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15 Feng Shui Gardening Tips To Invite Good Luck & Prosperity

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What is Feng Shui Gardening?

Although Feng Shui has become popular in relation to interior and garden design. The environment that surrounds the house and backyard is decisive for the type of energy that Feng Shui handles with great tips. Let’s explore all the Feng Shui Garden Tips and tricks to beautify your space.

In this sense, it is very important to consider Feng Shui Garden Design like Zen Garden. Because an adequate design can improve and correct environmental situations to optimize the quality of the chi or energy that the house will receive.

In China, large interventions were frequently made in the landscape around the imperial palaces. Such as creating artificial elevations or lakes, to optimize the environment and adapt it as much as possible to the principles of Feng Shui.

How Do You Feng Shui Your Garden? Tips

Allowing for proper Chi. When designing your Feng Shui garden, make sure to allow space for chi, or energy, to flow smoothly.

So you can arrange relaxing, smooth shapes and pathways for your Feng Shui Garden. Along with that, a good Feng Shui Garden Decor can also be used as subtle Feng Shui Gardening Cures.

Continue reading below you will find everything on how to invite plenty via your Feng Shui garden.

How to Feng Shui Patio?

It’s that time of year when family barbeques and outdoor cooking becomes the norm and the kitchen stove gets a much needed break.

Feng Shui Gardening Tips

Being as its Deck Safety Month, it is the perfect opportunity to get your patio all ready for the fun summer activities ahead.

The patio should be a sanctuary spot and look clean, nice, comfortable and inviting. This is one of those go to places to have your morning coffee or tea, to relax and chill after a rough day, and also to entertain guests.

Use these Feng Shui principles to bring a more harmonious feel to your patio area.

1 Clean It Up

The first step in Feng Shui is always to declutter. Clutter and disorganization can ruin the positive energy flow of any area, including your porch or deck. Get rid of any dead plants, broken planters, faded cushions and any other trash that may have accumulated.

2 Check It Out

After you have things all cleaned up the next step is to fix, repair, or replace any small things which might go unnoticed during the regular, day to day maintenance of your patio.

Make sure to check that metal sections like connectors and bolts have no rust, are in good shape and you also want to keep an eye out for rotten wood.

It is important to check regularly for any signs of damage from the elements, especially if you have little ones running around.

3 Outdoor Feng Shui Garden Decor

Choose furniture that is comfy and easy to care for as well. Don’t use mismatched furniture in this area and avoid oversized pieces that make the space feel cramped and hinder the free flow of energy. The goal is to create a real outdoor sanctuary for yourself and your guests.

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4 Decorate With Color

Red, yellow, and purple, are the colors of good fortune. Green brings freshness and peace while blue represents water which provides life, growth, and money. Obviously, decorating in blues and greens is an excellent choice.

5 Avoid thorny plants

Add more round and or heart-shaped leaves plants and avoid plants that has too many pointy edges like cacti family. Even if plants are overgrown prune them immediately.

Feng Shui For Garden 3
Feng Shui Gardening

Feng Shui Gardening Animals statue

A Green Dragon, which is the most powerful animal as per Feng Shui practices, is auspicious when placed in the garden area. The suitable colors are green and blue which are considered especially lucky in this region.

Green Dragon
Feng Shui Gardening Animals

Ideally, behind the house, a beautiful hill or mountain protects it and this configuration is called “the turtle“.

Otherwise, a natural hill, a hedge of trees, a fence wall, or neighboring houses can symbolically do the trick for your Feng Shui garden.

Then, on either side of the front door, looking from the inside to the outside, hills or (substitutes described above) can symbolize on the left (the dragon symbol of male power).

And on the right (the tiger or symbol of female power) and the yin-yang balance.

In front of the front door, a beautiful free space to let energy gather to enter the house (symbol of the Phoenix) represents the future in the spirit of the Feng Shui garden.

How Feng Shui Landscape Architecture Would be?

Using Feng-Shui landscape architecture attaches great importance to what are called “poisoned arrows”. The angle of a building that points to your house or company, a pole, or a tree exactly in front of the front door or from your office window.

Landscape Garden
Feng Shui landscape design

A large, non-diverted driveway or road that points to you, etc. All these “arrows” bring too much sustained energy and generate a certain form of violence which will cause many problems over time.

Orientation is at the heart of Feng-Shui analysis and is measured with the traditional Luo Pan (Feng-Shui Compass). The orientation will determine the distribution of the 8 Feng-Shui sectors of the habitat.

And combined with the time dimension by the date of construction or renovation will determine a more or less favorable grid of influences, sectors by sectors.

This reading grid makes it possible to reflect on the optimal positioning:

  • Rooms of different family members
  • Different departments and offices of a company
  • Pieces of water (pieces of energy extraction)
  • Living rooms, etc

How to integrate five Feng Shui elements in garden

Feng Shui’s five elements are the core for balancing environment a chi. When we talk about the Feng Shui garden, it’s also important to incorporate all 5 elements that are Water, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Wood.

In order to balance all these five elements, we can add things like a wind chime, fireplace, Feng Shui plants, Water fountain, Statues, and good Feng Shui colors.

How to Feng Shui Vegetable Garden?

Producing a Feng Shui vegetable garden at home brings us closer to healthier eating habits. This traditional farming practice means that consuming the products that you have planted.

Feng Shui Garden Plants
Feng Shui Gardening Tips

Cared for and pampered creates a great feeling of satisfaction. The pleasure of harvesting your food, knowing its origin, and knowing that it is a fresh and healthy product.

Makes each bite taste of glory. In this way, it brings you a little closer to self-sufficiency, promoting an ecological and sustainable culture.

Choose your crop in its tastiest state. With an urban Feng Shui vegetable garden there will never be anything rich and healthy on the table and it will make you spend less in the store.

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The vegetables you grow yourself are not only fresher and tastier. But you also make sure that they will not have the agrochemicals that are normally used to control pests and plant diseases.

Perfect, but where can I place it?

Having a flat without a terrace or patio is no longer an excuse.

We already know that on the balconies there are space limitations for which we must put all our imagination into practice. When taking advantage of each hole in which we can grow our favorite vegetables.

We can hang Feng Shui garden pots on the railings or walls for example, or use small individual pots for those plants that do not require as much space, such as aromatic herbs.

Feng Shui Garden Fence Color

A Feng Shui garden is a garden cut out and arranged in different zones. Each of them represents a universe, an area of ​​life through shapes, objects, and Feng Shui Bagua colors.

The Feng Shui garden Bagua fence color must respect nature and be in harmony with it, color green symbolizes nature, life, and breathe, hence color green will be great for the fence.

Feng Shui Outdoor Plants For Front Door

To successfully complete a Feng Shui decoration, especially in an entrance hall or a front door, it is important to grow and decorate it wilt plants.

According to Feng Shui, the exterior part preceding the entrance, called “buffer zone”, says a lot about the environment and the privacy of the occupants of the house.

It is the boundary of the territory and it contains the vibrations specific to them. So, it is important to grow plants there in order to drive out negative energy.

Find Feng Shui garden plants like below would be great for outdoor.

  • Lotus
  • Jade Plant
  • Magnolia
  • Money Plant
  • Plum Blossom
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Chrysanthemum

Lucky Sectors | Directions Of The Feng Shui Garden

North: This direction corresponds to the Water element, it is auspicious to have a pond or a water source in this sector.

However, for the final decision on the position of the water consult the Feng Shui Bagua & formulas of the Feng Shui World Guide to Prosperity.

Feng Shui Garden
Feng Shui Gardening Tips- Fountain

Northeast: This direction corresponds to the Earth element, it is beneficial to place a rockery or stone garden in this part. This: Symbolizes the Greater Wood, it is a good sector for ornamental and fruit trees, bamboo or similar canes and flowers.

Southeast: As per Feng Shui Bagua represents small Wood, the sector is suitable for small plants and flower beds or flower pots.

South: It is the sector of the element Fire, it can be harmonized with lights, red color, or sculptures that represent birds.

Southwest: Like the northeast, it corresponds to the element Earth. Here stone or pebble decorations are also ideal, depending on the size of the garden.

West: West is the direction of Small Metal. Some metal bells are very suitable to harmonize this sector.

Northwest: It is the Major Metal sector. It would be optimal to have a metal or stone sculpture here. In a small garden, you can place bells or metal chimes.

Feng Shui Fire Pit Location

An open fireplace has an impact on Feng Shui, which is why it is very important to ask yourself the question before installing or using it if it already exists.

So here’s what to watch out for.

Many of us apparently dream of a fireplace in front of which we will have an aperitif, a herbal tea, take a nap, read a book, chat with our loved ones or our children, or anything else.

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Before planning the fitting out of a fireplace corner in the living room or designing a living room with a fireplace.

Leaf through the catalogs looking for the armchair to put in front of the fireplace, let’s take a closer look at the impact of a Feng Shui fireplace.

To determine the best place to place a chimney, we rely on two different Feng Shui techniques: ba zhai and flying stars.

1 Ba Zhai

A chimney (or a cooking point) alters the quality of the qi of the sector in which it is located. We, therefore, place it in a sector whose qi is in one way or another problematic for residents

2 The Flying Stars

The flying stars tell you which qi are present. If you want to use or arrange a fireplace in the living room. You must first make sure that the qi of the room supports a significant amount of fire. The same thinking applies regardless of the room of course.

Roses Feng Shui Garden

Like basil, masculine energies are attributed to rose because of its element is fire. Beliefs suggest that rosemary is a great plant to use for our home garden as per Feng Shui gardens Bagua.

Even at your workplace, everywhere, it protects and cleans the home from bad energy and also to ward off diseases

In addition it is also said that if you put a sprig of rose on the front door of the house, unwanted people will not come

It is the plant to form a couple. Ideal to attract great loves. To enhance its magical properties, place rosemary sachets between intimate garments.

If you already have a partner and want to ensure happiness, perfume the sheets with rosemary water. It is preferable that this plant is not exposed to the sun.

Feng Shui sand garden Tips (Zen Sand garden)

As you know, Feng Shui soil for the garden is mainly based on the search for Enlightenment, the way to control ourselves, and above all, communion with nature itself.

The Feng Shui Garden soil represents the path of life, constantly full of changes, brightness, and darkness, shadow, and light.

Feng Shui Garden
Feng Shui Gardening Tips

The garden’s soil is small and are formed by a sand field containing gravel,  rocks, and sometimes moss, herbs and other natural elements.

For Orientals during meditation, the reality is captured directly without the participation of thought and language. This especially represent the universe and is designed with the aim to inspire vitality and serenity.

When we do not have real space (land, solar) we can make a miniature garden that will serve as a representation.

Feng Shui rock placement for garden

  • Rocks are the great addition in any garden. They add great decor and landscape to the space along with that they prevent slipperiness.
  • Arranging small rocks along with big slabs elevates the overall look and makes it natural habitat.
  • Another important point is that to create wavy pathways to enhance the chi.


Finally, For the layout of a Feng Shui Gardening Ideas, the house must be well integrated into the landscape.

We hope you like this article and will some give your garden a makeover soon by incorporating these Feng Shui gardening ideas.