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Feng Shui Home: how to get unstuck in life [30] ways

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If everything is not working for you, that means there are negative energies entering your house, hence, there are some invaluable items that we keep in our homes that attracts bad energies.

Here we are presenting the top 30 must-try Feng Shui Home Tips on How To Get Unstuck In Life that might be blocking your good Feng Shui energy at home. wheater its below things, all these 30 tips will work same for healing and coming out of the situation.

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And it is time we learn to move these items away from our homes to influence the arrival of positive energies and to make everything work again.

How to get unstuck in life? [30] Feng shui home tips

In life, there are many times where we feel negative and left alone. At that time we need some kind of motivation from within, and that is possible by correcting our environment and vibe. In Feng shui, we are going to talk below 30 ways to get unstuck and unstoppable in life.

How To Get Unstuck In Life
How To Get Unstuck In Life

1. Paper Maps

Further proof that on many occasions, technology has come to make life easier for us. Long live Google Maps! In addition to talking to us, it has avoided many couples of discussions. Delete paper masks from your shelf and bring in positive energies.

2. Dry Cosmetics

Check your cosmetics, especially nail polishes, and throw away those that are already dry or in poor condition. You will be surprised by the number of things that you are saving and that is no longer worth anything.

3. Business Cards

No one saves them anymore, they take up space and when you want to search for the information of that person or company, you usually use Google.

4. Empty Boxes

You have to see the things we keep thinking about the ‘what if …’, what if I need it someday? The boxes are one of them and being honest, they take up too much space and are easy to get, so if you need one tomorrow, you can always have it.

5. Old Magazines

We know how exciting it is to read a magazine over and over again, but there comes a point when it is time to say goodbye. Keep those collection numbers, the ones that are really useful to you and pay another visit to the paper container.

6. Pots And Pans

Let’s go into the kitchen, that place full of junk. Why does it cost us so much to throw a pot? If it is broken, old or grated, say goodbye to it without any regrets, even your health will appreciate it.

7. Used Wrapping Paper

You buy a very cute wrapping paper or they give you something with a beautiful wrapper and it seems like a great idea to save it for reuse. But in the end, it always ends up kept in the same corner of the closet for years wrinkled and increasingly faded. Put this in the trash!

8. Cosmetic Samples

You love it when they’re given away every time you buy something, but honestly, how long has that makeup bag been in your drawer? Yes, they also expire, and surely it will not save you from any trouble. Put them in the trash!.

9. Expired Medications

Take your medicine cabinet and review the expiration dates of your medications. Surely there are many that have expired. Clean them up and take them to the recycling bins in the pharmacies.

10. Instruction Manuals

That drawer that you have is full of manuals that you have never looked at again … don’t you think it’s time to clear it? Surely you keep things from appliances that you don’t even have at home.

11. Excessive Tapers

Some yellowish, others without a lid and there are also those that do not close well. It is not necessary to have two hundred tapers. Four you have will be enough for you. Throw away the ones in poor condition and stick with the ones that really serve. You will see how suddenly you have a lot more space in the kitchen drawers or cabinets.

12. Agendas Of Other Years

2010, 2013 or there are even those who keep agendas from before the turn of the millennium. Check them, check that there is nothing important in them (if you have not needed them in the last months, throw them into the paper container!

13. Concert And Show Tickets

You’ve been saving tickets to concerts, cinemas, theatres and how much event has excited you, but maybe it’s time to say goodbye and leave room for something new to come in. If you’re not ready, at least do something decorative with them, like putting them all in a jar.

14. Shoes You Don’t Wear

Occasionally it is a good idea to take a look at your wardrobe and do a detachment exercise, especially with your shoes. Take three boxes, in one of them, but the shoes that are hopeless and will go to the trash, in another those that are in good condition but you don’t use them and you can donate; finalize the ones that are going to stay.

15. Pens That Don’t Paint

You have a bottle full of pens, markers, markers, but every time you need to take notes, none of them works. Clean up and get rid of them.

16. Empty Bottles And Cans

You are not sure if you keep them because they are beautiful or because you are lazy to put them in the recycling container. Be that as it may, if you haven’t done something with them to this day, you won’t.

17. Coupons And Tickets

That drawer with the discounts they gave you in the supermarket and that is valid buying something you will never buy. The tickets have already been deleted from the last sales. Ah! and the points they give you at the gas station, put them in the trash!.

18. Incomplete Tableware

The thing of having a plate of one set of dishes and three of another perhaps is not the best, neither decoratively speaking, nor for practical purposes. You can donate all those messy dishes and get a set of dishes to suit you. 

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19. Invoices And Papers

They should be kept for a while, but you don’t need to inherit them from your great-grandchildren. If you have patience and a scanner, it pays to digitize the invoices you want to save. And another tip: activate the option to receive digital instead of paper invoices from your suppliers. Ask, because most already have this option.

20. Half-Used Notebooks

It is very likely that you also have several notebooks full of illegible notes, notes from that course you did two years ago and the drawing that your son made you one day while you were waiting to meet the doctor. Stick with what’s really important and the rest say bye-bye!

21. Batteries Discharged

Surely you have a drawer full of batteries that you do not know if they are new or old. To prevent this from happening, make a container as cool as this one and when it is full, take it to a recycling center. Remember that they are highly polluting.

22. Gifts You Don’t Like

It doesn’t matter if your mother, your favourite aunt, or your invisible friend from Christmas past gave it to you. Do not keep anything that you do not like and that makes you happy, you will find someone to whom you can give and they will value it.

23. Mismatched Socks

The mystery of where the socks that are lost in the washing machine go, remains unsolved and in the meantime, what are you going to do? Will you continue collecting solitary socks? Say goodbye to them or give them some use, there are a lot of interesting crafts.

24. Your Broken Jewelry

The pair of that earring that you missed, the broken pendant that you could never fix, that ring that touched you in the raffle … all those things that only take up space in your jewellery box and that you do not wear, are nominated to go to the trash.

25. Movies In Old Formats

If you were one of those who made the collections of movies that came out every Sunday with the newspaper, we are sure that this will hurt. You have a piece of furniture full of quality material, but you never see it, you may no longer have a DVD. They take up a lot of room at home and the digital age makes it possible for you to keep that, but virtually … think about it.

26. Clothes In Poor Condition

Have you tried without success to remove that stain and you have not succeeded? Take it on, the time has come to let go of that garment. Take the opportunity to clean your closet and repeat the same operation as with the shoes: one box to throw away, another to donate and one more for what you are going to keep.

27. Electronics That Don’t Work

They have been stored in a drawer for several years, from time to time you think about taking them to fix, although in the deepest part of your heart you know that you will not, they have become obsolete. Recycling is living.

28. Incomplete Games And Toys

It is also time to clean in the children’s room and review your board games. If they are broken or incomplete to the appropriate garbage container and if you think they deserve a second chance, donate them. When it’s done, order the toys you keep by following these tips.

29. Books From When You Studied

Another bookshelf to the brim and this with the books and notes from when you were an exemplary student. Law enforcement experts say no mercy. Here you will find strength and inspiration to learn how to shoot.

30. Cell Phones And Accessories From The Past

If you haven’t used those phones in centuries, why put them together with your arsenal of chargers and cases? Take them to a recycling point (never throw them away as they would harm the environment) and save space in your drawers.  


Now as you how to get unstuck in life with all the above feng shui home tips. Learn to pull and order “for real” with the Feng Shui konmari method. The Konmari Method makes it easy and clear for you.  Stay with what makes you happy.

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For the method, the physical and mental order go hand in hand and the sum of both will make you balance Feng Shui in your home.

If you take a moment to reflect, the magic of order can help you become aware of the importance of everything having a place.

And giving value to everything we have without falling into accumulating objects lightly, you can apply this method in each of the rooms in your house, you will see that relief and how much new air enters your life.