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Peace Lily Feng Shui Meaning, Benefits + Placement Guide

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You would like something attractive, calming, and tropical? Learn Peace Lily Feng Shui Meaning and placement guide.

This plant’s simple sight may significantly boost the ambiance of any area because of its outstanding dark green leaves and gorgeous white blossoms.

The significance and symbolism of a peace lily, which is diverse and intriguing in nature, will be examined throughout this article. These elements only serve to enhance the attraction of this common houseplant.

Varied contexts call for different interpretations of the Peace Lilies significance. It frequently represents calmness, innocence, serenity, recovery, optimism, and abundance.

It is frequently cultivated or given as a token of kindness, tenacity, elegance, rebirth, modesty, or virtue.

  • Peace Lily feng shui Meaning
  • Peace Lily feng shui Symbolism
  • Peace Lily Feng Shui Benefits
  • Peace Lily Feng Shui Bedroom
  • Peace Lily Feng Shui Placement
  • Where Not to Place Peace Lily Plants in the Home
  • Reasons You Need a Peace Lily Plant In Your Home
  • Peace Lily Spiritual Benefits

Peace Lily Feng Shui Meaning and Significance

Every flower has a special significance all its own. Because of this, adding a plant that expresses a sentiment to your house or workplace will undoubtedly have a favorable effect on the atmosphere there.

Peace Lilies may represent a variety of things, from innocence and sanctity to optimism and serenity. Let’s go through each one individually.

Peace Lily Feng Shui Meaning
Peace Lily Feng Shui Meaning

1. Peace

  • The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) is revered as a symbol of calm as well as peace in practically every region of the globe.
  • Their white blossom is reminiscent of all white banners that are adopted as a declaration of ceasefire all throughout the planet.
  • In order to set an old grudge to rest, gifting Peace Lilies to the recipient is a wise move. Offering this plant has a good chance of leading to the formation of a fresh connection.

2. Innocence And Purity

  • White peace lily blossoms are a statement of innocence as well as sanctity since white had also long been connected to chastity and purification.
  • Feng Shui, traditional Chinese art and science, attributes the sanctity of one’s environment and psyche to a Peace Lily.
  • Having this plant about your house is thought to help banish all forms of bad energy and spread optimism.
  • This Peace Lily is regarded as a “purifying” flower that aids in removing pollutants from the atmosphere, according to science.
  • Peace lilies at best help to keep the oxygen in your house clean, despite the fact that they have a little real-world effect on air purity.

3. Hope

  • This flamboyant plant is regarded as a beacon of hope as well.
  • According to Feng Shui, Peace Lilies calm and balance a space’s energy while enhancing sentiments of optimism and harmony.
  • A further symbol of optimism is the plant’s capacity to flower repeatedly. It depicts the premise that life is jam-packed with pleasant things to look ahead to.
  • Peace lilies make wonderful gifts for expectant parents since they not only serve as a lovely memento of the baby’s purity but also inspire hope inside the parents about the prospective success of their child.
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4. Healing

  • Another well-known interpretation of the feng shui Peace Lily has to do with psychological balancing, healing, and making one’s existence more calm and pleasant.
  • As a token of their ongoing healing, peace lilies are the perfect present for someone who is recuperating from an illness.

5. Prosperity

  • This Peace Lily plant is endowed with a profusion of big, domed spathes plus rich green leaves. With the proper circumstances and care, it may bloom all year round.
  • It is frequently linked to success and prosperity because of this. Searching for the best approach to congratulate a cherished one on a long and joyful life? Peace lilies are a wonderful choice!

Other Peace Lily Feng Shui Symbolism Are

No comparable plant could reasonably compare to the tranquility that Peace Lily plants provide to a location.

We already have a good understanding of what a Peace Lily flower might imply and represent, so let’s try to comprehend the peace lily symbolism of its exquisite loveliness as well.

6. Sympathy

  • An elegant consolation present may be a Peace Lily, which stands for sympathy.
  • You would have frequently observed Peace Lilies being presented as a token of condolence to the relatives of a departed individual.
  • You might think of them as a polite way to express condolences to someone who had buried a loved one and also a living memorial to the deceased.

7. Longevity

  • Tropical flowers include Peace Lilies. Any flower that lasts well over 2 years is considered to be a perennial.
  • This strongly suggests that peace lily flowers may flourish for years as well as continue to bloom provided you give them effective upkeep.
  • In reality, this plant may endure well over ten years in ideal circumstances. Beautiful, isn’t it?
  • This long standing plant’s characteristic has led to its use as a mark of endurance.
  • Giving a Peace Lily as a present could be a wonderful way to wish somebody a happy and prosperous life any time you would like to.

8. Beauty

  • You must recognize the fact that Peace Lilies are the epitome of beauty.
  • With their pristine white blossoms and rich green foliage, these unique tropical beauties are just breathtaking.
  • Peace Lily beauty has spurred writers to adopt it as a metaphor for the seductiveness of their romantic passions.
  • This Peace Lily is indeed a beautiful approach to letting somebody know you find them fascinating and how precious they have become to you.

9. Rebirth

  • As was previously indicated, Peace Lilies bloom unceasingly and endure throughout many years.
  • Additionally, because they persist to thrive year round, many have come to equate these flowers to the Resurrection of christ.
  • In other words, a peace lily flower portrays the regeneration of the mind and spiritual separation from Earthly existence.

10. Chastity And Virtue

  • A Peace Lily is closely attributed to the innocence of the Virgin Mary throughout Christianity as well as being a sign of chastity and innocence.
  • It is a suitable choice to give to a lady tying the knot and beginning a fresh phase in her life because it is also connected with the inborn sensitive character of women.

Top 6 Peace Lily Feng Shui Benefits

As a low-light household flower, peace lily feng shui advantages and natural benefits are enormous.

These plants survive all year long with minimum care, which explains their popularity. They additionally reflect significance and symbolism. Now let’s review their perks;

  1. It is strongly advised to keep a Peace Lily plant in your home office since, according to feng shui specialists, it transforms negative energy into good ones.
  2. Peace Lily would be helpful to those who experience trouble falling asleep at night, which includes numerous folks who stay up until one in the morning each night in an effort to finally fall asleep.
  3. People with sleep issues of this nature might set up indoor flowers, such as peace lilies, that enhance oxygen and eliminate foul air, resulting in pleasant relaxation.
  4. Increasing the moisture levels within your room could certainly assist you breathe more easily and properly, so yes, that benefit is also possible.
  5. This plant is frequently provided to individuals as a good luck charm.
  6. Formaldehyde, benzene, and certain other serious air hazardous pollutants may be eliminated by this flower. This, when positioned inside your home, would eradicate harmful gas and clean the air.
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Peace Lily Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Attributed to its capabilities to bring balance and peace into a room, a peace lily is a well-liked flower in Feng Shui. It is even more significant because it can aid in air purification.

  • The southwest side is a splendid area to keep your feng shui peace lily in the bedroom since it symbolizes marriage as well as relationships.
  • If you want to improve concord inside your house, there’s no real damage in placing a peace lily in the southwest side of the bedroom, though specialists can’t guarantee everything.

Peace Lily Feng Shui Placement Tips

It’s crucial to take into account the flower’s practical requirements as well as its symbolic significance while picking the best location for peace lily feng shui.

  • Since bathrooms and kitchens may give additional moisture, peace lily plants wouldn’t bother being there.
  • Beware of windows around the South East and otherwise Eastern areas of your house, because they may expose your flower to rising sun that it dislikes.

In line with Feng Shui:

  • Whichever Feng Shui system you choose determines where in the house a Peace Lily should be placed.
  • According to Classic Feng Shui, any flowering plants should be placed inside the South-Eastern corner of your house.
  • The Eastern side of a house is a decent location for plants to thrive.
  • For this task, the Bagua, and otherwise map, of the building, is matched using precise readings from a local compass.
  • The Bagua is arranged according to Black Hat Feng Shui, having the north edge of the map matched with the house’s entrance.
  • Even if they were not identified using a compass under this technique, both SouthEastern as well as Eastern sides of your house are still thought to be favorable sites for feng shui peace lily growth.
  • As an alternative, you just adhere to the plan suggested by turning the Bagua to coincide with your door orientation.
  • This essentially indicates that the ideal aspect of the house will rely on its real design.

Where Not to Place Peace Lily Plants in the Home

  • Considering peace lily plants dislike gusts and bright sunlight, keep them distant from doors as well as windows.
  • Keep them away from openings that release dry air and also strong streams of heat.
  • In overall, maintain house plants such as the peace lily away from the stove part of your home since, as per Feng Shui standards, they disrupt the peace lily’s feng shui harmonious energy.
  • Only in areas with seldom below-freezing conditions could peace lily plants be grown.
  • For the duration of the warmer months, if you decide to move your flower outside inside a pot, make sure it is kept shaded.
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Reasons You Need a Peace Lily Plant In Your Home

  • Because toilets, kitchens, and restrooms all have high moisture levels, mildew development is a possibility. This may be seen, along with other spots, on bathroom drapes and tile grout.
  • Your peace lily would not only flourish in such conditions, but it would also stop the growth of mildew by soaking up extra dampness from the air.
  • Ignoring the fact that you are unaware of the numerous health perks of this houseplant. For the aesthetic value it brings to an area, add it.
  • It is the ideal addition to any home’s decor. The peace lily white blooms with curving bracts and their lush green leaves are a spectacle that shines out in the space.
  • Nearly everybody in the universe has trouble falling or staying asleep. These houseplants offer a wonderful advantage that encourages sound sleep.
  • This makes it a fantastic flower for your bedroom as well as a lovely look as well.
  • It improves moisture levels, filters indoor air, and makes it easier to breathe.
  • Besides eliminating the mildew that exists in excessive moisture environments. The peace lily aids in removing airborne mold spores.
  • Particularly for those who are allergic to such mold spores, it is advantageous.

Peace Lily Spiritual Benefits

  • You could enjoy a cheerful life and bring prosperity into your life by utilizing the peace lily positive energies in which this flower contains.
  • You would be capable of making the intelligent choices that will advance your career with the help of this flower’s impact in your life.
  • Most households and hospitals utilize these blooms to boost relaxation, tranquillity, and peace.
  • They have a demure demeanor that instantly eases tension.
  • The peace lily is a symbol of purity in both the surroundings and the human mind in Feng Shui.
  • Having this flower at home is said to help banish many forms of bad energy.
  • Positive energy will permeate every area you are in.
  • Your life will be serene and harmonious because peace lily flowers provide the proper psychological harmony.

Peace Lily Feng Shui Significance FAQS

Q1: Are Peace Lilies Used at Funerals?

A peace lily flower represents purity and the soul’s restoration after passing from the challenging physical realm to a higher plane.

Q2: Are Peace Flowers a Suitable Present?

Since they require little care and are hardy, peace lilies make excellent plant presents.

Q3: Do Peace Flowers Promote Harmony?

It infuses the space with a tranquil aura and good vibes.

Q4: Are Peace Lilies Poisonous?

Although peace lily isn’t strictly deadly, it does possess a substance that, if taken, may be quite upsetting to animals, kids, as well as an adult.

Q5: Are Peace Lilies Safe to Use in the Restroom?

Bathrooms are the perfect place for peace lilies.

Q6: Could Your Peace Lily be Kept Outside?

Although peace lilies are often cultivated indoors, you may also raise them outdoors.

Q7: Do Peace Lilies Live a Long Time?

Normally, peace lilies survive for 4 to 5 years.

Q8: A Peace Lily Needs Watering How Frequently?

A weekly average of watering.


Within Feng Shui, the blooming Peace Lily plant is regarded as a wellspring of energy in addition to its ability to provide beauty and serenity to your house.

As it flourishes, it will strengthen your spiritual well-being, so offer it the appropriate conditions.