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How To Feng Shui Balcony For Positive Vibes: 9 Do’s + Don’t

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Want to transform your balcony to allow room for positivity? Read more on How To Feng Shui Balcony For Positive Vibes and find out what you can do to get started.

You may have heard of or read about the power of Feng Shui. One that helps overcome all hardships and troubles. And, you may be curious to know to what extent this is true.

Feng Shui has been practiced for a while now, 3000 years to be specific. The reason for this extension to its ability to help individuals attain peace and prosperity, thus reflecting on its success rate.

This art can be practiced by people all across the globe. It may look complicated, but in reality, it only requires a few simple techniques. These include the use and placement of the right elements and an open and clear mindset.

If you wish to create the right balance of energies in your home or balcony, then trying out Feng Shui for positive vibes may help.

To find out about what you can do to get started, read ahead. This article will surely offer some hope for a prosperous and peaceful life.

How To Feng Shui Balcony For Positive Vibes:

1. Add Life With Plants

Anything that brings life brings with it some positive energy. This is why Feng Shui encourages the use of symbols and items, drawing inspiration from one of the 5 elements of wood, fire, water, metal, and earth.

Plants offer 4 of these elements, i.e. wood, earth, metal, and water. You can therefore place flowers and plants on your balcony to create the right atmosphere for positivity to come seeping right in.

However, using the right type of plant and flower also matters. The size is important here–you want to place plants that complement the size of your balcony. For smaller balconies, opt for smaller plants.

You may also want to pick plants that have soft and round leaves. Avoid tall plants that block sunlight from entering your home. The same goes for plants with thick, scaly, or thorny leaves.

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Here are some plants to add to your balcony:

Moreover, you can also place bright and colorful flowers on your balcony. Orchids, geraniums, and chrysanthemums work best in creating the right level of positive vibes.

If you are unable to find these flowers, you can opt for any other potted flower of your choice, or place a miniature water fountain on your Feng Shui balcony.

Water too is a source of life, thus making your Feng Shui balcony the ideal spot for unwinding and relaxing after a long and tiring day.

How To Feng Shui Balcony
How To Feng Shui Balcony

2. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are great décor items to add to a balcony. However, they are also a strong Feng Shui symbol for positivity and fortune.

They are a great metal element to add to your balcony. By having wind chimes amidst plants, greater positive energy and vibes can be generated.

You can make your own wind chime or purchase one from a home décor store. Several online platforms also sell Feng Shui wind chimes. However, be sure to check for the quality of the wind chimes first.

A good quality wind chime can last for years and withstand harsh weather conditions. This is what you want to inspect before making the investment as your wind chime is going to be placed outdoors.

3. Evil Eye Symbol

The Evil eye symbol is often used in Feng Shui to get rid of negative energy. The vibrant blue color is powerful enough to ward off negativity.

It also helps get rid of any ill feelings of hatred and jealousy. This symbol can be found online or at any Feng Shui store near you. It often comes as a wall hanging that can be easily added to your balcony.

This Feng Shui décor item is a must-have for positivity.

You can hang it on the balcony door or on the wall that is beside the door. Make sure it is in proportion to your balcony size though.

This will help render a balance in the level of yin and yang energy present in your Feng Shui balcony.

4. Clear Up The Mess and Remove Clutter

A clean and clutter-free balcony is the gateway for positive vibes to enter your home. Feng Shui, therefore, emphasizes having a dust-free home and balcony.

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You can start by clearing out any unwanted items from the balcony. Next, wash away any dirt and debris that may have accumulated.

Maintaining the balcony is also something that you will have to add to your cleaning routine. Be sure to wipe down the balcony every few days to prevent dust from settling down.

Also, clean and wash the leaves of your plants to help them stay vibrant.

5. Wipe Down the Windows

If your balcony has large windows or a glass door, it is best advised to give it a good wipe down. Remove any stains on the windows. This is essential, as clean windows allow for more sunlight to enter your home. This helps cultivate life and positivity.

If you don’t have windows on your balcony, you can have them installed as well.

6. Add Some Color

You can add some color to make your Feng Shui balcony welcoming. In Feng Shui, red is a powerful color that brings with it prosperity and good luck. You can opt for a red chair or table on your balcony for this.

And, red is known to compliment green as well. It is sure to be the right pop of color amidst the green plants on your balcony. This is the perfect way to achieve a Feng Shui balcony for positive vibes.

In addition, a small rug can be added to your Feng Shui balcony as well. It can be blue, yellow, orange, or even purple.

If you are someone who prefers yoga and wishes to practice it on your balcony, then a purple rug may be the best fit. This is since purple is a color for spirituality and cultivation in Feng Shui.

7. What Not To Add To A Feng Shui Balcony

Here are some items to avoid having on your Feng Shui balcony. Their presence can disrupt the process of positivity and create hindrances in the flow of the right levels of energy.

  • Avoid keeping dead plants on your balcony. If your plants die or have decaying leaves, remove them immediately.
  • Avoid hanging clothing items on your balcony
  • Do not place empty cartons or pots on your balcony. Store them in your garage or give them away if not in use.
  • Avoid keeping shoes and shoe racks on the balcony, especially if they are worn out and old
  • Try not to place old newspapers on your balcony

8. Ideal Feng Shui Balcony Location

An ideal Feng Shui balcony is one that is located in the south. A balcony facing the north is often said to lead to health issues. The same goes for balconies facing the east or west.

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This is because these locations block sunlight and air from flowing in. So, if you’re thinking of having a new home designed and built, make sure the location of your balcony is right.

Avoid having one above the kitchen or bathroom as well.

How To Feng Shui Balcony
Feng Shui Balcony Location For Good Vibes

9. Tips On Maximizing Your Feng Shui Practice – Get It Right

Since Feng Shui relies heavily on the use of positive and negative energies, you may want to begin by self-reflecting on your aura. Impatience and restlessness can render your efforts useless.

To avoid getting disappointed, try to embrace a positive mindset when practicing Feng Shui. You can do this by doing the following:

  • Meditate in your home or balcony. Spend a few minutes on deep breathing exercises or yoga. This can help you achieve clarity.
  • Be mindful of your words, behavior, and actions. This helps ward off any unwanted and negative vibes.
  • Help those around you. By assisting others in need, you can expedite the process of good fortune and prosperity. This can help your Feng Shui practice become even more powerful.

Feng Shui for Your Balcony: Get Started And Embrace the Positivity Today!

So, what are you contemplating? Get started on your Feng Shui balcony right away. Invest in the right Feng Shui symbols and elements and watch positivity and prosperity flow into your home.

And remember, staying patient and content is key. This is going to make your Feng Shui for positive vibes practice kick-start with the right fervor and energy.

In addition, you can add the Feng Shui symbols mentioned in this article to your garden or front porch as well. They are sure to work just as great in helping you attain peace of mind and happiness.

If you found this article helpful, you can share it with a loved one who wishes to engage in the science of Feng Shui as well. Helping those in need is a great Feng Shui tip that can help you reap your desired benefits right away!