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Tortoise In Feng Shui: 9 Effects Of Keeping Tortoise At Home

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In most cultures, tortoise figurines are placed inside the house for good luck. To know more about Tortoise In Feng Shui and the effects of keeping tortoises at home, read here!

Feng Shui is all about surrounding yourself with positive energy. There are many ways to ensure positivity around you, and one of these is by using animal figurines in the house.

In Chinese mythology, there are several celestial animals like white tigers and green dragons that are considered spiritual. The tortoise is also one of them.

Tortoise In Feng Shui
Tortoise In Feng Shui

Feng Shui experts believe that the tortoise figurine is considered very lucky, which is why many people tend to place tortoise figurines in their homes as well. It is believed that these figurines tend to signify longevity and allow positive energy in the house.

To know more about the effects of keeping tortoise at home in Feng Shui, continue reading!

Tortoise In Feng Shui Significance (Figurine)

A tortoise signifies wealth. Most people who believe in Feng Shui place crystal tortoises in their houses.

Not only do they serve as great decoration pieces, but they also hold a lot of significance in being very lucky for the home.

They are known to allow wealth and luck into the home. Not just that, but they also help deal with financial problems and allow financial stability to come their way.

These tortoise figurines are made of several materials as wood, crystal, and metal. Where exactly these should be placed in the house depends on the material they are made of.

Furthermore, the placement also depends on the purpose that you are trying to fulfill.

Benefits of Keeping a Tortoise at Home

In most cultures, the tortoise is considered to be sacred. Most believe it helps people in several ways, which is why it is seen as a very popular figurine in the house.

The effects of keeping tortoise at home in Feng Shui are indeed great, as experts believe.

  1. They can help you have luck come your way.
  2. They can help you fight any sorts of ailments.
  3. They can help you fight off anxiety and allow you to relax.
  4. They can help you have a very successful career.
  5. They can help you with any safety and security needs as well.
  6. They can help you with the longevity of your life as well.
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Correct Tortoise Placement Tips For Good Luck

Here are a few important placement tips and feng shui tortoise direction in home that need to be kept in mind when deciding where to place the tortoise figurine based on the tortoise’s material. There are several materials that these are made of.

  • A mud tortoise should ideally be in the house’s northeast, center, or southeast direction.
  • The northwest or the southwest direction is ideal for a crystal tortoise.
  • The east or the southeast direction is the best for a wood tortoise.
  • The north or the northwest direction is most suited for a metal tortoise.

Here are a few other placement tips, regardless of the material that the tortoise is made of.

  • The backyard is ideal for a tortoise since it allows the home to be filled with positive energy.
  • It can also be placed right at the entrance to ensure that positive energy flows in since that is the place from where things enter the house.
  • The metal ones should always be placed with their feet in the water. This helps with happiness and prosperity. You can fill in any container with water and then immerse the turtle in them.
  • Placing the figurine next to an artificial waterfall is also a great idea.
  • Some also believe that having a tortoise figure in the house helps fight all types of illnesses as well.
  • Those who have insomnia can pace the tortoise near the bed. It helps you sleep well and also allows you to fight off anxiety in the best way possible.
  • Feng Shui experts warn against placing the tortoise in the bathroom or the kitchen since that isn’t considered auspicious.
  • The figurine should be removed instantly if it is broken or chipped off from anywhere. Either it should be repaired or replaced, but never kept as it is.

With these placement tips, you are sure to have luck coming your way.

Some people who like tortoise figures in their house are often seen decorating the entrance of the house using a tortoise theme. This helps them form strong relationships in the house, which is exactly what they want.

Tortoise In Feng Shui
Tortoise In Feng Shui

1. Feng Shui Tortoise for Wish Fulfilment

If you have certain wishes you want to fulfill, then a metal tortoise is most suited for you.

  • You can write your wish down on a piece of paper and place it in the tortoise.
  • Keep the tortoise in a place that is always in front of you so that you can keep an eye on it at all times.
  • This will surely help you get what you want.
  • When your wish is fulfilled, you can easily remove the paper from there.
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2. Feng Shui Tortoise for Career Growth

If you want success in your career and professional life, you can place a metal tortoise or a painting of a tortoise in your living room.

  • Feng Shui experts believe that this signifies wealth and income growth.
  • The ideal placement is that the position of the tortoise should be as such that it should be facing the main door.
  • It is also great to put near any water body, like a fish tank.

3. Feng Shui Tortoise for Health

If you are suffering from any health issues and want a tortoise in the house to help you with that, you need to ensure that the tortoise faces the best direction of the house.

  • For this, you need to find out what this direction is, using the Bagua map, after which you know where you can place this.
  • Just believe that this will help, and you will see your health improving with time.

4. Feng Shui Tortoise for Positive Energy

Feng Shui experts believe that a tortoise can help bring positivity all around.

  • For positive energy, it should be placed in the garden or the porch.
  • It is also a great idea to place these at the entrance.
  • This can help maintain peace and tranquility at home.
  • A lot of experts also talk about how this helps avoid fights between the members of the house.

When you start placing a tortoise in your home, you will soon see things turning out in the best way for you. It is widely known that you will see luck following you when you place this inside the house.

Tortoise In Feng Shui FAQs

Q: Is tortoise good for Feng Shui?

The tortoise is one of the most sacred symbols in Feng Shui, which is why many people are seen to have figurines of these in their homes.

This allows them to have positive energy flowing into the house. There are a lot of specific placement guidelines as well to allow for maximum benefit.

Q: Does tortoise bring good luck?

In most cultures, the tortoise is considered being very lucky. This is because most people believe that it brings luck to the home when placed there.

Not only does it help with money matters, but it also helps with forming strong bonds between family members.

Apart from that, it also helps with soothing down and with any ailments that people might have. Of course, there are very specific placement guidelines as well that need to be followed.

Q: What does a tortoise symbolize?

A tortoise symbolizes wisdom. It defends itself and is known to be one that many keep figurines off to get lucky.

Q: Which side should the tortoise face?

The tortoise should face a side depending on its material and what you want to get lucky with.

In an ideal scenario, it is best to use the Bagua map to understand the different areas of your house and what they signify.

Then you can place these following that.

Q: Is gifting a tortoise a good idea?

It is indeed a great idea to gift a tortoise since it symbolizes longevity and luck.

When you gift someone something like this, it shows them that you mean well. In fact, it is a sign of you wishing them wellness, which is exactly what they would love to get from you.

A lot of people tend to gift these to those they love.

Q: Is it necessary to keep the crystal tortoise in water?

Water element in feng shui is a symbol of constant flow. Keeping the tortoise in water will enhance good luck and wealth together.

Q: Crystal tortoise with plate benefits?

It represents the great health, longevity, stability, financial growth and luck.

Final Words

There are several types of tortoises, like mud, metal, and crystal ones. Depending on the materials, the ideal placement of the tortoise can be understood.

Certain placement tips need to be kept in mind when deciding how and where these can be placed.

Then, depending on several factors like what you want and the material that it is made of, you can decide where you are going to keep it.

We hope this article on Tortoise In Feng Shui will help you to achieve your goals and improve luck.