse image could be fashioned out of a variety of components, such as wood, aluminum, ceramic, or even as an artwork(painting).

Pair of Horse Meaning In Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Duo of Tribute Horses with Gold Ingots on their Backsides is a highly valued homage horse that gives renown and triumphs over rivals.

It also provides incentives and facilitates promotional possibilities.

You may offer this lovely Feng Shui Horse Sign to your family members and friends to attract popularity and prosperity into their lives, according to the belief that you ought to consistently gift Feng Shui signs.

These may be a great present for someone starting a new business or profession, or for those conceived during the Horse year.

12 Feng Shui Horse Symbol Do’s And Don’ts Tips

The traditional feng shui horse sign may be used in a variety of ways to bring riches, success, luck, and professional progress.

  1. A dashing horse figure may be displayed in your house or business. The horse must always gaze through into your space, not out a door or window, racing out of the space or house carrying all your joy and happiness.
  2. If you are born under the gold horse Chinese zodiac sign, you may display it in a noticeable location, like your workplace desk, to encourage good luck and job prosperity.
  3. You may improve your luck even more by putting your horse on something like a podium or other elevated place so that your efforts are highlighted and appreciated.
  4. A picture horse bedroom is not ideal because its yang energy would disrupt the chi energy harmony, producing excessive yang energy as well as causing disturbed sleep.
  5. The bathroom is yet an additional location to skip. The bathroom’s unfavourable chi would be amplified through these intense yang energies.
  6. You should steer clear of horses that portray anguish or violent events, such as wars or horses battling one other.
  7. Horses galloping in violent scenarios like a rampage ought not to be displayed in your house or business. These images are forceful and hostile, and they will attract negative energy.
  8. Never select a painting that simply shows a portion of a horse, for instance, pictures of horse heads or pictures of horse faces. Such portraits will end in unfinished ambitions and half-baked outcomes from your endeavours.
  9. One could utilize two horses whenever one needs assistance from another individual, such as a spouse or colleague.
  10. Working together to attain a common objective is symbolized by the two horses galloping simultaneously.
  11. The placement of the Chinese horse artwork has the potential to attract both positive and negative energy into your life. So, before you hang anything anywhere, double-check.
  12. Contact an astrologer to guarantee whether by putting the appropriate shade picture of running horses in the right area as well as in the perfect place, you will reap the desired advantages.


If you understand how to use seven running horse pictures, especially 7 Horses Painting in feng shui, it may be quite beneficial.

The image of the seven prancing horses will assist you in attracting energy and enthusiasm and sensations from the environment.

And your standard of living will be greatly enhanced as a result of your optimism, follow the feng shui rule for this auspicious symbol to activate the good energies in your home.