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15 Ways To Use Candles In Feng Shui For Money and Luck

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Candles in Feng Shui symbolize good luck and can help you attract wealth and money in your life. Here is how you can use them.

We all want money and good luck in our lives, but there isn’t much we can do to achieve them.

Maybe we can work hard and get a good job to earn money, but if luck is not on our side, we can never achieve success in this.

Therefore, with this, it is safe to see things like this are probably not just in our hands. So what can one do to ensure they achieve good luck and money in their life?

One thing that can help enhance the positive energy in your life and help you achieve Good luck and, in turn, wealth is Feng Shui.

Candles In Feng Shui
Candles In Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese geomancy that teaches us to use objects in our environment to our advantage. And we can apply the teachings of Feng Shui to our daily life to make sure we gain good “chi” and good luck.

Feng Shui teaches its followers the science of energy – that every object around has some kind of energy. And if we understand the essence of that object and how to use it, we can gain positive energy from it, which can, in turn, be beneficial for us.

One such object is a candle – an ordinary, regular use object for many, but it can be your gateway to good luck for Feng Shui practitioners.

What if we told you, you can use candles as a good luck charm to achieve wealth and all the great things in life? Sounds impressive, right? Then let’s not waste any time and see how we can use candles in Feng Shui.

The Essence of Candles in Feng Shui

Candles are much more than a household item for Feng Shui. According to the ancient value system, candles are an essential tool that can attract good energy to your home and workplace.

They are a critical Feng Shui symbol that has worked for people in achieving love, wealth, and good luck.

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Feng Shui principles include rules for placing candles to burning candles–in fact, the size, shape, and color of the candles also have a considerable impact on the energy they bring in your house.

If you plan to use candles for your good, you need to be very careful about everything, including the candle holder you use. Hence, let’s learn how to use candles in Feng Shui for luck and money.

Using Candles in Feng Shui for Money and Luck

How to use Candles in feng shui for luck
How to use Candles in feng shui for luck

1. The 5 Element Theory

According to Feng Shui, there are five feng shui elements: metal, water, wood, earth, and fire.

Each of these elements corresponds with a different aspect of our life, and we can use these elements and enhance their presence around us to benefit the various aspects of our life.

Out of the five elements, candles most definitely correspond with the fire element, and the fire element is for fame ad reputation.

Hence, you can use candles to enhance the fire element, which can help you gain fame and a better reputation and attract good luck, which will positively impact this aspect of your life.

Moreover, fame and reputation are sometimes associated with money because with a good reputation and positive fame, you can make more money – hence, lighting candles in your house can help you attract good luck for wealth.

Adding Other Elements

Sometimes in Feng Shui, you can also combine more than one element to improve various aspects of your life and attract more good “chi”. For candles, you can combine different elements such as:

Candle Holder

Like we said earlier, the candler holder you use to keep your candle also plays a role in impacting the energies around you.

To enhance another element along with the fire element, you can use a wooden candle holder or metal candle holder (which represents the two elements as well).

The wood element is known for bringing wealth and prosperity, while the metal element is for legacy and children.

The blend of the two elements with the fire itself is excellent for fortune and relationships; hence, this is one way you can enhance your fire element using candles and candle holders.

Balance all 5 Elements
  • This is an old Feng Shui practice that helps balance all five elements at one time using floating candles.
  • It would help if you filled a bowl with pebbles (representing the earth element) and water (representing the water element).
  • Now take metal pieces that can be nuts and bolts and add a few of them into the bowl(metal element).
  • Lastly, add some flowers and flower petals to the bowl (wood element), and on top of that, add floating candles (fire element).
  • Lighting these candles in his bowl every day helps you keep a balance of all the five elements in your house.
  • You get to improve your luck using the fire element, and you get a combination of the four elements along with it as well.
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2. Using the Bagua Map

The Bagua map is an energy map, and it is considered an essential tool in Feng Shui. You can use the Bagua map to understand the auspicious location of an area in your house to enhance the relative elements.

The Bagua map is divided into nine quarters, and each quarter represents one aspect of your life. Each quarter also corresponds to one element and assigns an appropriate direction.

When we look at the fire element, the direction ideal for it is south; hence, if you stand at your front door, the southern region of your house is where you need to enhance the fire element.

This is where you must light candles in your house to gain more good energy for fame and reputation and good luck. However, if you want to use candles for money and wealth, you must place candles in the corresponding direction.

According to Feng Shui, the optimum location for money in wealth is the southeast area of your house, where you can make a money corner. Enhance that money corner by placing and lighting candles every day.

3. Color of the Candles

As we said, the color of particular objects also significantly influences their energy. As per the use of candles in Feng Shui, you need to be very careful about the color of your candle.

The Bagua map, along with telling the direction, also reveals the elements corresponding to each aspect of life. And each element and direction has a specific color designated to it.

Hence, keeping this in the account, there are certain colors of candles that you must include in your house to improve your respective energy.

To use candles in Feng Shui for money and good luck, you need to place blue, red, and purple candles in the southeast direction. And for fortune and abundance, you must keep red, pink, and white candles in the southwest direction.

Red and white candles are the most popular in Feng Shui. As per the values system teachings, red candles represent luck and can bring a lot of positive transformation in your life. On the other hand, white candles signify abundance and good luck.

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Hence, it is best to keep red and white candles in your home, office, and workplace. And not only that, you must light these candles up almost every day to attract good energy to your career and wealth.

Moreover, if you have a money corner in your house in the southwest direction, placing red and white candles in that area can enhance the fire element’s energy and bring good luck to your wealth.

4. Number of Candles

Apart from the color and direction of placing the candles, the number of candles you place in your house or a specific area of your home also has a significant impact on the energy they are attracting.

According to the use of candles in Feng Shui, a certain number of candles will bring good energy to a certain aspect of your life.

Therefore, if you want to use candles for good luck in wealth, then – place three candles in the southeast direction or in the money corner because three candles represent wealth and long life.

Placing nine candles will also bring you good luck, while six candles represent luck and prosperity. So before using candles in Feng Shui, be wary of the number of candles you are placing and lighting in your house.

Candles In Feng Shui Conclusion

Candles are an effective tool in Feng Shui that can help you attract good energy and enhance the fire element.

You can use candles as a symbol of Feng Shui for luck and prosperity, but you must be careful where you are placing the candles, how many candles you are lighting, and the color of candles you are using to attract good energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Candles are a representation of what Feng Shui element?

Candles in Feng Shui represent the fire element–which corresponds with fame and reputation.

Q: What is the optimum number of candles for bringing good luck and wealth?

The number of candles that can attract good luck and wealth is 9 and 3, respectively.