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How To Cleanse Your House With Sage: Burning Sage Ritual

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How To Cleanse Your House With Sage? Do you want to cleanse your house of bad energies? You can use crush sages for that! Read here to find out how to use crushed sage in Feng Shui for cleansing.  

Feng Shui is all about clearing bad energy from your home. Feng Shui experts talk about several ways to do this, and one of these is cleansing your house using sage.

Sage is one of the materials that you can use for smudging. It is the most popular one too.

Sage is associated with purity. It has a very strong smell, and its presence can be felt in the entire area. Therefore, it is extremely useful when you need to clean the entire space properly.

After you burn it, the smoke ascends, and that is when you feel that instant connection with the earth and the heavens.

When cleansing your house, the first thing is to gather all the important things you might need. Next, you can light the sage and begin the process. First, go into each part of the house, starting from the front door. Move-in a clockwise direction and return to the same point when done.

When you’re done, your home will emanate good vibes all around, creating the atmosphere that you need.

So, if you are wondering how to use crushed sages in Feng Shui for cleansing, continue reading to find out how you can do that.

What is Sage? 

  • Sage is a green-colored herb that is a part of the mint family.
  • It has a very strong smell and taste and is hence used for cooking purposes too.
  • In many cultures worldwide, sage is used for deep cleansing rituals.
  • Cleansing with sage helps rid the space of all negative energies around. It is one of the most popular herbs for cleansing.

The Truth About Burning Sage?

Sage is very useful when it comes to cleansing.

The first thing is to prepare all the things that you will need beforehand so that you don’t have to stop midway for anything.

You need to hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, after which you can burn it for 20 seconds.

Once you see the flames, you can start moving around the new house in a clockwise direction.

This can help you cleanse the entire place and rid your house of all the negative energies.

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How To Cleanse Your House With Sage In Feng Shui

How To Cleanse Your House With Sage
How To Cleanse Your House With Sage

Here are a few essential steps for cleansing using sage. Go through each one by one to ensure that the smudging process is done smoothly.  

1. Gather Materials

  • The first step is to gather all the important materials you need for the cleansing process.
  • Remember that this is a mindfulness process, so you need to make sure that you collect all the supplies you need first so that you don’t have to pause later on.
  • Do this thoughtfully so that you don’t face any interruptions later on. Here are a few things that you will need:

2. Candles and Matches

  • You will need candles and matches to light the smudge stick repeatedly, as need be.

3. Fireproof Container

  • While at it, you also need to ensure safety. So make use of a fireproof container for this purpose. A clay bowl is a good idea since it doesn’t catch any ashes.
  • Many people also use an abalone shell for this since it brings in the element of water too.
  • If you are using a bowl, you need to make sure that you use one you have kept aside for this purpose only. Don’t use that bowl for cooking purposes.

4. Bowl of Sand

  • Once the cleansing ritual is over, you will have to extinguish the smudge stick. For that, a bowl of sand is essential.

5. Prepare Before Beginning

  • Before you start with the ritual, make sure that you are calm.
  • You need to prepare yourself, knowing that what you are doing is for deep cleaning purposes and that it is going to help you.
  • If possible, try to meditate for a few minutes. That will help you clear your mind, and in turn, you will be able to form a good connection.
  • If there is someone else who will be a part of this ceremony with you, make sure that they are calm as well. You can even work with wind chime sound and ring bells to create a calm atmosphere.
  • When preparing for space clearing, the most important thing is your intention. Know that what you are doing is for the well-being of your home and family.
  • Believe in the fact that this will bring good energy to your house, which is all you need for a peaceful life.

6. Begin the Process

Once you have all you need and have prepared yourself for the ritual mentally, you can begin the process.

  • So, how to use crushed sages in Feng Shui for cleansing? First, burn the sage and start moving around the house slowly. Start from the home’s front door since that is where all the energy enters the home.
  • You can go from one room to the other, but make sure that you do this mindfully so that you do justice to the process.
  • Allow the smoke from the burned sage to go into the rooms and the closets properly.
  • If you have stairs in the house, you can walk up and down the stairs to ensure that all areas are properly covered.
  • Feng Shui experts suggest that you move in a clockwise direction around the whole house.
  • Moving around a space like this is known as “circumambulation.” It is something that people have been practicing for centuries. It helps with cleansing the space, just like you want to.
  • While you move around like that, you can chant any mantra that you think works. The mantra should help you feel at peace. It should help fill the entire space with useful vibrations that help the cleansing process.
  • Once you have come back to the starting point again, you can close the ceremony.
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One very useful thing to do at this point is to visualize the entire home as filled with positivity all around. 

When To Use Crushed Sages For Cleansing?

Crushed sages are used for cleansing when you require deep cleaning throughout your house.

Most people tend to use crushed sages to clear space when they move into a new house or once a year when they want to cleanse their house of all impurities.

  • However, the truth is that you can cleanse as and when you feel the need to. It can be weekly or even monthly. How you choose to go about it depends entirely on you and how you wish to clean up.
  • Whenever you want to attract positive energy, you can just choose to cleanse the house. However, remember that you need to have ample spare time on hand since this entire process takes up a considerable amount of time.
  • Once you start using sage for cleansing regularly, you will see how it brings so much positivity to your life, opening up doors to new opportunities.

When Is It Most Useful?

Now you must be wondering when it is most useful for you to use crushed sages for cleansing.

Every time you’re feeling stuck in a situation, and you see no way out, the chances are that you might have bad luck following you around.

We all have been in situations where nothing seemed to work out. So if you feel bogged down for any reason or feel like things are not working out your way.

You can use sage to cleanse your house. It can help you eliminate all the negative energies around, making the space much more positive.

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Burning Sage Spiritual Benefits

Using sage for cleansing has many benefits. Some of these are:

  1. It helps lift your mood up instantly, knowing that you are getting rid of all the negative energies. In addition, research has shown that white sage has compounds that activate brain receptors, allowing you to feel much better.
  2. It improves your memory as well. It can enhance your ability to learn and make your attention span much better.
  3. It makes you feel much more energized, both inside and outside. You feel like you have gotten rid of all that was pulling you down.
  4. It makes the entire atmosphere very pleasant since it releases a good smell into the environment.

FAQs: How To Cleanse Your House With Sage 

Q: What type of sage do you use for cleansing?

You can use blue sage, white sage, and desert sage too. It depends entirely on what you want and what your preferences are. Based on that, you can choose your pick.

Q: What time of day should you sage your house?

You can use sage to clean your house anytime you like. There isn’t one specific time of the day that you can sage.

The only essential prerequisite is for you to have enough time on hand to complete the entire process duly, just as needed.

Q: How can I bring good luck into my house?

In Feng Shui, there are many ways to bring in good luck, and burning sage is one of them. It helps you get rid of all the negative energy around.

Q: How to know if smudging worked?

Smudging is working, If you used crushed sage or any other cleansing ritual in your home, you will get to know its effects like you will feel rejuvenated, feel less depressed, it will purify the air, and improve your sleep quality.

Q: What to say when burning sage?

Whenever you are burning sage, you can say your manifestation and intentions during the ritual. It could be anything like moving to a new space, wanting to improve relationships, and negative energy.

Q: How to put sage out?

Whenever using the sage bundle, take it out of one bundle and use it completely, don’t leave it. Also, never leave burnt sage unattended, wait until it’s completely burnt.