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11 Feng Shui Bathroom Plants For Positivity, Health + Wealth

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Feng Shui Bathroom Plants- Plants play a very important role when you are looking for Feng Shui your house. Here’s how you can carefully choose Feng Shui bathroom plants!

Feng shui is a Chinese art that focuses on harmonizing the elements in your home to generate positive, free-flowing energy. Plants can help with this.

According to Feng Shui, certain plants are thought to bring good fortune, health, riches, and love into your home. Some of the best Feng Shui bathroom plants include the money plant, bamboo plants, golden pothos, and ferns.

These lucky indoor plants are said to balance the water element. This aids in the displacement of negative energy, in addition to cleansing the air in your home and lowering stress.

If you’re looking to add some much-needed good luck into your space, then keep reading to understand how these bathroom plants can do wonders for your home.

What Are Some of the Best Feng Shui Bathroom Plants for Your Home?

The bathroom is often considered a spot where energy sources are lost in Feng Shui. This is because it creates multiple outlets that allow the water element to flow out of your home.

Feng Shui Bathroom Plants
Feng Shui Bathroom Plants

Bathroom plants can help limit this. This includes plants like:

All these above-mentioned plants have the ability to regenerate, restore, and balance these energy losses, making them ideal for bathrooms.

1. Kick-Start Your Lucky Stream with Some Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is easy to grow indoors and adds to the space’s aesthetic appeal. The aesthetic and decor of a home can be instantly modified with the addition of this attractive plant.

  • The number of stems on the lucky bamboo plant is said to be a good luck indicator.
  • According to Chinese Feng Shui principles, Lucky bamboo plants reflect the five natural elements of Feng Shui. It is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.
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2. The Golden Pothos

If you only have room in your bathroom for one plant, make it this one.

  • The Golden Pothos is the best Feng Shui bathroom plant since it has a strong positive energy that counteracts the bathroom’s overpowering negativity.
  • However, the Golden Pothos, despite its reputation as a money plant, does not represent prosperity or luck in Feng Shui.
  • These Feng Shui bathroom plants will prevent prosperity from leaving your home. It is a good choice for the bathroom, where energy goes right out of the house.

3. The Beautiful Money Tree

One of the most well-known lucky Feng Shui bathroom plants is the money tree. It increases fortune, wealth, and money, according to Feng Shui specialists.

According to experts, putting the money tree in your bathroom is also a bad idea because it would drain or flood the positive energy.

  • Among Feng Shui bathroom plants, the Pachira Aquatica, often known as the money tree, is said to attract lucky energy, fortune, and prosperity.
  • They have delicate and fluttery ovate leaves, as well as sturdy brown stems that are braided as they grow.
  • Money trees thrive in areas that are free of cold or hot, dry air drafts.
  • You should also ensure that your money tree receives plenty of bright, filtered sunlight and that the soil is evenly moist but never damp. Money trees are prone to root rot.

4. The Bubbly Jade Plant

The jade plant is the luckiest of all the succulent plants that can be kept at home.

This is a very succulent plant which is also generally known as the lucky plant, dollar plant, or the money tree.

  • The little spherical leaves of the Jade plant resemble coins. It is said to bring good fortune and money to its owners.
  • As a result, it is commonly presented as a housewarming present.

5. The Healing Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a lovely plant that you can put in the bathroom, and it will give a very calming feel or the vibe of being in a spa.

  • You can keep a potted plant on the counter, or you can even hang a eucalyptus plant in the shower and allow its aroma to soothe you.
  • These Feng Shui bathroom plants are undoubtedly a powerhouse of healing and good energy in the bathroom.

6. Cactus or Cacti for Bathroom Mirror

Several cactus species are supposed to bring good fortune as Feng Shui bathroom plants.

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This plant is supposed to bring good fortune and happiness into the home. Cacti will bloom profusely if grown outside.

  • Indoor plants do not typically generate flowers, so it is critical to take specific care of your cactus in order to get gorgeous blooming.
  • Arrange these plants around the corners of your home to attract good fortune and wealth.
  • Some cactus plants can even be used as air purifiers.

7. Snake Plant

8. Peace lily Plant

9. Areca Palm

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig

11. Peacock Plant

How to Further Improve the Qi Energy in Your Bathroom?

Here are a few of some more effective ways, apart from Feng Shui bathroom plants, that you can implement to improve the overall positive energy of your bathroom:

Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Tidy

  • Uncleanliness, clutter, and a messy bathroom can cause negative energy in any setting.
  • It is especially problematic in rooms where you are trying to create harmony and a calming vibe.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your bathroom surfaces.
  • Also, keep your counters clean, your laundry in the laundry room, and remember that ignoring a problem will not solve it, so organize your cupboards as well.

Keep the Doors Closed

  • In Feng Shui, the door to your bathroom should always be shut.
  • This will prevent positive energy from other parts of your house from entering the bathroom, as well as negative energy from the bathroom from entering the rest of the house.

Bring in the Element of Wood and Use a Green Color Scheme

  • The water element feeds or absorbs the wood element in Feng Shui, therefore, having a lot of wood decor in your bathroom will assist in balancing things out.
  • In your color scheme, use bright, vivid neutrals and a lot of greens. Bamboo bath mats, as well as a few strategically placed plants, are excellent choices.

Feng Shui Bathroom Plants Placement in Bagua Maps

In Feng Shui, a chart known as a Bagua map is employed. An entire house, a single room, or even a single surface can be divided into sections using the Bagua map.

Each segment represents a different facet of life, as well as an element and the colors, shapes, and materials connected with it, as well as a cardinal direction.

  • North–Water Element for Career Development
  • South–Fire Element for Fame and Reputation
  • East–Wood Element for Family and Health
  • West–Metal Element for Children and Creativity
  • Northwest–Metal Element for Travel and Acquaintance
  • Southwest–Earth Element for Marriage and Love
  • Southeast–Wood Element for Wealth and Riches
  • Northeast–Earth Element for Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Center–Earth Element for Wellbeing

Plants can be placed in regions of the home that correspond to the portions of the Bagua map that link to the wood element.

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Feng Shui bathroom plants can also be used to promote growth and vitality in other aspects of your life by being placed in specified regions of rooms throughout the house.

For example, in order to attract positive energy into the career sector of your life, place a houseplant in the east or southeast corner of the north portion of your home.

The Key Takeaway

Plants that reflect important aspects of your life, such as wealth, family, romance, or relationships, should not be placed in the bathroom.

These Feng Shui bathroom plants may bring such energies into the bathroom, where they may be sucked out of the house or negatively affected by the room’s proclivity for negative energy generation.

Avoid fruit-bearing plants, as well as floral plants like orchids. You can make use of some jade plants and money trees. You can also do your own research as to which plants you need to choose.

Or, you can consult with a professional Feng Shui practitioner to guide you with everything you need.


Q: Is It Good Feng Shui if I Keep Plants in Your Bathroom?

Yes, Feng Shui bathroom plants bring in a lot of good fortune and luck. However, you need to be careful as to which plants you want to keep in your bathroom and where.

You also have to keep in mind the placement of the bathroom in your house as per the Bagua Map.

Q: Which Plants Can You Place in Your Bathroom for Feng Shui?

Bamboo Tree, Money Tree, Eucalyptus, Jade Plant, etc., are all examples of Feng Shui bathroom plants that you should consider keeping.

However, fruit-bearing or citrus plants are the ones that you should avoid placing in your bathrooms as they do not exactly coordinate with the energy of the bathrooms.

Q: Which Plant is the Best for Good Fortune and Wealth?

A money tree is the best plant for you to keep in your house and bathroom if you want to accentuate your good luck for wealth.

Even professional Feng Shui experts suggest that the money tree is one of the best Feng Shui bathroom plants for you to keep.