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10 Minutes Of Everyday Feng Shui For Better Life and Peace

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Here is how you can enhance your life and bring positive energy to it by using 10 minutes of everyday feng shui practices.

Feng Shui is a belief from the ancient Chinese that focuses on our surroundings and environment.

The concept of Feng shui is based on energy, and it guides us to live our lives in a way that harbors positive energy.

The philosophy talks about one’s environment, including the inanimate objects present in their surroundings and their influence on their overall life  – with the movement and correct placement of a few objects, you can easily improve your life.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that guides us by arranging pieces in our space that can help us achieve “chi“,–which is the universal energy that permeates everything around us.

In order to attract more and more chi in every aspect of life, we must live our life and arrange our space as per the principles of Feng Shui.

However, unlike popular belief, Feng shui is not all that complicated. Simply moving things around and living in a healthy space can turn your life around.

10 Minutes of Everyday Feng Shui Tips

Here is a list of simple and easy tips for 10 minutes of everyday Feng Shui for life-changing experiences.

You must incorporate Feng Shui in all aspects of your life, but to bring a healthy change in your everyday lifestyle, you can follow some 10 minutes, super easy Feng shui tips.

1. Take Care of the Front Door and House Entrance

The front of your house plays an important role in your life–and it holds a lot of significance in Feng Shui.

Your front door is where energy enters your house, and to make sure positive energy and “chi” enter your house–you must open the front door every morning.

Feng Shui Stairs Facing Front Door
Feng Shui Front Door

Moreover, as per Feng Shui, the front is the main vessel of energy flow into the house; therefore, not only should the front door be open but also cleaned up.

It is important to keep your house entrance clean at all times to make sure you have a clear path for new opportunities and positivity to enter your life.

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Therefore, take out 10 minutes of your day to clean your entrance and front door.

  • Tidy up the welcome mat
  • Mop the entrance area
  • Sweep away any cobwebs or dust that you might find there
  • Make sure no one is entering with dirty shoes inside the house

 This is also a part of taking care of the entrance, do not allow anyone to enter with shoes. It makes your house dirty, but it also brings negative energy from the outside, inside the house.

2. Declutter your Space

Decluttering is a very essential practice in Feng Shui. Whether it’s Feng Shui for your house, workspace, or everyday life, decluttering is considered the first step to a healthy lifestyle.

Not only does it help in constant energy flow, but eliminating clutter from your surroundings also helps get rid of negative energy.

Feng Shui For Love
Feng Shui Decluttering

When you are inside your house, clutter buildup is inevitable. There is constant movement, people coming in out, trash collecting in one space, etc.

But it’s up to you to make sure you keep your space clean. Always remember, according to Feng Shui, a cluttered space is equal to a cluttered mind.

Therefore, spare 10 minutes from your routine every day to make sure you declutter your house.

  • Go over each room and make sure there is no clutter collected
  • Make sure shoes are either outside the house or inside the cupboards
  • Do not let clothes pile up on the floor
  • Do not let trash build up inside the house
  • Every small item that you use every day, such as your purse and the keys–are placed in their designated spots

Make it a habit to keep your things in their place so they don’t clutter and disarrange your house. Only a clean and clutter-free space can attract positive energy in your life.

3. Let the Light Enter your Life

Lighting plays an important role in Feng Shui as it revs up energy and helps fight darkness, which can be rather negative. Feng Shui is all about balance, and when it comes to the lighting in your house, keeping a balance is a must.

Feng Shui Lighting Tips For Home
Feng Shui Lighting Tips For Home

Dark spaces in your house can be heavy, and they must be balanced out. Make sure no part of your house stays in the dark, every place in your house must get light.

  • Try to put lamps and extra lighting in all rooms and hallways
  • Take out 10 minutes every day and make sure you pull the curtains
  • Open the windows to let sunlight inside–this doesn’t only light up your house but also helps in saving energy costs.

However, as we said earlier, everything needs balance in Feng Shui–hence, always remember you can’t let in too much light inside your house.

That is why it is not recommended to have full glass walls in the house as they let too much light inside the house.

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Instead, it is better to take time and place different types of lighting around your house.

Focus on placing floor lamps, ceiling lights, and spotlights around the house that can keep your house well-lit, including narrow hallways and basements.

4. Keep a Balance of the All 5 Elements

The five elements: earth, wood, fire, water, and metal are the core of Feng Shui, and you can only find balance in your life if you balance these 5 elements in your daily routine.

Incorporate these five elements in the spaces you spend the most time in.

Feng Shui 5 Elements
Feng Shui 5 Elements

If you spend the most time in your bedroom, make sure you have a balance of all 5 elements over there. To ensure this, you can also focus on the corresponding colors of the 5 elements and incorporate them into your space.

This is a simple 10 minute Feng Shui tip that can help you change your everyday life. Look at the color scheme in your house and then arrange the colors according to the 5 elements. For example.

  • Add green plants for the wood element
  • Place red bed sheets for the fire element.
  • You can also add white rugs or sheets in your room to represent metal element
  • Place yellow and brown pots around the house to balance the earth element
  • Add an indoor water fountain to incorporate the water element

This tip will definitely help you balance the positive energy in your house and allow the good luck and chi that comes with all 5 elements.

5. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Nature has healing properties, and when you bring nature inside your house, it brings positive energy and good luck with it.

Moreover, nature creates a sense of peace and serenity and helps fight feelings of anxiety and anger – making your life healthier and peaceful.

Therefore, follow this 10-minute project every day:

  • Open your front door and windows every day to flood your house with natural light and fresh air
  • Try to keep as many house plants as you can
  • Keep a water fountain in your house to balance out the water element and incorporate nature into your everyday life.
  • Keep your decorations minimal yet natural–for example, you can go for bamboo for décor.
  • Go for wooden furniture and showpieces made of wicker.
  • Use pebbles, rocks, and stones to decorate corners around your house. And place paintings of nature and serenity around the building

This way you can be surrounded by nature and spend your day in a Feng Shui optimized house every day.

6. Clear Your Space with Sound

  • Just like we clear the clutter, clearing the space is also an important aspect of Feng Shui, according to the ancient Chinese tradition.
  • The process of cleaning a space means getting rid of negative energy and making way for positive energy to enter.
  • Singing bowls are the best meditative equipment not when it comes to healing illness, negativity and sadness.
  • This is especially beneficial when you feel stuck or think your energy is feeling stale–it helps people going through problems such as divorce by helping them welcome new energy in their life.
  • One great way to clean a space using Feng Shui is by using the sound of ringing bells.
  • To clear the space around a house or a certain space such as your bedroom or your office, you only need to spare 10 minutes of your day.
  • Take a metal bell (it can be any metal, but brass bells are the most high quality), and strike the bell around the space until the sound of the bell is loud and clear.
  • This is why people prefer metal bells because the sound of the bell continues to resonate beyond the time, and you can clearly hear it.
  • This sound helps clear the space, removes negative energy, and welcomes positive energy into the space.
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Wrapping it Up!

Feng Shui is a great way to enhance your lifestyle and bring good luck and happiness into your life.

If you think you are short on time or cannot make drastic changes in your life as per Feng Shui for now – don’t worry.

You only need to take out 10 minutes of everyday Feng Shui; by using these tips, you will see how your life will change over time!

FAQs: 10 Minutes Of Everyday Feng Shui

Q: Why do we need Feng Shui in our life?

Feng Shui is an art of living that uses your space and environment to enhance your life.

By using Feng Shui tips and incorporating them into your routine, you can allow positive energy into your home and your life.

Q: Can Feng Shui be applied to everyday life?

Yes definitely! While Feng Shui helps rearrange and optimize spaces to ensure positive energy flow.

In case of enhancing your lifestyle and making sure you are making the most of Feng Shui. You only need 10 minutes every day.

Q: Why is decluttering important?

De-cluttering is a way to clear your space because then it helps clear your mind and makes your space clean for positive energy flow.