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How To Feng Shui For Mental Peace In Just 9 Steps

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Curious to find out how you can turn your life around by practicing Feng Shui for mental peace? check here to find out.

Feng Shui has often been mistaken as something that is complicated and difficult to practice. In fact, its origins and use date back to over 3000 years.

It is still being practiced today to help instill happiness, good luck, peace, and prosperity. The benefits that Feng Shui offers are far-stretching.

Feng Shui is therefore an art. It can help instill peace for those struggling to keep up with the worries and stresses in life.

How To Feng Shui For Mental Peace
How To Feng Shui For Mental Peace

If you have found yourself stuck in an unending spiral of confusion, depression, anxiety, and negativity, then engaging in the art of Feng Shui can chase all your problems out the door.

All you have to do is to be mindful, patient, and persistent while practicing Feng Shui. From then on, the benefits and path towards achieving mental peace are going to follow itself.

What Exactly is Feng Shui?

In the universe, each and every element and object is known to emit energy. This energy can be either good i.e. positive, or bad i.e. negative. This is where the main ideas of Feng Shui come into play.

It seeks to use these energies to help create a balance between the person practicing Feng Shui, and their surrounding environment. Feng Shui can be translated as follows.

Feng refers to “Wind”, while Shui translates to “Water.” These two aspects are also the basis of the 5 elements of Feng Shui. These are water, wood, fire, metal, and the earth.

In Feng Shui, object placement is used to create a balance. These objects may have their source in or may take their inspiration from one or more of the 5 elements.

The right placement and use of these objects can help promote mental peace, contentment, and good fortune. There are several benefits of Feng Shui that can be acquired.

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What Feng Shui Has to Offer

Here are some of the powerful benefits Feng Shui has to offer. By following them with the right mindset, overall well-being and mental peace can be achieved.

  • Enhanced physical wellbeing
  • Mental clarity
  • Promoting spiritual growth
  • Improving social relationships
  • Allowing for wealth creation and financial stability
  • Regulating behavior and stress
  • Balancing energy levels
  • Providing motivation
  • Improvements in fertility levels

Feng Shui – Mental Peace

Here are some techniques you can follow to achieve Feng Shui for mental peace.

1. Being Mindful of Your Emotions

Staying mindful of your actions and emotions is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui that cannot be overlooked.

This may be difficult at first, but with practice, you may be able to better regulate and control your emotions. This also helps achieve self-awareness that in turn leads to mental peace.

2. Cherishing the Good in Life

By accepting your current situation, mental peace can find its way into your life. Be patient and allow good fortune and luck to come to you.

By giving to others in charity, the cycle of good luck is also put into action. This also helps one feel content and happy with their life.

3. Practicing Meditation

Meditation is not only recommended by therapists, but it also forms a core practice in the art of Feng Shui. Take a few moments out of your day to practice meditation and mindfulness.

You can designate a space in your home for this or engage in it while out and surrounded by nature. This will not only help calm your nerves but help you attain mental peace.

4. Surrounding Yourself With People Who Make You Happy

Happiness is one of the important aspects of finding the path towards inner peace.

By surrounding yourself with good company and people who appreciate you and value you, a greater sense of self-worth and mental peace is achieved.

To find out who to spend time with and who to avoid, observe your energy levels and feelings while spending time with people and after having spent time with them.

By being with those who emit negative energy, you are going to experience a drop in your own energy levels and feel frustrated, exhausted, and stressed out.

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On the other hand, by being with a company that makes you feel happy, energized, and calm, you can make way for positive energy and mental peace to enter your life.

5. Become One With The Earth

Human beings are strongly inclined toward nature. You may have noticed being at peace when you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and out in natural spaces.

Whether it is the beach, the forest, the park, or even out in the ocean, the sense of calmness acquired here is like no other. Try to take time out to be around nature.

You can even bring aspects of nature into your home by putting up pictures and portraits of landscapes and mountains.

6. Picking the Right Colors

Colors can help attract negative and positive energy around you. Therefore, be aware of the colors in your home. Invest in curtains, carpets, clothes, and décor pieces with the right colors.

Here are some of the Feng Shui colors that promote clarity and mental peace.

  • The color blue represents water. It also has a calming effect and provides good luck and fortune. Put up blue curtains and pillows, or invest in a blue carpet for your bedroom.
  • Red is powerful enough to draw out negativity and reel in wellness, prosperity, and luck
  • Green reflects on growth and fluidity–adding this color into your life is sure to help you stay at ease

7. Natural Scents for Aromatherapy

Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy to help relieve stress and calm the body.

It also helps instill mental peace. You can invest in natural fragrances for your home to create a safe and welcoming space.

By being surrounded by a good smell, the senses are activated, thus helping achieve mental peace in no time. Some of the popular fragrances for calming the nerves are lavender and citrus. 

8. Removing All Trace of Negative Energy

Feng Shui is quite strict with engaging in activities that help get rid of negative energy and make space for positive energy to flow in.

This is why it promotes de-cluttering and keeping your living space neat and tidy. Re-organize your shelves, remove any old and non-functioning items, give your home a deep cleanse, and cook yourself a hearty meal.

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By doing this, the space needed for good luck, fortune, peace, and prosperity is created. Here is what you can do further.

  • Place vibrant and green plants in empty corners. Avoid plants with thick skin and thorns
  • Add accents of the right colors into your wardrobe and home
  • Avoid dark-colored objects
  • Place flowers in a jade vase – lotus, chrysanthemums, and orchids are often used in Feng Shui for peace and prosperity
  • Indoor fountains that allow the sound of water to be echoed around the home also aid in improving mental peace. Water is also a strong element in Feng Shui that is used to draw in positive energy.
  • Remember to place this in areas that are not towards the south as that is where elements of fire are placed

Get Started on Feng Shui for Mental Peace Right Away!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on integrating the practice of Feng Shui for mental peace into your life without delay. The benefits this art is going to provide you with are sure to leave you in awe.

In addition, remember to stay patient. Determination and commitment are essential for Feng Shui to work effectively. By being restless and impatient, the inflow of positivity is blocked.

You definitely don’t want this. Thus, be sure to look at the bigger picture and allow the universe to play its part. All you have to do is lay your part by engaging in the right mental activities and creating space for positive energy to flow in.

If you found this article helpful and wish to help a friend who may be looking for mental peace as well, then do share this with them.

Feng Shui also promotes the sharing of valuable and helpful information to help kick start the wheel of fortune and good luck. Follow this tip to have your cycle of fortune, kick-started right away!