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10 Lucky Feng Shui Animal Statues For Money & Abundance

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Do you want to get more wealthy by practicing Feng Shui? Read here to read about Feng Shui Animal Statues For Money.

Have you developed a fascination with Feng Shui? Are you at the point in your life where you want to focus on wealth and have great success in your career? Well, then you need not look far and wide.

Feng Shui will help you attract wealth into your life and can help you reach the top of your career. All you need to do is embrace the lucky Feng Shui animals for wealth, and you will see a change in your life soon.

Feng Shui is majorly based on symbolism, and animals are a massive part of this practice.

Feng Shui practitioners keep several animal statues in their homes, all for different purposes like protection from bad energy or to bring prosperity and harmony in life.

Similarly, lucky Feng Shui animals are also used around the home to attract wealth in life. You can do the same and invite luck in your life to increase your wealth and tackle the problems that a lack of money brings.

Continue reading to discover the lucky Feng Shui animals and where you can place them in your home or office to attract wealth.

Feng Shui Animal Statues For Money

Animals have long been a part of ancient Chinese culture. They believe these animals bring luck and also protect them from the ill intentions of the surrounding people.

Here are some lucky Feng Shui animals that bring wealth into your life:

Feng Shui Animal Statues For Money
Feng Shui Animal Statues For Money

1. Cricket

Cricket may be a tiny insect, but has many powers in the Chinese culture of Feng Shui. You can find a decorative piece of cricket in many Chinese households.

A cricket statue in gold or silver is said to bring wealth to your home.

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Placement Tip

If you want to focus on wealth, place a cricket statue in the kitchen or southeast direction in your home or office.

2. Pigs

Who hasn’t saved some money in piggy banks in their childhood, right? Well, now you know where the idea originated.

  • Pigs are Feng Shui animals, considered very lucky and thought to bring wealth and prosperity to your life.
  • Placing a pig statue in your home will rid you of any monetary crisis or financial issues in your life.

Placement Tip

You can refer to the Bagua map to activate the wealth part of your home by placing a pig Feng Shui animal statue in a particular area.

In order to boost abundance in wealth, you should place the statue of the pigs in the north or southeast corner of your home.    

3. Bat

Bat refers to wealth in ancient Chinese culture. It is well-known as a symbol of wealth and even wellness. A bat statue in your home has the power to eliminate career problems and ultimately clean up the path toward your success.

Placement Tip

You do not necessarily have to place a bat statue. You can also use an image of the bat somewhere around your home. Place the bat in the southeast direction with a gold coin to boost wealth in your life.

4. Frog

A three-legged frog is considered one of the lucky Feng Shui animals. It is said to bring wealth in abundance if placed in your office or home.

  • The symbolism of this frog has a story behind it. The three-legged frog is a character from a fairy tale.
  • The gist of the story is that a three-legged frog was stuck in a well, and a man saved him since the frog couldn’t jump.
  • After this day, as a gesture of gratitude, the frog brought him a gold coin every day, and one day, the man became very rich because of the three-legged frog.
  • This is why Chinese households keep a three-legged frog to enhance wealth and attract it from an unknown abundant source.

Placement Tip

You should place the three-legged frog in the wealth corner of your home. You can determine which corner represents which aspects of your life through a Bagua map.

Other than this, you should place it on a low elevated surface instead of directly on the ground.

5. Goldfish

Goldfish symbolize harmony and a positive flow of energy because of their movement.

  • As long as the goldfish is healthy, you can keep multiple of them if you wish to.
  • An even number projects more positive energy and attracts luck and wealth to your life. 
  • Goldfish are often referred to as carp.
  • Also, you may have seen the yin yang symbol often represented with carp.
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Placement Tip

It is advised not to place fish tanks in the bedroom or kitchen because these are yin areas while a fish tank is a yang. You should preferably put it in the southeast corner of your home to activate the wealth sector.

6. Dragons

Dragons are a well-known part of Chinese culture. Feng Shui is also heavily influenced by these mythical creatures.

  • Dragons are considered majestic animals.
  • They are a symbol of strength, prosperity, luck, and wealth.
  • Dragons are also protectors due to the powers they possess.
  • The symbol of the dragon is used in different ways, like in clothing, as statues, pillars, and even a pattern on dishes.

Placement Tip

Remember not to put other healing or Feng Shui cure symbols with the dragon. Different colored dragons can be placed in different areas of the house. In fact, dragons can be placed at the entrance, so they protect your home from negative chi and attract positive chi for a better flow of wealth in your home.

7. Monkey

Monkeys are thought of as creative and intelligent creatures.

These Feng Shui monkey statues often have another symbolic item attached to them, suck as a gold coin or gold ingots. These, of course, symbolize wealth and abundance for the family members.

Placement Tips

Since the statue enhances wealth, the best placement for the monkey is in the southwest direction.

Some Other Lucky Feng Shui Animals

All above Feng Shui animals enhance your wealth when their statues are placed according to the placement tips. Now let’s take a look at a few other Feng Shui animals who bring luck and prosperity.

8. Deer

If you wish to have an abundance of health for your family and yourself, you can place a deer statue in your home. Full of grace and elegance, a deer is a symbol of mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Placement Tip

Place it either in the east direction or on the southeast side of the dining room for abundance in the health of all members of the house.

9. Dogs

Generally speaking, dogs are loyal and protective of their masters. Hence, a dog statue is placed in homes for protection.

Placement Tip

You can place it in whichever region you think you need protection. Placing it in the region of wealth will protect your wealth while placing it in the relationship sector will protect your relationships.

10. Red Pheonix

The red phoenix is a popular lucky Feng Shui animal. It is a mythical creature and symbolizes rebirth because it rises from the ashes. It represents success and new opportunities and works on storing the positive flow of energy in a house.

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Placement Tip

Placement for all Feng Shui animal statues is different. If you want to place a phoenix in the house, it should preferably be red, which is an auspicious color in Feng Shui, and you should place it in the south sector of your home.

FAQ – Lucky Feng Shui Animals for Wealth Statue and Placement Tips

Q: Where do you place a tiger statue?

White tigers are believed to bring luck and good fortunes to you. You should place it on the right side of your home. Or, you can say that you must place the tiger to the North of your home.

Q: Where should ox figurines be placed?

Ox is considered a sacred animal in many cultures.

You can place an ox statue near your cash register if you are a business person or in the area where you want abundance, like the southeast, if you desire to increase wealth.

Q: What animal is a symbol of wealth?

Goldfish and frogs are lucky Feng Shui animals that can attract wealth and bless the home with an abundance of riches. Always consult a Feng Shui practitioner if you are confused about placement.

Q: Which animal statue is good for home?

There are several animals that bring you luck. You can place an elephant and blue rhinoceros statue in your home for protection. Goldfish bring a positive flow of energy to your home.

Other than these, you can put a dragon, rabbit, dog, snake, bats, and many other animals, depending on what you want to activate in your home.

Q: Is Pheonix good luck in Feng Shui?

Phoenix is often placed with a dragon in Feng Shui practicing homes because it represents the energy of yin yang.

They both are mystical creatures that bring luck to homes and also work on turning bad energy in a home into positive energy.

Q: What are Feng Shui animals?

Animals are a huge part of Feng Shui culture. They represent luck and have different meanings of symbolism. Some lucky Feng Shui animals are ox, bats, pigs, frogs, and goldfish.