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Meaning of Grasshopper In Feng Shui (Good Or Bad Omen)

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Grasshoppers are a type of insect that is unique, and sometimes we come across them without knowing their worth.

Did you come across a grasshopper in your home? Have you seen a grasshopper cross your path recently?

We are aware that in Feng Shui, everything around you has significance. This is also applicable to manifestation; if you find things crossing your path, they could be an indication that your manifestation is very close or that the Universe is speaking to you.

So, what do grasshoppers crossing your path or in your house mean in feng shui? In this article, we will explain the meaning of grasshopper in Feng Shui.

Is Grasshopper Lucky or unlucky?

Are grasshoppers good luck? A grasshopper signifies luck positively, and sometimes it can be unlucky.

A grasshopper can bring luck and good fortune when its wisdom is recognized and appreciated, but when you injudiciously mishandle the grasshopper, your luck may shortly go bad.

Meaning of Grasshopper In Feng Shui

In feng shui, grasshopper symbolism is remarkable, and a few of them are as follows:

  • The grasshopper symbolizes the good luck and prosperity that are approaching.
  • The grasshopper also symbolizes safety from adversaries or foes when positioned close to the main door.
  • A grasshopper signifies happiness, longevity, richness, fruitfulness, goodness, well-being, strength, prosperity, and wisdom.
  • Grasshoppers also symbolize intuition and sensitivity.

You can position a grasshopper figure or representation anywhere in your house to boost positive energy and invite good fortune and luck!

Spiritual Meaning of Grasshopper in The House

Just like ladybugs, grasshoppers in the house have a powerful spiritual meaning.

The spiritual meaning of a grasshopper in the house is an indication that you need encouragement and soul-lifting to experience emotional healing, and if you are going through hard situations and ordeals, it shows you should stay calm and peaceful in your emotions and not allow them to influence you.

It also means that you need to care for yourself more and give priority to relaxation and renaissance. Appreciate and pamper yourself, and accept the ease that self-love produces.

What if Grasshopper Comes in Your House?

If a grasshopper comes into your house or into your path, don’t fret. It means that change is on its way. Grasshoppers are lively and only leap forward.

So, seeing a grasshopper in your home is auspicious and a good sign.

Grasshoppers are known for their ability to leap over a long distance with accuracy—that’s jumping from grass blade to grass blade. This indicates that you are expected to take a leap of faith, put your faith into action, or make a brave decision you’ve been procrastinating about making.

Some meanings attached to a grasshopper coming to your house are:

  • Well-being
  • A sign of good fortune
  • The positive news is approaching
  • A pleasant sign of things to come
  • Obeying your inner voice
  • Expected to take a leap of faith
  • Possessing longevity and vibrancy for a long
  • Experience a remarkable transformation in your life
  • Prevailing over your foes or difficulties of life

How to Use Grasshopper Symbolism in Feng Shui

Knowing the enormous meaning attached to a grasshopper, you might be asking, How can I use grasshopper symbolism in feng shui?

There are many ways to use grasshopper symbolism in feng shui. Some of them are:

  • Place a statue or image of grasshoppers in your home
  • Place artwork or home décor that has grasshoppers in your home to attract positive energy.
  • Wear grasshopper symbolism as a pendant or piece of jewelry.

Meaning of Brown Grasshopper in Your House

Have you come across a brown grasshopper in your house?

A brown grasshopper coming to your home signifies the feng shui earth element and is interpreted as having a connection with Mother Earth, and also showing groundedness and stability.

Seeing a brown grasshopper in your house can be a good way to boost the health of your home.

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Seeing a Green Grasshopper Meaning

Another type of grasshopper you might come across is the green grasshopper. Seeing a green grasshopper signifies the feng shui wood element.

The wood element is represented mainly by green color, which illustrates growth and advancing energy.

Green is also recognized as a color that indicates transformation and growth that is firmly rooted.

Seeing a green grasshopper can mean different things to different people, based on their spiritual, cultural, and personal views. Here are some things that people often think of when they see a green grasshopper:

  • Luck and prosperity: In many countries, grasshoppers, especially green ones, are seen as signs of luck. Their green color, which looks like money, might make people think of them as signs of wealth.
  • Growth and Rebirth: People often associate the color green with growth, rebirth, and renewal. A green grasshopper could mean a new beginning or a change in your life.
  • Grasshoppers are free to move around and hop from one place to another. If you see one, it could mean that you want freedom or a change in your life.
  • Fertility: Because they reproduce quickly and the color green is often associated with growth, they can be seen as signs of fertility.
  • Leaping: Grasshoppers are known for being able to jump very far. It can remind you to take a leap of faith or to keep going without stopping.
  • Some people think that seeing a green grasshopper means they are getting closer to God or that they are about to go on a spiritual trip.
  • Messages from the Universe: In some spiritual views, animals and insects are seen as signs from the universe. If you see a green grasshopper, it could be that the world is trying to tell you something.
  • Listening to instincts: Grasshoppers, with their long antennae, tell us to be aware of our surroundings and pay attention to our instincts.
  • Harmony with Nature: The color green goes well with nature and the environment, which suggests that people need to connect with or harmonize with nature.
  • Temporary: Grasshoppers come and go with the seasons, so if you see one, it could mean that whatever you’re going through is temporary and will pass.

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning in Love

Using a grasshopper figure in the love area can enhance your love and relationships.

The spiritual meaning of grasshopper in love is that you need to work on yourself to attract good luck in love and also improve your self-love.

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Benefits of Using Grasshoppers in Feng Shui

In feng shui, grasshoppers have many benefits, and some of them are:

When you use the grasshopper symbolism simultaneously with feng shui, you can generate positive energy and utilize it any place you need it the most!

  • You can use grasshoppers to enhance health and longevity by placing them in the health area.
  • Placing a grasshopper image in your career area can encourage you to take a step of faith in your career or try a new job.
  • You can use a grasshopper to enhance wisdom and tune yourself to hear your inner voice perfectly.
  • You can use grasshoppers to enhance your fame, reputation, and what you’re identified with, or to assist you in accomplishing a big feat.
  • You can use grasshoppers to enhance creativity, make a huge leap forward in your undertaking, or help your children cultivate the habit of obeying their inner voice.
  •  You can use grasshoppers to draw a fresh opportunity or to safeguard your house from negative energy. 

Grasshopper Color Meanings and Symbolism

The grasshopper color meanings in feng shui are as follows:

  • Yellow Grasshopper: Yellow is one of the colors representing the earth element. The earth element symbolizes wealth, fortune, positivity, confidence, and hopefulness. Yellow grasshoppers would be suitable for the health area of your home.
  • Gold Grasshopper: Gold grasshoppers symbolize the metal element, which is translated to precision, advancement, and creativity. Gold is also a color that exemplifies prosperity and wealth.
  • Silver Grasshopper: Silver grasshopper is a color that indicates the metal element, which controls creativity, ingenuity, and children. In feng shui, it is believed that metallic colors can also bring prosperity and fortune. Using silver grasshoppers can release the energy of metal elements into the wealth bagua zone of your home, as well as the creativity zone.
  • Brown grasshopper in house meaning: Brown locust represents anchoring, security, and the possibility of a call for awareness and flexibility in one’s own space.
  • Green grasshopper: Represents good fortune, wealth, and fresh starts; encourages one to be open to development and transformation.

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Applying the Symbolism of the Grasshopper in Feng Shui

You may utilize sculptures, artwork, or even live grasshoppers contained in a terrarium as part of your Feng Shui practice. Grasshoppers are said to bring good fortune. According to the Bagua region, this is one possible arrangement for them:

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Wealth & Prosperity (Upper Left): Grasshoppers are known to bring good fortune, therefore putting a figure of one of these insects in the upper left sector of the wealth and prosperity zone may assist in increasing positive financial energy and bring in more plenty.

Fame and Reputation (Upper Centre): If you’re about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your professional or public life, a grasshopper may represent the assurance you need to make that leap.

Love and Relationships (Upper Right): Although this is not directly connected, you may use the grasshopper’s symbolism of intuition to better understand and communicate with your spouse by listening more carefully.

Family and Health (Middle Left): Embrace the notion of overcoming challenges in health and family life by taking giant leaps forward.

If you are going through a period of change in your life, placing a grasshopper at the center of your Tai Chi or Yin Yang practice can assist in balancing the energy.

Children and Creativity (Middle Right): The jump of the grasshopper can be interpreted as either an outburst of creativity or as taking courageous measures for the future of your children.

Knowledge and Wisdom (Lower Left): Having faith in one’s inner guidance and continuing on the path of personal development.

Signifying positive jumps in one’s work or managing life transitions with ease and insight, the work and Life Path position is located in the lower center of the card.

People Who Can Help You and Travel (Lower Right): Grasshoppers often represent progress in one’s life, and they may be of assistance to you in this position if you are looking for assistance or are making plans to travel.

Grasshopper Symbolism and Meaning Native American Symbolism

What is the meaning of grasshopper in Native American traditions? Although many cultures appreciate and revere the grasshopper, many Native American cultures relate this insect to negativity or devastation.

The reason is not far-fetched. Grasshoppers and locusts are regarded as pests that eat up plants and destroy farms.

Based on many tales, the grasshopper is seen as a covetous, uncaring, insensitive, and fallacious insect, which symbolizes bad luck and hostility.

Remarkably, the bad meaning associated with the grasshopper is not as prevalent in traditions that depend more on hunting than farming for their means of living.

So, based on this belief, for most of these people, the grasshopper was a sign of weather changes.

It was even considered that grasshoppers possessed the magical power to influence precipitation and cause rain to fall.

Grasshopper Eastern Symbolism

The meaning of the grasshopper in the Eastern parts of the world, such as China, Japan, and Korea, is a very encouraging one.

  • In Chinese culture, grasshoppers represent good fortune, luck, well-being, long life, happiness, abundance, fruitfulness, and virtue.
  • In many Chinese homes, grasshoppers are sometimes kept and raised as pets. In Feng Shui, the grasshopper means astuteness and dignity, immortality, and safety from conspirators.
  • It is believed that putting this insect close to the dying bed of a person will aid their peaceful passing and ideal rebirth.
  • In Japanese culture, many people hunt after these pleasant insects and nurture them as pets. It is also a belief in Japan that grasshoppers bring good luck to the family.
  • Grasshoppers are also cherished for the songs they produce.

In Korean culture, grasshoppers are seen as a symbol of a difficult time that will soon pass away. People celebrate this time joyfully with their favorite foods.

Grasshopper Christianity Symbolism

The grasshopper is symbolic in Christianity too. Going through the Bible, you’ll see many scriptures pointing to grasshoppers or locusts. It is noted that John the Baptist’s food comprised only “honey and locusts.”

The connection between the grasshopper and Christianity is that the grasshopper is an insect that is considerably small, not wise, and not powerful.

Regardless of this, the grasshopper leaps as much as twenty times its height and aims towards the peak of heaven.

Grasshopper Celtic Symbolism

The symbolism of the grasshopper in Celtic culture is something valuable. A golden grasshopper is used as an emblem of the Royal Exchange house.

But what does grasshopper have to do with finance? This is because it was a symbol of the founder of the Royal Exchange, known as Sir Thomas.

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This grasshopper’s symbol also represents wisdom and authority.

Grasshopper African Symbolism

Grasshopper means so much in Africa. Grasshoppers are linked with the unforgettable incident that happened in Egypt during Moses’ time as a result of the Ten Plagues.

The grasshopper or locust’s infestation was to prove to the Pharaoh and the Egyptians that God was ready to deliver His people from bondage and also prove that there is only one true God.

The perception here is not something unpleasant. So, grasshoppers are considered harmful impact.

Grasshopper Symbolism and Meaning in Dreams

What does a grasshopper mean in dreams? Dreams have many meanings in feng shui, When you dream of a grasshopper, it is something you should be happy about.

  • Grasshopper symbolism and meaning in dreams are mostly a signal of abundance and good luck.
  • Dreaming of the Grasshopper shows that achievement is close by. You will soon record a great success.
  • When you dream of a brown grasshopper, it shows your relationship with the Earth and nature. It could also be a pointer for you to discover your roots.
  • Dreaming of a white grasshopper shows a strong friendship you have entered into a relationship with or a nice individual you will soon come across.
  • Whereas, dreaming of an albino grasshopper indicates self-gratification and pleasure.
  • A bright green grasshopper could be a sign of jealousy or dishonor. Watch out for possible hatred in your relationships.

Grasshopper Encounters and Omens

The meaning of grasshopper encounters and omens are as follows:

  • Encountering a grasshopper is a pointer to the fact that you need to push yourself beyond the limit, embrace risks, and also to take a step of faith toward achieving your goal. As the grasshoppers leap up to a considerable height, you must have confidence in yourself and take a step of faith. Such encounters show that the spirits are informing you that wisdom and prosperity are yours.
  • Encountering a grasshopper also shows that you must overcome every obstruction and limitation stopping you from advancing and have confidence in your forthcoming achievement.  

Grasshopper Spirit Animal

When you are endowed with the grasshopper spirit animal, get ready to face some risks, and make decisions that will change your life. An individual with a grasshopper spirit animal has the following characteristics:

  • A person with a grasshopper spirit animal has a limitless passion and energy to evolve into the future.
  • People with the spirit of grasshopper are experts in disguising, and socializing as well as blending become natural to them. People often detect their adorable presence and enjoy their friendship.
  • Anyone with the spirit animal grasshopper can easily adjust to any environment and speaking other people’s language is easy for them.
  • Individuals with a grasshopper animal spirit are graced with good fortune, prosperity, abundance, adoring relationships, and everything they wish to get, but these blessings can result in idleness and contentment. Ensure that you cultivate positive behavior and a powerful work ethic.

Grasshopper Totem Animal

If you’re blessed with a grasshopper animal totem, employ it to discover your musical gifts, whether they are rooted in your vocal aptitudes or your ability to appreciate and understand music.

If you like grasshopper as your totem, then you are probably a person with high instinct and sensitivity. You may discover that spiritual connectivity happens effortlessly to you because of the grasshopper’s guidance.

The grasshopper totem can help you find a meaningful relationship.

Grasshopper Power Animal

Grasshopper is an animal with power, although small in size.

The power of a grasshopper can assist you in progressing towards realizing your future, although, at times, you may not have a glimpse of the result of your next decision.

The grasshopper’s power leads and directs you toward faster advancement. Just ensure to move at a pace that goes well with you.

Grasshopper Tattoo Meaning

The grasshopper tattoo meaning is identified to be good luck and great intuition.

Individuals illustrate this creature on their skin to remind them of the significance of being grounded and remaining creative. Grasshopper tattoos can also represent pace, creativity, and progress. 

Seeing a green grasshopper meaning during pregnancy


Grasshopper is one of the creatures that will bring virtues, good luck, confidence, speed, creativity, and advancement. Learn to cherish this animal and if you feel connected to it, don’t forget to harness its symbolism.